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  1. I'm sure the nurses are glad to! Anyway, last is mine, thus saith the king of last, which, incidentally, is also me.
  2. not true-Marty McFly can to
  3. It's cross platform to, works in Windows, Linux and Mac.
  4. Time to travel then!
  5. I would love to see Yellowstone again, been far too long since I've been to that side of the state.
  6. How can we trust a master of the dark side with last? Obviously, we can't, so you can't have last!
  7. I called in dead was after what's his name predicted the end of the world...on that day I called my boss and told him i was calling in dead...didn't work. I guess the apocalypse isn't a good enough reason to miss work in the oil field, who knew?
  8. The white stuff is fantastic... As long as it's not where I'm at, with one exception. Hunting is more fun in the snow...
  9. That's pretty...but not last.
  10. But I am
  11. but I am young grasshopper
  12. me to, but im still last.
  13. that is why im last.
  14. You know I've been boycotting target, but now I just might have to go find one....I need these.