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  1. Happy birthday!

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      Thanks Wing!!!!

  2. Maybe these are just some of Soros' paid protesters who haven't met their marching quota for the week?
  3. It's refreshing and reassuring to have a President not only honors our military but also allows them the freedom to do what they are trained to do.
  4. Rain!!! So thankful...

    I am so grateful God has sent rain to the Pacific NW!!!! My state (Oregon) and surrounding states are ablaze and the weather has been dry and unseasonably hot for this area. Today was absolutely beautiful....62 degrees with light rain. While we could certainly use some serious downpour, this light rain is a welcome relief to our weary firefighters. God has answered the prayers of many.
  5. Question for the Women.

    Earlier in this thread Sleep Apnea was brought up a a possible cause for the husband's lack of memory. No, this is not how apnea works. With sleep apnea you wake up multiple times during sleep because you literally stop breathing. This of course results on lack of sound sleep and is also hard on your heart and brain. It doesn't cause someone to rush....anywhere. Quite the opposite, it makes one feel tired and sluggish. Without details, my first thought is that the husband was very drunk and had blacked out. I was married to an alcoholic and went through this many times. I would be angry and hurt the next morning and he would wake up cheerful with no real recollection of the previous night. When told what had happened, he would argue and tell me that never happened?!?! Since he didn't remember trapping me in a room while I cried and begged him to let me out...then I must've made it all up. And since he would never call me <insert horrible name> while sober, he would never do it while drunk. How could a man who drank an entire 5th of whiskey the evening before and passed out on the couch try to tell me what happened when he was in a drunken stupor? At times I would get a half-hearted apology...something like, "if that happened (but I don't think it did) I'm sorry." So not only did he pass me off as a liar and drama queen, he downplayed his addiction and told me I don't really matter.I got really tired of empty apologies and promises. Perhaps the husband described in this thread had some sort of legitimate illness that caused him to black out. Even if that were the case, he needs to show his wife that repairing her is the main thing of importance. He needs to choose words that show how concerned he is that she is damaged...he needs to make her wellness the focus, not his possible actions. It needs to be about putting her back together...and if admitting something happened will help her, who cares whether or not he remembers it? Just fix her so you can both be much happier.
  6. And why isn't Jerusalem mentioned in the Quran? Jerusalem was stolen through violence and now claimed as a "sacred" site for Islam.
  7. When Nations turn against Israel

    Yikes!!! These are the kinds of disasters that happen when people read something once in an English Bible and think they understand the original intent of the original languages, etc. Context, culture, traditions, and an understanding of Jewish history is necessary to even begin to understand the Bible clearly. Very few Christians are capable of grasping it all on their own...much less the time to study non-stop with the demands of daily life. There ARE however many wonderful tools available to us today to help us dig into the deeper things of Scripture. I think we all benefit from using them and measuring them against the Bible. Also, I think we should all read James 2 for review about the tongue (typing fingers). Some really nasty things are being said in this thread.
  8. tongues

    I have to assume that Paul spoke more in tongues than any of the Corinthians because he went out as a missionary spreading the Gospel to various peoples in various places. The gift of tongues as described in Acts 2 would have been essential in spreading the Gospel before copies of Scripture were widely available to everyone.
  9. tongues

    In order to use Mark 16 as a support passage it seems the other signs would be common today as well...but we don't see that happening today. We see some phonies trying to take people's money via fake miracles...but where are the genuine sign gifts? Also, the tongues mentioned in Acts 2 (foretold in Mark 16) allowed people from all around the region to understand the Disciples' word in his/her own language. I don't put God in a box saying He never gives this gift to missionaries at times or whatever...but it is certainly not something done on a regular basis as a sign to unbelievers.
  10. tongues

    Does anyone have Scripture to support their private prayer language? Acts 2 certainly doesn't describe anything like this.
  11. Im sooo missing my chat homies. Puxtatawney Phil busted it.

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  13. Happy birthday Dawn.

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      Thanks, Jade!

  14. She also thought Stone Henge was pointless...even for historical sentiment. She proposed grind it down to dust and selling it to tourists. lol