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  1. The truly sad part of your post is that he felt that he had to do this via his Twitter account. Showing my age here, but social media (Facebook and Twitter specifically) is a huge part of the problem that you are describing. I would be willing to bet that the people that are saying the awful things on social media would never have the nerve to say those things to a person's face. There are no real consequences to being a hateful and rude person. It used to be that if you did say something like that to someone, they would punch you! Now other than maybe getting an account deactivated, there are no consequences. Again in my opinion, this has caused the divisiveness and downright hate. To the point that we can't "agree to disagree" any more. It is very, very sad . . .
  2. I would tend to answer this "yes AND no". There are many out there who would see something (Jesus in a tree or toast) and try to profit somehow from it. However, I don't see any reason that God/Jesus would not send a sign to a believer for comfort/assurance. Our God is a mighty God and I believe that He can and will do all kinds of things to comfort and assure those who are His.
  3. Welcome Eman_3. I am new too, but from what I have read, you are in the right place to learn. There are a bunch of wonderful and caring people here. In Christ, Jeff
  4. Really glad that I found these forums. It is nice to see other perspectives than just those that I go to church with. Look forward to posting in the main forums. Jeff
  5. jmax

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    I know that this is going to be a great forum - I laughed out loud when in the welcome parable, there was this line: "Some people like to constantly throw food and yell . . ." God bless you for all that you do for this forum.
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