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  1. So then, Jesus was conceived around December 25. Right?
  2. Started Dec 1 on heavy dose of antibiotics for sinus and bronchial infection...took full 12 days to clear so I managed to put up a wreath on the front door...nothing else..not even the angels given me by my best friend are up...miss the lights of the tree tho. Oh well there’s next year God willing, if we are still here. Still have to bake for Christmas Eve dinner that is here. Too lazy. Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas.
  3. God knows what we are going to say or think before we say it, so yes He knows and hears your silent prayers and there is no form required or the prayer of the thief on the cross would not have been heard. Rest assured Your prayer is heard.
  4. I do differ again. When Jesus rose from the dead He took captivity captive.. He took those who rose with Him from Paradise in Sheol, to heaven. That is why when believers die, they go to the heavenly Paradise to await the rapture. When it comes to Enoch and Elijah the term translated is used, meaning ‘changed’. Changed from their human body to another type..to await their time possibly in the Tribulation and their death. It is appointed for all to die ...then, the resurrection.
  5. Yes. One of the translations uses the term translated. Taken would to my thinking be appropriate. The dictionary uses ‘to change the form of’ for translated.
  6. I beg to differ with your use of the term rapture when referring to Enoch and Elijah when God took them to heaven. There is one rapture and it has not yet occurred. The Bible says it is appointed for man to die once. They are awaiting their appointed time as we all are...either we will die or we will be changed before the living, at the coming of our Lord at the rapture, a future event. the only 2 humans to be translated are Enoch and Elijah. Quite possibly the two witnesses who will witness in Jerusalem. They will be killed and then be taken to heaven. Use the word rapture for the coming event we all await...the catching away, the snatching out of harms way...etc. The rapture precedes the Tribulation. Just trying to clarify.
  7. But! The point is that most LGBTQ want nothing to do with the church!
  8. Believe me when I say I am making no excuses for the PCA or PCC, however once they take money from the government in tax rebates etc. they have to tow the government line. On the other hand it appears that within this body so many have abandoned the Word of God for friendship of the LGBTQ and desire to have more people join the church and donate that God and the gospel is the first to go. It’s the..,if Jesus were here today He would see and understand and not make these pronouncements....theory. False though it is, since He does not change His Word, and the novelty of befriending them within a church is what is splitting and closing churches.
  9. One who is a born again Christian has freedom in Christ because they know what pleases Him and we yearn to please Him. To go against His word does not please Him but grieves Him. His word is our protection from self harm or harm from another. Ours is to obey Him and His word not our interpretation of His word...to suit our pleasures or ways of life. To follow His Word is to have no regrets.
  10. I was surprised to have the expression...” if Jesus was here today He would understand that times have changed from the Bible days and He would accept it” in Melinda’s words “ as they are in this day and age”. Man changes, becomes more accepting of the world view but God does not change nor do His standards. What was wrong 6000 years ago is still wrong today. Sin is sin no matter how one colours it or coats it in layers of sugar to make it more palpable. The couple are sinning according to God’s word plain and simple . There is no other way to couch it. Churches are made of people who sin daily and to accept members will veer from God’s word and accept man’s ways. Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun...this is not new thinking. It is wrong. It is sin.
  11. Even with a marriage licence, after the ceremony in church the couple/ church sends off documents to government. I see no issue there. Children are protected and estate is too. I realize government is into everything but so was it in Bible times. Render unto....the things that are.....
  12. My point in bringing up ‘common-law’ was that it is no different than being married because of the rights afforded to each one...share of property, income, finances and children should there be any. That is why marriage is the only way. Hebrews 14:4 says..marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefined, but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. How many times in the Bible does God say, “ I am the Lord. I do not change.” Man changes and assumes if God/Jesus was here today He would see that things have changed and He would understand. But, He does not change! Does it not say in the Bible ..there is nothing new under the sun? Man changes..God does not neither does His Word.
  13. It used to be a blood test was required so that the marrying couple would not produce children with issues ( an incompatible A, AB, AB- etc) an that they were of age and not closely related so offspring were healthy. So yes a marriage licence is a protection, not just a money grab.
  14. They are already condemned by God. It is not His will that they live together without the ordinance of marriage.. it is not up to me to condemn them.
  15. And yet in Canada, living together for 6mos., is I believe common-law- marriage equal to a real marriage and if there is a break up the property is divided as in a divorce. So, why not do it God’s way and if it is not good after six mos. it was never good but for the privilege of intimacy and financial gain.
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