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  1. Zemke

    American culture hates men

    Yep, feminists know not what they do. Abortion has given them a goddess mentality, they can give life and now they can take life. Nothing good now can come from feminism. It isn't about equality, it's about power. Men need to stand up and with stealth, reclaim our manhood. "Live a quiet life, work with your hands and live at peace with others as much as is possible." Be a gentleman, open doors even when they stand there staring at you. Smile and stare back, she will eventually walk in or walk away. Push back by not really pushing back. Just reclaim being a man. Jesus was quite the man, read Matthew straight through some time. Like Pilot said, "Behold, the man"
  2. Zemke


    Yep, shovelled a path to the studio across the driveway, oatmeal and coffee behind me and was just thinking about all of us who are sitting, staring and thinking about not being in fellowship this morning. Not real bad here just cold with a foot or more of accumulation of constant light snowfall. There is a speaker tonight at a sister congregation we were informed of less than an hour ago. I was settled to not even dig out but stay put for the rain on Wednesday but maybe I'll shovel or maybe not or maybe........... Such is my mind when snowed in.
  3. If I understood the paragraph you quoted from the article, the depth or shallowness of the oceans they sighted seemed unrealistic. I know it wasn't your article. For a reef to grow the mass at the Santa Rosa Wall the depth would have had to be stable for a long time but only as I had said 40 ft give or take from our current level. Also, I've read where plates rise and fall in the oceans over time. Seems the science is a bit more complicated than assumed. Anyway thanks, it was the best dive day from sun up to sun down. The bus ride, the fairy to the Island, the Mexican dive master we stumbled into taking us out, it was my buddy and him on the dive, no other divers to concern ourselves with, the local restaurant afterwards, the journey back to the hotel and many things in between. I think I woke up with the same smile I fell asleep with. Not to bore you but my buddy has since passed, we met in eighth grade and were two opposites, many asked how we could even be friends but in life situations of danger and under the water we were like twins with that intuition thing. Trips and vacations can stress friendships but out conquering the world in our youth bound us. This life in this world can only offer so much but that day was as close to paradise we can get in this place. Diving was an excuse for male bonding adventure like hunting camp. Along the way we got pretty good at diving but that was actually a sideline. We just wanted to disappear for a few weeks now and then. Back when we didn't care about going broke that is.
  4. Just an observation I've personally experienced that was awesome in a way that's somewhat indescribable. But lead me to believe the oceans where lower for some time in the past. Off of Cozumel Mexico, there is a 3000ft drop off called the Santa Rosa Wall. The floor at the drop off is 70ft and at the precipice there is an ancient reef much larger than any reef I dove on or saw pictures of elsewhere. We dove on the wall side and it was awe-striking with large Grouper and other fish, large plants growing on the reef but the reef was dead. It was too deep for coral life to exist and the size of the reef proved it was growing for a long time. From that experience of swimming alongside an ancient reef, I've always assumed the oceans had to be much lower. The article you stated above speaks of meters but this would only put the ocean levels at that sight 40ft, give or take, lower for an extended period of time for a reef to grow to that significant size. Like I said it was an observation a few decades ago I found interesting. Never really sought an explanation, I thought that was obvious. Not assuming I understand all that's being debated here simply picked up on the lower oceans thing.
  5. I would go with other one on this except for the Anon thing. A beer now and then or glass of wine is one thing but if his drinking bothers you and it doesn't seem to matter to him that it bothers you the best thing for both of you is to dump him. We have become a nation of panderers to the mess. People already adjust their lives for the drinker, learning to adjust some more is wrong. The drinker needs to adjust or get out. If they love drinking more than you why stay with them. If you love them, draw the line. Even if you're never together again it may be the best thing for him. It could save him. A guy I grew up with, a state record holder for something to do with plumbing while in High school, moved out of state had a great job and girlfriend but fell into the love of whiskey and friends. She gave him an ultimatum but was wise enough to know they needed to get away from the party friends. The choice, move to his home town and start the business he talks about or she was gone, she loved him but was not going to sit around watching him fail. They moved back and he has one of the largest plumbing companies in the area now over 30 years running. Bottom line, he loved her.
  6. Zemke

    The "mystery" of His death?

    I suppose that is a mystery. He had to die for the blood to be shed. After the garden blood is not mentioned until He is dead. The Levitical sacrifice first died and then the blood was sprinkled. The body suffered and yes there was blood but it wasn't poured out until His death. The bread and the cup, two aspects to the new covenant. Okay thanks, I'm just a little hypersensitive discerning sometimes, not a bad thing if kept in check. I've got something to go on now and I guess the best thing to do is talk with the messenger, my brother in Christ, who mentioned it in a way that caught my attention but he didn't build on it.
  7. Zemke

    The "mystery" of His death?

