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  1. However, there is outer darkness. Who is to spend eternity there? Jesus said there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or is it only hell?
  2. Why do so many joke that they will end in “hell” with their friends and not fear, yet no one speaks of “outer darkness”? Everyone knows of hell. Why does no one speak of outer darkness nor fear it?
  3. Is it not better to lead by example? I have no objection to the amount of jewellery worn by men or women but there are so many who wear the cross as a necklace given to them at some point in their lives ( baptism, first communion, etc.) and proudly display it as nothing more than an ornament added to their attire. They go to church for weddings, funerals and baptisms (child) but other than that it is Christmas or Easter. How then to distinguish between the born again and them? By the lives they lead and words they speak. If so, is it necessary to wear an outward symbol? Do we as Christians not show our love of Jesus to others by our lives, words and deeds? If that is the difference, wear it if you will but it does not differentiate you outwardly from others who also wear the cross. Lead by example.
  4. To me actions speak volumes and your life should show you are a Christian. I do not mean this personally, but to me it is similar to tne Pharisees who wore their phylacteries to show they were Godly and holy but not all lived the life.
  5. We see Movie stars, rappers, and everyday non believers etc. wearing crosses yet who do not live the life of Christ’s example and spew venom against our Lord or those who believe. It should be the actions, people see and the example of our lives not the crosses we wear and the Bibles we carry if they do not match the lives we live, words we speak and love we show toward others.
  6. My O my, on first reading I thought you went to my church... but for the minister. I do not agree with our minister , but love the “old” hymns that thought the Bible in the song, and if one never went to church they heard the gospel message in them. I too sometimes wonder if it is Witt going to church but then I think perhaps if I can be used by God in some way He would like me to be , then it is worth it. Must admit I find taking the Bible into the bathroom hard but then what has God not seen of us... He sparked life in our mother’s body when they came together and He watch that life grow and saw our birth!He knows us better than we do because He has everything we have done in our lives... and is it we who are so shocked or is God?
  7. That is not surprising. This was one of the topics I taught in Secondary School. We looked at all ads in magazines and would find the most suggestive things that had been brushed in yet at a glance one never knew the impact on the viewer. To clearly see the objects one had to squint on occasion. This Time cover was not to me accidental. This was a statement being made.
  8. At the time of discovery, one of the anchors made the comment that never expected to hear...”That’s outer darkness!”. I wondered how many people connected his words to Jesus.
  9. Alpha women can take on tasks and manage to take mass chaos and calm down workers and get things done amicably accepting valid suggestions that make quick work. Then.....there are alpha females who run roughshod over the group and are so dominant there is no room for alternate ideas only theirs, making associating with their leadership perhaps comparable to bullying. I have worked with both in the church....
  10. I also am so perplexed why some parents with young children do not want the Lord to come.... but they want to wait and see their children grow up...and then the grandchildren... there is an end date set and that will not change because God the Father says, “ I am the Lord I do not change.” These children will be with them if in eternity if they have taught them to love Jesus and ask for His forgiveness of their sins.
  11. True, we are to pray ‘even so come Lord Jesus’!
  12. O boy don’t we all...that’s the problem with humans. We want everything now.😊
  13. Aah, but our Heavenly Father has the number of those who will accept Jesus but not all are ready or have accepted His Son as their redeemer. He is waiting for those to say “Yess!” to Jesus.
  14. And that is the rub, the whole point to all Christians who want the rapture now...who of our family or friends may be left behind because of our own selfish desire for Jesus to come now. Yes, all of us want this to end, as we see right turned into wrong and Christians hated for our beliefs, but who will we not see partaking in the ‘the saints’ and angels’ song in heaven with us? Our timing is right in our own eyes but the Father knows the when not us and His timing is perfect. Heaven won’t be the same if we are missing one person who should be there
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