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  1. Nope, I'm far too young to remember 3-2-1 I must simply focus on hitting the bullseye of being Last...which I am (no surprise there though...)
  2. Stop Press! Gather round, people... You may all now gather round and gaze longingly upon my last - you have my permission
  3. Let them eat cake. I've got my last and it lasts even longer than a gobstopper
  4. I always take care and my last is better than your last
  5. The fact that I am last has never been scientifically disproven - I don't remember reading about it in any of the great scientific papers
  6. People across the length and breadth of this flat earth acknowledge my last
  7. So....everyone's on board with my last just a few stragglers just a bit of a mopping up operation
  8. It's already settled I'm Last - just accept the inevitable
  9. The rest of you should start a self-help group where you console each other about not being last There is plenty help available out there You don't need to suffer alone!
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