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  1. This one will! And it's not that modern... The truck is a 98...the new engine is a we shall see.
  2. Oh, we already have extras! And broken a few things.... But that's OK I still have the old engine to rob parts off of :-)
  3. No, but I should have, would have made life a lot easier! It's like trying to put together a big large steel puzzle, trying to figure out where all the bolts, wires, and various sensors go! This is why I normally pay mechanics to do this, but I'm broke and most mechanics in this area don't deal with used engines.
  4. Well, many late nights, the end is in sight. The engine is in, just a few more wires and the radiator to go, and then I can go back to being full time last!
  5. Nope
  6. It's not me. I just correct them, not eat them. Binary doesn't taste good
  7. You have misinterpreted my last. And I don't have to correct your post to what you meant to know that. But, if you want me to I certainly can.
  8. I understand last
  9. Nope
  10. Hehe jk your so much more than penultimate... Your also awesome. Your just not last. ;-)
  11. Well, ifs to bad that's all your gonna get then!
  12. Nope
  13. Now I'm right. . .rightly last.
  14. Not an assumption if it's true, which it is! Despite what the mountain man says!
  15. So confusing, but I still win at last