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  1. Whatever works
  2. Interesting...most people wear watches on their wrist, not their hands....fuzzy
  3. Lol no I'm just trying to figure out if you know how to tell time
  4. It's 5:19 not 6:19 in Texas
  5. I thought you were in Texas?
  6. Happy Mother's Day
  7. Last, as I should be
  8. Been waiting two days for this...last from OO...yay
  9. Says the little purple man with an angry raccoon on his head?
  10. Good thing you and I are still dignified, is it not?
  11. I can't see that
  12. @kwikphilly Do you see what he said???
  13. Momma always said I was last
  14. Just...no
  15. Caffeine is awesome