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  1. the Church of the Left

    to quote a standard fellow on the boards, Pfff
  2. the Church of the Left

    What I get from this is "Our way or the highway cause we are the people doing it right and all else is nothing but excuses." Gator is making a point and you are dismissing it while trying to pin something on him that isn't his to wear. Something was wrong spiritually when R v W came about and the church fought in the flesh and still does. With all the mega churches and influential people like Rick Warren one would think our country would be influenced by Judeo Cristian values but the opposite has happened ever since. The stew was a mess before R v W and has become toxic over time. This kind of argumentation is why boards like this become meaningless. A point is never really made clearly because someone needs to simply win win win. It's actually repugnant. I hate the enemy that traps people in the ways of this world. We could rid the place of infidels and leftists and stone thous found aborting but then we would be doing the devils work and not Gods. People do not see the love of God when we fight the way the world does, they're always going to be better at it than the church, kind of like rock and roll. I saw a sign about ten years ago in Washington that read "Jesus, save us from your followers." I don't expect you would come to understand that may have some meaning for us to consider. Every Christian that I have heard trying to make a point like Gator has always been drowned out by the cries you have cried and people move on, but he is right. Something must change. And that change must be spiritual.
  3. Defense of the Pre Trib Rapture

    Paul was referring to the last trump when the last of the southern camp would then leave the camp. Revelation was not written then and the text of the apostles was the law and prophets. At this time it seems to me the trumpets in Revelation are a separate set of blasts at a specific set time. Unlike a silver trumpet that would be blown at anytime upon command. That's just how I'm looking at this at this time. I'm all for simple understandings of the text as a whole but I don't believe this is one of those times.
  4. This is a subject he has passion for, I've heard him say he would rather be evangelizing than what he is doing but God has him where he is. David in Pittsburgh could be of much help also.
  5. I get the question and I've heard the Rabbis have ways of talking around everything but a person I know who is involved with evangelizing Jews and most likely will answer well when he is available do to a sometimes hectic schedule is Jacob Prasch, you can write to him thru Moriel Ministries and if he can not answer right away someone may handle the question for him. You can e-mail him in England or go thru the USA office in Pittsburgh. They may even have a teaching on the web dealing with the subject, maybe Daniel 9 if they did one. Google Moriel.org and send the question.
  6. Apostles and Prophets

    I'm with Shiloh on this one. A church planting missionary is different than a pastor and a denomination like Calvary Chapel has suffered from not making that distinction. They follow a pattern of the one who plants the church is the pastor of that church and actually will be for a while as he builds up those who God saves but at some point Gods gifting will wain as it increases in others. Leadership is plural and the single pastor governing of that denomination, while for a time may work well, eventually creates problems if others aren't matured into elders. The church planter at some point will notice this and he should be happy and should start taking steps back and becoming even more personal with the men preparing them for leadership, responsibility, becoming just one of the guys until the Lord calls him elsewhere. The term apostle trips us up because we think of the twelve and Paul and our minds tend to think in worldly leadership format. There are none like the twelve and like Paul anymore. But God still gifts men to be church planting missionaries. It's like the Prophets of old. A real prophet a person would not want to be so they had many false prophets. Well if we look at the real lives of missionaries most of us will be thankful for our portion. I was in Germany with a man who was a pastor of a Calvary and he approached a statue with skin heads on and around the statue. He had an interpreter with him and we were about 50 feet or so away and within 5 minutes they were coming off the statue surrounding him and he sat on the base of the statue and had them captivated. He also gave some teachings in churches that were far above the quality he was giving back home. It reminded me of when I first attended his church. I don't use the term apostle because of the social hangups it has but church planter or missionary is different than a pastor. I've seen the gift first hand and it's natural and amazing. Supernaturally natural was a term he used to use.
  7. There is an insult in this kind of thinking always, it is arrogance, pride. They have said "Citizens can not be expected to discern between an official government statement and a private one......". Well speak for yourself and not the citizens. If you atheist are insulted do what you are also within your rights to do, don't read it and don't vote for him. One of the reasons Trump won is because people are tired of being insulted. Even if we can't point it out right away, we sense it. Hillary was so out there insulting people and the most frightening thing is she won the popular vote. I do believe that most people that voted for trump don't even like him as a person. But so what. I don't think he would like many of us but if my job was to carry his golf bag I would do it to the best of my caddie ability because that's how civility works. And who knows, maybe it would end up being the best golf day he had had for years. Washington is a mess.
  8. Who would you marry....

