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  1. Personally no cremation. The body burns the bones do not and are disposed of in the landfill. When dead it probably does not matter. The question also is it really you and all you who is in the urn? ???? Jesus was buried or entombed. I prefer the burial method.
  2. Welcome to Worthy!
  3. Welcome to Worthy!
  4. Today I would assume one needs there a law one one would break? We have come so far from that time in the religious laws of the country . Someone would make a call.....
  5. The wonderful word of "have" means that no matter when...1000 years ago or 1000 years from now they are valid for the very day they are heard or read. Meaningful for everyone, amen.
  6. Looked it up...July 10-13 but double check for your self.
  7. We so rarely seem to get a 3 day weekend. Hope you had a great time.
  8. Ouch! Canada Day...July 1, 2017....a typo yes??
  9. I find nothing wrong with it. Keeps the family close together. When they are older it will be yuck for the boys.
  10. We refer o the 1st of July as Canada Day, our nation's birthday . Refer to The 4th of July as Independance Day. That way nothing is forgotten. Actually for those who would like to share in the friendship of both countries ...there is an amazing fireworks display over the Detroit River ahead of July 1st and 4th for what is the Freedom Festival. Too late for this year, maybe 2018?
  11. It address your statement about God not approving of tattoos in The Old Testament. I have previously made a few remarks about the dangers of the ink and that God warned about marking the skin to the point where some have it covering the whole body. The inks from car paint and printers ink or toxic paints not yet known will in the future affect the liver and kidneys but will they also affect the other organs with what disease. Therefore God knew before time was the dangers we face and warned His people be it in the Old Testament or New.
  12. One cannot have the New Testament without the Old ...they go hand in hand the Old completes the New and the New completes the Old. Just because it is in the Old Testament does not mean it has no numerous places God says "I am the Lod I do not change" neither does His word.
  13. Thank you Paul
  14. And how easy it is for the cousins to the south to forget it is 150 for 🇨🇦 on this day. HAPPY 15O BIRTHDAY CANADA
  15. As I said before, God admonishes against cutting and marking the skin. But even if that were the least of ones worries or acceptance of God's word on tattoos, the idea I'd contaminating your largest organ, your skin, and have the contamination from that tattoo filter and contaminate your liver and kidneys or heart etc, it should give you pause. Car paint, printers' ink, lead paint, dyes that are made in an unsterile area with needles that are not disinfected would make me run. I do not need to be in a hospital connected to an IV pumping antibiotics into my body in hopes that I do not lose a portion of my body or skin to save my life. God admonished us for our "good" health, why would we not listen.