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  1. Yes, the Devil is our accuser. He argues with God concerning our sins and our Souls. Apparently he does it a lot, however I do not think that his accusations go by the wayside, always. I guess if we are not God's children, we belong to him... Satan. From what I have come to understand concerning the name 'devil' and dragons, they receive these names because they are fallen.There is spiritual warfare taking place in our world and it is getting really intense. So many who hear the calling are being deceived by Satanic beliefs, which are usually all about rebellion against God and His Laws. Look at all the New Age Churches and those that are teaching heresy and blasphemy to the faithful. This deception has all been planned. There are seminaries that are educating these wolves for the sole purpose of deceiving Christians and win them over for Satan. There is a war being waged here and so many are 'falling away', actually they are being herded in a specific direction, being taught in a specific way, so that when Anti-Christ comes, they will be easily deceived and many, if not all will fall away, except for the Elect, maybe. Think about that for a moment- the whole world is deceived by this evil gang of devils. I guess most Christians do not have to think of such things because they believe that they will be Raptured before all of this happens, right? Before they show up in our world and begin to rule here... in person!!! We must continue to pray for Wisdom and Understanding, so we can see the moment we live in. Jesus told us to keep looking up, our redemption draws near. Plus the skies are really weird these days... lots of strangeness. M.
  2. Thanks for your concern about my seeking knowledge of truth outside of the Bible. I have done it all my life and I have found a lot of ancient manuscript, some of which are purposefully kept from Christians, in order to enhance our worship. I have been seeking and finding for about forty years and will continue until the day I am transformed In my personal experience I need to, I have to seek after knowledge, mainly because there are so many contradictions in this world. Sure we are transformed by the renewing of our minds by Christ in His knowledge of Truth. There is much more knowledge to be had... at least for me. That was also the point I was trying to make in that Christians are very closed-minded, which is a good thing, however Jesus did say that knowledge will increase. It does not mean that we cannot find other relevant knowledge of Christ Jesus and the Way of truth in other places other than the Bible. I for one know that there is a vast amount of knowledge of Christ and the Way of His Followers in other places here on Earth. A lot of the knowledge is information which you can believe or not, or take it at face value, until you find conflicting or corroborating info of knowledge. I am naturally a seeker. The Bible is my foundation rock. I stand with Christ and His Truth. I seek after the experience of Human Perfection, becoming manifest a Son of God. In Christ's Church there are many parts. In the Kingdom of God there are many 'groups', each group representing their assigned calling. Which part of the body of Christ are you, and what is your part in the kingdom? I have found so much knowledge which has only help in explaining the journey and my place in the scheme of things. I have found much info in Jesus before the age of thirty, even also on Mary and the death of His father Joseph. This info plays no part in what I believe, it only serves to fill in the spaces and the Bible has a lot of spaces, that is why Faith is necessary. But you would be surprised how much knowledge that was available to the early church in the first centuries, that are not available to us here today, mainly because of deception and withholding of evidence of Jesus Christ and what happened to Him. I have found an interesting Bible supposedly written by Celtic priests who were studying religion in Egypt during the time of the EXODUS. It has an interesting take of what happened to the Egyptians and their land during and after the plagues and the exodus of the tribes of Israel. Very interesting read, especially the account of what was happening in the skies and on the land. It seems to me that that kind of experience is coming to the world in the Last Days in the Wrath of God when the plagues are unleashed on the world. The account was generally the same, except the writers looked at the Jews as slaves and did not really 'like' them. It also spoke of what happened to Pharaoh and Egypt during and after the plagues and the presence of 'the Destroyer' in the sky. I found it very interesting and informative. It did not in anyway interfere with my beliefs or my relationship with Christ Jesus. In my experience I have wanted to know 'Everything'- whatever that means, and with this desire and mission, I cannot sit around and have knowledge magically show up, I have to seek in order to find, and this is what I do and will continue to do so for as long as I am able. In the Book that I found recently, it mentions a spiritual journey some Humans embark on, that the Angels who are in charge of this planet, do not really quite understand. I know exactly what they are talking about. One interesting thing I read was given in great detail about Melchizedek. This book was written by Angels who are in charge of the 'evolution' of our planet. There is an Order of Melchizedek, a group of twelve or so Angels who are assigned to help with the spiritual development of the Human race. In the OT, there is a very same, even tiny reference to Melchizedek and who he was. He had no mother or father and He met Abraham on his way to Salem. He was also called the King of Salem. Abraham also gave him one-tenth of this goods. What we know and understand of him is that he belonged to an order of High Priests to which Christ also belongs. This book goes into every details about Melchizedek and his relation to Abraham. Abraham was righteous when God looked upon him, because he was a student of Melchizedek. The High Priest was apparently on Earth for ninety years. He was the king of Salem which was located in Palestine. He appeared on day and disappeared 90 years later after setting up lots of 'schools' and sending out 'missionaries to preach about the one creator God and the Trinity. At the time he had 7 commandments. There is much info about every major religion and their origins. The Angel said that the early Jews destroyed all record of Melchizedek from the world. Personally, I find the information interesting, but it does in no way interfere with my relationship with my Lord and Father Christ Jesus. There is so much ancient knowledge out there and for me, finding pieces of the puzzle is what I must do in my personal experience. I have also found spiritual knowledge which has helped me on my journey and walk. I have a very good understanding of gods, and Gods and Archons, and Angels and how they function. Satan has been defeated in my personal experience... he did flee with his minions from the light and the presence of Our Lord. For we were once children of Darkness, but have now become children of LIGHT and TRUTH and LOVE and GOODNESS in CHRIST Jesus, who saved us from sin and death. They do not understand LOVE and GOODNESS... that is their downfall. Peace to you. M.
