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  1. I think out of the shadows has a point... While there are people who do set out to push buttons, and they get personal, they are few, and the servants have done a good job of moderating them and banning them from threads, and what not. A lot of people in here do get mad when you call them out and ask for evidence. Many, cannot handle anyone disagreeing with them at all. Some cases, people are pushing others buttons without realizing it, and some people just need to learn to put a helmet on. There a million and 1 reasons people get ticked off, and often there's more then enough blame to go around. The Christian way to deal with it, isn't to stand around and gossip and say "why do people do this" the christian thing to do is go to the person who you have a problem with, and attempt to work it out with them, preferably in private. If that doesn't work get the servants involved. I garentee that if more people took their issues up with the people they had issues with, we would have fewer hurt feelings and no need for woe is me posts like this. Matthew 18:15 would make some excellent reading material for everyone here, including myself.
  2. Yet here I be, still last.
  3. nope not a big deal, just means you can be not last twice in a row!
  4. See, stuttering. Now, leave me last be!
  5. I don't think anyone could have said it better Joe, Gods word is truth. It cannot be argued against
  6. And yet your still stuttering lol
  7. Lack spots? Not familiar with that term. What exactly is a "lack spot" anyway? No matter as I can tell no fibs, just last.
  8. I don't have to believe anything, truth hurts. It pains me to know I'm last and none of you can share in the glory, it really does!
  9. Ha! It will not. Since I am last.
  10. if you can see this I might consider letting you pretend to be last. To prove you can read it, post wazzykamotologanneedstogotobed. Good luck other.
  11. I was referring to your double post....but that's alright... Well, since you haven't, that's houses "your an idiot" face. Now, I realize that your not an idiot, and are indeed very Intelligent. Intelligent enough to know that I am indeed last.
  12. I take it you don't watch house, if you did youd know what that gif is! No matter, as I am last.
  13. Have you developed a stutter again?
  14. Negative ghostrider
  15. There is some merit to saying Satan can only go as far as God allows-but again, that is different then God taking pleasure and/or doing evil. It's mixing truth in with a lie, and its bad theology, goes against pretty much everything God is. Yes, Satan can't do anything God won't allow-we see in Job Satan having to ask Gods permission. But, nowhere in Job do we see God delighting in Jobs pain or suffering!