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  1. I had written a longer reply a few days ago and turned away from it mostly because of you, George, being the founder of the site. But I realize something should be said even more so because you are just that. the founder. If this site is endorsing people like Francis then It needs to check itself and if checking itself finds the NAR a reliable bedfellow then I would ask to be thrown off the site or whatever is possible like banned but not listed as a guest as some have been.
  2. A basic premise of that phrase is people being oblivious to what is coming upon the earth even though they have been warned. People were more interested in the return of Jesus 30 years ago than they are today. Even leaders of church movements are telling their followers not to pay attention to end time prophecy, It's a distraction. The seals grow in intensity but notice they are limited to percentages but peace will be taken from the earth. I mean look at even the peaceful nations how friction is growing between ethnic groups. Nation against nation in Matth, 24 is ethnos against ethnos. The stage is being set. The seals are an intensity of what tribulation the world has always gone through hence great tribulation, they correspond to the progression in Matth 24 but we see at the sixth seal the great and strong men and others hiding from the wrath of the lamb that, it would seem, is apparent to them has now come. There is a difference between tribulation and wrath. Job suffered tribulation delt out by Satan, not wrath from God. This distinction is also part of Revelation. Tribulation does not equal wrath. Two distinct words. These books are sealed and how they will exactly play out we do not know other than looking at history and making some knowledgeable guesses. Even the people at the sixth seal who want to hide somehow mount a campaign of war toward the end of things. The seals will be bad and chaotic and really bad in some areas and deception at its height because times will be given over to the lawless one but as Jesus said when you see these things begin to happen then look up because your redemption draws nigh. As what correlates with Matth 24 the rescue is between the sixth and seventh seal. Even Peter said the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon to blood 'before' that great and glorious day of the Lord will come. Acts 2
  3. It fits their gospel of a continuing sacrifice like the mass. Jesus said it is finished but the mass perpetuates the sacrifice and purgatory is some kind of atoning place also. It's really a different gospel and you are right, He no longer is on the cross.
  4. Zemke


    I didn't just "add my voice", I responded to the OP before any comments aggressively, if any, I hadn't come back to the thread until you quoted my post, condemned homosexuality as being a mental disorder. If you have a question about what I did post in the context of that post, I may pay attention.
  5. Zemke


    Nothing in my post suggested mental disorder. I believe I attempted to bring out the reality that we need to love homosexuals and the difficulty with that in today's climate. Speaking truth is aggressive in this day and age no matter how soft or sincere the delivery. We aren't going to be able to deal with this solely on an intellectual social debate construct. As I pointed out in my post it's a spiritual matter.
  6. I've heard it said, "When we take a truth and make it "thee" truth we turn it into a lie." For instance, holiness is a truth, if we focus on holiness making it our central truth we reach a point we no longer walk in truth but in our own abilities. Jesus is the truth and all truth is predicated upon Him. Jesus crucified, resurrected and coming again. Walk in the Spirit to not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Without Jesus, we can do nothing.
  7. Zemke