    In reality I most likely would have been the moabite guy that I assume hooked up with the other daughter in law of Naomi. You know, Ruths sister in law. The way my life has gone and my choices I would have put eyes on her. But for the sake of gamesmanship and a bit of honesty Mary Magdalene, something about a woman who has been redeemed from a mess. Especially when I've made a mess myself. And if there ever was a woman who knew her first love and where to put true devotion, she would be one. She walked with Jesus.
  9. Defense of the Pre Trib Rapture

    Hi inchrist, not wanting to step in on your discussion but just a note about the rams horn mention in Exodus. I looked at that a month back or so and in vs 13 of Exodus 19 the term used there is specific for the use of the metallic or silver trumpet. The general term used in "trumpet sound" is shofar and context usually tells us what horn is used. But Exodus 19 mentions a term specific and the rams horn is mentioned specific in Jericho. Rams horns were used at specific times, silver trumpets were used at anytime such as battle and leaving the camp or calling a meeting of either leaders or all. In Jericho it was mentioned specifically the horns were rams horns and being that Revelation plays off of that sequence of events and both were and are established set times of sounding would set the seven trumpets as being shofars or rams horns. Numbers 10 I believe, interestingly, tells us the last trumpet sounds and the southern camp, the last camp, leaves and the camp before that was the east camp. Well it's interesting to me that Jerusalem buried their dead on the east and most people lived on the south, "The dead in Christ rise first". Paul was actually, in basic fundamental starting points in understanding, referring to the last trump of Numbers and the last of the camp remaining, leaving. So at this point I do not believe the seventh trumpet in Revelation is the last trump. Actually if it wasn't for Exodus 19 I may have started a thread "We are way over thinking the last trump". I think the whole world is going to hear that blast growing louder and louder. There will be no secret exit. Bones will shake, IMHO. But we may hear something else in the noise, the voice of our Lord calling.
  10. One of the clear signs, or most obvious, is a wolf will get you thinking temporal. The simplest example I can give is, "Give me money for this cloth I've soaked in a blessing and your financial troubles will be healed or your marriage or your family relations or your career advancement or your vehicle situation............. Jesus was always eternally minded and a true shepherd of the Lord will be also, overall anyway, concerned about your eternal state. Good popular leaders of the past, even if we may disagree on some theological points, always pointed to our eternal future while most leaders of popularity today point to our temporal existence, lording over Gods people and making a great comfort of living in the here and now while the majority of those who give them money have little in the way of comfort and is why they can extort them because of the hope of a better temporal outcome. Jesus taught us if we are poor consider ourselves rich and if rich consider ourselves poor. We have an eternal future beyond our imagination. As we grow in Jesus we all get smarter and if we are in a land that a person can improve their condition believers will, if we focus on Jesus and not some swindler making promises and speaking things that do not come true. So there are many answers you will get to this question and it's a good question. It's the subtle snakes that are difficult. But Jesus said to be as wise as serpents but harmless as doves. Understanding the wiles of the devil is something we are called to do. Jesus warned of deception in Matth 24 more than all other warnings concerning His coming and the end of the age.
  11. Events before the antichrist appears

    What it's all about is your prophecy understanding is dogmatic and it's like you need to take a breath and actually consider what others are saying. I disagree with some of what others may say but there are many times an insight that helps me understand something further even if that person doesn't realize the insight themselves. We all have limitations. If our understanding is correct it will be confirmed through out the whole of the bible. It's the sum of the word that is important. That's what I was trying to say and what my post was about. And your excuses for Benny are his excuses that let him get away with predictions that don't come to pass. Peoples prophecies are wrong because their doctrines are wrong. So saying the homosexual community will be judged and destroyed by fire and giving a time frame of the mid 90s around 95 96 and it didn't happen, actually the opposite has happened, is a word of knowledge that was contingent upon the homosexuals judging themselves with fire? or what? What actions by what people held up Bennys prophecy, or word of knowledge, from coming to pass? And what about all the caskets being lined up and people being raised from the dead by having someone raising their dead hand to the television. I guess no one rolled their dead friend to the television and did something so nuts as to not have faith in what Benny said? If only they lined up the dead when he was on the tv. No faith, so these men like Benny can speak whatever in the name of Jesus and it's the faith or lack of faith of others that prevent these events. What a crock. It's a legalistic heavy shepherding load of camel dung. It's a trap and people who teach as precepts of God the inventions of man are the pharisees, Jesus said so Himself.
  12. Events before the antichrist appears

