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  1. No wonder Bible says "Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith". I escape the lies by focusing on Jesus more and more. The more we focus on what devil does or what he can do, we allow him more in our lives. He knows we got a place for him in our mind that he can play with. Instead I try to fill my entire mind with Jesus and spiritual thoughts. That's one (and very effective) way to avoid being deceived.
  2. None of the religions handle the concept of sin. They either ignore that there is something called sin. Or they explain sin and provide something that only covers up and does not address the problem. Only Christianity explains sin, provides remedy through Jesus Christ and the Cross
  3. Gospel according to Jesus. That He is the only way. Yes, I am certain. Because it is as per Scripture.
  4. I would pray that Lord would strengthen you. Being a dad, I can only imagine what it would have been for you to go through this. I can keep talking about what Lord's love is and on and on. But you would never get the answer for "why". And in many cases, we never get the answer. That is the truth. When me and my wife went through losses ourselves, Lord spoke to me through this song. I was simply crying! Not just the words. The circumstances in which it was written. I hope this song encourages you and will continue to pray that Lord will strengthen you I will finish by saying this. Many times the only answer Lord gives us for the question why is - My grace is sufficient for you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Is_Well_with_My_Soul
  5. Does not sound surprising. At the end of day, people at Church are all sinners in need of God's grace. Church is not a bunch of "perfect" people. Church is a place for imperfect people, who have understood their imperfectness and knows they can do nothing about it apart from Jesus Christ. As you get more involved in Church activities (deacon, board member, etc) you would see more politics and you would feel that Church is more of an organization than fellowship! That's what man has made Church to be. An organization and not a place of fellowship. Does that mean going to Church is bad? Let it be the last thing. In short, the point is - all churches would have some shortcoming. Pray and see where Lord wants you to be rather than the circumstances. I wouldn't call a Church as false Church just because of a few rude people. It would be teaching which would define whether a Church is false or not.
  6. But wouldn't it simply mean Paul spoke in tongues quite a lot simply because he was able to interpret it or someone else was there to interpret it? 13 For this reason the one who speaks in a tongue should pray that they may interpret what they say When I read this, I think Paul is saying everyone speaking in tongue should pray that they are able to interpret it if there is no one else to interpret. And Paul is saying, while I can speak and interpret quite a lot, I would rather not do it. because tongues as a whole is a sign for unbelievers and not believers. This is where I am quite lost. Today speaking in tongues are NOT a sign for believers. And there is no strong scriptural backing for "personal speaking in tongues" And Scripture is supportive that gifts of the Spirit are relevant today and I don't think speaking in tongues have ceased. So there is no much speaking in tongues today, without being aligned with scripture
  7. I will be meditating on this word at my Church for Good Friday
  8. Mine is a pretty small Church. Anyone who does not agree with me theologically is not welcome in the Church Just kidding.. everyone is always welcome. When it comes to leading some form of ministry or being an elder or something like that, then we think a lot before just confirming.
  9. Quite interesting. In few days entire political picture has completely changed. Relationship between Russia and Trump has changed. Trump's policy on Syria has changed.
  10. I think there is another thread on same topic
  11. You are right. God will make things clear in His time. No where in the Bible we see the concept of over praying. Or stop praying after a threshold. There is nothing like that. Bible encourages us the opposite way. Keep on praying. keep on asking. Pray without ceasing. We should keep praying until God makes it very clear that we need to stop. It only happen when we ask something against His will. God will make it clear in such cases to stop! Because we are on wrong track And many times God would simply say "My grace is sufficient for you". When you pray and cry out to Lord, you will see Lord embracing you and holding you in His arms. You may not see the answer you wan't. But you will see the love of God in a way you have never seen before. That's my personal experience. And then eventually God would do things in His time and in His perfect ways I will share testimony. After having first child, we planned another child. My wife had 2 miscarriages. She was totally heart broken after second one. She got afraid that she would never have a successful pregnancy. She asked the question "Why God would let this happen?". Why her prayers were not answered. Many said we are weak in faith. Many said devil is causing havoc and we need pray more. Many said it is generational curses. I was the only source of hope for her. I still remember those conversations. I made it clear to her that I don't know why. But God is in control. He does not ignore every tear we drop. He gave His life for us when we did not even love Him. Would he keep ignoring our prayers now? Those are the times I felt closest to Lord. Through so many ways God ministered to us. Spoke to us. Comforted us. We felt like He was right with us, going through the situation. Eventually Lord blessed us with another baby and she is a healthy 1.5 years old baby now The point is, God is hearing your cry. God is grieving along with you. And He is saying "My grace is sufficient for you". Why He is letting you go through? Only He knows.
  12. Will be praying for the little girl. Sad sad story. Recently in India a 5 year old was raped and murdered. Can't believe how people can sell their soul to devil so much and allow so much sexual immorality that they would do such things to so little girls. My heart goes out to her and family. Will be praying
  13. 1) I do not believe in Evolution. Everything cannot come from nothing! 2) Yes, I am convinced Bible is true. Because it is accurate, self defensible, all prophesies are accurate (ones that are already written or about events unfolding). It is the only Book which explains how to be reconciled back with God. No other religion/book provides a solution for guilt of sin and a way to be reconciled back with God 3) I am in US, but not born here. I believe there needs to be stronger gun laws. I don't understand why someone would oppose stronger gun laws. If a person is really clean and entitled to have gun, what difference would it make if laws or relaxed or strict 4) Same type of feeling I would have about someone having secret affair and cheating on husband/wife.
  14. I think people misunderstand the parable of unjust judge. It is not to say we should keep praying to God until He answers the prayer the way we want. We need to keep praying until there is an answer to the prayer. It is not to remind God that He needs to take some action. It is a reminder for ourselves on our dependence on God. And without Him we can do nothing. Some times the wait is long or very long. Some times God says No. For some the path in this side of life is a difficult one. Imagine lives of different prophets. God chose them and made them do things which would have made their life miserable! Imagine being Hosea? Marry a prostitute and keep paying to bring her back. He did not do anything wrong. Lord chose him to show Israel a lesson. Hosea was probably one of the very few God fearing people at that time. As per the theology of many faith preachers, Hosea should have lived a life of luxury and got everything he wanted. No, it was not the case. He suffered and all the evil people were living a life of pleasure. Why? There is no answer to "why". At least not while we are in this world. We do not understand everything that's happening. We are only called to trust and have faith in Him, who knows everything. And Who does everything for our good. While it may not look like good in short term, it would all work out for good in long run.
  15. I have found myself feeling bored. There have been days when I have felt so sleepy. Some times I have even dozed off. Not because it was because the sermon is boring or something. Some times work gets crazy and I would have just slept few hours the night before or the entire week. Our Church service starts around 9AM, unlike other Churches who start pretty late. So I would feel so tired and uncontrollable sleep creeps in!! Why do you think you feel bored? Is it because of tiredness or something else?