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  1. I've been a member here for a few years, and over that time I've seen several posts started about law- or commandment-keeping, and they all end with a subtle (or not so subtle) chastisement against those who disagree. I'll say this: unless the Holy Ghost tells me otherwise, I'll salute them for their doggedness, and take a hard pass.
  2. Caramba, HOW many threads have been started here on Worthy by various posters the last few days about this? It's beyond weird. If someone wants to place themselves under the law, well then have fun, I guess. For me, the blood of Jesus has worked well for me for the last 47 years; I reckon I'll keep trusting Him until He calls me home
  3. ::waves hand frantically:: I do. And I only did it once. *G"
  4. Very nice to have you here, ProGoddess. You'll find this a welcoming place; I did.
  5. I'm still amazed at how many supposed Christians vote for the Democratic party ... although maybe I've answered my own question, since I qualified it with "supposed." I believe with that a true Christian cannot vote for a Democrat, knowing that infanticide is cherished by them.
  6. It's a beautiful song, but, sad to say, many years ago Ray Boltz left his wife and family to go live with his gay lover. I'm not kidding. When it happened it made waves throughout the whole Christian music ministry and devastated a lot of his fans. I can never listen to it again.
  7. It's getting harder and harder to find a church--ANY church--that will preach the unadulterated gospel. I lay that squarely at the feet of corrupt denominations and heretic "pastors." I think when death arrives it's going to catch a heartbreaking number of people dumbstruck, flatfooted, and hellbound.
  8. College kids, welfare bums, and fiscal idiots ("Hey, free stuff!!!") will vote for him ... and in 2020, there may be just enough of them to get him in. At that point the rest of us can start a "countdown to Venezuela-style implosion" pool on how many remaining months the US has left ... and don't think it couldn't happen. Satan is rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect.
  9. And another poster I've blocked. God have mercy, hearts have grown hard in these final hours ...
  10. The Democratic party has gone completely insane.
  11. The Social Security system is based on quarters paid in; 40 quarters=10 years. At that time you're vested. You can start drawing reduced benefits at age 62, but you don't get full benefits until you hit your target age (based on the month and year you were born), which for me was 66. I turned that age last May (my wife turned 66 in December), and since then we've both been drawing full benefits. Comes in handy!
  12. I'm waiting for the couple of Democrats who regularly post here on Worthy to give us their thoughts on this abomination, because their horrific party owns it. Owns it. I have the feeling we're in for a long wait ...
  13. Here's what I told George on the An Insiders View from the Outside thread, "I think my time here on Worthy is coming to an end. The gay 'Christian' over on the other thread promoting his oh-so-sweet sodomy talk to all and sundry has just about put the nail in the old coffin." His reply was, "All those posts were removed an hour ago. That's what I was cleaning up tonight. :)" Maybe I only inferred CCHL would be banned from the site, but take it from an old-timer: posters who glorify and champion sin--and do so unchecked by the mods--will kill a Christian site deader than Julius Ceasar. I've seen it occur at other places, and Worthy is not immune.
  14. It appears George has banned CCHL from this topic (and hopefully from the board). At any rate, I've put him on ignore.
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