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  1. Hi! Welcome to Worthy!
  2. Chi

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to Worthy, Eliza. May you be blessed with the fellowship your heart desires here
  3. I like this thread I took the test a while ago and my results where: Personality type: “The Protagonist”(ENFJ-T) Individual traits: Extraverted – 85%, Intuitive – 63%, Feeling – 67%, Judging – 65%, Turbulent – 65% Role: Diplomat Strategy: Social Engagement I have to say I’m a very open and accepting person though, so my friends are all around the spectrum and I find myself in situations often where I’m completely different than the people surrounding me. However, I love them so much and we work even when their personalities are the opposite of mine.
  4. I think Last enjoys a morning smoothie before all the exercise and the brunch after.
  5. Hi, I have definitely seen and experienced this. I myself am one of those who lost my focus on God and instead started partying hard etc. Personally, I left home to study at a university where the entire town is basically made up of students. Mostly people between the ages of 19 and 23, thousands of them. There are churches and it’s easy to get involved in the church community. But there are a lot of pubs, clubs etc. and making friends with the wrong group of people without being wise about it leads you to be more intrigued by the fleshly “fun” stuff of the world. I was a believer before I went there, I don’t believe I was born again, more like I followed a specific denomination but I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. One of my friends went through the same as I did, she however found a church and was lead back to God and I think she prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed for me. And I found my way back to God. Or should I rather say God plucked me out of the state I was in and placed me In His presence. In my culture, everything about sexual intimacy, alcohol or substance abuse etc is quite after a topic that’s not spoken about. Or when it is, it’s used to scare young people. I think young people have questions and curiousity about these things. I think when we create safe spaces for young people to ask the questions they have and to treat them with love and care, teaching them the Godly way about these things (which are wrong and right and when etc.) we stand a much higher chance that those young people would not go astray.
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