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  1. yes right. That is what I truly believe Paul means here. Chatter and also being disruptive in Church. For example, someone cannot just stand up and give their opinion when the preacher is preaching. We all can accept that should not be done. So chatter and chatter or being disruptive. It is a no for both men and women.
  2. I guess it's because Constantine thought it was best to celebrate on that day!! Frankly, there are so many theories out there. People don't even know the year Jesus was born. There are certain events in Bible captured with dates. And Scripture is silent on the date and year when Jesus was born. Which would imply, it is not so much important. But rather Scripture is so very detailed on the events around birth of Jesus. The life of Jesus, His death and resurrection. Which would imply, it is more important that we celebrate Jesus and glorify Jesus. Even if we get the date absolutely right, there is no point of celebrating Christmas without Christ (which is what it has come down to these days). I would rather glorify and exalt Jesus even if I can't get the date right.
  3. Great question and honestly, I don't know. And to be honest, we can ask all sorts of questions for which we won't have answers. Why would God create humans in the first place if God was not so sure if they would actually sin or not? When Adam and Eve first sinned, why let them continue living instead of finishing it then and there? Why not destroy the creation and start all over again, may be this time a better creation who would always make the right choice? Lot of people try to deny God's sovereignty by trying to answer the exact question you asked. But it only opens up lot more question and not solve anything.
  4. It is unfair to say God plays favorites when it comes to election. Actually He is fair with everyone whom He is not electing. Because hell is what everyone deserves. That's fair. Then He shows His grace and mercy by going out of fairness and choosing people as His children. Calling them, regenerating them, sanctifying them and glorifying them. Yes, God is not fair with people whom He elects. He goes above fairness.
  5. I don't believe a spiritually dead person is able to choose Jesus and reject Jesus. God has to regenerate a person so that the person can 'freely' choose Jesus. Because of original sin, we all were spiritually dead. God is the initiator when it comes to faith and not us. God is simply not having a view of everyone's choice. He is the primary cause of everything that happens. God did not just set the universe in motion and defined gravity, etc and let things unfold itself. He is the Orchestrator.
  6. First of all, that verse is not talking about physical denial. It is not about denying health, staying in shape, etc. It is about desires of the flesh. The commandment is Leviticus is part of The Law. We are no longer under the condemnation of the law and free from it. Does not mean the law itself is null and void. The law was provided as a way to show God's heart. God's desire is for the creation to not tarnish the uniqueness and the unique impression He has given. I don't believe it is best for believers to try and change their body through surgeries. I underlines the word best because it not something to be evaluated as right or wrong. But rather is it the best choice. I don't see any harm in taking selfies, trying to look good, staying healthy, building muscles, etc. As long as these do not become idols in our lives - they take the place of God. They distract us from God. If you would rather go to gym than go to Church or Bible study, then it's time to stop and think. Again, the activity itself is good. But not the best because there are better things to do. The last thing to consider in all these would be, is God's name glorified. When we build muscles or try to look good, are we glorifying ourselves or giving God the glory for what He has given us? I don't know how we can glorify God through tattoos! If there is a way, then may be!!
  7. Discernment is not about seeing something. It is feeling in your spirit and knowing whether something is right or wrong. This is not a resident type of gift (like preaching, teaching). It does not mean a person can have this gift and can discern something every time. It depends on operation of Holy Spirit and when God wants the gift to be operative.
  8. I don't believe this is a gender specific instruction. Paul writes it as gender specific because it was women who were causing the issue in Corinthian Church at that time. The whole chapter deals with orderly worship inside Church. Paul talks about how people should not prophesy in tongues (to the congregation) when there is no one to interpret. How people should not talk over each other. Then he comes to this specific point. I think it is disgraceful for anyone (man or woman) to speak in the Church during a service. That is, speaking without being prompted by Holy Spirit. And in Corinthian Church the women were probably speaking up or speaking among themselves. If someone misses a point in the sermon because they were tending to their kids, it would be inappropriate to ask their spouse (audibly) what did he or she miss. If multiple people start doing this, it would quickly escalate to chaos. In Corinthian Church, the wives were doing this and Paul refers to women. The principle is for men as well, just as the whole chapter deals with orderly worship within a Church.
