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  1. Knock Knock== "whos' there?" == "Its me God, Bruce can I come in??"~~~" Why should I let you into my heaven?-- you are a stinking rotten sinner" ~~~~~"I know Lord-- but Jesus wasn't and he shed his blood for me- and I'm trusting that" ~~~~~" I know Bruce,welcome home child, come on in, I have some AMZING things to show you ! "
  2. well- in responce to the initial post-- no-- Jesus no longer speaks to any one-- every thing he had to say to us for this age he said in the Bibles--- regarding Faustina-- hmm= I will reserve comment on the veneration and acknowledgement of saints~~ concerning salvation-- Christ blood was sufficient to save everyone-- unfortunatly it only works for those who come to him for salvation---- I work at a mission-- I can set a banquet for everyone-- enough food to go around--- holler out the window--" Hey Guys, Dinner time"-- the food only does good to those who come into get it--the guys outside have food but they don't come and get it so it does them no good.
  3. No- I'm sorry - you are wrong- Jesus was doing the visible healing through the power of the Holy Spirit because it is the Holy Spirits ministry to show people Jesus is God-- also- an unsaved person does sin- I am not sure where you got the idea that a person can only sin if they are saved-- and-- if a person is really saved they can not commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit-- I got the impression you are saying that if a believer commits that sin they can not be saved--
  4. why can believers have mental health issues??? previous posts are correct-- cant be possessed by demons-- but we know from scriptural example ( Nebuchadnezzar) that God can ( and I think frequently ) deals with a prideful heart by allowing all sorts of mental instability ~~~~~~ yes some is cause by traumas etc~~~ but I think the majority is caused by pride. Pride is more that just showing off your car, house or other accomplishments--it can also be manifest by the worldview that " I am smarter than God, and do not have to do things his way, I know better"--- even saved believers do this---- To resist what God says in the Bible can have the same results for saved or unsaved ( no loss of salvation for believers)-- but the promise of Love Power and a SOUND MIND can be put on the shelf until the believer gets back in the program~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Psych meds ?????? they don't cure you of being crazy-- they just tone you down so you don't make others crazy. I know this for a fact-- I was crazy for years until I finally said-- " okay Lord Jesus- thanks for saving me-- but now help me to pay close attention to your Bible and live it instead of just reading it. Just like Nebuchadnezzar-- when I returned to my senses and a correct view of who was really in charge- he returned my mental health
  5. Almost a month to have them approved?? maybe I will just post them in the appropriate forum and then someone can look at them and make a decision-- Thank You, Bruce
  6. well my story was on Pacific Garden Mission's 'Unshackled " Radio show-- that and a buck buys a lottery ticket-- sorry but I guess I am just not impressed with his prediction-- I'm just not a "Word of Knowledge guy"
  7. vision??? pleeeeze-- any believer can see this if they read scripture--- not sure who this guy is-- have never followed him-- never will-- he's just relating what God has already told us about the end times--
  8. Interesting. Is that you or someone you know who is the puppeteer That's me--- new puppet ministry-- lot more on you tube-- search Amazing Billy and Mr Bruce"-- this one was tongue in cheek-- but others are scriptural --
  9. Friend Keras-- If you are a true Born again believer you are in for a very pleasent surprise-- and put down the "Message"-- and get back into a real Bible
  10. pre-trib rapture-- because--its not really about getting the church out of harms way--its about removing the indwelling Spirit of God so the anti-Christ can have free reign--- The spirit jst happens to be in the church so the lord removes us----much much more to this butthis is the 25 words or less reply~~~
  11. if you are a true beliver you cannot bring damnation on yourself-- grieving the Holy Sprit is not good--- but it can be fixed and it doesn't make you unsaved--- okay- to your question-- If she has hurt you- and you have done nothing to hurt her back-- and you have lifted this all up to the Lord in prayer-- and asked him to help you deal with the situation in a Godly manner-- and have no other unconfessed sins you are aware of-- Take Communion-- rejoice in the Lord-- let him deal with her--
  12. Dear One-- do not guilt trip yourself-- the Lord gives believers discernment .if you feel this woman is a bad seed-- you have a right to protect yourself emotionally--- Bible says " Don't cast pearls before swine because they will turn and rend you"=== it sounds like she is a user- of course I have not heard her side and the Book says we should hear both side before rendering a judgment-- but if your feelings are completely accurate-- there is no harm in protecting your self. Stand Tall in the Lord- she can not bully you if you keep the whole matter in prayer-- sounds like in a few weeks you will be out of the family picture---- trust the situation to the Lord--- if this woman is bad medicine- the Lord will open your dads eyes~~~~~~~~~ one unpleasant thought-- sorry-- but is it possible you dad is having a midlife crisis attraction for this young lady?????? maybe have a private chat with your pastor and get his input-- and PRAY WITHOUT CEASING~~
  13. never date anyone you meet in your therapists waiting room. If she has issues with stability-- being a white knight-- is not a good idea-you won't be able to correct her issues - chances are a relationship is not what she needs to stabilize--- Moms are usually pretty smart-- they can see things that a young man may not--- If you are still living at home--- listen to her advise
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