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  1. Kwikphilly, hello...so good to see you again on here, just reading your post and first thing that came to my mind that I wanted to share with you, your a poet, a blessing for others with lifes ups and downs. King david was a poet along with others in the bible. A gift in you that I see. Blessings, desi
  2. Let's not forget to nourish your physical body as well, with good foods and remember your B12 vitamins are called your happiness vitamins. And boost your state of mood.
  3. Hello biblebunny, I've been reading your situation but you know what? Uncomfortable feelings actually indicate you’re on the right path. Really a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. And I can see the pain in your words. I remember a time years ago when I was married and I had this loving christian Aunt that told me no, this guy wasn't for me but I was young and I thought if it didnt work out, the divorce would take care of it. (Boy, was i wrong) It would of saved me all the heartache and lifes issues and with having a child as well, and working, etc., had I listen to my Aunt and not married. Looking back, God had His hand in it, growing me through the pain and at the same time i learned alot about having a husband, seeing life thru both sets of eyes. Even though we weren't seeing the same dreams and hopes in life. I thought how did I not see this coming? A life lesson. I had alot to learn. I truly believe it was part of my path in life. The often-quoted phrase about when you are comfortable with life, you have ceased to grow as an individual. Therefore, experiencing uncomfortable feelings is actually a sign that you are going through a period of change, and in your case a heartbreak on top of it all. I think you already know from mentioning earlier in your post...that God was revealing this guys true nature. An eye-opener. Count this as a blessing in disguise. I'm sure with all of the betrayals you felt, was just tip of the iceberg of what might lay ahead that you had to encounter, such dishonesty and disrespect. You are the only person who can be held accountable for the life you choose to lead. If you want to turn your dreams into a reality, it is you who will have to take control and make it happen. The fear only grows when you reach the inevitable conclusion that you have no choice but to enact change if you are to quell the discontent that is brewing in your heart. Enjoy the ability to be with yourself. Get creative. Take classes and pick up a hobby that enriches your soul. Another person is not going to cure you from loneliness. It might even exaggerate those emotions. You have to learn to entertain yourself and enjoy the childlike moments that are fragments of your wholeness. Hope this helps some. God Bless you, and praying for you. God is there with you, always. desi
  4. My favorite water would be lakes. I grew up near them and favor them over the ocean any day. My favorite wild animal would be the owls. They are rare to see in nature, they make me laugh to watch them, and they seem to be associated with wisdom. The Place I would like to go see would be France the Alp mountains, to learn more of their gardening techniques along with the people there. My favorite holiday would be Christmas I suppose. I do like the Christmas spirit it brings. The coolest thing I have ever seen would be the mountains in Colorado. So huge and so cold the higher you go up. Will never forget it.
  5. You might want to read "your thorn in the flesh" in the study group. Very good thread to read.
  6. 52 yrs old here, I think seriously I am much older and WISER now then I ever was when I was in my younger days..lol
  7. Yes, thank you, very helpful. I grow my own organic vegetables, have for years. I have the worse time with cabbage worms.
  8. I love to look at garden art and things created to make ones gardening more useful or easier. I have made a few things in my garden.
  9. I don't think you can get rid of it, part of the feature with being on phone.
  10. I think it's fine to talk to a guy with hi and how's it going. Maybe it's a way for you to see if you receive a good vibe or friendly eye contact. It's a start.
  11. Hello Marilyn and thank you for your kind words, Yes my interviews went well (i felt very blessed to receive 2 interviews) just waiting for the outcome. I have mixed emotions as each day passes with excitement to now feeling perplexed..lol. Seasons in life never stay same, things change, people change, even jobs change. As for my grandson, he has 2 grandma's, and they (daughter & grandson) had to move back in with me at my house for a bit, and I see him more than ever. He needs stability with a home, and family. She has him in a catholic private school. His daddy isn't much in his life. He is too busy making another family. And life for all them will be even harder. The choices they make affects us all. And we are to help carry the burdens and as I look back and see things and I can't always voice my opinion with what I see. I am watching for God's hand in it all. Just doing my part and being helpful.
  12. Thank you, and I do see the key word is "wait". I think one of the things God keeps bringing up is His timing. Feeling a bit off balance with work, with what God is showing me. And I do keep Him in with everything i feel. Most of all I am very grateful every day, with all He has done with my life. Just something there, can't seem to put my finger on it so to speak. Maybe, it's the excitement that's coming. I feel it, seeing with Eyes of faith, very much so.
  13. Hello All, Not sure how to start this off with. When I have been wrestling with something that seems to be such a big deal. Here soon (this week) i will soon find out if i get the job i applied for. I applied for 2 different jobs, both called me in for interviews at the same company that I work for. First off, I know TIME can be a big deal. It is a important to be places on time or anything pertaining to "time". My issue is I am waiting to hear back on 2 important job advancements. Both seem to be promising. Lets call the jobs A & B. And i thought I wanted job B. But there is a "time" issue, of going in later than i normally do. And i keep thinking maybe look at it in a different light. Then job A. Is early schedule for me which is my normal schedule with my job now. And I'm leaning towards the TIME. Why am I doing this? I am willing and wanting God to work things into my life. I really want job A, it seems the more I think about the time. I prayed and prayed. I asked God to give me which ever He chooses, or.... if neither, then shut the door on both. Waiting with anticipation...and excitement. However, feeling as if this TIME is such an issue with me. I am an early bird. 6am-3pm my normal time. I do garden in spring and I do help with 5 yr old grandson in evenings it varies on certain days thou. And working with a 9am-5pm, might stress me...or might enjoy it. Not sure. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance. desi
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