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  1. georgie_02

    How well do you know the teaching of Jesus?

  2. georgie_02

    Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    still praying for you..hope your doing okay 💜
  3. georgie_02

    Pray for Debby

  4. georgie_02

    Reading Multiple Versions

    which version do most people read??
  5. georgie_02


    i think guns are okay just sometimes the person who is holding the gun might be a little nuts..you can pass the background checks then years later snap..like that man who hurt those people in las vegas during the music festival..dangerous....probably would be less paranoid if i grew up around them though. :-)
  6. georgie_02


    someone could easily take the gun of you? anything could go wrong
  7. georgie_02


    thats a little scary lol
  8. georgie_02


    is a carry permit a license to be able to walk around in public with it?
  9. georgie_02

    My mum has severe angina...she might be about to die

    prayer works just not when it interupts gods plans..praying for your mum gb
  10. georgie_02


    is it easy to get a license for a gun in america?
  11. georgie_02

    We need jobs! Prayers Appreciated

  12. georgie_02

    ive been cursed with bisexuality

    god. loves. everyone.