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  1. sarcasm, sorry, a little punchy tonight. That's the point I was trying to make. Actually there are calling trumps and warning trumps and other trumps and something to do with feasts and all but the last trump in Revelation as in the seven is not the same as the horn for the snatching away or rescue or rapture. I don't know it enough to write it out but I can look into it and try.
  2. I find it interesting that Amelia Earhart's last flight was below the equator. With the fuel stop on a small island I'm sure they ran over and over the navigation. They had a few difficulties with navigation before this and I wonder if those flights also started below the equator. Just a thought, you see, on a flat earth the lines of latitude would continue outward as in a spider web. On a globe they would begin, ever so slightly to get closer as they would be heading toward another pole. If the navigation was done for a globe but the earth is actually flat well, well, a conspiracy to add to another I guess.
  3. Yes, gathering from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other. They got up there somehow.
  4. But only to those who hold to a certain perspective. The only way one would think that is to be taught it after being indoctrinated into despensational thinking. The bible doesn't flow or read like that. There is nothing in the text to set the reader to believe he is speaking to anyone other than His disciples. Therefore anyone reading and seeing the signs in the heaven and Jesus in the clouds with a trump and angels and reading Thesselonians would be able to see the very simple and clear understanding this is our rescue right before Gods wrath in the trumpets and bowls. Matthew 24 fits very well with the seals. Babes can understand this but intellectual line upon line, precept upon precept, proof text intense layers of theological debate never will.
  5. That's right, the second last trump and voice of the arch angel in the second rapture. Forget where that second last trump scripture is.
  6. Seems clear to me. Show biz is just that way. One day your up and the next day your gone. Tim Allen knows this and most likely will move on unless someone picks it up. If you've noticed over the years when someone cries and whines over show biz stuff they tend to disappear. Better to smile, pick up the box of belongings off the desk and say "See ya when I see ya". And send a card to the producers and writers thanking them for the great times..
  7. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but the "Last Man Standing" show is not owned by that network. I heard today that 40% of revenue comes from advertising and the rest from selling or leasing a show to net flicks and other networks for re-runs. They made a business decision to open up a time slot for something they own. So even though ratings were okay it was never going to be a cash cow for them. Not sure who owns the rights, the radio report didn't mention it or I mist it, I was working.
  8. Really unfair question. I also wrote that the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples 'before' the day of Pentecost while Jesus was present. What I'm speaking of is the work of the Holy Spirit as in convicting the world of sin and empowering the church. You have taken my words out of context to play a word game. Why?
  9. Look, God will work as He did in the Old Testament. The out pouring as in the day of Pentecost is withdrawn, that is what is taken away. Did you actually read what I wrote?
  10. Well it has to do with the way the Holy Spirit worked before the day of Pentecost. Certain people, priests, kings, prophets had the Spirit of God but the Holy Spirit coming upon the believers was the first day of the church proper so to speak.. Jesus breathed on the disciples and said receive the Holy Spirit before that day. The disciples had the Holy Spirit in the upper room as they waited for the promise. Jesus also said that He would send the Comforter but He would have to leave so the Holy Spirit could come. Yet He gave them the Holy Spirit before He left. This has to do with the workings of the Holy Spirit. The salvation indwelling of God, the earnest the down payment, and the empowering gifting of God for the church and convicting power of God on the world. Well as Jesus said He must depart so the comforter can come, in the same way the Holy Spirit must depart so Jesus can come. Out poured as in a rainy season not indwelt. Remember Elijah and the rain didn't fall for how long? three and a half years. hm There is no abandoning His creation, the Holy Spirit is not taken from believers, He just works as He did before Pentecost. The gifts of the Spirit and His convicting power in the world as what happened on the day of Pentecost is over. At this time anyway I believe this to be the restrainer being taken out of the way. The man of lawlessness will be revealed to the faithful before we are out of here. Before the rapture. The day of the LORD is a day of darkness and not light. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" There is a reason the five virgins that had no oil couldn't get any from the five that did. You either have oil or you do not when the clock ticks to midnight. Jesus comes as a thief in the night. Night time, spiritual darkness, "The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the LORD shall come." Peter in Acts ch2 vs20
  11. Okay I read it. Thanks As a side note; The disciples were breathed on by Jesus and received the Holy Spirit before Pentecost. They were in the upper room as born again believers. It's the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost that is convicting the world of sin and empowering the church for service. The opposite will happen when night comes. A cry came out at midnight. He comes like a thief, when? In the night. The more you read the more it all fits. Work while it is the day, night comes when no man can work. Like Rahab, a gentile woman, and her household were rescued before the horrid finality of the battle of Jericho commenced. So also I believe the faithful will be taken out before the horrid reality of His wrath commences and is poured out upon the earth. We have what the antichrist will do in deception, persecution, wars, political power and rule wanting to be worshiped, a magnitude far above what the spirit of antichrist that is in the world already does, but then the wrath to come is much different.
