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  1. Can Social Media Be a good Witnessing Tool?

    It absolutely can. Its whatever you make it. Paul went to a hill full of statues to false Gods and preached for hours and led many to Christ. He wasnt afraid to use what was important to the locals to witness, i see no reason that we cannot do the samd thing.
  2. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    The benefits. Obamacare required companies to offer health insurance to all full-time employees while at the same time skyrocketing health insurance costs. So companies started cutting back on full time positions and hiring more part time employees. And a lot of the Obamacare restrictions are being repealed, slowly, which may help in time, but health insurance is still way high and i don't see it going down anytime soon.
  3. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    I knew there was something I liked about you. for that, you can have next to last. or "penultimate" as certain members have called it.
  4. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    my ancestry came from scotland, apparently, that didnt pull any weight from her either, which is why we pulled a FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and threw all their tea in the harbor, and went on our merry way, free at LAST!
  5. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Nonsense, in true American style last has freed itself from british rule long ago. We called it "the worthy tea party"
  6. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    I found it funny...just like i found myself last, yet again.
  7. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Any food
  8. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    The reason for so many part time jobs tigger is largely still thanks to obama and obamacare. While trumps working on repealing it, companies have already shifted over largely to more part time jobs due to it being cheaper during the obama era. We can hope theyll shift back, but the damage maybe permanent. @sojourner the discussion is about jobs not disability. But even so, you are right many of the new jobs are indeed entry level jobs, but they are still jobs and still income. Is it easy for an older gentleman to push carts? No but sometimes one takes what they can get. Lifes not fair, and the Bible is clear when it says he who does not work does not eat. Now i realize their are people with disabilities that are unable to work, but again that is NOT the topic of discussion here. Were simply talking jobs, and i get tired of hearing people say "I shouldn't have to take that job its beneath me" well no, if it helps feed your family and its the only job available, its not beneath you. Time to put away the pride and work.
  9. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    How does that include either of the two previous words lol
  10. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    It has been going up, but its had its hickups. The lower unemployment rate is a sign of an strengthening economy. So are new jobs being created. Trump promised new jobs...and theyre arriving. And the left is mad because they have egg on their face and are trying to cover it.
  11. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Work late
  12. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    jades boots
  13. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    rhinestone cowboy
  14. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    we dont obsess over peoples physical appearances here. thats racist.