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  1. I'm not saying you don't love your kids or you didn't work hard. But children drift and that's a reality but it doesn't mean your sons are forgetting about you. That's your take on the situation. They come back, life has a way of changing coarse. What seems to be a situation not in your favor can next year be different. I was speaking of letting your emotions go and not your sons concerning them drifting. Those emotions will effect how you deal with the people you have right in front of you. Sorry that what I said seemed blunt but I meant it in a caring way.
  2. These emotions are tough to deal with and real. There's nothing wrong having the feelings but actions we take that subdue or inflate can make all the differance. The first thing that comes to mind is you having a 16 year old and ALL your attention and energy should go toward that human being. Children when older, especially boys, will drift and you need to let it go. Gear yourself to the one child still with you by simply listening to whatever they have to say. They can tell if you're listening or not. You just keep telling yourself to let it go. You've been through difficult times, I'm sure you can handle this. Sixteen is tough so don't expect much and many times it's the little things. Food, lodging, clothes, the basic needs and when they do speak put down the book, the phone, the hammer or wrench or a "Hold on just one moment...okay, what's up? Your saving grace in this situation is your youngest. You still have parenting to do but not with the adult sons, you're done. You'll always be dad, the other inlaws will never be and your boys know the situation. At some point you'll get over it and will be happy for your boys but again you're a dad still with a 16 year old. He/she doesn't deserve to wear any, and I mean any, of your struggle with the other kids. This will get better.
  3. I I agree, fearmongering is saying we will all die in 12 years if we don't impose socialism and every man woman and child sacrifice all for a green new earth.
  4. Something to consider, the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples before the day of Pentecost. There was an interval between the two events. The Spirit was given in Acts to empower the church to be witnesses, martyrs, and disciple new believers, the gifts of the Spirit to the church for the building up of the saints. Jesus blew on the disciples beforehand and said, "Recieve the Holy Spirit"Jn 20:22. The Holy Spirit was also given at Pentecost to convict the world of sin. It might be possible that what is restraining is the outpouring of the Spirit, NOT THE EARNEST GIVEN TO BELIEVERS. The church as in post Pentecost will no longer function in that manner. Elijah held back the rain for 3.5 years. The conviction of the Holy Spirit on the world will no longer be in effect but believers will have the indwelling. "I will never leave you or foresake you". We will know who the man of sin is before we are rescued. Jesus said He(Jesus) must go so the Holy Spirit may come. Well the ministry of the Holy Spirit will end and He(the Spirit) will leave so that Jesus can come back. Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to the disciples while He was still here. The whole scenario is reversed. "When you see all these things begin to happen, then look up for your redemption draws nigh." The Holy Spirit doesn't get withdrawn completely it's just that God goes back to dealing with the world and the Jews as He did in the past. The 144,000 and as I said Elijah has something to do with the coming of the Lord or the spirit of Elijah as with Jesus first coming with John the Baptist. Something to consider.
  5. The Jericho account is interesting and what John is using in Revelation and what the Holy Spirit is showing is called Biblical Midrash. Not the Midrash of the Rabbis but what we see in scripture using a biblical narrative of the past to show the truth of both present, past and future events. The paralleling of events aren't so much a timing manifest as they are corresponding aspects that help illuminate the background situation before and during this time of darkness. He comes in the night, does He not? "Work while it is the day, night comes when no man can work." For instance, Rahab acted on her faith, in the God of the Jews, by protecting the two spies and then gathering whoever would hear to come into her house. Her faith was active in faithfulness. "Faith without works is dead." She was not just waiting around but evangelising until most likely that first day when the camp of the Israelites marched around Jericho once, silent, but with the priests blowing the horns. It's difficult to get around the timing issue but there are applicable lessons drawn from these parallels. As I had said, these parallels help us gain a better picture of the reality of things to come and illuminate doctrine as to our faithfulness leading up to and preparing us for the possibility of entering into the time of darkness. The night.
