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  1. Seems you been laughing at my mule My mule don't like it when you laugh....gets the crazy idea you been laughing at him
  2. Seems that last is too big and heavy for you to shoulder the responsibility alone - that is if you had any shoulders but you don't so that's like a double whammy for you So I'm taking last
  3. People under 13 inches tall cannot be last Certain height restrictions apply
  4. So just for that you are banned from last until such time as they do grow back ..and I might just put some Veet on to ensure that they don't
  5. I have no eyebrows due to the fact that I burnt them off when lighting a BBQ and they never grew back How insensitive of you to remind me
  6. And thus will I deal with any & all encroachers into my last Man, woman or child....I don't discriminate Y'all will get a butt full o' buckshot Tweezers will be on sale at the table near the door
  7. I can still shoot from a horizontal position, don't you worry
  8. I didn't know that about a quarter But then....I just know about the important stuff...such as my undisputed Last
  9. Now you see what I have to put up with everyday It's a thankless task but somebody's gotta do it
  10. Look...I'm not a totally unreasonable fellow - Just place the last on the floor at your feet and walk away
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