    Your question comes from the effects of the spirit of the age. The zeitgeist is what it's called. Homosexuality is found through history in developed cultures having societies pondering life rather than doing needful survival actions every day. The perpetuation of the tribe so to speak. No indigenous tribe had ever been discovered that even the term homosexual in any sense was found in their language. Same-sex attraction is the result of the fall of man and is in no way connected to God creating it at all. We are blaming the wrong god, the god of this world or present age, the spirit of the age, the spirit of antichrist is responsible for this perversion. It's not found genetically, zoologically and medical science has yet to find anything at all. God created man, He created woman from man and man goes into the woman and procreates a third. We are created in Gods image and likeness. God is not a homosexual and to suggest He created humanity in this way is to say God is gay. The Bible speaks very clearly about sexual perversion. Man with man, the woman with a woman. We all struggle with sin in whatever it is that easily besets us, we all have one, a struggle. Any of our sins would send us where we all belong but save for the death and blood of Jesus Christ. The sin I struggle with may not be homosexuality but it will hamper my serving and growing in Jesus and without His grace put me in hell. Jesus came and told the truth because He loves us, He has asked us to pick up our cross and follow. In these days we can see how telling the truth got Him killed and the many who have followed. Christianity being popular has been an anomaly we have enjoyed for numerous generations in the west but that is fading. It just isn't homosexuality that will send us to hell but any sin. God is now and has been calling on all people everywhere to repent and He has appointed a man, Jesus the righteous, to judge the world. We are either influenced by the god of this world, the zeitgeist, or the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. New age religions, psychology, philosophy, unity as in ecumenism are infiltrating the western church like a flood and along with it a push to "love" homosexuals by acceptance and condoning their actions but love without truth is not love. As the church bends and breaks on this issue the weaker it becomes and it losses its sense to reason and to be reasonable. Just like Gods people in the old covenant before Babylon, so it is today, before Babylon the Great. We don't stone homosexuals today or throw them off rooftops as some do in Muslim lands and we don't turn them away but when or if convicted by the Holy Spirit they will know what they are doing is wrong. Those are the opportunities for them to repent, I can't save or convict, as in spiritual conviction of heart, a homosexual. Only God can draw and save a person. We are asked to roll away the stone and help take off the dead mans clothes and help them maintain the garments of salvation. God calls a person to come out of the grave. We are all dead in sin and wear dead man's clothes like zombies until second birth. We either remain dead and head onto the second death or we become born again and have eternal life. It's a shame the church is breaking on sin issues in the name of some form of love but that is the sign of the times. Persecution is on the horizon in the west and much of the church is compromising. We need to love homosexuals by speaking the truth in love and that is a task difficult indeed. We all need to be saved, Jesus didn't come to save the righteous but the sinner.
  8. I agree, and something I've always wondered about is that Michaels life force was placed in the womb of Mary and according to their doctrine a body without life force is dead, non-existent, then Michael died. Just like the man Jesus is dead forever dead then Michael is dead, so why did Michael have to die? Is there a special life force for the angels like God has a special life force? In their doctrine, life force is life force, It can be switched from a cow to a person back and forth without distinction. So what is at the right hand of the Father? A Michael, Jesus, Michael spirit creature? Or what? How did the blood of a non-existent man atone for anything? Something they are good at though is using prophecy to engage conversation. Most churches that still have new believers being added to their numbers are prophecy preaching, "Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand, Jesus is coming." type churches. Using escatology in preaching the gospel. Peter on the day of Pentecost for example. The JWs are schooled in it. Preaching the gospel of the kingdom and following those instructions but their gospel is false. Those that do the same with the true gospel bear fruit. New believers are growth, not people leaving church A for church B. It's good leaving a bad church for a good church but adding to the numbers is people being saved, the second birth, being born again. Praise God for believers coming together but we need to be a people that can make it rain, just like Elijah. He was a man like unto us and he could make it rain. But he went through a time of no rain completely dependant on Gods provision before being called into a major confrontation with leadership and false prophets before a small cloud formed that grew and grew. Something to think about anyway.
  9. If we know their error well enough we can engage a conversation that leads to asking them questions about what they believe. I've done this with JWs. Our faith is a reasonable faith, it's rational. Theirs is not. Get them questioning their own faith just like Satan does with believers and then pray. We may be 12th in the line of 3 more houses that get them questioning enough to ask God for the truth. Jesus said be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. Edit to add, I've heard this technique referred to as using their sword to cut their head off. Like David did with Goliath. The Word of God between the eyes and their own book to finish. The five stones representing the law, the first five books of the Bible.
  10. I've learned sincerity to be a major heart issue first step. People can sense sincerity. I was taught some years ago if you find yourself in a wrong attitude it's best to not engage. It's a part of the being ready to give an answer to the hope that is in us. Sometimes we can do more harm than good. Then it's situational, someone you meet for a short period of time in a number of scenarios to a person at work or in fellowship with, where a relationship is involved and then what is actually really difficult is a family member. The truth is going to divide but it can draw also. If we love and are sincere at least we may be heard. Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman is good scripture to look at in dealing with someone in error. He told the truth, was sincere and loved her. And unless God draws someone there is no chance. Elijah was a man like unto us and he could make it rain. We need to be praying for and discerning the working of the Holy Spirit. To love someone enough to lay ourselves in what can be harm's way isn't always very easy.
  11. No need to apologize. There are things to discover. Everything has been written for further understanding of the text. It's theological. The Bible is history and literature with stories but they are written for a reason. John states he wrote the things he did so that the readers would believe Jesus is the Christ. They aren't just random stories for a moral lesson or motivational pick me ups but specific events chosen by the Holy Spirit for our learning. We see a separation of light and dark in John and a separation of the light and dark in the old creation. God did a divine work with water on the third day in the old creation and in John, God does a divine work with water on the third day. These types of patterns are a style John uses in his gospel account. It's a Midrash on the old creation. The miracles are very salvation themed also, with Lazarus Jesus commanded remove the stone, evangelism, be witnesses unto me, then Jesus called him forth, only God can save, and then Jesus commanded them to remove the garments, make disciples of all nations. Take off those dead man clothes and put on the garment of salvation. Jude speaks of pulling our brother out of the fire hating the garment spotted with the flesh. Everything follows doctrine, nothing Jesus did was of no importance. Just because we don't see or understand doesn't mean more meaning doesn't exist. Types illuminate doctrine, we don't make doctrine from typology but the typology plays out or shows forth doctrine. The very actions and words of Jesus fulfilled scripture. He is the word manifest in the flesh.
  12. Every push for peace ends in a war in this situation. That's why I think it will take a horrible event to bring about the atmosphere to have a type of peace, false peace, needed for the ultimate deception. It took the murder of millions of Jews to open the door for their return, empathy for a moment in time. Not that it would be something like that but an event that would shake a change in the world's perspective on the situation. Trump is trying things from a different approach but it seems the rhythms of terrorists are unpersuaded.
  13. There is a Midrashic aspect of the miracle, Johns gospel begins using the narrative of the old creation as a setting for the new creation. "In the beginning God". "In the beginning was the Word". The third day God did a miracle with water in the old creation and on the third day God does a miracle with water in the new. God began with a wedding of man and woman and God began His public ministry with a wedding. The tradition of the Jews was to have weddings on Tuesday because it's the day of double blessing. God didn't say it was good on the second day of creation but said it was good twice on the third day. There are other nuances like the small light being John the Baptist and the larger light Jesus. Johns gospel is very Jewish and he said he wrote it evangelistic, he wrote the specific things so they would believe. Jn 20:31 From what I understand a Jew reading his gospel account in the first and second century would have understood the style and proof of Jesus being the Messiah literally fulfilling all things. It's in Johns gospel where we read Golgatha and the tomb are in garden areas. Jesus was betrayed in a garden. Everything began in a garden and the ultimate price was paid in a garden. I'm not sure where you're heading with this but look forward to reading it. There are always wonderful aspects to grow by.
  14. And he was saying, "Jesus, remember me when You come in Your Kingdom." And He said to him, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in paradise." Luke 23:42,43 We may not fully understand a timeless eternity compared to our time ordered temporal life. But the above seems like a clear scripture to me. Our bodies do die and decay but it would seem we will be conscious of what Jesus calls Paradise until we put on our new bodies at the resurrection. I mentioned before about Paul being taken up and his uncertainty of how that was all coming about but he was conscious of what he saw. I also mentioned before that the sum of the word is true.
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