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  1. Littlelambseativy

    God, the poet

    Excuse me but, -who was in Eden, talking to Eve -who was covered with every precious colorful gem, full of pride -who was given a magnificent charming beautiful voice, -who was on God's holy mountain, free to go everywhere This is the description of the head cherub Lucifer, before his fall. So, I’m not certain about your conclusion regarding Ezekial’s description above. This not poetical but a precise description of Lucifer.
  2. Littlelambseativy

    Opinions on "God Friended Me"

    Have not watched the show but the promo left me with a very uncomfortable feeling.
  3. Littlelambseativy

    Scripture Songs

    That’s a great Marty Goetz song!
  4. Littlelambseativy

    Can you help me by voicing an opinion?

    Definitely 11 for work especially with clients..gives them something complex while waiting. 20 for home - blue a relaxing color and vibrant colored leaves to wrest you from rest.
  5. Littlelambseativy

    Storm Michael

    When I brought this topic up in a very questioning way, it was right after I heard a weather report stating that the strongest storms have occurred during the last 1/12 years...all during Trumps presidency. What could the connection be and does it have anything to do with the direction he chooses to go and also with Israel.
  6. Littlelambseativy

    Storm Michael

    Does anyone.. other than me, find it curious the reaction/connection among Trump, the severe weather since he took office and the Democrat connection/ reaction to Trump’s political moves/ choices? Wow this seems convoluted.....but do you get it?
  7. Littlelambseativy

    Do you like cats?

    Having done that myself, it’s one of the hardest things one can do to an animal you love. The grief lasts for a very long time. They truly do become like family members.....
  8. Littlelambseativy

    Hard one to discuss

    O so true. It is in our striving and prayers, pleading for God to intervene that we come to the realization that it is “His will” in all things that is important and it is to “His will” we surrender in those times for He knows the future and He knows what is best for all. A hard realization when it is someone very close.
  9. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    In order to learn about any subject in the news one cannot just listen to the most letter stations for your information. Read books, mags, and listen to those who know. Discern the truth. Don’t just accept the main news networks ...they have an agenda other than the truth. The truth is something that speaks to you.
  10. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    Vast numbers die never knowing God’s love and unending mercy. If you have experienced that mercy, you should thrill that another soul has been saved and not question why God showed that same mercy to one you so deride. God does not turn anyone away, unlike us who feel they are not deserving of the very mercy and eternal life we have in Jesus. Who are we to question why God chose him to lead the US..who are we to question why God sent bornagain men and women to intercede for him and hold him up before God.. who are we to question why God forgave him his sin ..the sin you repeat in your posts...if God forgave him his sin, it is under the blood and God no longer sees or recalls it....cast in the sea of His forgetfulness, just like yours and mine. Then why do you bring it up again? God doesn't Recall it.
  11. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    How about White, Graham, Hagee and I cannot recall the minister from Texas. Then there are those who God has placed in his inner circle..Pence, Huckabee etc.
  12. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    I personally am so tired of hearing the word “misogynistic”. No one used this word before. It was a rarity. Because of this word women are put in positions whether they are the best qualified or not. Men who may be best qualified are not promoted. I am so glad this man, Trump, puts quality and experience above equality. Women doing equal tasks should be paid the same as a man but I cringe at that word. So as not to be misogynistic Canada has equal no. Of men and women in Trudeau’s cabinet.really!! Does quality and intellect and experience no longer count only what sex you are? Trump chose the best qualified...bigot, xenophobe...good! I’m rebelling!
  13. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    As others have pointed out...David was an adulterer, murderer etc yet a man after God’s heart after he repented of his wrongs. Do you know Trump’s heart after he repented? If God forgives who are we to with hold forgiveness. You are bringing up his past...judge him for his work as president. BTW he was being forthright in telling Europe they neede to pay up...or do you want to pay the whole bill for defending them?
  14. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    Please do list the good things Obama did in Eight years.
  15. Littlelambseativy

    President Trump

    What has he done that is so morally egregious since coming to office and turning his life over to Jesus (as many evangelical ministers attest)? What so offends you? And makes you say he is not honourable or measure up to your view as a Christian?