  12. So the antichrist is restraining the antichrist? We seem to expect an awful lot from a massive population who, at this time, really don't care and will only be interested in saving the life they love, this one, when the time comes. Just as churches are accepting homosexuality to be relevant or whatever thinking its how love acts and many other reasons I'm sure, one being to save their organization rather than close the doors. So also will millions, billions of people do what it takes to save their butts. I think we have it way to good in America to grasp the magnitude of what is coming on this earth. Honestly the restrainer was taught to me twenty years ago as being the Holy Spirit in a very despensational pre trib church. Matthew 24 was split at vs 14 I believe, after that it was all Jewish but five years later all of Matthew 24 was Jewish. Now the restrainer is the antichrist. The antichrist will restrain the antichrist until the church is gone? The world is already deceived, There isn't anything biblical to back up this kind of thinking. So if the Holy Spirit isn't being taken then why the church? The Holy Spirit was given to empower the Church to disciple and preach the gospel and convict the world of sin on the day of Pentecost. There would still be work to do. Jesus said work while it is the day, night comes when no man can work. He comes like a thief in the night. A cry came out at midnight, five had oil, five did not. Night, always at night. Not literal but spiritual darkness. I've stayed away from rapture threads as much as I can and I think it to be a good policy. This explanation of the restrainer being the antichrist I'm sure has been around for a while but it's the opposite of what I was taught before. Instead of further understanding as that day approaches we seem to be stuck in a loop of ever decending understanding.
  13. It's interesting you say the Holy Spirit will still be on the earth. I thought one of the leading text proofs of a pre trib rapture was the taking of the Holy Spirit, as Him being the restrainer, out of the way so when that happens the church no longer has purpose so it is also taken.
  14. The seed of a man and an egg of a woman make a baby. That is a fact. Nothing in scripture is as clear as a fact of a pre tribulation rescue.
  15. Ya I'm with you on your first sentence. Once the ark door was closed, Lot being grabbed and pulled out of Sodom, Rahab being extracted before final destruction, fire, sitting in faith, waiting. The righteous being scarcely saved, deception to deceive the elect is possible, a delusion for all who do not love the truth to believe a lie. I'm not sure where in the scriptures a case could be built for massive salvation after the rapture. I understand it as taught in despensationalism but where in the text do we see a pattern of things that happen the way left behind ideology suggests? In the Old Testament we see types and shadows of doctrine being played out in stories and these things do not set or make doctrine but illuminate doctrine for further understanding. Josephs life typified the Messiah as did all the righteous characters in the text in some way. We have examples of God rescuing His people and all of them have something in some way to do with His final rescue. Where is the despensational pre trib perspective played out in any of these rescues? It's the time of the end, the coming of our LORD, our blessed hope, Jesus said watch and be ready. People having a second chance when deception will be at its height without the Holy Spirit convicting the world of sin and God sending a delusion? I'm not sure how all these things will work and the timing sorted out of things to come but ya, I'm with you on your first sentence.