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  1. shorryshaggy

    Sony: The Decision to Pull, "The Interview"

    While I have no interest in this movie and would never watch it, I think this was a mistake. We can';t let other countries go around and frighten us into what they want. This isn't what America is about.
  2. shorryshaggy

    My adoption, how I see it

    That is amazing Logan. I remember when you first started coming to worthy you have grown so much. I am truly impressed with the thought and feeling you put into that,. I am so very happy for you.
  3. shorryshaggy

    Happy Birthday ....

  4. shorryshaggy

    "Atlas Shrugged" And America Today

    As I understand John Gault is more involved in part 3 which is going to come out soon. I heard an interview with the film maker. Much of the interview had to do with how it resembles today.
  5. shorryshaggy

    Heaven is for real?

    The problem I have is all the people saying they went to heaven and they aren't saved. this happens in many near death experiences.
  6. shorryshaggy

    A Question for Everybody

    would they be saved if they hated God
  7. shorryshaggy

    Hi Im new

    welcome to all the new people
  8. shorryshaggy


    welcome to worthy
  9. shorryshaggy

    My Story

    welcome to worthy
  10. shorryshaggy

    New wolf here

    welcome to worthy
  11. shorryshaggy

    Man dies from energy mints.

    ok this is a bit off topic but what about caffeine in shampoo? I found some today does that mean another way the government can invade through the hair shaft?
  12. shorryshaggy


    welcome to worthy
  13. shorryshaggy

    The Amish

    Yeah I guess i don't understand why a life in old timey clothing and sans technology is considered morally superior by anyone to start with. I see nothing in scripture which suggests anything like that as an ideal. I'm sure there are many decent Amish people, but that is true in every community. thing is they will use technology they just don't own it so they will use yours. They have phones but in the barn or by the street and cell phones for business. They will ride in cars and some will be ok with flying they use computers at the library or someone else's and the newer generation is turning to more technology.
  14. shorryshaggy

    Prayer for Mitizi

    Cap a member here has asked that I share this prayer request. His girlfriend Mitzi tried to commit suicide this morning so please pray for her peace of mind and for him as they are dealing with the issue.
  15. shorryshaggy

    The Amish

    well since they are a closed community they wouldn't evangilize cause they believe you have to be amish to go to heaven and they don't want anyone else in their community unless you are born into it. Also in my opinion they are very prideful in their simple life at least the ones i have experienced.