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  1. I will wait and see but if it is just cuts without closing the loopholes for special interests then yes, he will surpass Reagan but I cant see the Republicans buying this without a way to pay for it
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  5. I also do not believe that they ever intended it to be interpreted the way it is now. It is rediculous and any Christian knows it, I think the other side does as well and want to see if they can push it clear out odf the way.
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  7. Someone please show me the word seperation in the constitution. It is not worded the way many believe it is
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  9. Good idea to get vacinnated yes, mandatory, I think not
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  11. I think this because he desecrates the temple and he brings peace to the nation for 3 and 1/2 years, he will be accepted
  12. After all that has went on I think this is prudent
  13. I agree that he will he Assyrian but he will also have a Jewish background otherwise the Jews would not accept him
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