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  1. Your cute fluffy slippers will last almost 0.00017 seconds on my lava floor
  2. Do not enter. The floor in this thread is Lava
  3. People sometimes say I talk to myself But that's only when I'm having a meeting with all the true lasters
  4. I shot the outlaw Joe C Wales Right after I shot the sherrif They even made a song about if
  5. Reading carefully between the lines, One would deduce that you are somewhat less than convinced of the validity of my claim!??
  6. The queen wanted me to sing for her but I told her no because I have to stay here and look after Last and she said she fully understands and she's glad that I have my priorities right
  7. LastER The term is singular, since it refers only to me
  8. Maybe because you are a known pilferer of last, so we all gotta keep our eyes on you
  9. I don't think reading comprehension is y'alls strong point What I'm trying to say is... No posting on my Last!!
  10. Take a good look at this face ..........This is the face of Last
  11. My Last is not one of the options included in your three wishes
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