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  1. Should you like go to the hospital?
  2. I hope you are ok. I'm praying for you.
  3. Yay...last from OO. I'm happy now
  4. And a man at work shouldn't have to worry he's going to be called vile names and get sued because he says good morning to the same woman two days in a row!
  5. You'd have better luck haunting your own thread because here, Logan is last
  6. Are all the pretenders finally asleep and leaving me with last?
  7. Poor Mr Noob...going alone because Logan is last
  8. Three times!
  9. Female logic
  10. Whatever...women always hear what they want rather than what is said
  11. You are still boring
  12. That's because Logan is last
  13. He is waiting for you to read all the posts
  14. You could say that about every single medication and medical procedure that is done. You could say that about the guys doing research to find a cure for Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which I have. And if you really believe that you are entitled to stop taking any medicine or ever visiting a doctor...as for me...I say research on dudes...and if they find a genetic answer that let's me breath...sign me up!
  15. Last from OO twice, church twice, dinner at Pop's house...Sundays are great