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  1. Good morning Lady Last
  2. Last from OO first thing in the morning....yay!
  3. I'm just following OO around
  4. Nooo last from OO...even sweeter!
  5. I'll just take last
  6. Yoyo somewhere else cause Logan is last
  7. But my Dr said that I should eat anything I want!
  8. I'm sorry you have heart burn but I'm still last
  9. Yes sir?
  10. Maybe they should have but if they as Christians should have other not is not really the issue for me. The issue is if they should be forced to do so and I don't think they should. I don't think Walmart should be forced to provide service for anyone they chose not to. Aren't you invalidating their rights otherwise?
  11. If you have the power to suppress it is much easier and beneficial to so that to deny.
  12. Don't you think if he could do that he would do so with all the negative junk reported constantly?
  13. Ok I have a question. Let's go back several months to the Christian bakers who did not want to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. I completely agree that as a private business they should be allowed to accept or reject any customer they want for any reason. But shouldn't Walmart, as a private business, have that same right?
  14. You have my attention and I have last
  15. Were you whistling for me to come take last?