  9. Welcome to worthy! Interesting question. I believe the passage is applicable for all believers. Most of the words spoken by Jesus were directed towards disciples. Doesn't mean they are only for the disciples and not for us. Some were specific to them and it would be obvious (as they would be personal). All believers are called by Jesus and thus, we could be called as disciples. So these principles are applicable to everyone. This particular verse is one of the most misused verses in Church history. When the verse is taken out of context, it sounds like Jesus is giving his followers a blanket authority. But the verse will have to be looked in context. The passage deals with Church discipline and what the Church should be doing as a body. Looking at the context of the verse, the Greek word used in this verse would be best translated into what I have highlighted in bold. It is talking about what Church declares as unlawful or prohibited (binding) or declares as lawful and permitted (loosening) would be done in heaven as well. That is the authority Jesus is giving to the Church as a whole and not to specific individuals. The reason is, God would send Holy Spirit as counselor. Church would be guided by Holy Spirit. So it also does not mean Church has authority to make declarations on their own. When the verse is looked in the context and interpreted with rest of the Scripture, it is clear that it is not a blanket authority to believers. Strong's Concordance deó: to tie, bind Original Word: δέω Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: deó Phonetic Spelling: (deh'-o) Definition: to tie, bind Usage: I bind, tie, fasten; I impel, compel; I declare to be prohibited and unlawful.
  10. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us. Wanted to post an update. My dad's wife passed away on 25th Nov. We had to make an emergency trip to India. Came back to US couple of days back. By God's grace we reached on time to take part in the funeral. My wife got to see her dad one last time on this side of earth, but unfortunately after he had passed away. While she is still mourning, she has the hope that he is in a better place and one day we would all get to see him. It was a tough couple of weeks for everyone with immediate travel. But God has sustained us and gave us strength (physically and emotionally) to go through all this. Once again, thanks for keeping us in prayers. Much appreciated!
  11. Please keep my wife's dad in prayers. He is back in India (we are in US). He has congestive heart failure and got admitted to ICU yesterday. There is lot of fluid retention and got pretty sick. He came out ICU only a couple of weeks back. We just heard that he is having kidney damage. Yet to know to what extend, is it complete failure or just damage, is it one or both. My wife is very much troubled being far away and unsure whether to travel now wait for his recovery. We have 3 little girls and that complicates any travel plans. Please keep our family in your prayers. Appreciate it!
  12. I myself gave an example in my previous posts. Deborah. There will be exceptions. I am not debating on that at all. My only point is that exception should not be norm. My comment was to a post on how men pastors fall and cause disruption. I do acknowledge shortfall of man. But that is not a sole reason to change order given by God. Exceptions would always be there and I agree with that
  13. Shortfall of men should not change God's order. Yes, men have fallen. I don't think replacing men with women as pastors is the solution!
  14. There is a certain order that God gives. Which is for men to be pastors of Church. That should be the norm. There would always be exceptions. Just like how Deborah was called to be a judge because there was no other man qualified at that time. But exceptions should not become norm. While the norm should be male pastors, if there is no one eligible then it would be okay for women pastors. In this day and age, I would be surprised to hear that there is no eligible male pastor!! And it is a weak argument that everyone is the same in God's sight and hence it is okay for women to be pastors. Responsibilities is not same as equality. This is the case with Trinity. God the Father, Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit - they are all equal with different responsibilities.
  15. Just my suggestion and kind feedback. Do not look at any scripture as a view point of author. That defeats the whole belief of Scripture being inspired by Holy Spirit. Then no Scripture is authoritative. Everything becomes relative. This is a dangerous way to look at Scripture.
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