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  1. I agree that we need to walk our journey with God and find our own way, while books can be helpful they are the experience of others and we must find our own way. We cannot expect togain anything spiritual simply by reading, we must apply the steps to our own lives and diligently seek God, if not we are set up to fail
  2. welcome
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  5. We are already at war with them, just most dont realize it. At home we are under attack just look at Boston, Fort Hood, and others
  6. They are testing our resolve perhaps if we sank a couple of them they would stop
  7. Only by being in Christ can we get thriough the things that are coming. Not Christ in us but us in Christ staying close and having thta close intimate relationship with Him and being led by the spirit
  8. about 15 right now
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  11. Thats rich, what a travisty
  12. The bible is never wrong nor dioes it have errors, only wrong interpretation or lack of knowledge of the scriptures
  13. Yes I have run across at least one flat earth person, I just dont engage him as his mind is closed to anything else