  3. Yes, Jesus did die for all mankind, however there is a bit of reasoning done here, simply because not everyone will be saved. Those who will not repent, because they love their lawlessness and thrive in it, are indeed Satan's children. Is it true that everyone of them could be saved if their hearts were made right in order to accept the truth of Salvation through Repentance and the Cross? Possibly, but that will never happen. Not all are saved and many will suffer the same fate as Satan and his minions on Judgment Day. Just wanted to also add this.. (I probably should not, but here goes). I have been seeking after knowledge of truth in ancient texts for many years and have found much more knowledge about Jesus outside of the Bible. I do hope and pray that I have a discerning mind. I do not believe all that I read, but I do take note... I remember what I read, even though it may not be relevant to my experience at this time. I recently came across an fascinating book... will not give the title, because, I would not recommend it to a Christian who is not on truly solid ground in your faith. To make this short, it is a book that explains everything, except, the journey that I am on, which I found interesting. It gives the history of the Cosmos and a timeline and so much information... It does mention the event called the 'Lucifer Rebellion', and it explains what happened in the Heavens when Lucifer and His crew, which included, Satan, Abaddon, Beelzebub, and someone name Caligastia. How Lucifer wrote a 'manifesto' and he read it in the Heavens. It was all about doubt and unbelief. He questioned everything as it was, including God's power and authority and he convinced many to rebel. His reasoning is the same as what is being used by the left today to enslave the world with Satanic doctrine. According to this book, (apparently given by Angels), Lucifer and Satan are two separate individuals, who have corrupted our entire Universe and our Earth is under quarantine, in that we do not have access to Heaven as Adam and Eve had in the Garden... they fell from Grace. The 'Lucifer Rebellion' supposedly took place before Adam and Eve were created, (received the flesh), and Satan is Lucifer's chief officer, or something like that. They are all imprisoned, except one of them, and soon they will be back to try to resurrect what they tried to do in the past, here on Earth. They will be given a time to separate the sheep from the Goats; the wheat from the chaff, the light from the darkness, so the Harvest can take place... Remember that there are Two Harvests. One for those who belong to Christ, and one for those who belong to Satan. M.
  4. Interesting the way you look at it... Having been attacked by Satan and His minions, I will say this: Satan does not attack the minds of Christians. It is usually some form of testing the faith and heart of the individual. It is not Christ Jesus who allows Satan to persecute us. Christ stands with us to defend against the Gates of Hell. Those who become possessed are not usually Christians and I do not think Christ is there with them. These ones usually dabble in occult things and invite Satanic forces into their lives with their lawlessness and disobedience. Satan did not pervert the mind of Job or Jesus when they were persecuted. He did so with Judas because of prophecy and because Judas was an unbeliever. So if you do not want a pervert to have access to your child's mind, then do as the Bible says and bring up your child in the way of the Lord, so they will be fully armored and covered in the Holy Spirit, with Christ indwelling.. and they will never depart from it. Nothing can defeat that, not even that loser Satan. He tried to steal my Soul once, but we defeated Him. Christ was there. He attacked me three times and the third time, they were actually able to stop me from calling Jesus to deliver me from that evil and save me. It was then I learned about my Armor of God. I came to understand what the Sword of the Spirit is and my Helmet of Salvation. I learned a lot from my attacks, and that Christ really does live in me and when I need Him, all I have to do is call, and He is always there. YES, truly I am Blessed. For me, Christ is my Father and God, and Satan is our enemy. It is the Almighty God of the OT who allows Satan to try us, and godless, lawless, foolish Humans who allow Satan's minions it posses them. We are at war with the Gates of Hell. And truth be told, Jesus did not come to save everyone, only those who are His... and not everyone can be His. Some Humans are truly the children of Satan and cannot be saved. Just wanted to add here that you can and must protect your child from a human pervert, but only Jesus Christ can protect them from Satan; and we must bring them up in the way of the Lord to achieve that... from birth. Thanks, M.
