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  1. Hard to remove what you don't have so I'd say your right about the meds part. ;-)
  2. and ill keep on being last.
  3. finally my lady, you have gotten some sense! thankyou for recognizing my lastness.
  4. pretty sure links are allowed in the forums as long as there are no videos. (and theyre not pornography and stuff like that, you know, common sense stuff)
  5. and last, at last!
  6. So because he's in the hood its OK to burglarize people's homes? People have no sense of morality. How about if you don't want SHOT by anyone, homeowner, cop, whatever, you leave other people's stuff alone and show respect. Not that hard....
  7. Your right you are. :-)
  8. I'm still last and you all are a-walin away
  9. I think your giving us a wale of a tale....and as much as I enjoy it, I think I will go enjoy last now.
  10. why thankyou for being such a lady!
  11. since neither of you are last or penultimate, that means you are both mything!
  12. yes, you two have that in common! now give each other a hug.
  13. I started it, you just happened to steal my idea before I had it....jk. But, it is fun to be last.
  14. Hippie is not man enough to take my last! No one is! :-P