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  1. Hey Fresno, remember the song that most churches "used" to sing? There's a new name written down in glory and it's mine......His Name He shall write on our foreheads. Now that's the Name and only Name/mark/tattoo I ever want on my skin.
  2. Fresno, with that I fully agree and for which I can hardly wait! Maranatha!
  3. I accept the Bible teaching against tattoos and personally strongly object to this one and any like it. This one in particular shows Jesus our Lord only crucified...He completed His sacrifice on the cross and now sits at His/our Father's right hand......alive not just crucified. We serve a risen not crucified Lord.....
  4. Welcome to Worthy!
  5. Welcome to Worthy!
  6. Welcome to Worthy!
  7. Welcome to Worthy!
  8. pot

    Any substance that in anyway alters your actions or thought process is not good even if legal. Slowing reaction time when doing any task or driving while under the influence. But, the greatest harm is when you do smoke, a new Christian or an unsaved person sees you smoking and thinks it is OK, thus ruining your witness of a godly Christian life. They being weaker do not stop at one but try other drugs letting Satan have his way in their lives and mind and soul.
  9. Who does not laugh at themselves? I do it so many times a day over silly things done. Too many to count. Too many times in life it is the serious moments when looking back we shake our heads and laugh. I recall at my sister's funeral one of the owner directors drove my car and in the cemetery hit the wrong button on the remote and set off the alarm all to his embarrassment. After the ceremony on opening the door for me he set it off again..I could not stop laughing...grateful for that moment I never let him forget it.....much to his chagrin.
  10. LOL that had me laughing! I love Kale but do love Romaine more. Kale salad is good but not the prepackaged washed in chlorine so it does not spoil kind!
  11. Welcome to Worthy!
  12. Welcome to Worthy. If you want full surrender, it must be all of Him and none of you. He, Jesus is first in everything you say and do. Me, I, has no place in the relationship.
  13. O yes you are known to a fellow Commonwealther...welcome!
  14. A Worthy welcome to you!
  15. Doctrine is denominational. Follow what Jesus and the Bible teach.