  5. Thank you for that... interesting though. M
  6. There is all out spiritual-warfare taking place here in the world against Christians and their families. GREYS are real and for some of those who are terrorized by these demonic creatures, these attacks have been happening through generations. Last year I was on a Forum where many Christians responded about their attacks and experiences. Some have accepted it as a part of their lives, mainly because it happened to their parents and there are usually cloned children they get to see occasionally. A few said that they knew they had something implanted in their brain. This is very real and it is happening on both levels. We know that because of the popularity of the Occult, more and more people are getting into witch-craft and more people are becoming possessed by evil spirits. Darkness is spreading throughout the world and all manner of attacks against Christians will intensify. More and more people are becoming possessed and more and more are speaking out concerning 'alien' attacks, in both realms. Christians and the Human Race is under systemic demonic attack, from every front and there are many. There are so many strange versions of the Bible made available through copyright and many people are being led astray in the New Age movement, as well as in the Ecumenical. Many years ago, I had a dream-vision where I saw seven Suns in the sky, way up high in a row. I counted them and as I watched, the sun on the left at the end just started to fall. I watched as it came down and crashed to the ground not too far away in front of me. There was a bit of fire and dust, and then when it cleared there arose a great Beast. He slowly stood up and dusted himself off. He then looked up at the other suns and seemed annoyed and surprised that he was on the ground. He looked around and saw me standing there watching him. He did not react to me, but continued to stare at the suns that were still in the heavens. M Here are a couple of interesting articles on what is happening in part: Abducted by aliens? Neurologist finds similarities in alleged victims - Hawaii Tribune-Herald Demon Battlers Descend on Rome for Exorcism Course
  7. What did Job do, was He not a good man? It is not really about possession, it is about attacks, persecution, there is a difference. You are speaking of possessions. Jesus was attacked by Satan and He successfully rebuked Him. He even defeated Satan and his minions and the Gates of Hell, and taught us how to do the same. What you are saying makes perfectly good sense, except attacks are different than being possessed. Have you even seen someone who is possessed being delivered? Attacks by Greys and other demonic entities are just that, attacks, and of course there is a reason... spiritual persecution, that is what it is. Christians do not really get possessed by evil spirits, because those who are possessed do not go to church or pray to Jesus. They usually go to church only on the day they get delivered, because a family member had finally convinced them to do so. So think persecution, not possession. Peace, M.
  8. Why do you think that there have been so many UFO/Alien news bits over the last several months. MSM are reporting as well as NASA and government people; do you think that disclosure is near, whether by government finally admitting to us, or disclosure by the appearing of 'Aliens'? There is actually a lot of information that has been around for a while on PBB; I found some back in the late seventies and early eighties when I was actively seeking to find answers. It truly is a crazy rabbit-hole you fall down when you look into these things. In my search, I believe I have found a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Why did all those political and religious leaders visit Antarctica in 2016? It is all connected and the underlying purpose and intention of all these different parts of the puzzle is to enslave Humans through deceit, lies, sorcery, alchemy, witchcraft and most importantly, 'science'. There is great sorcery happening today in order to obstruct our view, hide the things so we cannot see what is coming. I think that disclosure is soon coming, one way or another. What do you think would happen when disclosure comes? Do you think it will be soon? M.
  9. I think you misunderstood what I meant when I said the each one is responsible for his own house. I meant that the individual is responsible for what happens within his own house/ his own physical body, in terms of the attacks, and yes, we are to love one another as Christ loves us. I am sixty and very mobile. I have in the past spoken with many, still today; I know eventually, I will be preaching in the streets. Not voting is a choice and a part of my mindset. I do pray for our leaders, and those in the world. Everyone I know knows that I love Jesus, even those who do not yet believe. I do at times have contact with many people, and this world is not my home. I observe and remember. My thoughts and desire are somewhere else, and there are different levels of involvement through local churches and charities. Also remember that Jesus died for mankind, but not all of mankind will be saved. There are also those here who are actual children of Satan; those who cannot be saved. There is a bigger picture here and hopefully it will unfold. Peace, M.
