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  1. Well, if the NSA and/or Microsoft had anything to with their manufacture, then they might be right!
  2. I am last AND awesome. we just got through experiencing the Colorado Renaissance Fair....and it was a blast
  3. It is an online forum. Full of people with differences of opinions. No matter what you post, people are going to disagree! That is how forums work. If everyone agreed on everything then these forums would be dead. Quite often people get on here and get mortally offended if people disagree with then, and that happens far more often then people who just "like to argue" and quite frankly, if you ask me if you can't handle disagreement.... Then perhaps you shouldn't be online, or learn to deal with it. With that said there are those that take it to far and get mean, rude, and insulting, and those people need to learn to be nice (I think we can all be guilty of that on occasion including me) but simply disagreeing-and debating, is part of life.
  4. I don't have to argue with any ladies or with any of enoobs legs, for the fact remains I am last.
  5. That wasn't plagerized was it?
  6. Been hitting the 100s here, which while it's not unheard of it is somewhat unusual...
  7. Well, to bad! I'm not going to Arizona!
  8. I don't think that was the part he was accusing you of joking about.
  9. Bathing dogs is not something last enjoys doing so you can go on and keep your dogs a-walin, I'm gonna go on and keep last.
  10. Still last
  11. No I really am on my way to Colorado... And I really am last.
  12. On my way to Colorado... At last
  13. Last. Like always. The myth. The legend. The Patriot. Get over it. :-P
  14. I'm always right, because I'm always last!