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  2. So on that note , let all who love the LORD in spirit and in truth , in sincerity , PUT those hands up and praise HE who alone has saved us and can keep us from falling . ONLY we better heed HIM or we will . Hands up folks , hands up and let a festival of thunderous praise and songs of victory in Christ be sung for all to hear .
  3. Cletus you can put any on ignore you like . But let us remember there are others who still need to be reminded of sound doctrine here and to be encouraged here . I don't put any on ignore , they put me on it . In fact when they do , it only means they aint reading what I am saying , and others who do wont be seeing them constantly fighting against it . Either way man , ITS the JOY OF THE LORD . Even though I must admit I feel sad and heavy for them . for their sake . cause I KNOW whom I believe and who I follow and whose pattern I am by grace only expounding on to us to keep .
  4. I’m so sorry to hear that, friend. I can relate to what you’re going through. I just said a prayer for you, asking the Lord to touch you with His healing hands and strengthen you. Please take good care of yourself. I hope you’ll get well soon. Hugs!
  5. To worthy and all my friends , I pray only this prayer , LET me only continue on in the grace of GOD doing all , exhorting all , warning and encouraging all and let me BE LONG DEAD before I ever even THINK about conforming to doctrines of men gone wrong . This world and churches are and will become ever more all inclusive , so if folks got visions and plans for this , its best they get rid of men like me now . But still I would only be sad for them . Still I would only desire good for them . But a JESUS ONLY FUNDIE I am , and its how by grace I came in and its how by grace I shall go out .
  6. Praying for you to recovery from this. May God give you strength and energy. May his peace over flood you too.
  7. Exodus 12:11 And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet.... (The Israelites ate the Lamb...that saved their first born and the first born of their cattle, while they were still in Egypt, still under the Egyptian bondage. Many of them were Idolaters as we see how they were expose later on, and were dip into sin from the witness of the Lord, that's why he gave them the Law.. By he asked them as they were to eat the Lamb and apply of his blood to their door post. The Lord asked them to eat the lamb and to apply of his blood on the door post of their houses, and why.. .to saved their first born and their firstborn of their cattle's firstborn from the plague that the Lord had put upon the firstborn of man and beast in the land of Egypt. Exodus 12:12 For I will pas through the Land of Egypt this night, and I will pass and smite all the firstborn in the Land of Egypt, both man and beast: and against all the Gods of Egypt I will execute judgement: I am the Lord. (This only included the male firstborn of man and cattle) IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SIN.... it was (not only) for the Lord to execute judgement against the Gods of Egypt, who failed to saved the male firstborn of their own Egyptian's of man and cattle, But also later he told him that the firstborn who were under the plaque of death and gave them life , they were his, they were set apart for him... Exodus 12:29. And the same for the male firstborn of cattle..They were his and to be sacrificed to him. The men to whom they were as good as dead and gave them life, he took them for priest, he set them apart as the Levies..and he took priests from them. Only those whom the Lord gave them life were allowed to take part in the worship before the Lord.... That it was only for the firstborn, the plaque was not upon all the people, but only upon the first born man and cattle. The firstborn were the Lord's for that time on. The people had to redeemed their firstborn from the Lord. And the firstborn of the cattle had to be sacrificed to him... Discretion was made for cattle like donkeys and others they did not belong to man, and they were not for sacrificing, they were put to death... THEY WERE BORN UNTO DEATH... example is Samuel where his mother promise to the Lord. Give me a son, and I will not redeem him from you, I will be just the vessel to give birth to him for you, he will be yours...Amen Exodus 12:13 And the blood shall be to you as a token upon the houses where you are. And when I will see the blood I will pass over you, and the plaque shall not be upon you to destroy you when I smite the the Land of Egypt... Exodus 12:29 And it came to pass that at midnight the Lord smote all the first born in the Land of Egypt....from the first born of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon: and all the first born of cattle. And their first born were saved from death, together with the first born of the cattle... WE SHALL WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH AND IN THE LIFE.... as the Lord gave life to the firstborn in that time in Egypt...and those to whom he gave life, were allowed to worship before him... ARE YOU HAVING THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST IS ETERNAL, ARE YOU HAVING THE ETERNAL LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST.. THOSE WHO HAVE THE ETERNAL LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST, NEVER DIE... AND THEY RESURECTED WITH HIM, and they are where Jesus is... Is Jesus in Heaven at the Throne as Lord of all... If he cannot Judge right now then he is not the Lord. He is the Lord since he sat on the Throne two thousand years ago... And the authority has been given to him to Judge all people since to thousand years ago...I do not see anything else in the scriptures.. As in revelations we see him judging the churches in manor asia of that time... And his believers individually while they carry on their lives... Paul also teach the same thing...Jesus judges his own people if not how he can forgive our sins... How can he tell, we have sin, or disobey , or believe, or believe in God, which is good, but you have refused to believe in Jesus Christ.. Or you only want Jesus sacrifice for the past sins... Then you are still in your sins... Jesus die to give us life everlasting... If Jesus sacrificed was for the past sins only... And the past begins and ends at the time of his death. Then only one person was saved. Only the thief on the Cross and no one else.. Under the law the yearly Attonment, was only for the sins of the past..of that year.. If the devotee sin he had to offer another new sacrifice for the past sin... But Jesus lives, and he always say, I have died and payed the price, and have been the propritiation for all of our sins... And he is also our Judge, not like the same as in the old. .and his sacrifice was unblemished, and he had life in him, and not death.... As the rest of the Israelites including the priest and the high priest...who all had death...forgivness of sins, but not the life of God. They still had death... Jesus came to gives what the Law could not give Life, he is the life giver... That's what John the Baptist said to Jesus; YOU HAVE SOMETHING I NEED...(the Law can not give). And God gave his wittnes by giving of his holy spirit only to Jesus... Both of them without sin, standing side by side....but the Holy Spirit of God descended only upon the one with the life and not death in him Jesus Christ.
