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  1. Hi MM- did you check out that link I posted about John Brennan?? I think there is legitimate reasons to suspect that there is Muslim influence in our intelligence agencies
  2. I don't know- if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck~~~~ can a person just be an apologist? how can you describe water unless you have gotten wet?
  3. Why have our intelligence agencys been so hot to derail the last elections results?? Could be the winning crews obvious no-nonsense approach to terrorists and uncontrolled immigration from middle eastern countries buts a crimp in their plans for the United States demographics~~~~ by their fruit you shall know them- I have no doubt the President Obama is a Muslim, and is working toward that goal of a Sharia America- please view this article http://www.dcclothesline.com/2015/08/27/cia-director-john-brennan-is-a-muslim-convert/
  4. is that an international phenomenon ? or just here in USA ?
  5. I dont think you understand what is happening when some one ends up in hell--- God offers a chance for communion and fellowship and knowledge of him through Jesus work on the cross if a person chooses to believe it. If they chose not to believe and to live apart from God not wanting any part of him when they Die God grants their wish and sends them to a place where they are eternally separated and free from his advances and offers of grace. they did not want God in life- he grants them freedom from himself in death~~~~~
  6. I completely agree-- the primitive church of 4 and 5 AD over time morphed into the monstrosity that is today the RCC. no similarity at all- the old church built on scripture and martyrs blood clearly is not the "church" today that holds its followers in bondage and fear of Gods Wrath if they do not pursue all the empty sacramental acts and follow dogma established by man not God.
  7. probably both- heavenly bodys in some cases- spirit beings in another- I tend to think they are heavenly bodies because they are always visible- Angels are typically "messengers" don't know how a Heavenly body can be a messenger--- but Bible says he knows all the stars by name?? does that mean they are angels? or is God aware of all the various nuclear reaction particulars of each star---
  8. amen
  9. some good answers-- but its not complicated------ Part of the Holy Spirits ministry was to witness that Jesus was God------- When the Pharisees said the Jesus was casting out demons by satan's power- they where basically saying Jesus was Satan. so-- they where calling the Holy Spirit a liar-- which was blaspheming him-- so why was that unforgiveable??? because unless a person believes that Jesus is God, they can not be saved. You can not deny Christ's deity- and be saved- Today- if a person denies Christ's deity- they can not be saved--- what if they succumb to the Spirits leading that Christ is God????-- well then they could come to repentance and be saved---but as long as you resist the Holy Spirits witness that Jesus is God-you are blaspheming Him and you can not be saved
  10. for the most part loving self come naturally-- The Lord doesnt say love your neighbor MORE than your self- but as your self~~~~~ meaning treat the neighbor like you want to be treated-- I know there are all kinds of " self loathing" issues etc, but if you know how you want to be treated- thats how you should treat others--- do not use " I dont love myself" as an excuse to not treat others well or go out of your way to help them-- treat em like you want to be treated~~
  11. I was not commenting on how to make the best out of a bad situation--- I was commenting on the fact that it would be better to reverse the bad situation-- God can do that- I have seen it happen-- to often we fall for the worlds thinking that its better to get out of a bad relationship than to try and fix it. I am not talking about raising a child in an unhealthy relationship-- the Bible gives plenty of instruction on how to make relationships healthy. To encourage or give advise on how to skirt the issue of fixing a relationship really would not be the light we are expected to be---- why give a seeking person worldly advise on a site that is supposed to be espousing Christian values. I know Sean is going through a hugely painful time in his life and the life of his family--- even years after a divorce the scars show in the couple and the children-- i know from my experience--- so why not look to avoiding the pain by applying Biblical principles rather than legal recourse??
  12. Evidently I misread the post- my post was defending Willas response-- I misread the quote asmismuffets-- I apologize, but my response remains the same with the exception of who I was talking about-- sorry for the confusion
  13. will pray,- I get themto occasionally--- they are annoying
  14. Trump is not going to let Islam/isis run roughshod over the world--- even if we dont move the Embassy there will be blood shed-- what are we supposed to give the muslims everything they want until they actually have the sword to our throats???
  15. maybe the exact word is not used--- but a Pastor is the same as a shepherd-- I perceive that you are a little bitter over some pastor that told you something you did not agree with--- it will do no good to denigrate the position of Pastor as most of us here know that the pastor is chosen of God to do a ministry that wold kill the rest of us---- so pray for the man that offended you--- really pray for him a lot and see how God works in your heart