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  5. A beautiful tribute and yes we should always remember those who did not come home, this day is for them and yes I knew a couple who did not make it
  6. It is something that should be done howevermost churchs do not follow this
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  9. I agree, you also need two witnesses as well but the Holy Spirit is a witness. To many dismiss this because they do not hear or exercise this very important aspect of our faith. The Holy Spirit has been relegated to doing nothing as far as us hearing from Him yet it is our peace and a witness as to what is true.
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  12. Because some is fake do not disallow the real experiences. God will deal with the fakes so just ignore them and avoid them as well as far as doctrine is concerned. All spirits should be tested and it is the Holy Spirit that will guide you into what is true and show you what is not. To many do not exercise their spiritual senses and then say it is not for today when it is.