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  1. I have to assume that Paul spoke more in tongues than any of the Corinthians because he went out as a missionary spreading the Gospel to various peoples in various places. The gift of tongues as described in Acts 2 would have been essential in spreading the Gospel before copies of Scripture were widely available to everyone.
  2. In order to use Mark 16 as a support passage it seems the other signs would be common today as well...but we don't see that happening today. We see some phonies trying to take people's money via fake miracles...but where are the genuine sign gifts? Also, the tongues mentioned in Acts 2 (foretold in Mark 16) allowed people from all around the region to understand the Disciples' word in his/her own language. I don't put God in a box saying He never gives this gift to missionaries at times or whatever...but it is certainly not something done on a regular basis as a sign to unbelievers.
  3. Does anyone have Scripture to support their private prayer language? Acts 2 certainly doesn't describe anything like this.
  4. Im sooo missing my chat homies. Puxtatawney Phil busted it.

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  7. She also thought Stone Henge was pointless...even for historical sentiment. She proposed grind it down to dust and selling it to tourists. lol
  8. Perhaps they are trying to be the party that appoints judges who honor the Constitution. The Supreme Court has been unconstitutionally legislating from the bench for a long time. FINALLY, there is a chance to fix that an rebalance the gov't powers.
  9. Sometimes we need to remember that this website is public...unsaved people DO come here. When we fight in anger rather than discuss in love, we are being a poor testimony for Christ. It happens all too often lately.
  10. Regarding Trump...to me it's not vitally important that he is a Christian...what is important to me is that his life demonstrate his profession. He came out as a Christian... so did Obama. Why did Obama do it? To get votes. Is that the only reason Trump apologetically stated he was a Christian? Or does Jesus really reign in his heart? The Christian Right was betrayed by one candidate, I am on guard about it happening again. I want candidates to let us see who they are...not put on a show based on what they think we want to hear. I can appreciate how hard it must be to live a Christian lifestyle when you are rich, famous and lacking nothing the earth has to offer. Temptation and peer pressure must be daunting. However, I don't think a candidate should play the Christian card unless they have a testimony that supports their claim. Not because of politics, but because of how Jesus is represented to the public by their life. I would hesitantly vote for Trump over Sanders because Sanders scares me like no other candidate ever has. I do NOT want that man nominating judges. I don't not see our Congress fighting Obama's circus of unconstitutional executive orders. Will Congress thwart Sanders any more effectively? Do we want to take that chance? Foreign Policy - Is Trump the person we want representing our country to the world? Heaven forbid. The man is rude and proud of it. He doesn't care if or who he offends. He is used to getting his own way and throws "Trumpertantrums" if it doesn't go his way. In debates he interrupts and yells at all the other candidates like a spoiled baby. He is not the type of representative I want for America. Another thing about Trump...he is NOT a Conservative. He is a "whatever suits me at the moment" guy in many/most ways. The man wouldn't even commit to voting for his party should he not get the nomination. He eventually did...at the urging of his campaign managers. This might not be fair, but I wonder if Trump is capable of leading the country in ways that directly benefit his own fortune. He may not be bent on doing that...but money is what makes him tick. He may be completely above reproach in that area...but I can't help but wonder a bit. SOUTH CAROLINA DEBATE - It is not too late to watch that debate. It is still be streamed in entirety on various websites. I don't want to provide any direct link because I'm not comfortable endorsing websitse I know nothing about. But, if you do a simple Google search for: Watch GOP debate South Carolina...or something to that effect, you will find access to the debate. It is in my opinion THE debate to see. True colors really came out on Saturday.
  11. She is through the worst of the pain. She had time to prepare for his death which might have sped up the grief process a bit. Her son just got engaged too...a happy thing to focus on. He's a great kid! Thank you all for remembering this family. I appreciate it deeply.
  12. Mike, thank you for remembering her. She has tremendous family and friend support which is so helpful. A huge outpouring of love has been shown to her. She is doing as well as might be expected.
  13. I found these statistics to be very alarming. How many of the people represented in this data are migrating to free countries? Does their believe in and desire for Sharia magically disappear when they cross a border? Of course not. I'll just leave it at that and let the chart speak for itself. These statistics came from http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/12/07/muslims-and-islam-key-findings-in-the-u-s-and-around-the-world/ I didn't take the time to read the entire article and don't necessarily endorse everything written. This set of data is just one of many that indicate how strong Islam has become in the West.
  14. The West needs to wake up and take action before it's too late. There is more than one kind of Jihad. The Jihad we dub "extreme" involves converting and/or losing your head. Other forms of Jihad entail mass immigration and take over via population growth...and it's happening at an alarming rate. Westerners are too "PC" for their (our) own good. When are we going to start creating laws to protect ourselves from the harm Islam brings? While there are some peaceful Muslims, their religion is NOT one of peace. Just as their are luke warm Christians, there are also luke warm Muslims...which is not surprising considering many of them are forced to at least go through the motions of Islam...regardless of what they truly believe.