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  1. My two cents... The "metoo movement" has taken away the voice of those who are brutally abused. I am so tired of hearing about "survivors" who were groped once at a party but never put in any danger. Is groping wrong? Of course, but it's hardly an act that makes one a "survivor." When alcohol is involved I'm sure women often do their share of groping too. Alcohol does NOT raise IQ points. I think one of the biggest problems in the US is pornography. It poisons people's sexuality and creates cravings for acts that are far from loving. It perverts everything God intends sexuality to be.
  2. This article is designed to give people half truths to stir things up. Reserves are always to be prepared in this way...it is not in signal of martial law to come. Just media fodder.
  3. Thoughts regarding Lewis... He rejected the idea of "Romish" purgatory...the purgatory that is allegedly required for salvation. He didn't believe it was necessary for forgiveness of sins...not at all. He believed ONLY Christians went through purgatory. I don't see him having a misunderstanding of Grace or atonement. What I see here is a man who was bothered by the amazing contrast between our wretched state in sin and the pure Holiness of God. To Lewis "purgatory" was more the idea of a showering off the results of sin before entering the Divine Presence of God. While I don't share his belief in a period of cleansing...done by God Himself... I appreciate how much he shuttered at the idea of anything remotely resembling mankind affected by sin being in God's presence. When we get to Heaven I believe each and every one of us going to learn we were wrong about various doctrines/interpretations that involve things other than the very basics of the Gospel.
  4. May I urge you to edit your language here? The Quran refers to Jews as "pigs" and it's meant as a hateful insult. I don't think you should use that same insult about your Brothers/Sisters in Christ.
  5. This is a bit cheeky but I can't resist: There are two kinds of people: Those who divide people into groups...and those who don't.
  6. D-Dawn

    Peace Plan

    It seems to me the "Palestinians" in charge have no true interest in a peace plan. What they want is for Israel to not exist. Proposed peace plans always involve Israel surrendering land. Not only is Israel tiny to begin with, but giving up certain pieces of land would expose Israel to attacks from her enemies. They (Arabs) have been screaming about the land they lost since 1967 in the Six Days War. They lost the land because they attacked Israel without warning. Against crazy odds, Israel defeated the group of countries that tried to destroy her...because "the battle belongs to the LORD." Some other exciting (and scary) things happening are: - Iran and Russia building a cozy relationship - Putin in essence trying to reunite the USSR - Israel thriving economically (Ezekiel 36) - The amazing reconstruction of Baghdad in the works (Babylon?)
  7. If people continue to believe the hype about "climate change" oil will be banned in some countries soon...so oil for everyone else abounds. (Just a bit of sarcasm for today. lol)
  8. I think we sometimes overlap the intervention of God with actual miracles. Yes, everything God does is "miraculous" by man's standards...but is every supernatural act an actual miracle? In Biblical accounts miracles were "extra-ordinary." Even pagans recognized miracles of God as far beyond anything their own gods (often demons) were capable of doing. Angels and demons are capable of doing various "miraculous" things...but are their deeds actual miracles...or something quite common in the non-physical realm? It seems miracles are reserved for very unique purposes.
  9. Ya, nice and chronological in Ezekiel.
  10. I don't think I've ever quoted MYSELF in the forums before. lol I would like to correct the statement I made regarding Israel not living at peace during the Ezekiel invasion. I contradicted myself even. Assuming the invasion takes place near the beginning of the Tribulation (70th Week) Israel is of course "at peace" because the anti-Christ will have already come to power and united the world under his satanic schemes.
  11. Oh no! I'm sorry if I gave the impression YOU are a know-it-all. We all see the sporadic posts by people think they have a direct line to God and have definite interpretations where scholars have debated for centuries. Usually they involve one sentence stances with no Scripture to develop a stance. I'm sorry Joe...didn't mean you at all.
  12. - Unless I have completely overlooked key verses, I don't see that Israel is living in peace during the invasion described in Ezekiel. Prosperous as God promised in detail in Ezekiel 36, but no mention of peace is mentioned...again, unless I am overlooking something. Israel is already experiencing some of the prosperity God promised. Economy is booming, population is expanding, military is mighty, technology is cutting edge...etc.. - Gog is described as the leader of "Meshek and Tubal" (38: 1-2; 39:1-2) not the world. This prince will lead the invasion described against Israel. Allies of "Mershek and Tubal" are listed in following verses... still very specific by name and location. - God declares His purposes of the miraculous destruction of this massive army multiple times...so the nations will know He is God...and as another proof (after Dry Bones) to Israel that He is God. This demonstration to the world that He is indeed God would definitely set the scene for the massive harvest during the Tribulation. - Jews started coming home to the LAND as soon as the State of Israel was established in 1948 and they are still coming today. I think many more are yet to come, but this prophecy has already been set in motion. Battle of Armageddon may result in a huge wave coming, but it's not the only time Jews come home. - God told Ezekiel this miraculous destruction would happen in an hour...suddenly. - God's Name will no longer be profaned. It appears He is talking about Israel at this point...to contrast all of her sins in the past. How the nation continued to offend Him with idols, etc... God says in 39:23-24 the nations will understand that Israel was sent into exile as punishment for sins. God did it, not the nations He used to do it. This doesn't seem to be judgment on the nations yet. - If this war were the final war on the earth, how could the Israelites spend over 7 yrs cleaning up the carnage? - I don't see a conflict between God pouring out His Spirit on Israel in Ezekiel 39 and this battle being something other than Armageddon. - I think you must have noted the wrong passage when you described verses describing Jesus being physically on the earth. Ezek. 38:19-20 doesn't indicate that at all. Again, I don't claim to know all the answers and I cringe anytime someone acts as if they do on the forums. My desire is to sharpen iron here.
  13. Why do you assume the events in Ezekiel 38-39 are the same as those described in Rev. 20?
  14. I am not a theologian by any means but I know how amazingly detailed God's prophecies are in Ezekiel (especially in today's geopolitical climate). Regardless of your stance regarding the Rapture...I urge you to read straight through Ezekiel 36-39. God gave very specific detail about what He will do for Israel in the last days...and so many of those things are in the works right now. Very exciting. Personally, I think these chapters support a pre-Trib stance, but my main point here is to just read Ezekiel and think about current events regarding Israel, Russia, Iran, etc...
  15. Finding this topic when I did is very well timed. About an hour ago I read about the discovery I assume is being discussed here. Signature rings HAVE been found...but not those belonging to kings...but residents of the City of King David. FOX did a story on it today. https://www.foxnews.com/science/rare-ancient-treasures-bearing-biblical-names-discovered-in-jerusalems-city-of-david
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