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  1. I have a second edition and found it wonderful to find and read. I bought it in a basement christian book store 25 years ago and went back to buy more of his writings. Over the years I've changed some views on things but for the light he had with what was happening in the world in his time, his passion and love for the Word and his solid belief in what the bible says, I just loved reading his stuff. He wrote Jewish organizations that were considering buying land in North Africa for a Jewish State telling them "don't" because the scriptures say God will establish them back in the land. That was somewhere in the first two decades of the 20th century. A preacher out of Philadelphia that loved Jesus. I remember reading his book on the spirit world and found it wild at the time. It's worth looking thru my book chest to give it another read after so many years. Thanks for sharing, brings back early memories of biblical exploration.
  2. Yep, and the sad plight of those who get shuffled that way to the mills is repugnant. It's only a matter of time when we will see statistics about churches and the number of abortions that have happened. Just like it was with Gods people in the closing days of Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel etc. before Babylon so will it be toward the end days of the last days before Babylon the great. Chapter one of Isaiah has God calling Juda and Jerusalem Sodom and Gamorah. With feminism, homosexuality, new age and whatever else finding its way into the churches, it's inevitable.
  3. Religion seems to always seek unity with the external. But believers in Jesus are united by what is internal, the Prince of Peace, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, our earnest. Jesus breathed on the disciples and said "Receive the Holy Spirit", just as God breathed into man and he became a living soul Jesus breathed on the disciples and they became born again. Only God can do this, only God can regenerate humanity. We have unity in the Spirit and He is the Spirit of truth, not lies, not error, not 70% pagan worship. It's going to get more and more difficult to stand on truth as these bridges are built. Also the seduction and deception of legalism hinders believers and creates a sense of unity but it becomes unity again of the external. Of our actions rather than our actions being manifest because of who we are in Jesus. "They will know you are my disciples for the love you have one for another" but He prefaces that statement with "Sanctify them in thy truth, thy word is truth."
  4. The barbaric mentality of virgin in the volcano. Once again, nature worship will always call for human sacrifice. We are not evolving as a people, evolution is a myth.
  5. I'm not sure what you're saying even makes sense. You're assuming things and frankly you used a verse out of context. Spin as you wish, who am I to judge.
  6. Anyone unfamiliar with any situation isn't qualified to judge anything. Accountability works both ways, mutual accountability. Esteem the weaker among you as the most important. We are given enough information in the OP to know it isn't sexual or doctrinal but things were said and people were hurt, there was repentance and some responsibilities taken away which is reasonable and a wise thing to do in many situations. We shouldn't burden ourselves so much we hurt or neglect others or family in the ministry. Seems to me, with the information given, the problem is being sorted out. But you still used a text out of context for this situation. Paul spoke of the saints judging nations, judging angels and sometimes the way we throw around "do not judge" seems to be more to shut mouths or step around situations rather than deal with justice. No one wants justice thrown at them but give me mercy, right. A pastor that has fallen from grace, sexual or doctrinal, can continue being a part and an important part of the fellowship, but the front man, the first among equals, no way. And if he was truly repentant he wouldn't have it any other way. This also seems to be a sign in the OP that this pastor is repentant, that he is compliant with having duties reduced. That's a good thing. This is based upon the information given by the OP. And I believe along the lines of a response the OP may be looking for.
  7. In context that verse has more to do with social liberties with those weak in faith and not to quarrel over opinions. Obviously Paul judged a man without even being present in Corinth for sexual misconduct so "do not judge" does not mean across the board "do not judge", otherwise message boards are condemned. I think "not to quarrel over opinions" is more along the lines of the text and speaks more directly toward message boards than disputes in leadership. Sexual sin usually follows some doctrinal slip from unrepentant idolatry from pride. To have a leader step aside for a while over doctrinal disputes can be a good thing for both the leader and the sheep. Once sexual misconduct happens being made known it's a must they step aside. "Beyond reproach" I believe is the terminology. Restoration is in the Lords hands and the people have as much to say about that decision as the other leaders. Seems to me the problem mentioned is taking it's coarse and letting go of responsibility is many times very wise and he seems repentant. Leaders more than anything should be pointing to Jesus, these big organizations on one mans shoulders are set for big problems. There are no one man shows, the gifts are to the body through believers, plural. The Pastors are just one of the brethren. Maybe first among equals can be said but the emphasis is on "equals".
  8. Actually history shows nature worship to be very human sacrificial. Virgin in the volcano thing. Selecting the prize virgin from a village to join other virgins of the commonwealth in a parade up a hill to have sex with priests and then be killed on an alter was the beauty contests of some civilizations. The land of Cannon before the conquest for one. That's the background of beauty contests. There is always human sacrifice where the creation is worshiped rather than the creator. We are going down a darker hole than mere human politics and philosophy.
