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  1. The longer I'm around, the more I'm convinced there isn't a nickel's difference between a liberal and a libertarian. The verbiage is almost identical. Just sayin.'
  2. Way back in boot camp our DI said something that's stuck with me nearly fifty years later: "If someone says they want to kill you, believe them."
  3. Sight, in my sixty-five years on this benighted old planet I've seen and done things you can't begin to imagine; "neanderthal" suits me pretty well. At any rate, I have a feeling your time to reach a decision for Christ--or not--is drawing to a close. Choose wisely. And with that, I'm done. Pax.
  4. Okay, Sight, enough. This thread has gone thirteen pages, and you remain double-minded. So if you want to walk, walk, and do it already. I'm an Army vet; your threats mean nothing. I guess what I'm saying is I for one am done with your incessant crabbing. Either man up or shut up. Your choice.
  5. One video. Atheists are funny. I know; I used to be one.
  6. Hon, joining the Greek Orthodox church is leaving the faith. Maybe we're done with this topic.
  7. I haven't been here as long as Shiloh, but I'll agree that given the site's size, some repetition is to be expected. That said, Christmas and Easter do tend to get ... lively.
  8. The thing is, Bonky, adults go there of their own accord; God doesn't "send" them, they're drawn there like a magnet because they won't do the one thing that will change their polarity. Babies, on the other hand--and the feeble-minded for that matter--don't know any better, and I believe God takes that into account. Or as Mark Twain (an atheist, as I used to be) put it, "It ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it's the parts that I do."
  9. An infant burning forever in a blast furnace. Nice. That's not the God I serve.
  10. Sight, no offense meant, but I think you need some Christian counseling. Your anger will destroy you.
  11. My late father served as a combat infantryman in the Army in WWII, and fought in the Pacific (if you've seen the movie Hacksaw Ridge, he was in on the real thing). For all his faults he was consummately honest, and he died an honorable man. That said, the son of his best friend--an Army colonel--worked as an analyst at the Pentagon, and was there on 9/11 when the airliner struck. He saw it roaring in, and just managed to get under his desk before it blew that portion of the E-ring to pieces. He managed to escape from the wreckage, but was horribly burned. Anytime I see someone parroting this "it's all fake!" argle-bargle, I would simply point to that man and say, "Really. Ask him if he thinks it was fake."
  12. Yeah, I saw that too. Liberals really do hate America, don't they?
  13. I have no idea what you're talking about. Zilch. Nada. Zed. All I see is a string of mystic koans with no discernible theme. Maybe I'm just dumb. I'll leave it to the those with the Big Crania to parse what it all means. Pax.
  14. FWIW, I was an atheist for many years, and since I became a Christian in 1973 I have no problem interacting with them as long as civility is maintained. And there's the rub. The atheist crowd I ran with in the late 60s is far different than today's crop. Back then it was simply mocking or ridicule. Now the chief tenant of a non-theistic worldview consists mainly of blind anger, bordering on rage. I have my own reasons why I think that is, but I won't bore anyone here with them. Suffice it to say that for this old soldier, the rules of engagement have morphed into something I now cannot fathom.
  15. Thanks, Gary, and my apologies. My doctor is changing up my meds (there's nothing like being a crazy man!) and my body is still adjusting. That said, it was no excuse for me to be peevish, and again, I'm sorry. And if you're looking for more Joe Box, the other two are also on Kindle, and are dirt cheap (I'm talking pennies, as both are OOP). Thanks again.