  8. Man paul must have been a legalist. LOOK he said NOT to even keep company with a brother who does such sins as he listed . Guess paul needs to learn from these wise men of acronyms , that we cant stop , so that is being judgmental to even suggest we depart from their company . I Warned us all many times , This church age is doomed in deception . So many got no idea what the church has lost , nor that many are still lost and know it not . But why name names . Its the excuse so many want to get rid of folks like me . AND I aint giving them their hearts desire . I will only increase in both encouragments and dire warnings . And no man can stop me . OH I can be banned , but no matter where I go , its going to be the pattern set by JESUS and the true church I will teach , yet not I , but the grace of GOD that compels me so .

    True Antichrist

    Well said. The new Testament Church, of which Jesus Christ is the head is a called out body of people of all nations who have been born again and who have lived a true Christian life and died in the faith. It also includes all those who are alive in Christ today. This present church is called the "ekklesia" of the New Testament times, called out of this world to evangelize the world in this age. The church, in its largest signification is the whole company of redeemed in all ages, in Heaven and in Earth (Eph. 3:1-11; Heb. 12:23). It is the spiritual people who have been made members of the universal family of God. The church in this sense is the body of Christ, and it does not consist of saved and unsaved. It is not a group of individuals associated together for social and benevolent purposes, as seems to be on every hand in most worldly church gatherings. It is the body of people indwelt by God through the Holy Spirit and through whom God works in the world.
  10. the real question i have is at what point does one stop asking nicely and begin to obey 1 cor 5:11
  11. VCO

    True Antichrist

    Good point, I should not have phased it that way, but here is some Food for Thought. The Holy Spirit had NO PROBLEM SAVING PEOPLE on earth without indwelling them, and being heaven, too, in the Old Testament times. So WHY do you think he cannot do it During the Tribulation. HE ENTERED OUR HEARTS, to become a COMFORTER. EVERYTHING ELSE, HE CAN DO WHILE BEING outside our body, and IN HEAVEN, too. Because HE is OMNIPRESENT, he is in both places at the SAME TIME technically, but the Promise He will be in YOU and will NEVER LEAVE YOU, seems to be only for the New Testament ASSEMBLY. Why did I phrase that ASSEMBLY? Technically CHURCH IS NOT IN THE BIBLE at all. When JESUS SAID: Matthew 16:18 (YLT) 18 `And I also say to thee, that thou art a rock, and upon this rock I will build my assembly, and gates of Hades shall not prevail against it; Look up the word ekklēsia and You will find the it means ASSEMBLY. CHURCH is man's word for it, not what JESUS SAID or the Apostles said. John 14:16 (KJV) 16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; SO WHAT DOES GOD MEAN BY FOREVER? ? ? I would say, for Eternity. AND HE WILL BE AT THE WEDDING IN HEAVEN. Another point, now that I mentioned Mat. 16:18: So the people HE was talking to in this verse were the last of the Old Testament ASSEMBLY: John 10:16 (ASV) 16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice: and they shall become one flock, one shepherd. So THIS FOLD, is the last of the Old Testament ASSEMBLY, because the New Testament ASSEMBLY, did not begin until the Day of Pentecost after the Ascension. The OTHER SHEEP is us. And we will become ONE FLOCK AT THE RAPTURE.
  12. You LEGALIST . YOU LOVE TRUTH and teach folks to obey , legalist. MAN this church age is in serious dire straits . The thing is I love the people , and its WHY I correct and instruct . I think some forget what the HOLY SCRIPTURES are for . FOR CORRECTION , for reproof for instruction IN RIGHTEOUNESS , you know so the man of GOD can be thoroughly furnished unto all good works . Now I am the legalist . well from one legalist to another , I SURE GOT THE JOY OF THE LORD and I KNOW ITS HE ALONE who is my righteous and HE alone who instructs my heart to do what Is right . SURELY they aint gonna call the SPIRIT a legalist too .
