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  1. Right now my face feels like it is burning...both my arms went red and warm for no reason...I have had left arm pain for days..it is so sore and heavy. I can’t go to ER because it won’t be any good. Today my fingers felt like they were swelling as they do when I walk..they go splotchy so I know there is some issue with blood flow. Legs and back are in pain...hurts to bend for a long time,,Dizziness and pain when I stand..heart palps when I stand...faint feeling. Legs like jelly for few days..maybe stress. Leg cramps in calves..which is pretty normal for me. Numb neck on the side.. I believe I have thoracic outlet and serious neck issues but no one will test for TOS. Am getting a neck X-ray soon..if that will help in anyway. Had neck issues since July but can’t get MRI...dr said I need an X-ray first but they do lie to me. This is so scary..I don’t know what is going on. Having massive stomach pain too.....stomach feels like it wants to explode every day. Been suffering with chronic pain..sometimes unbearable in multiple areas of my body for at least 1 1/2 years. Seems like fibromyalgia but not because it isn’t muscular type pain..it is stinging, burning, aching and all sorts of aches. Sometimes the stomach pain looks like I’m in labor. I’ve lost weight...still trying.I’ve lost about 12kgs..I’m still suffering with weight loss! I am in spiritual torment with my faith right now as well. I am at a loss at what to do. I’m praying but nothing is working. Something really serious is going on spiritually within me but God is not answering me. This is torment for me. I’m in emotional torment as well. Am I being punished? I did seek out an elder to anoint me with oil but that backfired (for the man who told me to do so) HELP! What is this happening to me! Two years + of weird pain and torment and drs are mostly ignoring me! I’m so alone and not getting answers! what is going on!
  2. A prominent member messaged me and said we must stay with abusive husbands/wives and if we don’t it is rebellion. It is NOT ok to stay with abusers. What does everyone think? Can’t believe this person thinks it is ok to be emotionally physcial or even worse..sexually abused. 😡😡😡 my loved one is being abused and wants to be free and this person thinks it is ok!
  3. JesusIsLord92

    Sick again

    Me again. I have persistent low back pain which is really bad...goes into legs, leg pain hurts to walk a bit, venous insuffiency, screwed up periods, bulging face vein, neck pain, head pain, arm and hand pain, shoulder pain. Go to drs they are mistreating us. My mum got into an argument with a dodgy one yesterday. Really nasty. I had prayed for God to stop this mistreatment. They continue to mentally abuse us and play us for idiots. Don’t understand why I’m constantly tormented.
  4. Not well again. Can barely stand at times. Fatigue is really bad. Worried I may have cancer because my nana died of ovarian cancer and cancer is in family. They don’t do tests at my drs only in general blood tests and odd time X-ray or ultrasound...well for me anyway. But they won’t do that for me because I am never taken seriously. I am so worried. I’ve fallen from faith and been trying to reach God but nothing is working. I ask every day for God to speak to me, strengthen me, help me...but nothing is working. I am getting worse instead. He won’t help me with anything. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do. I’m so lost. Prayer isn’t working. I’m too weak to even read the bible much. It’s just words to me...it is getting worse. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Trying to work on forgiveness but too weak and hurt inside to progress much with it. I can’t get support anywhere from church and can’t afford Councelling and they are horrible to me anyway i have deep set pain and need Jesus’ help but there is no answer. I need Him but He won’t respond. I don’t know what to do. I pray and pray. I’m growing weaker instead.
  5. JesusIsLord92

    Need help on forgiveness

    How do you forgive. I know the verses but how to apply practically. Have been hurt by dozens of people and want to be free. Literally so many people. Can’t seem to forgive. Quoting verses isn’t enough. Please help
  6. I’ve heard many times before that you are either hot or cold with God as the Bible says, otherwise God will spit you out....which is hell. It doesn’t matter if you are saved or not you have to always have fire for God. Well, I always worried about this in the past and as one of my posts mentioned in the past I tried very hard to be a Christian all the time and became obsessed and miserable. I felt 100% God telling me this. I felt it whenever I slipped and read a comic and felt God’s anger and correction. I tried hard to be as Christian as I could. I do believe I was saved as I felt something inside me which kept me away from reading comics (example there were other things) or doing certain things or buying things. I felt confused. If I did slip sometimes he’d send health attacks. I never felt clarity from God. Sometimes I had such confusion on things and He never clarified it. I’ve fallen from the faith a lot lately and so obsessed with self and full of sin such as diet obsession, food, my own wishes and desires, selfishness, idolatry, pride, jealous, jealously, I act like a child, I’m ungrateful, I’m unforgiving, bitter, disobedient to God, hateful, faithless and whatever else. I have lied a few times under pressure. I am obsessed with ME. I’ve lost a lot of love and feeling for others. I am a miserable, depressed and lonely young woman. I tried to avoid sin as much as I could as one sin gets you into hell. So I kept to that I got from Christian videos and others. I always felt lead by fear. I just don’t understand this because I worked so hard with God. I fell away because I felt nothing from God. I felt no strength, no love and no strength in God’s word I fell away also as I couldn’t find the strength to be obedient and when I disobeyed I always felt anger from God. I felt on a constant anger and growling direction from God. I want to come back but feel no desire or anything to come back. I have a past rich of emotional pain and hurt inside. I know I’m to forgive but unsure how because I know the verses... but then what! I have prayed. I just don’t understand why I need to do this all on my own. God isn’t helping? I’m asking and can’t find any of my own inner strength. I’m asking why He won’t help me heal my past. I need to heal it to go forward in my spiritual journey. I didn’t realize I hadn’t healed or forgiven yet. I don’t understand why God can’t hold my hand and be my friend. I know I’m selfish and so self absorbed, I need His help. I’m so hurt inside and where is Jesus my friend? Where is HE?! I had a sad childhood and suffered bullying and abandonment and rejection and so much pain Yesterday I went on a walk and called to God to show me Himself or speak to me. Nothing happened. I know God doesn’t work on asking I just don’t get it. What do I do...I’m exhausted out and have given up ages ago.
  7. JesusIsLord92

