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  1. Cindy

    praying now gb
  2. Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    more prayers
  3. I Need Prayer Again

    sorry your going through this...god doesnt hate you keeping you in my prayers gbu
  4. Believer1997 needs prayer

    praying now gb
  5. Very serious prayer requests

    praying allyce gbu
  6. I need your prayer

  7. Gospel Car for my place

  8. Prayers again for my family please!

    still praying
  9. Considering it...

    praying kaylay gbu
  10. Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    still praying too...hope you are okay
  11. Daily Meditations And Affirmations - 36

    what the.......people actually eat pages from the bible?
  12. firearms

    o wow
  13. I need your prayer

  14. Travel safety and good purpose

    praying gb
  15. Hubby taken to hospital.

  16. Brian needs prayer

    praying for your neighbour gb
  17. Marge

  18. Daughter

    praying too gb
  19. Here goes

    hi zorgblar why do you want to leave your body?
  20. Muslim neighbors?

    sorry i didnt know. people here say its a musalla for some reason..i googled the meaning and it just means outside prayer area. yeah smile and be nice
  21. Muslim neighbors?

    theres a musalla (musallah?) up the road from me but haven't spoken to the people who use it and dont really want to...lol...they are good people though
  22. someone could knock the drone out of the sky and steal your burritos though lol