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  1. John Robinson

    Whale of a time

    I finally put that goober on ignore. And some point you simply have to walk away and leave 'em to it.
  2. John Robinson

    Do You Really Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

    My problem is trying to have "fellowship" with Christians who simply choose to disregard the Bible. This may explain it: when I joined the Army (many years ago), one of things I was introduced to early in basic training was a book called the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or more simply, the UCMJ. The first night I was there, our DI slowly walked the barracks floor between us with it held high in his hand. I'm going to clean up what he said, but its gist was, "ladies [yeah, we were men, but he was making a point], this book I'm holding is THE book you will abide by. In it is found every rule, and the penalty for breaking that rule. I'm not asking you to memorize it, but know this, you WILL be judged by it. That may not seem fair. That may not be right. But it IS the truth, and if you go against its pages, the punishment WILL be severe." So it is with God's Word. Yes, Jesus saves us, and yes, there is grace, but when God makes His wishes about certain issues known in clear terms, we go against those wishes at our peril.
  3. John Robinson

    Do You Really Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

    Knowing what liberals believe, I don't think I could find common ground with them. Pray for them, certainly, but to befriend someone who--for instance--thinks it's just dandy to kill a baby from conception through delivery? No. That's a non-starter.
  4. John Robinson

    Is Wonderful Marriage Actually Possible?

    My wife and I have been married forty-five years plus, and we're as different as steaks and hot dogs. But it doesn't matter; we complete each other. Or as Dr. James Dobson put it, "if two of you are the same, of you is superfluous." And the best part? Through incredibly bad times and insanely good ones, Jesus has been our focus.
  5. John Robinson

    Christian movies?

    The musical Les Miserables is the not only the best Christian movie my wife and I have ever seen, it's the best movie we've ever seen, period.
  6. John Robinson

    Until I die, God be merciful to me, a sinner!

    :::sigh::: more SDA bushwa. Party on, kids.
  7. John Robinson

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

    "Why Ed, does this mean we're not friends anymore? You know Ed, if I thought you weren't my friend ... I just don't think I could bear it." -- Doc Holliday, Tombstone "Nuke 'em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." -- Corporal Hicks, Aliens
  8. John Robinson

    The blessing of earplugs

    I've heard of those, but don't know much about them. Here's the gizmo we bought from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E6D6LQY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  9. This whole situation is the very definition of "a train wreck waiting to happen." Lord help any kids who come from this very shaky union.
  10. John Robinson

    The blessing of earplugs

    My wife and I had used a box fan for years to create "white noise" for sleeping, but it was pretty bulky not to trip over during the night. Last November we bought a white noise machine from Amazon that does the same thing, but it's small enough to sit on our nightstand. Hope that helps you!
  11. John Robinson

    I'm an atheist

    If I'd been given this book (see below) when I was an atheist, it might have shaved years off changing my polarity. The author, a hard-nosed atheistic newspaper reporter for the Chicago Tribune, set out to make his case; it didn't quite work out that way. In the interests of full disclosure, I'm friends with his daughter Allison (another Christian writer like moi). This book may speak to you, FF; it did me. And if books aren't your thing, it was recently made into a very good movie. https://www.amazon.com/Case-Christ-Journalists-Personal-Investigation-ebook/dp/B01863JLK2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1533066038&sr=8-1&keywords=the+case+for+christ
  12. John Robinson

    I'm an atheist

    Hi, FF. I was an atheist for many years. Welcome.
  13. I think he must have eaten a bad peanut. 💀
  14. John Robinson

    The Normalization of Pedophilia

    Liberalism doesn't have to make sense, Cobalt. Everyone knows that. 😁