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  1. How well do you know the teaching of Jesus?

  2. Need MASSIVE Prayers to stay on God's Path

    still praying for you..hope your doing okay 💜
  3. Pray for Debby

  4. Artists Lounge!

  5. firearms

  6. which version do most people read??
  7. firearms

    i think guns are okay just sometimes the person who is holding the gun might be a little nuts..you can pass the background checks then years later snap..like that man who hurt those people in las vegas during the music festival..dangerous....probably would be less paranoid if i grew up around them though. :-)
  8. firearms

    someone could easily take the gun of you? anything could go wrong
  9. firearms

    thats a little scary lol
  10. firearms

    is a carry permit a license to be able to walk around in public with it?
  11. My mum has severe angina...she might be about to die

    prayer works just not when it interupts gods plans..praying for your mum gb
  12. firearms

    is it easy to get a license for a gun in america?
  13. We need jobs! Prayers Appreciated

  14. ive been cursed with bisexuality

    god. loves. everyone.
  15. Christian Tarot Cards

    i thought it was only bad when you did things with the cards? not sure how to even do it is just owning them bad?
  16. Christian Tarot Cards

    im not sure what your asking but i guess sometimes it can be used for cult things but i dont think people use these kinds of cards for that purpose well hopefully not lol..
  17. Christian Tarot Cards

    erm i have a deck of those cards
  18. Pray for Debby

    praying for debby as well!
  19. Overwhelmed

    dont give up
  20. Are We Being Deceived By Demon?

    does he want to help though
  21. The poster georgie_02?

    please dont,,will be praying for you!
  22. The poster georgie_02?

    thanks all everything is okay