  6. I feel for you. A town 3 miles away lost it's last store 10 years ago and has a Dollar General. Seven miles the other way still has a family run place with great meats and deli. The selections aren't much elswhere but they have tried with produce and other shelves. I keep shopping there for most of my supplies to keep the place in business. It's like walking into the past for a moment. People know your name and conversations happen. The owner is usually around doing something and says hi. Nice to go where everyone knows your name.
  7. Zemke

    muslim war cry

    And many people of colour that would agree. We've been preached this for years and it's not the populace that is to blame. Racism was institutionalized after the civil war by the Democratic party and they have never apologized for Jim Crow. They just point fingers making us all feel as though we must all participate in some unsolving ritual of no answers. I'm not wearing the crap of racism. It's not our fault. The gospel is a force for social justice but social justice is not the gospel. The only way to a better society is to see people getting saved. Outside of that everything will just keep getting worse. Politics will never solve social problems. The foolishness of an immigrant woman from Africa that is Muslim who became a congressman on the floor of the House of Representatives claiming this nation to be bigoted is absurd. Where is the gratitude, the speeches of, "This could only happen in America and we need to prosper and make this a reality in more countries." No, we get anti-Jewish remarks and accusations of racism. It's crap.
  8. Zemke

    muslim war cry

    What has struck me as obvious, but not so to many it seems, is a woman, an immigrant from Africa, a Muslim stands as a representative in the lawmaking body of a major world government, something that would be impossible in any Muslim nation, and accuses the nation of whom has elected her democratically as being bigoted. Amazing. We are not a racist nation, most people are not racist, that's just marketing, we have racism as does every country but her standing there in that position and accusing others of bigotry astounds me. So it continues, and as one of the other freshman congressmen stood and said, "I believe she knows exactly what she is doing."
  9. I'm ignorant as to how this is theologically fruitful? I mean this sincerely. Not wanting to cause debate but just asking for further understanding. What does all this mean?
  10. Sorry for the long post. It may be that things could become very tough in the west before Revelation begins. If by the grace of God this occurs much of the rapture arguments will smooth over. Not all I'm sure but for the most part, I would hope anyway, a unity of the faithful would blossom and we would receive proper food at the proper time. What concerns me the most is a false peace, the most important type of anti-christ in the New Testament is Judas. Jesus called him the son of perdition in John 17. No disciple knew who he really was, it's why we are told in 2Thessalonians 2 that he, the son of perdition, will be revealed. "He came out from among us." Judas was very influential among the disciples and he faked caring for the poor as a cover to enrich himself. He was a thief and a lier. Only two people in scripture are called by that name. There are always events that are, in part, revealing something about the time of the end. I just found out today there is this STD called ocular syphilis. At this time it's only in the gay community and centralized in San Fran. It messes with your vision and eventual blindness. I'm not saying this is THE fulfilment of Jesus saying, "As in the days of Lot" but I believe what makes the end so bad is that everything that has occurred will occur again in a big way. That's why we see the plagues from Egypt in Revelation. I happen to believe this isn't some systematic timeline that anyone could calculate perfectly, even experiencing it. It doesn't mean we should stop trying but just step back now and then looking at the big picture. The faithful will understand and those with understanding will teach the many and there will be a rescue as Daniel spoke of but many will be martyred, hopefully for most of the saints, sooner rather than later. Very few will remain. Lot and family, Rahab and household, Noah and family. Not even a minion. 50,40,30,20,10, nope, not even 10. A percentage anyway of Lot's four with the population. It's more a principle than exact numbers. I would love the rapture to be pre-trib. I just don't believe the bible reads like that. I think a hard time in the west before revelation proper will help because many pre-trib believers are sincere. Nothing hugely prophetic need occur for pre-tribbers to see something else, just truly asking God for the truth. Hard times tend to get us to our knees. And by truly asking I mean really want to hear from the Lord and believe what the Word says as God shows us. It's how many of us who were pre are no longer. A pressing situation in our lives pressed us to ask for the truth about this controversial topic. So to me, it isn't so much the timing but the seriousness and heaviness of what is to come upon the earth. On the other hand, a judgement beforehand on the west could be everything becoming wonderfully great, and we are all saying peace and safety, then sudden destruction finding ourselves in one blindsided mess. So it may sound crazy to hope for 'some' trouble but we may need it to revive our sense of calling and love for Jesus. In my opinion, the only hope for revival in the west is some difficulty we aren't fully prepared for, and with the political winds blowing that may not be far off. Of course, if the church stands up and starts throwing out the garbage, that can lead to a revival but we've had decades and all we've done is accept things for the sake of unity and being friends with the world. And as James said, "Friendship with the world is enmity toward God." So many events could and will lead to many of us revising our thoughts about this subject. But if I would have to pick one, the revealing of the man of lawlessness would be a strong one. But I hope it doesn't need to be that event and that most believers would know something is not right and be seeking the Lord finding understanding before we know who that person is.
