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  1. Hello

  2. Another noob is here lol

  3. Hurricane Maria

    Last I heard it was supposed to stay out to sea for the mainland
  4. Events before the antichrist appears

    Daniel has only recently (late 1800's that people began to understand it so that part is fulfilled and points to sonmething doesnt it
  5. Events before the antichrist appears

    Please explain the Marriage Supper of the lamb in the context of no rapture as opposed to a rapture and the return of the saints with Christ at the end of teribulation
  6. The First Verse

  7. Just signed up

  8. Hi Y'all

  9. Newbie

  10. Trump Asking About Pardon Powers

    lol I like your humor
  11. Trump Asking About Pardon Powers

    Unfortunately in the process he is bringing this country ever lower and the office of the President is become a joke
  12. Trump Asking About Pardon Powers

    But yet he has done nothing wrong according to some. This speaks volumes but it isnt as i it hasnt spoke volumes already with what is known. I predict that within a year he will be impeached and that Republicans will lose a few seats in the upcoming elections in 2018