  9. Wow, but here goes. The terms "try to show" and "bristle with hate" are two book ends so to speak. The place we need to be is recognizing this world is in darkness and we who are saved are the light in this world. There is no negotiation with evil, it's only light that pushes back darkness. I guess what I'm getting at is sincerity. The only time we can break through a barrier say with a Jahova Witness, or anyone caught up in whatever, is when we ourselves are sincere. We can't 'try to love' or 'hate to love' but we are instructed to speak the truth in love. Jesus came and comes to people because He loves and He speaks the truth. We can have truth without love but we cannot love without truth. No longer can we afford, and really never could afford, the comfort of being a nominal christian. The west is pretty much had it, believers are reading best sellers and the enemy is passing them out everywhere. In war the food supply is vital, and if it can be cut off or poisoned even a tad the enemy will do it. Gideon was threshing out the wheat as the enemy was destroying the food. I'm speaking from a place of conviction and brokenness over my own state of foolishness. The only way we can love any sinner is to fully give ourselves to The One who loved us first. The west has had it. Jesus said beware of the leaven of Harod and personally I'm done with politicians saying one thing for political expediency and then doing another. There is no hope outside of Jesus Christ. Any homosexual who repents and calls on the name of Jesus will be saved. The Lord knows hearts better than anyone, actually He is the only one who really knows people better than they know themselves. Homosexuals need conviction to seek what is true. "Unless the Father draws them". That's not to say the wrath of God hasn't already fallen on some and others there may not be any hope. So I do believe there will be those we pray for and those from whom we keep or mouths shut because they speak for their father the devil, and may we pray for the wisdom, knowledge, discernment with all love to know the difference. The world is growing darker, today is the day of salvation.
  10. Kings College, formerly Midlands Bible College in the UK. It was well spoken of 15 - 20 years ago by a ministry I associated with at the time, it was known as Midlands then and they are none denominational. I listened to a few tapes a friend had and the teaching was really good. They also seem to place emphasis or importance of the Jewish background of the scriptures. Don't know why the name has changed but a with a little digging that can be solved I suppose.
  11. "You show up and build this and God will build you." A shift from biblical vision and discipleship to a growth program when God was adding to the church daily as such should be saved. The "Moses" figure of a fellowship using free labor and tithes to renovate a building for a school while over a two year period an exodus, first of the believers who where mature and knew better and then the second wave of devastation with marriages falling apart, back sliding and the none existence of the every day discipleship that at one time went on between brothers and sisters just years before.
  12. If he were running against Hilary Clinton, you bet.
  13. Well praise God we had an ear, for why and how sometimes I wonder. But He is faithful and we need to pay attention. This shouldn't be surprising or unexpected actually, we know things will get bad and we should hold dear to what fellowship we have with people who love the Lord no matter how small or large, a few good brothers or sisters or many. As long as there are watchmen willing to stick their necks out to preserve and strengthen what remains, any size fellowship, denomination or splinter of a denomination will see clearly as much as is possible anyway. Proverbs 18: 1,2 kept me searching for a group of believers when I was pigeon holing myself, I really didn't think my attitude was like the attitude we are speaking about but once I started being discipled again among believers who love Jesus I realized I had a portion of hate and bitterness I needed to let go of. A wilderness experience is not a bad thing but when God is done with us in the wilderness we need to move on. "He who separates himself seeks his own desire. He quarrels against all sound wisdom. A fool does not delight in understanding, but only in revealing his own mind."
  14. There is a good number of people burned by churches and none of our gatherings are perfect and I know you know these things. The hard part is moving on after the hurt, the pain, the ranting and what is many times betrayal. We can pigeon hole ourselves and seems to me IMO he is just that. This guy makes some points and that's the hook, tapping into the emotions. The mantra "those that have an ear" is repulsive in my book, he attempts to sound scriptural but brings no conviction, correction, the way forward. He has taken what many of us have gone thru and made a spectacle and foundation for fellowship out of it. We can not have unity under what we are against. We must have unity under truth and what we are for, and truth leads us to love and unity with Christ and one another. Our hands need to be put into the hands of Jesus and to forgive and pray for those from our past that have hurt us. Not make it a precept for gathering together. At first having fellowship with others that have been hurt is okay but at some point the past needs to be just that, the past. It took me years to move forward even knowing I must. It isn't easy but with God all things are possible. He seems to be building a collective out of pain and hate, not sure what good can come from it unless he is also preaching the way forward. The love of Jesus in truth.
  15. None of those scriptures speak of imminence in the sense pre trib teaches, but rather our blessed hope. Jesus can come for me today He can come for you today and there will be a time He comes for those who are alive and remain but the rapture will not happen today. It's absolutely important we have a relationship with the Lord that watches and waits for His coming but where is His coming signless? Paul comforts the Thessalonian believers with a straight statement so they are not deceived. "Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together to Him, that you may not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God. Do you not remember that while I was with you, I was telling you these things?" Thessalonians 2: 1-5 Dwight Pentecost in his book "Things to Come" lays out the rules for interpretation of prophecy and then when he gets to 2 Thess. he breaks those rules. Read it for yourself. It's one of the factors along the way of me reconsidering my understanding of the coming of Jesus. Paul plainly and very simply lays out a basic premise of the coming of our Lord and is why many will not be pre trib. It's a great and biblical motivation to be ready and pre trib is well intended but it's mostly, from what I've been told, a western thing. As I used to say and I've heard since. "We will show you on the way up." I can now more assuredly say, "We are here for all you pre tribbers when all hell breaks lose on this earth." Work while it is the day, night comes when no man can work. I messed up the reply structure and my response of coarse is in your quote.