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  1. I've just spoken tot he nurse taking care of her, she's had a blood transfusion (thank God for those who donated to save Mum's life) and was then operated on late this afternoon, and so far she seems to be doing ok. The nurse said she's still whiter than the sheet from all the blood loss, but since the transfusion her hemoglobin has risen so that's great. I'm not absolutely sure as they won't give out many details over the phone, but they operated to cauterise the wound inside her stomach, so that it won' hemorrhage again which is good news. I'm not sure when I'll be able to see her but I'll pass on everyone's well wishes. Thanks to everyone who prayed, as God has allowed my mother to come back to me, which I'm just so grateful for as she's not just my mother, she truly is my best friend and I'd be lost without her. I had quite a scare today but the Lord was working though the hands of His surgeon obviously. May God bless each one you, your prayers are much appreciated here.
  2. This morning my mother rang me in tears, telling me she was hemorrhaging loads of blood and how scared she was. I called an Ambulance and asked a friend (as I don't drive) to go over and collect Mum's cat and bring her here to me. Very scary stuff, as our friend said there was blood everywhere. This absolute Godsend of a friend has cleaned it all up, so a big thank you to her! I spoke to Mum at the hospital a short while ago, and she was more interested in how her cat was coping! Turns out she had a large ulcer in her stomach, and she's going through surgery to have it sealed up. I would appreciate any and all prayers to see her through this surgery and the healing after it. Thank you so much everyone, we certainly won't forget this Christmas Day in a hurry! I hope you are all spending a precious day with friends and family. God bless you all. Emily xxx
  3. You put that so beautifully Abby. Praise His glorious Name forever and ever!
  4. Ok then, in that case I will answer myself and say Into to Iconomancy (hey it might be obscure but it gives more letters to work with lol)
  5. It's funny I was just thinking about that, how we are told that we will be rewarded for doing good deeds in Heaven, and I agree with you completely BacKaran. I've always tried to 'do the right thing' for it's own sake and because God wishes me to do so, and I feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of receiving any reward for doing as i'm told by the Father. The only reward I can think of that I would strive for is to see Him finally, in all His glory.
  6. Note to Into (Can we add letters to our words, as long as we change one letter of the original word His?)
  7. You're so right Shel, the Holy Spirit doesn't even get mentioned outside of this forum I've noticed, almost as if mentioning 'God' is discouraged, but mentioning the Holy Spirit is downright embarrassing for some people! Like we should be ashamed. The only thing I can say is that it's all biblical, how we would be 'persecuted' for our faith in one or another, as Christ was.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing that, I just love to listen to stories where someone praises God for helping them through their dreadful situations, as people can turn the other way and actually blame Him for their troubles. Unfortunately my own father is just such a one, when my sisters died he blamed God and has done ever since, and that's 40 years plus now, but I still pray for him, that God will manifest in his life so he can realise what we (Christians) see. The other day I read that David Attenborough doesn't believe in God! It made me so sad, because I thought, 'how can a man who has seen God's intricate design in nature not recognise such beauty could only be the work of God'? I've said this on other threads, so forgive me if if you've seen this before, but I can't imagine how bad my life could have been if God hand't been there for me, working in the background, influencing things that had an impact on my life. I had a year getting over my amputation, I've also spent 4 or 5 months in plaster in one go with my other leg because I have a disease in the bones of my ankle where it breaks at the drop of a hat, so I've ended up isolated because I couldn't go out clubbing or to parties like most women in their thirties (glad to say I'll be turning 40 in a couple of months). If I didn't have God as my constant companion, my rock, my friend and Father, and my comfort, I don't know what I would have done. You're a strong woman BacKaran, and quite amazing as well. God Bless, Emily
  9. I love Psalm 23, in fact I have it as my lock screen wallpaper on my phone
  10. Hi Mea kakau, Plenty of people have given you some really good advice, but I'll just tell you what I tell my clients when they're having trouble dealing with conflict with a family member or friend. I often recommend writing the person a letter, and telling him how hurt and disappointed you feel, and that you thought you could trust him etc... but don't send it. If you decide to just let it go (which I do agree would be best for your health, as the court systems are rough and would do you damage, but of course it's your decision), you could have a kind of cleansing ceremony and burn the letter in your backyard, and even say a prayer over it. Then you can have your say without the confrontation which you really don't need in your life, and make sure you express exactly how you feel about the situation, and then write that you're forgiving the debt and won't put yourself into the position of having to beg for it any longer. The you could say that you'll be polite and courteous to him in the street, but your friendship is definitely over at this point and that you won't put yourself in the position of being beholden to him any more, as he has put you in the disadvantageous position and it's very off-center, and right now this man has all the power. Making a firm decision to let the debt go can be your way of getting your power back, and moving on with your life, and don't waste any more energy in worrying when or where he will string you along as he likes, and don't forget the burning ceremony, as that will signal the end of this little power play on his behalf. God Bless, Emily
  11. iron to rain (absolutely no obscure poker references His )
  12. I'm so sorry that you're going through all this, it must be unbelievably painful. Unfortunately you're right, nothing will be effective until your son realises what he's doing is not only hurting him, but other people, the ones he loves. I think young people really believe what they're doing is never going to result in something bad, that it happens to others not to them. You only have to look at speeding incidences and deaths on our roads to know that. I have no idea if the following will help at all, but here goes anyway... When I was a teenager I had an abusive boyfriend, whom I kept leaving and then going back for more. I would like to think I am a rational and reasonable human being, but at that time I had not a shred of common sense. My mother could do little except pick me up and dust me off after each encounter, and she always said to me 'Emily, you'll never get free of him until he's hurt you enough'. I'll never forget that she said it, because she was right. At the time I had no idea of the pain she felt when taking me to the doctor, but she had to back off and let me reach bottom so I fully understood how bad it could get. I'm not suggesting that you do that, but I just wanted you to know that having a grandparent such as you makes all the difference in the world, so that we know no matter how bad it gets we can always come back to you and are sure in your love. Your grandson is in pain, no matter what he tells you, so part of him may just think after what he's done in the course of being on drugs makes him a useless person and he may as well be dead. In that case, he needs to know that he is worthwhile and very precious, and it doesn't matter what he's done as long as he talks to the Lord about it. So no I wasn't in your grandson's position, but my pain came out another way. Through prayer all things are possible, and it's something I'm sure you're doing a lot of at the moment. You're a wonderful grandparent who obviously loves your grandson a lot, so have faith and let your son know you still love him. Let him know he still has a place with you and his family. I pray he comes back to the Lord and gets off these drugs, and I pray you find strength and love in God Almighty, who knows and sees all things. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Love, Emily
  13. The first statement you made here, I would never side with what man decides to be true, so I would tend to agree with the second part of your post. Man loves to take the word of God and twist it for their own purposes, like the Pharisees did so what man says is holy usually isn't.
  14. Not a problem Omega, I'm sure you'll tell us how it went. On being silly, it happens to us all. I think it's because we're stuck in ill-lit rooms, like wizened moles with not much chance of seeing daylight for hours.... reading post after post and then answering them. It's a great way to get God's Word across but it doesn't do much for our lives outdoors. I say be silly and be proud, or at least that's always been my motto (or my excuse, one or the other). Love, Emily
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