    At an evening service last night one person while sharing mentioned the mystery of Christ's death a few times. I know the bible speaks of mysteries like the mystery of iniquity but the mystery of death or the mystery of the cross isn't mentioned as a mystery. It just struck me as something I may not have heard before. Is this a Catholic statement? Or a theological perplexity for the sake of perplexity? I can agree there is an unfolding nature of depth of understanding about His sacrifice as we grow in Christ but the terminology of it being a "mystery" is somewhat of a mystery to me this morning. I see the fraise "the mystery of the cross" has some hits I can look at later but I thought to put it out to Worthy Land first. Just curious.
  8. Through my early to late teens I worked at a private country club. Caddie then inside eventually busing and some waitering at the pool when needed. We held huge weddings and parties, all very civilized and proper. The club was sold during the last year of my employ and became semi-private, the coarse was open to the public but needed membership to enjoy the rest of the place. Anyway the new owners thru a party after some months, they were land developers, two brothers, and golf coarse owners in the surrounding area and the purchase was quite a big deal for them. The party was a democratic political party, judges, lawyers, reps, donors but being young and not all that interested in politics I didn't know or care who anyone was. In short, it was the most discusting display of grown accomplished proffesional adults I've ever witnessed. I went to college and it would take a semester for a frat to demolish a rug the way these people did in three hours. Cigars, cigs, broken glassware, finger foods all smashed into the carpet. Women sloppy drunk with spilled wine down dresses and hair a mess. When they know it's a private party our politicians are pigs and that is a mild name. The entry, the staircase, the whole front party lobby with cealing to floor windows and long service bar and side party room and halls leading to rest rooms and back lounge all needed new carpeting and it was replaced liked nothing happened by noon the next day when I arrived to work. Amazing. My view of our leadership has not swade from that and I'm not at all shocked by these things. The only defense they have is the offense they are using now. Point the finger at someone and do not stop. Evil is Washington. I've not had respect for most politicians my whole adult life. They need to earn it because they do not deserve it just because of a title.
  9. Zemke

    Help me with Philosophy

    The basic biblical foundation of philosophy or what we can call biblical philosophy is the book of Ecclesiastes. The pursuits of this world, and "this world" being important to point out, are but vanity, empty. No matter what a man amasses in this life he goes to the grave the same as a poor man. A man who has all this life could dream looks over his realm and watches an old impoverished man jesting and messing with his grandchildren, laughing and full of joy and peace in the love of those children. Himself who has everything is empty, lonely, not knowing if those around him are there because they like him or because he is who he is. But both end in the grave, naked and with nothing. Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount told us to set our treasures in heaven where moths and rust do not destroy. Make the best out of a bad situation. In this world, everything is in a state of deterioration, our hope is in the resurrection unto eternal life where moths and rust have no effect. Ecclesiastes 12:12-14 But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearing to the body. The conclusion when all has been heard is: fear God and keep His commandments because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgement, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil. So anyway getting a basic understanding of Greek philosophy can help in understanding what Paul was up against and some of the Gnosticism the early church in the west faced. The apostle John in his second epistle stated the teaching that was going around that Christ did not come in the flesh is anti-christ. The word becoming flesh was a problem for the greek mind because their thought process of divinity and the flesh produced a Hercules, something superhuman but not a god either. So an example of early teaching would be something like if you were walking with Jesus in the sand there would only be one set of footprints and they would be yours, he was a spiritual illusion or something like that. Paul deals with that mentality in Colossians making the statement that the fullness of the Godhead dwells within Him bodily. Real flesh, real blood. The humanity of Jesus needed to be emphasised. Paul preaching the gospel in Acts 17:30, 31 makes the statement that God has appointed a "man" to judge the world, cutting right through and emphasizing Jesus humanity which the Greeks struggled with but needed to be tasked with in teaching. So as a suggestion when venturing into these things, do it in prayer with the hope the knowledge will illuminate doctrine and grow your ability in giving an answer to the hope that lies within. Also, the Platonic philosophy the west was built on has been flipped over to the other side of early Greek philosophy, that being more environmental along the lines of where does man fit within nature rather than mans responsibility over nature in the Judeo-Christian sense of dominion from the garden. It's why the intellectuals who have come against Platonism hate Christianity with such irrationality, to them it's a Platonic religion and they hate Platonism because it has produced capitalism that is destroying the earth so they, in short, have flipped the coin. It's still hellenistic just the other side of the coin. There was a split in early Greek philosophy, according to them from fragments that have been found of writings. For more than one hundred years intellects have been pursuing the destruction of platonic thinking because nature worship is the bases of world religion. It's the spirit of the age, the spirit of antichrist. As Jesus stated, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." The world will pursue worldly things 'trusting in this life' and every deception of Satan is to get Gods children to do the same.
  10. Zemke


