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  1. Not trying to play with semantics here. Not seeing the truth is different from not being capable to see the truth. Being blind is, not being capable to see. Atheists are perfectly capable of seeing the truth. And they have seen the truth and rejected it. Trust me, I know where you were. Because I was there. More than that, I will trust Bible which tells where everyone one was once!
  2. I think this is where you are missing the point. When you were an atheist, you were NOT blind. You absolutely saw the truth, but rejected it. Atheists are people who close their eyes and say everything is dark. It is NOT being blind.
  3. That is Jesus left us with Holy Spirit, Comforter. We need to keep going back to Jesus when we are tired. It will keep happening again and again. As long as we are in this world. We have to keep going back to Jesus and cling on to His promises.
  4. I thought that was the reason. I am not sure very sure about it though. I have never done enough research on this myself. I have only done study on how it applies to us today I might have been completely wrong with my previous statement though
  5. Bible has all answers w.r.t our relationship with God. It also has many other "bonus features" Which are not necessary for our salvation, but enriches our spiritual wisdom. Debates and Apologetics are needed because answer is not there. Because people reject the answer. And we have so many denominations because people like to disagree on the bonus information.
  6. Paul continues to say that nevertheless death has been there from the time of Adam. People die even though they did not have a direct command from God on what they should follow (like Adam). Before Mosaic Law, God did not give direct commandments to people. They still sinned and died. Verse 12 confirms the same. We read below in verse 20 of chapter 1. Every one had something revealed to them about God, His power and divine nature. And it clearly says people are without excuse. People will be judged by what was exposed to them and if they had faith based on what was exposed to them. For some it might have been just through consciousness. Romans 1:20 - For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
  7. I have seen successful marriages where the girl is slightly older than boy. Me and my wife are almost same age. She is just few weeks younger than me. It has been working out pretty good for us. I think it does not matter who is older. I think 5 to 10 years is the max. Otherwise, the difference is more than a decade and we know how things get so different in few years. It would feel like people from 2 generations are living together
  8. Devil can't read your mind. But he has heard everything you have said. He knows everything you have done. He has a pretty good idea of what your weak areas are and what to use to attack you. Only God knows the deep and inner thoughts.
  9. I go towards Calvinism. During my junior years of Christianity, I adhered to Arminianism without knowing what it is! Because I grew up hearing sermons and preachers saying I can lose my salvation if I am not careful. Holy Spirit opened by eyes to Word of God and I understood the assurance of Salvation. I don't like to call myself Calvinist. After all, John Calvin was another sinner. Why do I want to have a name associated with another person? But theology wise, I am aligned with TULIP. But over the last few years, I made it a point to not get into arguments about Calvinism vs Arminianism. It only causes more divisions. As FYI, I attend Assemblies of God (which as a whole endorses only Arminianism).
  10. I believe it comes from Jewish understanding that men cover their head during prayer (as a sign of mourning). But if I am right, there is no OT law for this. It is more of Jewish tradition. because Jesus was Jew, people assume He would have had head covering.
  11. You can even take John 15:22 out of context and apply that Jesus did not speak with the world and hence they are not guilty of sin. This is pulling a verse out of context and applying it to totally something else to make doctrine! Sorry to be so blunt The first thing to note here is that even blind people have sin. The question is whether they would be guilty or not. The second thing is, the type of blindness. The person was blind from birth. He never ever had an opportunity to see the outside world. I can think of people who are mentally challenged and do not have opportunity to make a decision understanding the implications. They might sin without understanding what it means. The 3rd thing is to see what pharisees are accused for. They are not blind. They claim to see. Atheists fall into this bucket. They claim to see and reject Jesus and God. They are not blind. You actually need to explain why you feel atheists are blind
  12. There is a big difference between someone who has never ever heard the word God or Jesus and someone know heard everything and rejects God exists because they do not believe in that.
  13. And also I would like to hear your views on non-English translations. I come from India. In India there is a language for every state. My native language is Tamil. There is only ONE tamil translation of Bible. It is not from KJV. So it is not a good translation?
  14. May be you can shed some light on how KJV translation came into existence and why it is the only true translation? I think we should not come to this conclusion by proving everything else to be wrong.
  15. It would be a very tough choice between David and Daniel. David - He was called a man after God's own heart. He fell just like any other man. He always came back. I wish to have a heart like David, which always keeps coming back to God. Daniel - One of the few characters in Bible about whom there is nothing wrong recorded. The things he went through and how solid he was in faith, I hope to have that kind of faith.