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  1. Appearances of Jehovah in the Old Testament as the Son of God

    God the Father did not have to “appear” as the Son of God, Jesus the Son, was with the Father from the beginning and when he appeared he appeared as the Son of God or perhaps the Angel of the LORD. Jesus the Word was and is the Creator, creating still. Do not omit the many was in which the Holy Spirit appeared to man.
  2. 10 myths of calvanism

    Can you truly say you know his heart and his relationship with Christ? Did he ask the Father to forgive him? He was more than the bad he did.
  3. 10 myths of calvanism

    You judge harshly. You have no idea what his relationship with Jesus was nor whether he asked for forgiveness for what he had done. Consider Paul, how God used him...I am not equating him with Paul but remember that if God chose to use him you are going against God’s servant. I know there is much hate here on the Board about Calvin but none of us is innocent of sin in God’s eyes and with what manner you judge you will be judged by God. Judging is a fearsome thing unless you have all the facts as God does.
  4. 10 myths of calvanism

    I take it you never read. Calvin’s words but only what someone said he said?
  5. Replacement Theology

    As with every denomination, I believe you will be most surprised to be rubbing elbows in the Kingdom with Calvinists. Sometimes we need to look within before we judge others harshly and make certain you read Calvin’s own writings not someone who is expounding on them and try to understand what he is saying.
  6. Do You Have Church Friends?

    I have found that the groups formed in church often become cliques and have heard more people mention that the church is influenced or directed by them. Not a good thing. Friends in church yes. I grew up with a number of them but socialize with only a handful...and these are older than I am.
  7. The truth

    Well!! A good place to say, "I'm sick and tired of PC in the church....something I was hit with again today."
  8. NO you DON'T understand!

    I can understand someone grieving. I cannot understand someone going through divorce. I cannot understand many things others go through but with God's grace I can empathize with them and just holding someone's hand maybe all that is needed by the individual who is suffering or grieving. We can attempt to understand and not say the wrong thing when others are hurting. Sometimes saying nothing just holding ones hand says volumes.
  9. Unpardonable sin

    It all hinges on accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour of ones life. If you do not ask for forgiveness of your sin you cannot be forgiven. No eternal life with Jesus. That would be the unpardonable sin.
  10. Cremation - ok or not?

    Personally no cremation. The body burns the bones do not and are disposed of in the landfill. When dead it probably does not matter. The question also is ...is it really you and all you who is in the urn? ???? Jesus was buried or entombed. I prefer the burial method.
  11. Hello

    Welcome to Worthy!
  12. I'm New Here! Hello!

    Welcome to Worthy!
  13. Time for change?

    Today I would assume one needs permits...is there a law one one would break? We have come so far from that time in the religious laws of the country . Someone would make a call.....
  14. Assurance

    The wonderful word of "have" means that no matter when...1000 years ago or 1000 years from now they are valid for the very day they are heard or read. Meaningful for everyone, amen.
  15. Do Not Celebrate the "4th of July"

    Looked it up...July 10-13 but double check for your self.