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  9. It isnt, just another sign of the times
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  11. e asre christians (followers of Christ) but it also says we are graftedinto the vine so in thta sense we are jewish, we are followers of the Way at least I hope we all are rather than followers of doctrine or denomination. The Way is the pure form of worship we seek and desire but it will only be found in the spirit rather than the letter. We are to be spiritual rather than carnal and it is only in the spirit that we can understand
  12. Praying for you
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  14. Thanks Ed, I also agree with his stance on Israel, I do not agree with doing away with Obamacare with nothing tangible to replace it and when it is replaced I am afraisd that many who are insured today will not be then, these are real issues that affect a lot of people. Oh I also like his common sense approach to the bathroom issue
  15. OK, I like his stance on abortion, I like his no nonsense appraoch to trade agreements, his trying to have more american jobs, I even like a part of his stance on immigration, whyere it falls apart for me is in the details that harm people like the mother seperated from her kids and the only crime she ever did was a false social so she could work and support her family, I dont like his brash and often not well thought out executive orders. I do not like the idea of not taxing the rich and corporations as much as they should since it has been shown that most big companies are sitting on huge reserves of cash and try to pad their profit at the expense of workers. I do not like his speech concerning other countries nor his lies and misrepresentations. Yes I will agree that no political candidate is perfect or even close but he is over the top. It seems like every time he opens his mouth it is a lie and yes he does make me nervous where foreign policy is concerned, one of these days his ego is going to get us in a war. Now I know that thiose on this board do not agee and that is fine but berating the opposing view into silence is no answer as all that does is silence people, doesnt change anyones mind nor is it conducive to good discussion. I am interested in perceptions of his character and facts (real ones) dealing with the issues, anything else I willnot answer as I dont want to get in trouble and it is pointless anyway.