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  1. Willa, yes, he is saved. He is now brain dead. According to his wishes, they are keeping him alive on life support long enough for his organs to be donated. I thank God for the miracle of him being awake and coherent for him to reconcile with my mom and for family to be able to talk to him. Please pray for my family and for all the people who will receive his organs - that they will heal quickly and completely and that their experience will bring them closer to God. Edited to add: My aunt is having an especially hard time going home. She says she is afraid of her own home. I don't know if the legal proceedings will prevent the balcony from being repaired properly so she can sell the home and move, but please pray for her to be able to make a clear decision about what she wants to do according to God's will.
  2. My uncle was in cardiac arrest for 20 minutes... they found more fluid on his brain. The doctors are not encouraging at this point. I would appreciate any prayers.
  3. He was up and talking today! He talked to my mom and told her he loved her! She said there were moments of confusion, but she wasn't sure if it was due to the injury, medication, or being tired. What a miracle! Thank you, Lord!
  4. The neurologist says he is on the fast track to healing! He was off the ventilator for four hours. Thank you so much for all the prayers!
  5. Praise God... he is awake (even sat up) and can respond by blinking and nodding his head. He has quite a recovery to go through and more testing, but he is awake! Thank you for the prayers!!!
  6. He remains in a coma. Still just waiting for tests and changes.
  7. He is still unconscious but breathing 50% on his own.
  8. Please keep my mom in prayer as she is driving the ten hours to see her "baby" brother.
  9. He is on a ventilator. He also broke 3 ribs.
  10. Thank you all for the prayers. She's going to likely fly up there Monday.
  11. There are no changes. The swelling on the brain may require surgery. He has a quarter size bruise on his brain and the crack in his skull is several inches long. He is not responding to commands and does not open his eyes or speak; when they try to reduce the meds to measure his ability, he becomes very combative.
  12. seraph

    Job Update

    Congrats!!! I hope you enjoy your new job!
  13. He is still unconscious but did respond to a command the neurologist gave. My mom is debating going up there; I told her to go.
  14. he is unconscious i think since it happened
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