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  1. B52 Bomber crashes into Empire State Building

    And the B-52s were a musical group. "Rock lobster!"
  2. Akueg, from your long and wordy screed it's obvious you're a Jehovah's Witness. Just as obviously, your heretical "teaching" won't find any customers here. But thanks for playing.
  3. A question for flat earth proponents

    Nattering on and on about the Earth being flat is a crazy hill to die on ... so to speak. Do you get a special badge or something if you can convince us? I'm serious. What's your end game here? Or as a lawyer friend of mine likes to put it, qui bono (who benefits)?
  4. Strife = Stress

    For me, staying out of the Politics threads has helped. There are handful of folks who natter on incessantly and world without end, amen about you-know-who, and it appears it's never going to get any better, so for the most part I just leave 'em to their ravings. Makes things a lot nicer in the other threads.
  5. Man, that is a BIG ol' boat-load of heresy. Chock fulla junk!
  6. Faith without works is Dead

    Legalism kills, and does it slowly. Trying to keep all 600+ commandments, knowing it's impossible but still being driven to try? My God, what a ghastly way to live. The deception someone would have to willingly place that monstrous burden upon themselves ... no thanks.
  7. the Church of the Left

    I've seen "Christian" leftists make common cause with those who revile the Word of the living God (aka Democrats and their ilk), and although I don't understand why they do, I'm just thankful I won't be the one having to explain to the Lord why unfettered abortion, perverted sex, "liberation theology" and so on is Just Swell. I have a feeling He's not gonna buy it.
  8. the Church of the Left

    The leftists on this board are willfully blinded. Worse, they seem to dominate the news boards. That's why I think my time on Worthy is drawing to a close. The day is far spent, the night draws near, and I simply don't have the time (nor the inclination) to engage them in their unending liberal argle-bargle. Party on, kids.
  9. Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ echoes N. Korea’s own threats

    Apropos of nothing, I cannot fathom how a truly born again Christian could be a leftist. I mean, they're willingly finding common cause with groups that make no secret of their hate for God and His Word (remember the boos He got at the Democratic convention?) WHY in the world would a Christian want to get in lockstep with those who hate Jesus? Qui bono (who benefits) from such a partnership? Not God's people, that's for sure. Color me baffled.
  10. Newbie (Re)Convert

    Welcome, friend.
  11. Do White Men Really Deserve To Vote?

    For some reason I have the Stones' "Under My Thumb" rumbling through my cranium. In other words, there's nothing funnier than a liberal. When there's not enough hoo-hah around to get their panties in a twist, they THINK of something. Must be rough going through life permanently offended.
  12. Talking Halloween

    Maybe this is getting off track (not unheard-of from me!) but I think we have to allow each believer in Jesus to be nudged--or not--by the Holy Ghost on an individual basis. In other words, we're all different. What convicts one person may or may not convict another. For example, my oldest son is a youth pastor in Northern California, doing a mighty work there with some very hard people, and he has tats. Not a lot, but they're visible. Me, I don't have any, but that's not to say I haven't considered it. On the other hand I have a good friend who thinks they're terrible (not a salvation issue, he says, but esthetic), and he wouldn't have one if you paid him a thousand dollars. My son? Not convicted. My friend? Convicted. Yet both men love the Lord as Christian brothers. All that to say, the Holy Ghost is working in each one of our lives. Let Him. And while we do, let's allow one another to be led by Him as He wills. We now return you to your Halloween thread, already in progress.
  13. Talking Halloween

    Pride goes before a fall, friend. You might want to take your attitude down a peg or three.
  14. I finally realized atheism required more faith in huge numbers and blind chance than I, as a thinking human being, was able to give it. Once that threshold was crossed I began to question every belief I held, and my journey to Jesus began.
  15. Saudi Arabia Just Detained A Woman Who Wanted To Allow Women To Drive.

    Back in early 2014 the company I work for sent a team of six of us to Saudi Arabia on a ten-day trade junket that had been partly set up by the US State Department. Even though our guides there tried to hide the worst influences from Islam from us, there was simply too much of it going on. Most of the offenses I saw were against women who fell afoul of the Morality Police. These were cops in traveled the streets of Riyadh in search of women who were uppity (my term). One of their favorite things was to stop a woman to make sure the burkah she had on was sufficiently opaque. One event that's stuck with me was when I saw them stop a husband and wife, who was obediently walking three steps behind him. One of the cops pulled out a ruler and measured the distance from the hem of her garment to the sidewalk. It must not have passed muster, because without warning the cop pulled out a baton and started beating the snot out of her. A second later he was joined by his two fellow thugs, and even the husband joined in shaking his fist and screaming at his wife--who knows, maybe to save himself a beating from them as well. It only lasted a few seconds, then the cops climbed back in their car and drove off. Two things I still remember: the crowd on the sidewalk utterly ignored her screams, and as it was going on our guide muttered to our group not to get involved. Islam is an absolutely filthy religion straight from hell.