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  1. excellent-- I borrowed this to tell in chapel-- love it, thanks
  2. Bob and Betty had been friends for years-Betty was always getting on Bob for his bad health habits--- she asked= How many beers do you drink everyday after work at the Pub??-- Bob says- oh about there- Betty says how much do they cost? he says 3 bucks each-- Betty says wow 9 dollars a day-- How much does you pack of cigarettes cost each day-- Bob says about 8 dollars--- betty says Wow- that 17 dollars a day--- if you multiply that by 365 its a LOT of money-- how long have you been smoking and drinking??? Bob says since I was 21 that's 30 years!! ~~ Betty says well 17 X 365 X 30-- That's around 185,000 dollars-- you could have bought yourself a Rolls Royce~~~~ Bob says- I didnt think of that~~~ then he pauses and says, Betty you have never smoked or drank have you?? she says Of course not--- Bob grins and says "Wheres your Rolls Royce???"
  3. I think you have it pretty well covered-- except one point- only Baptists go to heaven ~~~~~ hahahha just kidding- all repentant faith only Christians go to heaven-
  4. Hi KAC- My son is from Seoul There are sheep and goats-- some goats look a lot like sheep--but they don't pay attention to the shepherds voice---
  5. with out the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin
  6. no, I agree he didnt know in advance-- but I'll bet he figured it out along the way-
  7. I know this is a hard one-- let me try again. Although all infants and mentally infirm are "safe" all infants that die as babies go to heaven------- BUT if an infant grows past age of accountability, and choose to sin, they are no longer "safe" but are accountable--- God knows who will and who will not come to faith. All who will come to faith in their lives are Sheep, all who will not are goats.. A baby that dies in infancy is in Gods eyes a Sheep--- if they had grown up they would still be sheep. A baby the grows past infancy that never come to faith is in Gods eyes a Goat-- the baby is a goat in infancy but grows into and adult goat- because they were never part of Gods flock to start with. Our Human race is really only divided into two sub-races-- sheep and goats-- sheep always go to heaven-- goats never go to heaven. Sheep go to heaven because of faith in Jesus finished work for them- and infant that can not come to the faith by tem selves has imputed faith because God is merciful and as faith for them. Now- a baby goat ( if they died in infancy would go to heaven), but since they grow to adult hood and never come to faith-- do not go to heaven. so pre-accountability death always makes a person a sheep. Is that any better???
  8. Okay- I see now- I did not understand what you meant~~~~ I am saying that if a person is known by God to be headed to heaven--- (hypothetically) it would not matter what age they died at, they would still go to heaven--now of course we cant pick and choose when we depart this plain-- and when our body dies is when it dies--- but there are goats and sheep--- goats don't go to heaven- sheep do-- (free will issues?) some sheep just don't know they are sheep yet they may temporarily be lost sheep-- but ultimately the Shepard brings them home-- I know some folks will call me a heretical Calvinist-- but I believe that if God knows who is going to heaven-- they will go to heaven-- if their time of death could be moved back and forth along their time line, it would not change their destination for eternity~~~~~~ I don't know- does that clarify what I was saying , or just confuse it??~~~~~ I don't think age of accountability really enters it at all
  9. no I didn't.- I stated "age of accountability"- that of course is infants- but also includes those who have no real knowledge or concept of sin
  10. do not assign meaning beyond what the Bible actually said. Mary is quoted as saying that all generations will call me blessed does not imply that she is worthy of special veneration- what it means is that she is blessed-- a term the RCC has tweeked the meaning of from the earlier translations-- blessed means happy or joyful-- Of course Mary was joyful that the Lord chose her to be the Mother of the MAN Christ Jesus ( not the mother of God as he was preexistant to her) and I agree- my generation must agree she must have been happy by this assignment.\ words are important ~~~ they need to be used correctly, and not twisted to achieve a result not intended by the original speaker or writer
  11. anthropologist reconstruction of what a typical middle eastern man of Jesus' location and time frame looked like he was not a metrosexual millennial~~~~ JM- although I am antagonist to RCC doctrines and teaching--- I am concerned about your eternal welfare-- it may surprise you but you have been on my prayer list for awhile ~~
  12. the believing True Christian church existed from the first two saved disciples of Christ. Constantine was not a saved Christian- he was a shrewed pagan- he knew the "Christian faith" if tweeked just right could be a force to unite the heathens in the empire and secure the power of Rome- he freely borrowed from pagan religions and twisted their ceremonies and doctrines and gave them a "Christian Flavor" so they would be more palatable to "converted" heathens- the whole RCC dogma of real presence was a rip off of Mithraism which actually ate the raw meat and fresh blood of sacrificed bulls- for forgiveness of sin~~ Mirtharism was the "unofficial" Roman religion until Constatine legalized HIS VERSION of Christianity----- the RCC "Mary Queen of Heaven" is just a repainted version of the pagan Simeramous holding the infant Tamous. why is itthat depictions of her always show her with an infant when ALL REASONING Christians know Christ is an adult???? no longer a suckling baby"?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUDEAS MACABEES, the good news for you is that you can still come to a saving knowledge of Jesus as God and savior -- repent and reject the false system of worship that you have fallen into--- coming running back to the father like the prodigal did--- he is waiting for you--- you can have peace an know that you are entitled to Heaven by Jesus works not your efforts--- I fear that if you don't-- on Judgment day the Lord will remind you it would have been better for you to have had a millstone tied around your neck and be cast into the sea rather than to have been born-------- leading little children astray is serious business--- consider your ways Another interesting point- Easter ( or better resurrection day) was originally celebrated by the early church on NISAN 14 the date on the old Jewish calendar for Passover-- the council of Nicaea 325? AD hung the date for Easter calibration to a Lunar event ( astrology?) the "first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal Equinox"~~~ why use Pagan technics to set our most happy event unless it was to make it more attractive to the heathens--- Constantine and the Fledgling RCC did real Christianity no favors~~~
  13. well played-- here here ! yes that is it exactly- honored, but not exalted above others--
  14. where in scripture is the name Roman Catholic Church used ? 'Church" means called out assembly-- not Roman Catholic Church-- the Current organization called the "RCC" has morphed into what it is today by the addition of heretical many man made traditions, and opinions Of "sinful men" taken as Gods words--- this organization is not the Church Christ founded 2000 yeas ago. It is a soul eating political machine