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  1. Dreams don't count Here we deal in reality Such as the reality of my last
  2. All those who don't agree that I am last are being sent for re-training at a nice secure rural location....a sort of...retreat, if you will... Where you will be well looked-after
  3. Ain't never seen nothing about no lady being last I'm the only one who's ever been last
  4. I wonder how long it will take until you all learn that it is in fact I what am last
  5. Or, to express it in a scientific/mathematical formula: y'all < my last
  6. Last had a wonderful weekend as well ...with Me
  7. You gonna git your bum smacked good & hard off LadyP when she comes back
  8. Never mind all that - what about my Lastification??
  9. You are standing in it At least lift your feet off the floor while I hoover round you
  10. ...erm...when you've quite finished with your pleasantries...can you all please vacate my thread so that I can clean up?
  11. There will be no more counterfeits on My thread Y'all must provide proof of identity before proceeding. Place y'alls thumb on the scanner below and wait for it to turn green Note: *If it fails to turn green, any future claims to last will be deemed invalid*
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