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  1. Zemke

    Why? (John 6:66)

    Jesus is always eternal and spiritually minded as is His Father. To God real birth is second birth, real death is second death. Jesus was speaking spiritually, "The word became flesh and dwelt amount us." The context of John. The eating of human flesh and drinking of blood is repulsive, as it should be, especially to the Jew. The consumption of this was a very very hard statement to take. And if we were a Jew in that day standing in the criud we would have walked also. That was over the line for many well most as we can read. The scriptures are harsh and we are soft. The religious leaders were not properly teaching the people. The disciples were not yet born again either. But for us, eat the word, believe the word.
  2. Zemke

    Proof of Global Flood?

    There is a book, "THE FLOOD, IN THE LIGHT OF THE BIBLE, GEOLOGY,AND ARCHEOLOGY" Alfred M. Rehwinkle copywrite 1951 There are a few archeological digs documenting findings that were believed to be pre flood. A French expedition under M Jacques de Morgan and later in 1929 a British American expedition under Leonard Woolley in the area of the ancient site of Ur. You might find a copy on amazon. You also may find a few pieces of information that can be very helpful to add to your site. An interesting piece for those of us who are saved is every layer of civilization above the one they found below a thick layer of clay had idols. The civilization believed to be pre flood they found no idols and the artifacts were of a higher quality craftsmanship than the ones above. No idols? interesting.
  3. The title, "Psychological and Personality Science", is a conspiracy. The word "Science" used in the context of "Psychology". Gives a bad name to science and misleads people into thinking psychology is solid and quantifiable. But then again I'm a low self- esteem narcissist.
  4. Zemke

    Obama Tries to Take Credit for Trump Economy

    If there is one thing Obama is good at is playing politics and getting people to bite. He did it his whole presidency. It's politics. And it's an activist tactic, getting people irritated or angry is something the Jerimiah Wrights, Al Sharptons and Louis do. And we react, it's what they want and they know were to pour the salt. What my post was mainly about was sitting in a lecture hall ten years ago listening to a man laying out the coarse of economic recovery and it followed that coarse very well. He said unless there is a huge crisis such as a world war the pathway will go like this and it did. He also said the president has little to do with that coarse except in some form of management. All of this BEFORE Obama was elected. Changes the way one looks at things. I'm just saying I'm believing the guy who seems to really know what he is talking about.
  5. Zemke

    Obama Tries to Take Credit for Trump Economy

    I understand the principle and you may be right in part but the economy is an iffy barometer to weigh spiritual things. Historians place the best economy the northern tribes of Israel ever had during the reign of Ahab. Just about all the prophets prophecied during economic good times. It's one of the reasons the people turned a deaf ear to them and listened to the false prophets.
  6. Zemke

    Obama Tries to Take Credit for Trump Economy

    During the McCain Obama run for the WH there was a lecture at a local university from a reporter who for over a decade was the economic cover man for NPR but at this point was no longer. The financial disaster was in full swing and one of the questions asked during Q&A time was, "Which one of these guys would be best to guide us thru this mess?" The answer, "It doesn't matter, the economy is not going to be put into the hands of a four year term elected official."...…"It will be a slow process that could take upward of a decade, hopefully sooner, to be back in full swing, this was a bigger hit than anyone will let on. It will take time."...."Slow growth for health reasons." So Obama nor Trump have much of anything to do with the economy. They can fiddle here or there but when it comes to economy I don't think any president will ever be able to do something as reckless as Clinton did with deregulating mortgage lending. Bush actually tried getting the Senate banking comity to reel in Fanny and Freddy. Just about everyone was to blame in the end. But this is not Trumps economy nor is it Obamas. It's just politics.
  7. Zemke

    Cold fusion existed?

    The world economy would crash. We can provide enough power by wind and solar to power the world but sustainability is the problem. How do we supplant a trillion dollar fossil fuel industry with "free". Spain invested 50 billion into green energy, during the financial disaster by the way, and although the infrastructure is solid it simply was not sustainable. The Paris climate accord needed to be scraped for the time being and will be resurrected when green energy is further introduced into world economics. It takes time to build an industry. Look at how careful and over time the pot industry is growing. A future billion dollar industry can't be built overnight cause it could collapse overnight. Same with cold fusion/green energy which will supplant or partially, a trillion dollar industry.
  8. Zemke