    Health poor

    I can’t really get close to God it is exhausting and isn’t working.
  8. JesusIsLord92

    Health poor

    Thank you for your prayers. My arms and hands are cold and sore today and my chest side too on the left.
  9. JesusIsLord92

    Health poor

    I do tend to have smoothies everyday which is odd.. Exactly what I have is a kale mix. It has other stuff in it..like mustard greens. I have it with Greek yoghurt and vanilla almond milk. It is quite nice
  10. JesusIsLord92

    Health poor

    Apart from my other post I have Raynaud and possible thoractic outlet and carpal tunnel for months. I also suffer from a hiatus hernia which gives me grief, stomach pain, venous insuffiency which means I can’t stand long and other issues. I can’t get diagnosis despite going to drs. They deliberately are mistreating me to have me keep coming back. Like I’m a joke. I’m confused with God why this is happening to me. .... I’m trying my best to cope. Please help by praying .. my arm could cause a clot to go to my lungs and kill me..
  11. JesusIsLord92

    URGENT neck pain is worsening to strong confusion

    I don’t know what to do right now.
  12. JesusIsLord92

    URGENT neck pain is worsening to strong confusion

    Forgive me for what? Is this an attack because I’m doubting God?
  13. Please pray my neck pain is worsening to the point of confusion where I am. Severe tonight. I lost where I was and still don’t feel right. Sometimes how to speak. Went to doctors they don’t care or listen just say “migraines” or something ridiculous..can’t get a mri..nothing...drs leave me to suffer. I’ve repeatedly gone back to be made an idiot. I’m lost and without hope. Prayers aren’t working and neck exercises don’t seem to be doing anything. I feel I’m about to have a stroke in this state. I don’t know 100% where I am right now the pain is so bad. If I’m having a stroke no one will help me... I don’t want to live anymore. I’m failing in my christian walk and not winning thus war. Im miserable and Christianity has been nothing but misery. I’m giving it to God but that isn’t doing a thing. I’m in so much pain. My back and legs are vibrating and my hiatus hernia is so painful. I don’t blame God for my poor posture. I need a miracle that my bones move in my neck or something I can’t go on like this I don’t want to pray anymore. Asking for prayer is my last hope. I am alone and my family are deserted in a caravan park and no one cares. My stepfather abuses us too. Mum and I want to die. I feel hopeless.. my pain continues to control every Aspect of who I am.
  14. JesusIsLord92

    Can you lose your Salvation?

    I think you can. I don’t believe in once saved, always saved. That suggests one can live freely in sin. There is a verse which says there remains no more sacrifice for sin Hebrews 10:26. I’ve read/seen enough testimonies that say wilful sin got them into hell and God was merciful and let them out to tell the tale. How could someone go out fornicating etc while saying “Yep I’m saved” without a care in the world. I thought faith is part saving faith and part salvation faith plus repentance, the bible says faith without works is dead. If faith is dead doesn’t it mean we aren’t really saved. I have struggled with this and that is why I wrote a topic if you see my posts, how I struggled. I felt God telling me to do all what I did and didn’t feel Him strengthening me so I was obsessed with works to keep myself saved. If I didn’t work at it, I’d fall. People didn’t get that from my initial post. I wasn’t saying I was a works salvationist as I kmow that isn’t true but scripture indicates we must continually “work” to keep our salvation on several counts and check yourself whether you see saved and flee from sin. I take fighting sin as a “work”. I was always working. I felt that was keeping my salvation. If I didn’t do it I’d be sinning and obviously go to hell. If anyone could respond to it on basis here that would be great. I can’t respond to anyone in my,topic for some reason