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  1. John Robinson

    Need Help

    You should see a "reply to this post" box here (I'm using it right now to reply to you).
  2. John Robinson

    Discern the real Jesus

    I would say yes. The reason for that is you're speaking gross heresy, and Christians aren't required to listen to it. That's why you're getting so little traction here. The invitation from Jesus to change your spiritual polarity remains open (I know; as a former hardcore atheist I accepted His offer on 5 February 1974), but only you can step through that door. And here's a teaser: what you'll find on the other side is amazing beyond your wildest dreams.
  3. John Robinson

    Discern the real Jesus

    She may have gotten banned. I guess there comes a point where the mods have had enough of giving heretics a free platform; I know I have.
  4. John Robinson

    That an unlimited God had to be born here to die...

    Guys, we're firing down an empty well here. I swear, I rather try to witness to a satanist than a gnostic. It's pointless.
  5. John Robinson

    Discern the real Jesus

    Yes, hon, I am, and so can you, if you're willing to divest yourself of your new age heresy, truly repent, and invite Jesus in. And have you ever wondered why you're labeled a "seeker" here? There's a reason for it, and that may give you a clue as to why no one on Worthy is buying what you're selling.
  6. John Robinson

    Discern the real Jesus

    Yes, we understand: more new age claptrap. Simple question: do you want to be saved or not? A yes or no will suffice. Thanks.
  7. John Robinson

    Third post as newbie I am very real

    Welcome, brother.
  8. John Robinson

    not 'new' here, more peeping in again

    Welcome, Pawz, from one writer to another.
  9. If anyone is still thinking the Boy Scouts will pull out of their suicidal dive, think again. And any Christian who allows their son to remain a part of this damnable group needs to have their head examined. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/05/22/boy-scout-world-jamboree-leadership-requires-condoms-readily-and-easily-accessible-for-event
  10. John Robinson

    A Sad Day in Houst0n

    For a while I was about ready to board that get-out-of-Dodge stagecoach myself. What stopped me is it seems the mods finally got rid of the cultists who seemed to dominate every thread on Worthy for a few months. I guess if I could change anything, it would be somehow to make full-gospel people like me feel a little more welcome here, but really, that's more of a heart issue than a mod issue. For now, I'm staying.
  11. John Robinson

    The circus comes to church

    Let me preface this by stating I am an unashamed, full-gospel Christian. My wife and I were saved in the early 70s back in the old Jesus Movement days, and in the intervening 45 years we've seen God do some amazing things. That said, in my opinion, what this church is doing is plain old bat-crazy. Read the article, and tell me what you think. http://www.faithwire.com/2018/04/25/well-known-atlanta-pastor-is-adding-scantily-clad-aerialists-into-worship-services/
  12. John Robinson


    Welcome, Shiloh.
  13. John Robinson

    Just walk away

    Welcome, Curt.
  14. John Robinson


    Welcome, Austin. You'll find this site filled with good folks who may be able to help.
  15. John Robinson

    Stopped going to church 37 years ago

    Welcome, Realist.