    Ten Virgins

    I like that you mentioned faithfulness. It is truly the faithful that will have insight to hear, see, are clothed and have food at the proper time. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" ps119 Amos prophecied about a famine, not a famine of bread or wine but of the hearing of the word of God. I've been told the reading that week in the synagogue was the Song of Solomon, supposedly it is the same today. The parable was a play off of the scheduled reading. The bride that was ready and the bride that was not. The Holy Spirit illuminates the Word, the oil in the lamp. Faith and faithfulness is the same word in Hebrew, one is faithful because they have faith, if you have faith you are faithful. The time to get the oil is now, ask for eye sauve to see, ears to hear and proper wedding garments, Jude talks about hating the garment spotted with the flesh. Laodicea was naked. A always timely parable. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Zemke

    well intended but message is lost

    What I was saying is it was a time before political correctness became a standard of thought. The art looked like seventies style and the message got across without the ravages of social sensitivities and hostilities. A-N-D I said " A few decades later or sooner","television, so called, evangelists' wives began to dress like whores". Not "preachers wives today look like whores". REVISIONISM. The standard prosses of debate today.
  10. Zemke

    well intended but message is lost

    It isn't about the validity of the message or it being sexist. It was the reality of that day during the last true revival in the west. A few decades later or less the wives of television, so called, evangelists did the reverse and started dressing like whores.
  11. Zemke

    well intended but message is lost

    Looks like 1970's era. Actually many hookers were saved in the seventies especially in NYC, David Wilkerson's ministry reached out to addicts, hookers, pimps, gang members. Politicians took credit but much of the city was cleaned up from the outcasts and dregs of society being saved. Just about anything from the past is seen as offensive today. Revisionism, we tend to see the past through what we assume to be better understanding of today and not the reality of the context of the day in which it was.
  12. Zemke

    JW vs the Bible

    That's a good point and possibly a good way to share with them from the epistle Hebrews. I like that. Will be interesting to see if they have been trained in a response about that. A few months ago a very young man got out of a car as the older ones stayed in, I was standing in the driveway about to leave for an appointment so it was brief but they are back covering this territory again. Lord willing the conversation may go in that direction next time.
  13. Zemke

    JW vs the Bible

    Also we are a memory to God. A floppy disc of sorts. If God likes the memory of us he can chose to upload the memory of us into a spirit creature in the future. There is no resurrection. They will say they believe in one today but JW'S of the past did not believe in a literal resurrection. But we must define what that resurrection is. We are not a memory to be uploaded into something in the future. Reading what Taz Russell wrote is eye opening.
  14. Zemke

    JW vs the Bible

    In Charles Taz Russel's doctrine he writes, "The man Jesus is dead, forever dead." They may speak different today but their foundational beliefs are far from orthodox. According to them a body without "life force" is non existent. Life force is non personal, life force is life force. God can swap the life force in you with a cow and neither would know. They believe the life force from Michael the archangel was placed into the ovum of Mary and guarded by Gods own unique life force until birth. So Jesus was a human body angel hybrid of some sort. But the question is. Michael then became non existent so why did Michael die? If a body without life force is non existent then Michael is non existent. They do not have an answer for that. Do angels have a distinct life force that is personal? Sort of like God's? I thought ife force is non personal. They do not know. They will say "we can't know everything about God or how he works". Interesting, I think that's when they love to get on trinitarians cases when we say something like that. So who is this spirit creature, a Michael-Jesus-Michael spirit creature sitting at Jahovah's right hand? It can't be the original Michael and the man Jesus is dead forever dead so what or who is at the right hand of God? Again they really don't have an answer for that. If you're sincere and your heart is breaking for them it will show and after they ask you a number of questions answering honestly and sincerely with wisdom you can start asking them a few questions about their beliefs and hopefully they will walk away wanting those answered themselves. Pray and pray when ever you think about them. Was also taught that sincerity is key. They sense it and you can have a legitimate conversation. If the situation finds you out of sorts it's best to pass, you could do more harm than good. There are some web pages of people who have dedicated much of their life to witnessing to them. Haven't looked at any for a long time but the info is out there if interested. If they can pull one junga block from the tower the whole thing could come crashing down. You may be the first to witness to them or the twenty first and final one but pray. They are deceived and only God knows their hearts and I've been taught one of the best ways to speak to those in a cult is to somehow get them questioning what they believe. And actually they believe, a body + life force = a living soul. God breathed into man and he became a living soul. That's the scripture they derive at that from.
  15. Zemke

    Tribulation is not Wrath

    Yes it is simple, Peter in Acts 2 said the sun and the moon will do the things they do "before" the great and glorious day of the Lord come. Jesus said "after" the tribulation of those days the sun and moon show signs. It all fits nicely if we remove the mountains of explanations on scripture out of the way.