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  1. Guns or security guards in churches

    Vic, you're a coward, and all your lofty words doesn't pretty that up. You sound young, though, so maybe you'll grow out of it. I know it's hard to be a man when you've never had to be, but it can be done. Your call. Because cowardice is a hell of its own.
  2. I guess it gives his life meaning ... short though that life may be (especially if his rocket blows itself to flinders with him in it).
  3. :::delurking::: My late father, an Army colonel, had a good friend who was a brigadier general stationed in an office in the E-Ring of the Pentagon the day of the attack. Years later while visiting with my dad before he died, the general felt he could at last relate what happened that day without choking up. He said he'd just gone down the hall on his way to a file room when he heard "a terrific howling noise." Bear in mind the E-Ring contains the only offices with outside views, so he turned to the window, where he saw a passenger jet rocketing in toward the facility "at almost ground level." A second later it hit and exploded, covering the area, and several people, in burning jet fuel (including the general). He said that's the last he remembered until he woke up three days later in the burn unit at Walter Reed. He'd personally lost a staff of six that day, including his secretary, and his adjutant, a young and newly married staff sergeant. The general spent the next couple of years (and dozens of operations) in the hospital as they tried to get him looking human again. I'd met the man, and his injuries were horrific. And until the day he died he would get very angry when people would say the Pentagon had been hit by a missile, or bombed. He swore until the end he saw that plane in the split-second before it hit, and the two men flying it. Was he lying? I don't think so. :::back to lurking:::
  4. Shalom - I'm new 2

    I forgot to say welcome, Rut-Ro!
  5. Howdy from the hills.

    Welcome, John (from another John!)
  6. Just signed up - Hi :)

    Welcome, Neighbor!
  7. Guns or security guards in churches

    I simply have no idea, none at all, of what to say to a coward. Words fail me (and for a writer, that's something). So I'll take my leave of you, Vic.
  8. Guns or security guards in churches

    You won't fight for your family. I don't understand that, but after 66 years on this planet, there are a lot off things I don't understand. But you can rest easy knowing there are men who WILL do your fighting for you. We're called soldiers, and we're no strangers to laying down our lives for those who despise us.
  9. Guns or security guards in churches

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: most of what passes for pacifism is simply cowardice in nicer clothes. If a man won't defend his wife and family from being raped and/or killed by criminals or terrorists, he's beyond yellow ... he's utterly despicable. Most normal men will shun the very sight of him, and most normal women will run from him like their hair was on fire.
  10. Legalism

    No, hon, I'm not pointing out any poster in particular, just the general herd of SDAs/legalists who are flocking to Worthy like hyenas to a watering hole. Hang around here long enough and you'll see it for yourself.
  11. Legalism

    The SDAs (and others) seem to have infected Worthy, starting thread after thread after world-without-end thread here. I wonder how many people have been driven off this site because of it? I confess I'm about one hair away from going myself. To paraphrase Reese in the Terminator, they "can't be bargained with ... can't be reasoned with. [They] don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and [they] absolutely will not stop... ever" sowing their awful seeds of a works-based salvation here and elsewhere. It's sad, really.
  12. Christmas

    I have no problem with legalists per se. If they want to try keeping all 613 OT commandments, more power to 'em (but here's a hint: if they break just one, they've broken them all, so there is that). My concern is some of them allude--and some outright say--that if I don't do as they do, then my salvation is suspect. There's where we part ways
  13. Guns or security guards in churches

    If a man won't fight for himself, he should at least be willing to fight for his family. If he won't do even that ... there's a word that describes him.
  14. Guns or security guards in churches

    "Billions?" Hyperbole much?