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  1. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    If'n y'all don't get off my last I'm callin the cops And Judge Judy will award me sole custody of Last
  2. Wonderful Grace

  3. The old rugged cross

  4. Boycott Israel- A how to video

    Before you watch this video, there has been one complaint about 6 minutes into the video. I have watched it after reading the complaint and the replies (which I have removed), and find the very short section (couple of seconds), is topical to the video, which all in all I found to be very interesting. Please report if you feel the section offends. Blessings Fez [media=]
  5. Obama's wedding Ring

    Yeah I saw this earlier on another forum. He should be confronted about it so that he could give an answer as to the truth of this claim. And if true, he should be kicked out of the white house.
  6. Muslims are Christians

    Uh...he forgot to refer to him by his proper title...the false prophet mohammed.
  7. No, no......you got the story all wrong. It was three bears, and they broke into somebody's cabin and ate all their porridge and stuff. Can't remember the details exactly, but anyway.....it's old news
  8. Evolution in Genesis?

    Jesus spoke about how God made man in the beginning, male and female. He gave no indication that 'man' was some 'variation' in a string of an evolutionary process. Also I am not aware of anywhere else in scripture where evolution, or something like it. is even hinted at.
  9. I think they should just dig the place up and find out once and for all whether the Ark or any other treasures are buried there. With the technology and engineering skills at their disposal today they could restore the site after the dig so that you wouldn't even notice anything had been disturbed. And since there is a good probability that something is down there, it would be a shame to leave it undiscovered.
  10. Leave the US flag alone!

    I guess he wasn't kidding when he adopted the word 'Change' as one of his campaign slogans...LoL. But I think this is a tad insensitive of Obama, since he knows full well just how sensitive, defensive and patriotic Americans are when it concerns their flag.
  11. Protocols of Zion

    Indeed. Well, not exactly neo Nazi, as they were compiled before the Nazi era. The trouble is that there are probably millions of people the world over who believe they are genuine. This is quite evident especially on conspiracy boards, several of which I frequent. And belief in these 'protocols' as genuine has seen a massive resurgence, especially since 911. The internet is awash with websites and videos which portray them as genuine, and this serves to perpetuate blame and hatred of the Jews. That is why I posted this video, because it does seek to redress the situation somewhat. And videos like this are rare. In fact, it is the only one of it's kind that I have found.
  12. Tigers.....They're GRRREEEAAATT!!! Sorry, couldn't resist...