    The context of the passages using the term element or elementary is what's important. Paul is obviously referring to the elementary principles of the law while Peter is obviously referring to the elements or elementary makeup of the physical earth. It's just a Greek word meaning the elements of, or first in a row, from two Greek words. strongs 4747. The first principles of matter in 2Peter 3 and the elemental things of the law speaking of bondage in Galatians 4:9 but also in the same chapter in Pauls analogy he uses the term speaking of the elementary principles of this world, vs3, in the sense of being children under a form of parental bondage, but in Hebrews we have the same term used figuratively in referring to the first principles of the Christian doctrine. Hebrews 5:12. For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again that someone teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food. Of course, that can be twisted to speak of basic law I suppose. Something we all have been guilty of, maybe all, is redefining or interpreting a passage by the definition of a word gained by the context of a different subject matter and applying it to other scripture in effect changing the context to fit the word. Paul dealing with the Galatians and the use of the law and Peter speaking of the flood and earthly destruction.
  11. Zemke


    This is an interesting play on words but it's just that. How can the one who records be the record. The heavens and earth are referred to throughout scriptures as having ears, Deuteronomy 32:1, "Give ear, O heavens, and let me speak, And let the earth hear the words of my mouth." There seems to be much concerning the heavens and the earth but the reason no one has really taken this on is, we for the most part, aren't eqiuped to handle this kind of scripture twisting. It's slick and crafty using a statement of Jesus and tagging some ignorance to it and stating we don't understand this stuff. You obviously fell in to it yourself. Well as we bend our minds to understand we find there is no scripture to back up your claim and changing what we believe and plain to see about the coming of our Lord over a rendering of a scripture in Deuteronomy that unsuccessfully holds up under the apostles writings, Willa stating ch3 of Peter as an example, is a reach.
  12. Zemke


    These perspectives such as preterism, futurism and all other isms really exist because of hellenistic systematic theologies. Our theologies such as dispensationalism are good up to a point and can be a good beginning but they only get us so far in understanding the coming of The Lord. The hebraic perspective of prophecy is pattern. This includes preterism futurism poemisism historisism. In other words preterism is true in much of what it says but wrong in thinking that it's the only right view, end of story. Same with all the other isms. Jesus takes Daniels prophecy of the abomination that was fulfilled with the Grecians and says it will happen again. Jesus ministry was three and a half years and it would seem three and a half years is also given for the rein of the son of perdition in Revelation. We think hellenistic because our culture is hellenistic but the bible is middleeastern, it's hebraic and we need to view the bible through he eyes of the apostles and not a western theological philosophy or theology. To understand the coming of Jesus we must understand how the apostles understood these things . Otherwise we just battle back and forth defending our possitions each one of us using the same scriptures to do so. The challange is not an intellectual mounting of theological proofs but approaching the scriptures with the heart of a child and asking God to teach us. There is so much written concerning His coming that being a Full Preterist makes ecumenical unity so much easier in conforming and writing unity doctrine. It's why Brian McClarean of the Emergent Church says the bible is old dusty truth, that is where God was, we need to know where God is today. So much of the scriptures speaks of our hope in His appearing that having it all fulfilled leads us to a reasonable conclusion that the scritpures are not really for our day. Brian says it is truth but does what the logical thing for a full preterist to do is look elswhere for what is to come. Same mistake charasmatics make, shelve the bible, just different subject matter. Same deciever.
  13. This isn't law making its politics. Hopefully moves like this will give them a black eye but it's just playing onto their base, gearing up for the next election. That's what we get in the press, campaign rhetoric.
  14. There was a time a distinct line could be drawn between tabloid press and solid publications. Now it's just a mixed bag. Maybe the press has become this way because the churches have become this way. A mixture of catchy narratives and partial truths. Trying to chew it all and spitting out the bones is exhausting.
  15. That's good to know. I lived across the river from the Irvin works 30 years ago for only a few years. There are a number of steel producers in the states. I couldn't imagine the steel not being produced at home.