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  1. Littlelambseativy

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    That is why the rapture was looked for in Paul’s time, Peter’s time and before that ...the disciples looked for the rapture. The Rapture is not time specific, however never have so many prophecies been fulfilled...including The formation of Israel, the dry bones coming together and returning to Israel....the earth is groaning like never before..with earthquakes, storms, volcanoes etc. we are either in the time of the rapture or very close to it. That is why we must be ready because no one knows the hour of our Lord’s return.
  2. Littlelambseativy

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    The woman who gives birth is Israel and the child is theMessiah/ Jesus. This has happened it is not future. As to why Jesus meets us in the air..whose domain is the air? .. the powers and principalities of the air? ...I believe Jesus meets the church, His Bride In the air....the domain of Stan and his angels...to escort us through Satan’ domain, Jesus and our enemy’s domain.
  3. Littlelambseativy

    Mark of the beast

    Stop and think Who is strong enough to restrain Satan. some say the devil is the Restrainer...is he mightier than the Holy Spirit Who was active in the creation of the universe? Who keeps each member of the church safe...No...satan cannot withstand the Holy Spirit, Who strengthened Jesus against Satan when He was tempted. Some say the church is the Restrainer... is the church mightier than the Holy Spirit..or does the church depend ON the Holy Spirit to keep it safe and free from sin...can the church ( even United ) withstand Satan? I cannot accept that. The members of the church still sin daily and need forgiveness daily. the ONLY One who can restrain Satan is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit Who does God’s bidding.... the Holy Spirit Who is God.
  4. Littlelambseativy

    Mark of the beast

    Daniel 10:13:-21 Michel, one of the chief princes (archangel), fights the other prince (demon) who is over Persia who is against Israel and Daniel. The struggle was great since he was delayed in reaching Daniel and had to return to fight the same prince of Persia. Daniel 12:1 Michael stands watch over Israel ( the sons of your people). Jude vs 9 Michael the archangel contends with the Devil over Moses body. Again an Israelite.
  5. Littlelambseativy

    Mark of the beast

    The archangel Michael is the guardian over Israel so cannot be the Restrainer. The Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Godhead is the only one able to restrain Satan and the demonic forces.
  6. Littlelambseativy

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    Always the coming of the Lord is as a thief in the night. What thief wants to come and be heard, or interfered with? Always silently in the night. the only ones to hear the trumpet and shout are those born again ...changed immediately and rise to meet the Lord in the air. He will escort us through the enemy territory, though Satan’s domain...he is the ruler of the air.
  7. Littlelambseativy

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    If you are a father and see your child walk ahead of you in the parking lot only then to see that a car is backing out and your child, who is oblivious of impending danger, is in harms way ready to be run over...what would you do? As a loving father I would hope that you would run and “snatch “ your child from danger or harm. Would our loving Father in Heaven do less than you a mortal here on earth? That is the reason for the rapture, Snatching or any other word related to the rapture.
  8. Littlelambseativy

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    I am so sorry that you interpreted what you read incorrectly. The Holy Spirit does not confuse anyone but enlightens. The Rapture is silent except to those left behind. Only those who are born again will hear the shout and trumpet. Jesus comes and meets us in the air... first the dead in Christ then those who are alive ( born again) will meet Him in the air. That is why Jesus referred to His meeting us in the air as a thief in he night.....silent. This starts the Tribulation because the Holy Spirit is removed from earth. This is not the Second coming. During the second coming His feet touch the earth on the Mount of Olives. There are only two comings one as an infant and the second as the Victor, the Lion of Judah, with angels and the saints following Him on white horses. This begins the Thousand year reign...millennium. The Holy Spirit is taken out from the earth because He is the Restrainer and those left behind during the following 7 years will have to revert to following the commandments to be found righteous. The Holy Spirit will not be here to indwell anyone. That is why there will be lawlessness. That is why it is better to be found His before theRapture. All before the Tribulation begins. ..a time like has not been seen before. That is why people will willingly accept the Mark of the Beast..
  9. Littlelambseativy

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    Oh wow, I am getting into what appears to be a hot debate re rapture, 2nd coming, Judah and Israel, and the 70 weeks etc. When the Israel became a nation in 1948 the last 70 weeks began...we are now past that time...a time of grace from God perhaps, until the last person to be raptured has turned his life over to Jesus as Lord. The last 7 yrs start immediately after the rapture. Rapture..At that time there will be a rapture referred to by the 1o virgins waiting for the bridegroom. The 5 whose oil did not run out and we’re waiting, went in and the door was shut. Or 2 sleeping and one taken, 2 harvesting and one taken the other left behind etc. or had the strongman not been sleeping then no one would be missing. Re the 2nd coming .. Jesus first coming was as a child born to Mary the 2nd will be when His feet touch the Mount of Olives and the Mount splits sending pure water to cleanse the Dead Sea. With regard to Israel and Judah, Israel joined Judah to become one. That is why the people of Israel are called JU’s from the name Judah.
  10. Littlelambseativy

    Common sense

    Doubt it will take that long. Moves being made by Trump and Israel, independently are interesting to watch. Prophecy being fulfilled . Watching it is fascinating. Praise God!
  11. Littlelambseativy

    Common sense

    But they sell the gas to Europe..remember last year or 2years ago when Russia was going to cut off supply to Europe? They need the oil and gas for their economy and to supply Europe and their own people. Certainly it was used as a tactic but oil runs out as does gas.
  12. Littlelambseativy

    Mark of the beast

    You speak of a “restrainer of somekind”. The Restrainer Is the Holy Spirit, Who is protecting the Church from the enemy. When the Holy Spirit and the church are removed....all hell breaks out on earth.
  13. Littlelambseativy

    Common sense

    Montana gave you the answer...Russia is running out of Oil and Gas to use at home and sell to Europe. Israel’s Mediterranean strike of Gas is huge and Russia wants it.
  14. Littlelambseativy

    Mark of the beast

    Why would “run” to something from which the Saviour died to free you? I must admit I find people read the Bible but do not understand the words.... how do you understand 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12.
  15. Littlelambseativy

    Mark of the beast

    They already have facial recognition...you will be able to do nothing without the mark. I believe it will be non removable once you accept it. There are satellites now that are tracking people’s movements....you will not escape.