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  1. Microchipping Pets- Any thoughts?

    When it comes to animals, there is really no need to microchip them. I know there are lot of animals that carry some sort of device with them to track their movements. May be the intent is to test on animals before introducing in humans. But the technology is already tested and available. Not sure why they would do that as well.
  2. Is playing with dolls a sin?

    It cannot be looked at from a legalistic perspective. There is nothing inherently wrong in playing dolls, irrespective of the age. However, it is failure as a society that an adult would think it is better to have some real looking doll than real relationship. As MorningGlory mentioned, it is the worship of dolls that would make it sin
  3. Debate

    This is what Peter writes in 1 Peter 3:15. This forms the basis of apologetics and it is to be done in this spirit. The idea of apologetics is not to show who has more "wisdom". The purpose of apologetics is to give reason for the hope and show answers for genuine seekers. I am not sure if you are asking for a debate in the right spirit Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect
  4. Sophia Becomes First Robot Granted Citizenship

    I am really not understanding the logic behind granting Citizenship. What does it imply? To treat and give rights to robots like humans? What is the message they are trying to send?
  5. Men Pray With The Men Women With The Women

    This is exactly what we do in our Church. We are a small Church and most of us know each other personally very well. So there are occasions when a male might feel it is better to lay hands on female for prayer and vice-versa. But let's say there is someone who is a bit new, it would not happen. Yowm makes a very good point. It also has to do with comfort feeling of the person. For example, I am very sure my wife would not be comfortable when men lay hands on her, whom she does not know very well.
  6. spouse vs friends

    After marriage, there should be nothing that can come between husband and wife. They have become one flesh. Even friendship. Today many couple create separation in their marriages in the name of "needing own space". Without realizing, the space keeps increasing and separates them forever. Loving couples should always strive to close the space as much as possible and not try to create space between them.
  7. Amish

    I agree with above Gandalf. I wouldn't call them as cult. Again, cult is a loosely used term. Any unorthodox belief is often called as cult. I like the definition quoted by gotquestions for what a cult means. Going by that definition, I wouldn't call Amish people as cults. They have extreme views on certain things - using modern technology, mixing with people outside of their community, education, etc. https://www.gotquestions.org/cult-definition.html I visit Amish community often in Lancaster PA. Found many positive things as well. There are certainly many good things we can learn from them
  8. Dating

    I did not say whether dating is right or wrong. Original poster did not ask whether dating is biblical or not. Seems like the question was only about books on dating. Probably you should address this with the original poster
  9. Dating

    I am pretty sure there would be numerous books on dating. The bigger question is, are they of any use? I would say they would not be of much use.
  10. Would it matter if we give an explanation on the context of the verse?
  11. Is everyone healed?

    I will be praying for your husband as well. As everyone said, some say if we have faith we can be healed 100% of the times. Some say it does not happen all the time. Scripture shows both. All we have do is, keep praying with faith. Because healing does not happen 100% of the time, we should not reduce our faith. It is hard, no doubt. People would even say healing is not coming because you lack faith! Cast your burdens on Him. I will pray for peace and comfort as well.
  12. Wouldn't it be crazy if science PROVED God!

    I don't think it would satisfy doubters. They would ask for something more! They would ask for more signs. Unbelievers would always find ways to deny God. When Jesus came down, Pharisees kept on asking for signs. When Jesus was performing mighty miracles right in the middle of them. They still asked for more signs!
  13. Role of Dreams?

    God does use dreams to give us assurances of His promises and also remind us of the future proclaimed through His Word. While there is nothing else to be added to the Scripture, God does remind us to show what is coming down the line. It might be for you to pray for the students or the entire school system to not fall into deception of the devil.
  14. The Proverbs talk about 2 different situations. One in which we should answer and the other one in which we should not. How do we know which situation we are in? Pray about it and Holy Spirit will lead you and will exactly let you know what to do
  15. i need bible

    I can understand. I come from India. There is an app from YouVersion. You can download Bible versions to be read offline. In this way, you are not using up data each time. You can download while connected to some WiFi network.