    Dear Revelation Man When we have prophetic doctrines or understandings these things will be consistent in the law and prophets. For example the life of Joseph in a brief outline; He was betrayed into the hands of the gentiles for silver where he was wrongly accused and wrongly convicted and sent to a place of condemnation where he was with two criminals, one given life the other death, and Joseph was taken from that place of condemnation and lifted to a place that all things were put under his control and when his brothers first saw him they didn't recognize him but the second time he revealed himself to them and they wept. Joseph a major type of the suffering servant first coming of Messiah. Well you see the end of that statement is where I agree with dispensationalists, they understand there is a prophetic future and purpose for the Jews and Jerusalem and the land being central in biblical prophecy. Now I may disagree with other points but those things are up for discussion and not division but I want to point out that when we have a theory or idea of an understanding of prophecy somewhere in the scriptures that doctrine or understanding is illuminated in type in the Old Testament. Paul is clear in Romans God is not done with the people to whom belong the covenants but yet many twists and turns in understanding come from ideas about Romans but as we see in Genesis in type the first time his brothers see him they do not recognize him but the second time he reveals himself to them and they weep. Zacharia says they will look on me whom they have pierced and they will weep. Confirmation that replacement theology is off. You see what is needed is biblical consistency so when we have ideas of understanding Revelation those ideas need to be subject to the rest of the scriptures. And by the way very importantly. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth not error. He will not predict things that do not happen. Benny Hynn does. Anyone predicting things in the name of God or Jesus or the Spirit as Benny does, and these things do not happen, as is recorded for all to read about Mr. Hynn, by biblical definition is considered a false prophet. There have been brothers who have talked with Benny and he has said he will change so we can pray he repents but you need to recognize there is something wrong in the mixture.
  13. Events before the antichrist appears

    On the first point about him being revealed, Judas is an example of something happening that exposes who he really is. Your response is a good example of how we read into things even the word of God. Notice I said 'we'. When was Judas ever placed into power? On the second point the short answer is he comes as an angle of light. Yes he will be the most ruthless ruler ever but using Judas as an example again and one of the main types of anti christ in the New Testament being called the son of perdition by Jesus in John 17, and the only other person being called that name by that word is the man of sin, Thess.2. The disciples didn't know who he really was. The woman rides the beast and then the beast turns on her. Nimrod did the same thing at Babel with his wife who controlled the religion of the day. It's the spirit of anti christ that has always been in the world and this world is still in the hands of it. John 5 New age religion is really a mixer of eastern and other ancient religions rehashed. Babylon the great is where all religions are going and will help the false prophet and the man of lawlessness come into power and sit him in a seat to be worshiped and then look out. It's the pattern of history. Centralized power controling the economy, politics and religion is the history of the world, we live at the tail end of an anomaly. This freedom we have grown up in is rare and becoming rarer by the day. We simply take it for granted. And yes the deception is of the serpent, it comes from the devil, he is the father of lies, but many are deceived and deceiving others by the very thing the serpent did in the garden, twisting the word of God. We all make mistakes but when pointed out we apologize and repent. Men like Kenny and Benny and Rick and Bill don't. they keep on going with the same old twist. They themselves are deceived and in turn deceive others. Big religious entities are exactly the place deception comes from because they are deceived by the serpent. "Come out of her my people." Think about this, the world is already deceived and is a slave to sin. Who is it that the devil is after and wants to be worshiped by? He has the world, the serpent at some point turns to be the dragon and comes after the man child. Just like the King of Egypt and Herod that went after the Hebrew babies, it's pattern. How many epistles can you read that don't warn of false teachers and prophets. If you want to know what things will be like before Babylon the Great look at what things were like with Gods' people before Babylon the former in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah for starters. What was, is and will be. It's pattern. Thess.2 reads very simple. Apostacy is apostacy and the man of sin will be revealed before that day happens. Most of what you have written is current event speculation mixed with and influenced by dispensational theology. There are truths in the theology but we all tend to approach prophecy with a tilted eye through some kind of lens. It's much simpler than we make it but far more deep than we are willing to go. It's disturbing and meant to be that way, the early church had fear and we should also, a little trembling is a good thing and the church in the west is about to be shaken. The rapture will not happen today. It's a misconception. When these things begin to happen they will move quickly and time lines will be out the window. The most important aspect is do we have oil? Do we have Jesus? If we have Jesus we have oil. Biblical understanding is becoming more and more important and how many people come to church these days with one in hand? How many churches are teaching doctrine building believers in the faith? I've heard hours of Rick Warren speak without directly mentioning Jesus or scripture. He has been asked to speak in front of Muslims and Jews never mentioning the gospel. Could you imagine Paul or Peter or James or Timothy having the floor and telling them how to have better growth and partnering to feed the poor and never preaching the gospel? The church is deceived! Mega churches in every town but look at our nation. We have no witness anymore, the new birth is a joke to people, judgement is coming and we are listening to hill song and people like Mark Driscoll. Our youth is being taken by clowns. No repentance, no revival.
  14. Events before the antichrist appears

    "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119 'Give me oil in my lamp and keep it burning, give me oil in my lamp I pray, give me oil in my lamp keep it burning, keep it burning til the break of day.' I believe that is a line from an old time pentecostal song.
  15. Hi Ed, There are a number of places multiple sixes appear in some form in the bible. Yowm pointed out "the number of a man" and quoted an old testament scripture. He's pointing in a wise direction. Understanding what the scriptures are saying where this number appears is important. Daniel is a great place to start with the image set up for all to worship. Goliath and his armor barer is another and Solomons wealth and throne is another. Because of the multiple sixes in the old testament more than likely the Revelation number is 666 but more importantly is the character of the man and we have the sum of the word to understand that and have wisdom. The place to start is back in the root, the old testament.