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  1. Yay!!! Rain in Cape Town! Praise God! That’s really great Iain. We’ve been having thunderstorms up here the whole day
  2. But my tongue is feeling warm
  3. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Heavy rain
  4. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Candy bar
  5. Hello

    Welcome to Worthy!
  6. New Member

    Welcome to Worthy!
  7. Ah ok. I found a nice shop that stocks all of different type of “natural” foods. They have quinoa, millet, amaranth and so many different things I have no idea how to pronounce. I’ve been looking into different things that are healthy and edible during a Daniels fast.
  8. Haha, I think most places use it for that
  9. Fine I won’t... @ladypeartree have you cooked with Amaranth or Millet?
  10. Today I am thankful for......

    I love this topic!! Today I’m thankful for God keeping me calm. For the strength I find in Him. I’m thankful for His word and the encouragement inside it. I’m super thankful for the people God has placed in my life to love and support me.

    Travel safely today! May your journey be a blessed one!
  12. Haha that makes sense! We don’t have those here.
  13. In my head I was comparing it to a lion. Which is around 550pounds. But I can imagine it’s still a big cat.