  13. I have prayed for your wife and for you too. God bless.
  14. OH I know what the real problem is , but if I say it I will be banned . so let me just say this . HOW do we know we are truly under grace and truly in the new convenant . SIMPLE . In those days I will write my laws upon their hearts and in their minds . Not I will make void my law and say hey you can transgress willfully so long as you holler IN JESUS NAME . PONDER THIS . Really ponder what their some here do say and imply . As though JESUS came so we can willfully sin and continue in darkness and just cause we loved him with our mouth and said JESUS is LORD , even if we are in the pit and die , HEY MAN ALL IS WELL. ONLY ALL IS NOT WELL . THIS IS A DELUSOIN . the early church NEVER IMPLIED THIS not even once . LOOK at their approach about continuing in sin . DID paul say let it not be named once , or did he say , HEY MAN GOD knows on our best day we gonna sin . EXACTLY . ITS ALL BACKWARDS MAN . ITS ALL backwards .
  15. I used to steal B.C. when we read that whole verse it tells us to stop stealing... and work hard so we can provide/give to others. God really impressed that verse on me as well as in proverbs... a thief must repay 7-fold and the substance of his house. God told me to stop it. i.e. go and sin no more... not, I can sin all I want. the truth is you cant Love God or your neighbor if you do the things the 10 commandments say not to do. its real simple math that adds up. but i guess you are right... Paul is a "legalist" too because he told people to obey.
  16. This is Exactly what the Pharisees did . Wanna see something real scary . THEY who accuse folks like me as being a legalistic , they are the Pharisee . Because they use grace to MAKE VOID the law . OOOOPS . THEY use grace as grace was never meant to be used . THEY claim THINGS JESUS said are not possible by their Acroym , traditions of men . YET JESUS said IF you continue not in me , ye are cast out . Paul and peter both reminded that one can come and have been made partakers of the HOLY GHOST and still fall away and if they did are were overcome , their latter end is worse . But the traditons of men MAKE VOID what the apostels WHO KNEW CHRIST and spoke by the SPIRIT said . THEY MAKE VOID the doctrine of GOD for an acryonm . THEY do what they falsely ACCCUSE us of doing . ITS all backwards . Cletus and I know full well , we saved solely by grace just as paul, peter , john , jude and james , AND ALL THEM warned . EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM WARNED . AND SO DID GOD FROM heaven to the seven churches . YET by acronyms they make void the very God inspired word and accuse us of promoting a false grace BECAUSE WE UPHOLD WHAT THE BIBLE and not men says . TALK about BACKWARDS . I am more worried now than ever for so many . Truly truly my hearts desire is that none perish , but if we cannot even truly TRUST CHRIST how are we going to make it . HOW . IF we trust men over truth , HOW ON EARTH are we going to be told WELL DONE FIATHFUL SERVANTS . They make void james who says faith without works is dead , WHO said do not be deceived being hearers only . ANYONE wanna go peek at where JAMES HEARD THIS . JESUS SAID IT . JESUS SAID IT . JESUS SAID IT . but they make it void by an acronym . THIS IS triple scary stuff man .
  17. Cletus had the definition SPOT ON RIGHT . Behold failed massive .
  18. At least I am not the culprit on all this biting for a change.
  19. We “ should” but we don’t.......we need a loophole....
  20. And they have forgotten , that while the law is not made for a righteous man . it can be used as correction and reminders . If not , why did paul quoate the fifth commandment when he said CHILDREN OBEY YOUR PARENTS . KADOW . GOT THEM . While we don't seek the law to justify us for both of us knows full well ONLY Faith in CHRIST justifies , we know How to apply correction when correction is necessary . If using the law to correct or remind is a legalist . LOOK OUT PAUL who himself spoke so much about not seeking to be justified by the law . HE USED the fifth commandment . IN fact surprise , surprise , he used more than that . What did paul say , LET HIM he who stole steal no more . OH NO , OH NO that is using the law , OOOPS . WE GOT them. No murderer JOHN says has enternal life , OH NO , thou shalt not murder , he is using the law . WE GOT THEM NOW . I knew it would come . LET the warners warn and leave them be . THEY do as they do for the sake of the church . OH no , paul said not to commit adultery , OH NO he is a legalist for the law says not to also . WRONG the law was on his heart . OOPS . we got major problems .
  21. I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
  22. What truly terrifies me is this . If we truly have the Holy SPIRIT in us , and we have learned Christ , we would long by now be identical and see sin the exact same way the apostles who warned about it did . Men are destroying the churches . Grace would be teaching us all things necessary to walk holy and to be grave and serious when error is spotted . Grace would not make light of sin . JESUS DID NOT . Don't we KNOW JESUS IS the comforter . WHY would the SPIRIT then approach sin differently than did Christ or the apostles who I KNOW HAD the SPIRIT . We must do an all out exodus of mens acroynms and doctrines and do a massive ENTRODUS back into THE BIBLE . DO IT NOW . DO it now before its too late .
  23. Well this is as close as I've seen OO get to making a smart remark! enoob on the other hand says everything OO was thinking using the rudest vocabulary imaginable. You two make a perfect comedy team. pass me a cookie, muffy
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