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  1. I'm sure you can easily find the answer online. Better question: why would the Creator even need to have a gender? Could it be that so we would understand the relationship among the Trinity, and between the Trinity and us?
  2. I never said that God is--or being--feminine. I only said that God is Spirit, and Spirit is neither male nor female. And no, I didn't say that God is both gender, neither. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all spirits, and a spirit is a spirit, such entity has no gender. I don't need to prove it with bible verses.
  3. Jesus calling God "Father" has nothing to do with the heavenly Father's sex or gender. The Bible states that God is spirit, not male, female, or other gender, and we take it as it is.
  4. He is our heavenly Father, but He is spirit, so technically He is neither male nor female. It's just that we may have difficulties grasping this truth because He had created us male and female, and we call our male parent "father." He can guide us like our fathers and nurture us like our mothers. He is the ultimate parent, and he created families for us to realize this, as our Earthly parents are a foreshadowing of His fatherly love.
  5. I have New King James printed bible from a brother, and an English Standard Version bible on my phone. My church switched from using NKJV to ESV few years ago so youths can understand it.
  6. Serve Him, love Him with all your heart, and be a holy sacrifice to Him. Read 1 Corinthians 7 for Paul's relationship advice.
  7. He hasn't returned yet. Otherwise, we believers would already be with Him.
  8. Amen and Absolutely. I believe, and I'll continue to improve on my language usage because I love Him, just like how one would adjust, change, or improve themselves for another person out of love. Much more so for Christ.
  9. No, we're not supposed to use cuss/swear words, or any form of insult or offensive words or phrases that may not be cuss or swear rods or be generally accepted in society, including using the Lord's name in vain, or using Christian-related references in insults. I grew up learning profanity and insults, and I'd listen to rap music and rap along before I believed. So using such words has become a habit, and even now--twelve years after becoming a Christian--I still have problems cutting out profanity completely. But yes, the Bible reminds us to slow to anger and exercise patience even when we're angry or frustrated. It's a continuous improvement process for me.
  10. Hi and welcome. Six years is a long time, and the fact that you're still hanging on is not a mistake or coincidence. First, God wants a relationship with you, not religious practice, which many Christians do nowadays. One way to be reconnect with God is to read what He and Jesus have done for you, such as Jesus' journey on Earth and His salvation grace. John 14-17 are good and touching chapters to read, and John 21 is about how Jesus reaffirming Peter's love after Peter denied Him three times and feeling ashamed and disconnected with Him. God always wants to connect with us even if we choose to ignore Him, because He loves us immensely. Psalms are good to read, too, as many are accounts of how David interacted to God in various circumstances. Lastly, talk to Him directly. Tell Him how you feel and let Him answer you and norish your spirit. He knows us best.
  11. You're in the minority who enjoyed baseball nowadays. Many complain about the game being to technical and analytical. But yeah it was intriguing and exciting to see who wins that crucial game. I can't stand the long regular season, though. 162 games are too many!
  12. Brewers are still young. Not sure about the Rockies. Baseball needs a salary cap. I watched parts of every game in the World Series, including 2/3 of the 18-inning marathon. I can shift my focus back on hockey now that baseball is done, though
  13. I'm not too familiar with the verse about Saul, but the explanation seems out of context. He created us perfect and has given us free will to choose to love Him or sin. Sinning is a conscious act. Like how Satan entered Judas, or how we're tempted to sin, we can still make the choice no to sin. He didn't cause sin nor is He the author of sin. He can use anything, including Satan and evil spirits, to test our faith and obedience, though, like what happened to Job.
  14. I'll pray for your situation, and hope you also pray about it, too. Don't marry someone just because she wants to stay in the country. I won't repeat the above comments about uneven yokes, etc., but remember that God has a perfect plan for each one of us, and it'll be revealed in His time according to His will. So pray hard and follow His teachings and guidance.
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