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  1. the works that Bible talks about is basically life style and actions that show you are a child of God-----the point of doing works is that when The Holy Spirit resides in your heart- works are the way you live-- you care about other people so you live in a manner that benefits them--- if a person is trying to do "works" to get God to be indebted to them , or for praise from others, the works are dead and do no good to the person doing them. Grace comes first--- then works but they are works you want to do, not works you have to do~~ ultimately the point of doing "works" is because you know it would please the Lord-- and you want to please the Lord because you know how much it cost him to buy you back from death and hell
  2. we know from Davids psalm 51 that the Holy Spirit cold inhabit a believer even before Pentecost- so it is not anti-Biblical to know that the thief on the cross did have a visitation in his heart of the Holy Spirit-- before Pentecost Holy Spirit could come and go in an individuals life= after Pentecost He was a permanent indwelling Advocate for the believer--- no one can believe that Jesus was Christ and God with out the Spirit--- Jesus even told Peter that flesh and blood did not reveal to him that Jesus was Lord-- Spirit did
  3. thief on the cross was promised by Jesus that he would be with him in paradise TODAY--- way before pentecost
  4. neither do I- but in the context of a believers discussion I think its okay~
  5. yes, thats part of it
  6. LOL--- now dont be offended- but I know you have a little bit of a strong willed streak--- A wise old woman once told me to be careful about what hill I want to die on--- now from a purely practical standpoint- you will out live your Mom in law-- just be patient!
  7. before it all started God knew who would be saved-( I am not debating predestination or free will just saying God knew) So I was saved from the very start in Gods mind-- in my mind I wasnt saved until a number of years ago-- but what counts is what is in Gods mind- not mine------ the actual mechanism for Gods salvation did not happen until the blood was shed, or some will say when Jesus rose~~~~~~~~~ this may not make some theologians happy--- but I was saved before I knew it----- then some would say-- well what would have happened if you were killed before you knew it?--- answer is, I wasn't- that's a silly hypothetical- don't even bother to go there
  8. counter argument is that Moses married a black woman~~~~~~~~~ but even more to the point- if they say race it must be pointed out there is only one race- the human race-- and that is divided into two families-- saved and unsaved-- but the saved family is always happy to adopt!!!!!!
  9. I think it happened to each of them in their own time--- for Thomas it was when Jesus showed himself and his nail pierced hands-- then he believed and exclaimed "My lord and my God"== for Nathaniel it was when the Lord said I saw you under the fig tree, and Nathaniel exclaimed Rabbi- you are the Son Of God, the King of Israel, for Philip it was before that he had told Nathaniel, we have found the one scripture talks about--- for peter it was when the Lord asked who do YOU say I am and peter replied you are the son of the living God------- each apostle had their own moment of faith where they were saved---- it was not a one time event where they all got saved at once
  10. I guess what I would do- is say " Mom, you are absolutely right-- I agree, but don't know what to do. Would you like to go to church with us this Sunday? we will pick you up so you don't have to drive"~~~~~~~~~~~ in my line of work I get a lot of folks that want to argue-- if you agree with them it takes the wind out of their sails-- then change the subject-- usually works for me-- might work for you
  11. Actually- they were saved before the foundations of creation where laid---- maybe we should ask when did they know they where saved
  12. I'm sorry the hear that----- out of all the things I have learned in this long life of mine is that steak rare is excellent----- chicken-- not so much
  13. yes- I have heard this term before-- but news articles I saw seemed to put some special meaning to it like the church was saying " Now we really mean this- she is part of your salvation"-- it has something to do with her being the second Eve-- I don't really understand what they are trying to say-
  14. I have heard this week that a large number of Bishops and priests are asking the Vatican to give Mary the additional title of Co-Redemtrix? I don't get it-- what part in redemption could Mary possibly play? Is this some sort of push by the militant feminists for more recognition or power? or is it a throw back to the old Ashtoreth and Simeranis worship??~~~~ Jeremiah 7 ( baking cakes for the queen of Heaven)
  15. that would be called pride--- and you still didn't say what that chicken comment was about ???