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  7. Our sin is covered. But in asking forgiveness of God is like saying, " I'm sorry that I transgressed your love and that the sacrifice Jesus paid for my sin." Yes the sin is covered by Jesus blood but we acknowledge our transgressing of that sacrifice when we ask for forgiveness. Do do you find it difficult to say, I'm sorry? Forgive me? It cost the Saviour His life. Redemption is ours and eternal life because He lives. What does it cost you to say, "I'm sorry. Forgive me Father."
  8. Just because Jesus died for our sins, past present and future, does not mean that when we sin we do not ask the Father to forgive us our wrongdoing. There will be a day of accounting for all of our sins that are not confessed. I would rather do that now and acknowledge that I misstepped and seek God's forgiveness. It would be arrogant of me a child of God to think when I did something wrong that I should not say, "I'm sorry. Forgive me."
  9. I have found when there is discord or confrontation in a post, it is better to walk away.
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  11. if you think that all your troubles will be over like magic, your co workers will smile at you, you will have an increase in pay, the sun will not stop shining, and you will never have any troubles again as long as you are looking at the gift of salvation with the wrong attitude and heart. God never promised us that accepting Jesus as our Saviour and Lord would free us from sorrow or pain or disappointment or poverty, but He did promise that He would be there to hold our hand, comfort and give us peace in troubled times and a helping hand when we need it....not when we want it. So many think all our wants will be supplied..our needs will be. When people hurt or mistreat us He is there to comfort but not fix things for us. We must do that by forgiving others. He wants our love and trust that when things do go wrong and we come to Him He will comfort us and show us that the sun is still shining behind the clouds and that no matter what He is in control despite what others say. No, becoming a Christian does not change our circumstance but it changes you and the way you handle the problems and look at them....because we know the One who is in control intimately, through prayer and reading the Bible.
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