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  1. LOL that had me laughing! I love Kale but do love Romaine more. Kale salad is good but not the prepackaged washed in chlorine so it does not spoil kind!
  2. Welcome to Worthy!
  3. Welcome to Worthy. If you want full surrender, it must be all of Him and none of you. He, Jesus is first in everything you say and do. Me, I, has no place in the relationship.
  4. O yes you are known to a fellow Commonwealther...welcome!
  5. A Worthy welcome to you!
  6. Doctrine is denominational. Follow what Jesus and the Bible teach.
  7. That is the mystery we will learn in heaven...they are three yet one. Three fully separate doing their own tasks yet so in tune they are one. in this instance they were not one because the human aspect of Jesus had the sin of the world placed on Him and the Father,so holy, turned from Jesus the Son. That is why Jesus cried "Father, Why hast Thou forsaken Me". The holy aspect understood the human questioned yet did the Father's will and died, a ransom for us.
  8. No, the Son was with the Father from the beginning. He is the Word Who spoke things into being. If the Father was also the Saviour, why did the Son, Jesus say, " Father , into your hands I commit my spirit? " Why did he say, " Father forgive them for they know not what they do"? Etc. No, the Father is not the Saviour. Jesus is the Redeemer, and the soon coming King.
  9. Yet God looked at everything He had created and it was good...I believe the Garden of Eden where God walked and talked with Adam was without sin until the fall of Adam when Eve was seduced by Satan in the form of a serpent. That is why angels now guard the garden.
  10. Yet God gave Adam the first Law... thou shalt not eat of the fruit of the tree...and they did. Before that there was no sin.
  11. Even if one does not care about maring the beautiful body God gave, one should realize the skin is the largest organ we have and the tattoo inks are not vegetable based but car paint, printers' ink or any other ink that is cheap. This ink toxin can travel to the liver, kidney etc. causing untold health issues in years to come and the needles may not be sterile causing hepatitis. Now that's all a good reason to stay away. In addition Jews were told not to mark their bodies as the pagans did. Nor should they or we cut ourselves as the pagans did. All perfect reasons for me not to do it.
  12. A Worthy welcome!
  13. Since you attribute so much negative doctrine to Presbyterians can you explain why they use the name "St. Andrew" a New Testament Saint and call their children by New Testament names? They also used the names John, Thomas etc.
  14. Hiwever, there was sacrifice of the animal by God to provide an offering and a cover for Adam and Eve. And Cain and Able sacrificed but it was Cain's sacrifice which was not accepted ....therefore since Adam there was a sin offering.
  15. Ruth, because of her faithfulness to Naomi. David for being faithful to his friend Johnathan by bringing into his home Mephibosheth, Jonathan's crippled son and Saul's grandson. Both of these show faithfulness and kindness through deep love not duty.