  11. The sins of the southern kingdom exceeded the sins of the north. Ezekiel 23 deals with this issue speaking about two sisters. One representing Israel and the other Juda. The harlotries of Juda where far worse than Israels. Spiritually, harlotry is referring to other Gods, other religions. Juda played the harlot far worse as in offering their babies in the fire. Actually taking their children to dispose of them to Molech. Small metal idols would be placed in the fire till red hot and extracted, then they would lay the baby into the enlarged hands on the idol and burn the child up. Consider the abortion world wide. And even in Israel today. Nature worship always calls for blood or for that matter all pagon worship.
  12. A series of unfortunate events and bad decisions. Only by the grace of God am I able to eat at His table. This world stinks and I'd like to see as many as possible make it into the next. He is my saviour.
  13. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" Psalm 119:105 What does a lamp need to illuminate the way? Jesus told the church of Laodicea "buy from me". Psalm 119 also says in vs. 160, "The sum of thy word is truth, and every one of your righteous ordinances is everlasting." There seems to be a sense in the parable that the Holy Spirit will not always dwell with men or be available. In the sense of convicting the world of sin. That interval when the Ark door was closed and then the rain came. And a reversal of sorts of the ascension and Pentecost, at which time the disciples had the Holy Spirit, earlier Jesus blew on them and said receive the Holy Spirit, but they needed to wait on the promise, the empowerment to be witnesses and make disciples. The reversal being the conviction of sin on the world will no longer be and the church proper as in spiritual gifts will no longer be poured out. The faithful virgins had the word and the illumination of the Holy Spirit knowing what to do. "When you see 'all' these things begin to happen, then look up for your redemption draws nigh." Jesus also told His disciples that He must go for the Holy Spirit to come, well, it's the same type interval, the Holy Spirit must go for Him to come. I repeat, not taken from His children, those that are born again and have the assurance of salvation. It's why people make the statement, "The time to get the oil is now." Remember there are those who will claim to have done many things in Jesus name and He will say, "Depart from me, I never knew you."
  14. This is a question I think all of us at some time have thought about. The best I've heard this explained is those who are in Jesus are as the bible says, to be absent from the body is to be with the Lord. She would be in a concious state with Jesus in some way and through Jesus she may know your thinking of her or inquiring of her. But no there would not be any direct communication. I believe that is forbiden in scripture, seeking to speak with the dead. Our comunication is with the Lord. For further study I think the term is thanotology or something like that. I'm not stating doctrine but just what I've heard mentioned about this. But no, I don't believe she directly hears you.
  15. What's interesting about your perspective, and I happen to agree with it though I'm not pre-trib, is the principle that pre-trib embodies is keeping the garment on. As in the Song Of Solomon. The bride ready and adorned anticipating and looking for her beloved, her best dream and then the bride putting off the garment going out for some fun thinking the groom delays, her worse nightmare. I've heard teachers say that in the synagogues at the time Jesus was speaking this parable the reading was the Song Of Solomon.
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