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  1. So I've finally perfected my time machine and I'm posting from the year 2137...and I'm still Last! So yeah...have fun catching up with me y'all..
  2. Of course not! What do you think I am?...a Last in First's clothing? ...I would never dream of doing such a thing...
  3. Are you celebrating this special day? No...not because it's St. George's day...but because I am Last! Rejoice with me...
  4. Thanks And I think I should be honorary Last, for being the prodigal Laster. ...yes...that's what I'll do..
  5. The English are good at queueing, that's why I always let people go before that I can be Last
  6. If'n Y'all let me be Last for just one week I'll give Y'all 50p (between you)
  7. My bad...maybe it was Simon then.....Yes...that's it...Simon told me to be Last. And I always do what Simon says...
  8. George said I could be Last, so....
  9. I'll tell you can have Second to Last place, LadyP That's not a bad position...and after DID earn it! So...congrats from all of us!!
  10. But as Clint Eastwood once said....'There are only 2 kinds of people in this world, my friend...those who are Last...and those who ain't....and y'all ain't" That just leaves me, I guess...
  11. Struggling with a crossword clue here..... 4 letters First letter = L Last letter = T And the clue is....'It describes Me' ....wonder what it could be..??
  12. I have iron-clad Last
  13. Look folks, it's real easy...just follow the arrows to see who's Last: <-------- that wasn't hard at all, was it??
  14. This is the longest ever thread ever in the history of the internet ever....and I'm just so privileged to be the very last ever poster on it
  15. This should now hopefully put an end to all further claims to Last - as I'm clearly the outright winner So...thanks for coming and for playing along an' all that...