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  1. No one ever went to heaven during OT times.

    Absolutely !
  2. No one ever went to heaven during OT times.

    I wonder why the core of the earth is molten?
  3. Where was God in Parkland?

    I agree that God had not abandoned those who know/knew Him. We have to remember a few things.. sin came when Adam gave in to Eve and ate the fruit he was not to touch. ..and Cain killed Abel because of that sin that has brought us to this day...almost. young boys are missing fathers in their homes. No role models.check out the missing fathers in the mass shootings. in schools we are indoctrinating them to be kinder, gentler...they are being emasculated and indoctrinated. Girls are becoming the chiefs. We are all for lifting women up and putting men down in every facet of life. More women now head men than ever before. There is no wage disparity as there used to be. Every job has to be 50/50...did it work for the blacks? (Not sure anymore what the correct word is) When was the last time you has a young girl shoot up anything? we are turning everything God set in place on it’s head. No longer are men made to feel worthy, especially in school. And you ask if God was there.. yes...in tears.
  4. No one ever went to heaven during OT times.

    If one speaks more than one language it is easy to understand that not all things can be translated from one language to another without the loss of meaning especially the nuances in words or phases. That said, in no other place does Jesus in His parables give names of people as in this illustration of Sheol. Yes, the description indicates two portions, one for the righteous and one for the unrighteous. They can seemingly converse as did Abraham and the rich man and they can see since the rich man saw Lazarus and they can remember their life on earth as the rich man recalled his brother and did not want him to follow. I also fully believe the Bible was not meant to be an interpretive stumbling block for those who, for lack of a better word are illiterate of Greek, Hebrew etc. God meant it to be read and understood by all. Simply as to a child. if the Bible says Jesus went to hell/Tartarus to witness to the chained angels who rebelled and followed Satan then that is what He did. He had to prove that no matter what Satan had done or would do, it was Jesus who was the victor. and yes, Jesus took all of those in paradise with a Him when he rose and went to heaven and presented His blood atonement on the altar of heaven. That is our assurance of heaven when we die. In Revelation it is the souls of the martyrs under the altar who cry out, How long..
  5. Why Christians Don’t (and Won’t) Support Gun Control

    I hope there will be more teachers to pick up the challenge of the gun without fear and protect the children young or old. I doubt many principals would...too many are perfect examples of the “Peter principle” IMHO and experience. Though I can think of one who would do anything to protect his students and teachers.
  6. Why Christians Don’t (and Won’t) Support Gun Control

    What is being said is that children no longer have the Lord’s Prayer said in schools, the 10 commandments mean nothing, laws are liberal and the way the leadership of the country is going is to appeal to the strident liberals and ignore all that is based on the laws of God. Liberalism is our problem... in Canada you cannot defend your own home against an intruder bent on harming you. If you do harm someone breaking into your home you are tried not the intruder. Our country is in a mess thanks to our current leaders. Guns in the hands of the mentally stable teachers would have protected the majority of students. But when police run from harm and leave innocent children defenseless you have what happened in Florida. a good article on the mass killers from Sandyhook on indicated no fathers in the home. We live in a society in NA where marriage is meaningless and easy to dissolve leaving children without parents needed for role models and wonder why bad things happen. Remember Satan has dominion over the earth but not God’s children yet bad things still do happen to God’s children too.
  7. Something i read got to me

    The story of the magi does not refer to threee. There were more than that since they were wise men they would have travelled with a retinue of hundreds. They gave three types of gifts and the gold would have attracted thieves that is why so many think there were only three. the wizards could have been from one of the false religions with which Israel would involve themselves and God used them for His purpose.
  8. What was your favorite Christmas Movie.

    More than ever before, this year I agree with you. Family is so interesting and sometimes, the hardest to reach and understand.
  9. What was your favorite Christmas Movie.

    An old black and white I believe called, “Christmas in Vermont”? Light comedy/love story. The old ones with the lovable characters are best. I guess I have seen “It’s a wonderful life”, too many times”.
  10. We’ll not have earthly bodies.... rest easy, God has it all worked out. I do believe it is a square also...no pyramid.
  11. Christian Tarot Cards

    The whole expression of “christian tarot cards” is an oxymoron, so is the foolishness of the whole idea....one of satan’s doing I am sure to entrap a weak christian.
  12. Is prayer effective?

    In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches and tells us to pray to the Father, “ Thy will be done..” in all things. Not our will be done but His, no matter what our petition, it is always subject to the will of God the Father.
  13. Appearances of Jehovah in the Old Testament as the Son of God

    God the Father did not have to “appear” as the Son of God, Jesus the Son, was with the Father from the beginning and when he appeared he appeared as the Son of God or perhaps the Angel of the LORD. Jesus the Word was and is the Creator, creating still. Do not omit the many was in which the Holy Spirit appeared to man.
  14. 10 myths of calvanism

    Can you truly say you know his heart and his relationship with Christ? Did he ask the Father to forgive him? He was more than the bad he did.
  15. 10 myths of calvanism

    You judge harshly. You have no idea what his relationship with Jesus was nor whether he asked for forgiveness for what he had done. Consider Paul, how God used him...I am not equating him with Paul but remember that if God chose to use him you are going against God’s servant. I know there is much hate here on the Board about Calvin but none of us is innocent of sin in God’s eyes and with what manner you judge you will be judged by God. Judging is a fearsome thing unless you have all the facts as God does.