  10. We all do our best and are only responsible for the things happening in our own houses. There is another level beyond the people in the government who are elected. Don't know if I should admit this publicly, but I have never, ever voted in in all my almost sixty years here on this planet. I have never protested about anything. I have debated and written about the things happening here in our world. There are groups of families who have held on to power here for many generations and that system does not change. There is Deep State in every country on this planet. Every country is controlled by a Principality and then the Powers control areas... like land masses. North America, south America, Eastern Europe, Middle East etc. All Principalities and Powers are supernatural Entities ruling from high places... lower Heavens and they are all promoting the Satanic Agenda, which is to enslave Humans on all fronts and kill and destroy us, so that we can never find the LIGHT of Christ. World leaders also have to carry out the Satanic Agenda as well. This is Satan's world and if you want power to rule here, you must bow down and worship him; and the world leaders do... Bohemian Grove. I truly have been blessed and I am so grateful and humble before my LORD. Even writing about it now is emotional. I love my LORD so much, that it is sometimes so over-whelming. He does so much for me, especially considering the way I am. Keeping on topic here as per the demonic attacks, from my personal experience, I think Christians experience them the most because we are usually the most dangerous to the Gates of Hell. I am sure that Satan knows all those who are his; those who are not saved, right? When one hears the word and is moved and wakes up from the sleep of Death, the evil ones will attack until they are defeated by the individual, or they destroy that person and keep them enslaved. We have to be confident and strong in the word, because if we are just saying the words and not doing or even really believing and understanding the meaning of the words, we can fool those we gather with in this world with our knowledge, however when there is spiritual warfare taking place and the physical body is not in the equation, it is the Soul who is engaged in warfare, and if you are not really strong in truth, you will be weak in your battle against the evil ones and be attacked repeatedly. You have to have the confidence here in your body, which is just physical clothing for the Soul, and have the same confidence when you enter into spiritual warfare. In my case, I have a Soul that is much stronger in the supernatural than I am in this world, and I have had many supernatural experiences. My Soul is fearless, except for one time when I was quite literally searched with a golden shining light that came from the clouds above. The light shone right through me and I could feel it moving up through my body and to my heart and then my head. My whole body was filled with this golden light and when it reached my head, it was like my mind exploded in golden light with little white light shining droplets. After I was searched, the light retracted back up as I watched as it moved through the clouds on its ways to someone else... who knows. I should add here that I was surrounded by total devastation, everything was destroyed and smoldering and heavy dark clouds covered the skies. I saw the light moving through the skies a distance away and I saw a stroke of lightning coming from it. It moved towards where I was, which was about a couple of miles away. When I saw it coming I tried to find a place to hide. I found a thicket of bushes and branches next to a building that seemed out of place in the landscape, it was the only one that was not destroyed. It was a warehouse building. As soon as I tried to run in the bushes, the light appeared above me in the clouds. A face appeared in the clouds and then the light struck me in the chest. Yes I was afraid, and I felt it. I am writing too much. I was the most scared ever! We have to be true to ourselves because when we are just Christians who are luke-warm, we become prime targets for demonic attacks. In my case, they wanted to steal my Soul and I took those three battles as learning experiences. I did come to understand the true meaning of some teachings. After my attacks, I was given 6 amazing visions and I think I even traveled to three places where I saw 'other'. I did pray to Christ to show me the hidden things as per the small Greys. He did answer my prayers. There are so many words bubbling inside of me, you have no idea. So take care and have a safe and blessed week-end. Peace to you. M.
  11. It is good that your spirits are up in spite of your condition. Mind over matter, I do hope you find a cure and some relief. From what I have learned about Big Pharma and science is that they have the cures for all our ailments and diseases, however they cannot give us the cures, because that will put them out of business, and since they are Evil Corporations powered by Greed and lies, they have to survive and profit, so they give us food and pills that claim to help us, when in fact they are poisoning us, so that they can continue to enslave and destroy the Human Race. Sure you can protest in the streets about what is happening. There is a battle taking place now between the Right and the Left. We cannot do anything to stop what is happening to our planet. We can do things locally and plant more trees and recycle and do 'green things', which I do as well, but does it really make a difference when the planet is actually dying and getting ready to give birth? These things will happen and are happening. Can we stop Fukushima, which still gets NO MSM coverage. Things are still happening there and the whales and seals are dying in the Pacific, but they won't say Fukushima. Can we clean up all the plastics in the oceans? I read somewhere that every three hundred years or so, there is a kind of redo that happens to our society, and the end of every era happens when the men are becoming women, and the women becoming men... and here we are today. Personally, I do my part for the environment. I even compost, because I have a 'problem' with throwing away seeds. I keep all seeds that enter into my house,and I sometimes just put them in the dirt to see what happens. So I have these huge citrus trees growing in my kitchen, about 8 and ten years old, and in my bedroom, I have an Avocado that is now touching the ceiling, plus all manner of plants. If I eat an orange, I look at the seeds in my hand and I see an orchard. I cannot, throw them away. So I have one side of a cupboard that is filled with lots of unlabeled seeds. Not sure what to do with my Avocado. I think I have a 'seed' condition. How can anyone throw away seeds??!!! And I am very wary of seedless 'things'. won't buy them. Don't know why I posted that, but it is what it is. Christ Jesus is our strength and He does wonders when you trust and rely on Him completely. Peace to you, M.
  12. We have to speak the truth and by giving our testimonies, we are not giving any credit to the Gates of Hell, we are telling our brothers and sisters in Christ some of the things which are happening in our warfare against Satan and his minions. We already have victory over the Powers of Darkness, and they are very active in Human affairs today. Have you not been able to find a cure for your condition? Jesus is your physician. M.
  13. Unless Christ returns all life will be lost... Humans are slaves to sin here. I am not saying that we do not add to the destructive things of the planet, however you have to open your mind a little, because there is a bigger picture happening here. It all depends on what you want to believe or how much seeking to find the answers you have done. There is nothing we can do to fix the planet... we cannot fix this or turn things around. We are now beyond the point of no return and this path leads to the destruction of the planet. Plus there are the Earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, pestilence, starvation, and God only knows what else. All things are prophesied. The oceans will die and become like the blood of a dead man. All the creatures of the seas will die. The land animals will also die from starvation. The forests will be killed by invasive beetles and then a spark will begin the forest fires; all the grass will be burnt up. Think of the causes of these things. Industry, Corporations, Science, Governments. All we citizens can do is not use the products that are bad for the environment. The waters are polluted with pharma-products aand plastics. Our foods are poisoned, so is our air. Who are the ones in power, the ones who make the money from these things? And then there is FUKUSHIMA that has been spewing radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean since the big earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The Pacific is now quickly becoming a dead zone. We cannot fix this. this cannot be undone. Satan's minions are in the highest places of power and industry here. They work for him and they want to destroy our planet and all the life here, and we are at the end of this effort which began since the fall of Adam and Eve. You have power only over your own life. There is a war against the Human race and our planet and conditions here will only get worse; and soon both the planet and physical Humans will be no more. Have you been watching the skies? Do you know what is currently in the Heavens heading towards Earth, towards us? M.
  14. Satan also steals, kills and destroys, and you do not have to invite him in for these things to happen. Why did Satan tempt Jesus? He did so because Jesus was/is the biggest and only threat to his stolen kingdom. He wants power over Humans, their Souls and the world. He even wants to take the throne of God. Yes, Satan does attack those who invite him in. He also attacks those who Almighty God allows him to try to test their faith. He attacks all Christians and some are better at protecting themselves than others. I have never been involved in the occult. I was posting a lot about hidden things and praying that they be revealed to me. After the Grey attack I prayed to Christ to show me these things. I wanted to understand. I was tested as per my faith. I resisted and defeated the Gates of Hell, and then I was given six amazing dream-visions. My role now against these despicable ones is a prayer warrior. Those Christians who are being spiritually persecuted have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Satan hates us because we belong to Christ, and there is the LIGHT of LIFE which exists within us and is more powerful than anything he possesses. Remember that spiritual Humans with Christ/ the WORD of God, will be judging him in the End and casting him into the Bottomless Pit. We must put on our FULL ARMOR OF GOD! We possess very powerful spiritual weapons and Satan and his minions are helpless against it and Christ. M.
  15. Because we are sinners and fall short of the Glory of God. There is the Adversary who has usurped the throne and now sits on it. Satan hates Humans and wants us all to die in Death. The planet cannot be saved because it is under a curse and set up for destruction. There will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. All physical matter will be burned away in the end... not by water, but by fire. Christ does protect us and He does not allow Satanic attacks on us. This world hates Him and His followers and there is a reason why. We are terrible stewards of the planet, but that is an illusion. Human are NOT causing Global warming or Climate change. The crazy weather being unleashed upon us is partly done by the powers that be, those Geo-engineers who are spraying all manner of poisons in the atmosphere, as well as judgment being unleashed in some places. This planet also fell from Grace when Adam and Eve fell... and the thorns are the invasive species here. We are here to learn about the Kingdom and how to enter it. It is our destination, and the Kingdom of God is not of this world. This world is an empty place and has nothing to offer Humans in their way to the Kingdom, except the words left to us by Christ Jesus. M.
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