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  1. Zemke

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    At first, the KJV is what I started with. Most of my study helps are geared toward the KJV. Concordance, greek parallel and dictionaries. I gave my original KJV word study Bible away to a young believer who hadn't anything but I already was using an NASB study Bible done by the same greek scholar and printers. To read the KJV I use the hardcover, complete word study keyed to the strongs concordance, Zohhiates AMG publishers. The fellowship I attend uses ESV for sermons and Sunday School but encourages comparisons and usage of other Bibles. So I also read ESV but not as much as NASB. When Sunday School is being done in an open format I bring my NASB Key Word Study Bible but if more of a lecture I bring the ESV because it reads as the teacher reads.
  2. Zemke

    Cleric Response Teams.

    We are waiting for a response. I'm not sure what a CRT is. My response came from reading a NT Wright book, "The Scriptures and the Authority of God." In which he long-windedly pokes for an intellectual Sanhedrin type oversight of doctrine to unify church division. Without stating that's what he is doing. It's an ideological daydream of a massive arrogant proportion. The book doesn't exegete any scripture but gives references to scripture and it just stops, it doesn't have an ending, it simply stops with a statement about polygamy. In which he attempts to quote Acts 17:30 and writes"we are now all about bringing in the new creation", this scripture reference is the place Paul preached the gospel. "That God is now calling on all men and all peoples everywhere to repent. And he has appointed a man to judge the world and has signified Him by raising Him from the dead." NT Wright's seeker sensitive gospel revisionistic redefining of the gospel is "Bringing in the new creation." He elevates nature and attacks platonism in many speeches just as the secular intellects have been doing for at least a hundred years. It's the world's philosophies coming into the church. I've heard many people are sucked in by this intellectual seminarian style stuff. Just another wind of deception and it's sad because he seems to be well intended but our scholarship has gone in a bad direction. NT Wright dug up the "New Perspective on Paul" thing from the 80's and is changing the way we perceive religion. NT Wright calls for new thoughts, new philosophies, challenging people the way professors challenge students in a university. He doesn't teach the Bible. I've listened to hours of his speeches and they are more about ideas and possibilities with known bible based statements scattered about and at times plentiful in a well-executed performance. What is so concerning is he is bringing a false sense of scholarship to Emergence, Purpose driven, Kingdom Now etc. He's basically very ecumenical. So my thoughts about Tom Wrights book were poked by the "Cleric Response Team". I guess it's time to google it.
  3. Zemke

    Cleric Response Teams.

    The coming Sanhedrin controlling the future apostate ecumenical doctrine? The future persecutors, and present mockers, of born-again bible believers.
  4. I thought he said "there were two groups that showed up". I hadn't read where he gave a support message to each group. Almost every year the Jews have the highest per capita rate of hate crimes against them. This has always been a problem most ignore. The fact it is on the rise is more a spiritual reality than a political one. The days are getting darker. And Trump having Paula White as a spiritual adviser should be of concern to believers and not the conspiratorial twists of connection between his presidency and social upheavals, there is enough blame for that to spread around.
  5. Zemke

    Can't Afford Seminary?

    With today's seminaries, it's a gift to not afford them. Discipleship is non-existent in most churches and the resurgence in Calvinism is a concern as history proves a Calvinistic society is a society to flee or be persecuted. Salem comes to mind, Calvinism is Islamic in philosophy, everything is Gods perfect will, there is the elect and the rest are infidels. It's a fools religion and any lectures from a Calvinist would be an exercise in nothing but mans religion. Seek the Lord and love the truth. God is our teacher not the followers of Calvin who teach things Calvin didn't teach. Not that Clavin had it together, he killed brothers, anna baptists. Dutch reform church - Apartide in South Africa, Protestants justifying taking lands from Catholics in Irland. Justification of Slavery in the southern States. Jesus will dwell with those who love not the world or the things of this world. Religions of man are preached to make a place in this world. Not a funny poster at all.
  6. Zemke

    Depressed about life

    After Jesus was tempted in the wilderness he went to Nazareth then left and settled in the area of Zebulun and Naphtali, Galilee of the Gentiles that fulfiled scripture. It's interesting to read some things about Zebulun and Naphtali, a few of which are in The Song of Deborah in Judges 5. Jesus also chose most of the disciples from this area. The history of those two tribes and a neighbouring tribe and that region is worth the study. "Zebulun was a people who despised their lives even to death, and Naphtali also, on the high places of the field." "They took no plunder in silver." "Love not the world nor the things of this world." Hating our life in this world isn't hating life, it's hating our life in this world. Pestilence, famine false religion evil men waxing worse and worse and on and on. Whats to love? You're more fit to be a disciple than most of us. Start reading in Matthew 4 and keep reading the words of Jesus in Matthew. He chose to dwell among a people who had a history of despising their lives even unto death. There is more to this but the Holy Spirit is the Vicor of Christ and will also dwell among the same. I think it was Paul who wrote, "To live is Christ to die is gain." Ask the Lord to prepare you for service, whatever that may be. It would seem your mind is spot on you just need to get your feet moving. "Blessed on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, announcing peace, announcing salvation. Read Ecclesiastes.
  7. Zemke

    Are You Lonely Too?

    Hi Equippers, Tozer was a preacher 60 years ago and edited a Christian magazine also. Most of his books are comprised of short editorials he wrote for that publication. He seemed to always be speaking spiritually about issues as did most Christian writers before his time. I don't believe he was addressing physically being alone, out of fellowship, as in Proverbs 18, He who dwells alone argues against all sound reason and seeks his own. But the reality of walking in the Spirit sets us apart from the things of this world, including the inability to relate to others and them to us. Just like the man Jesus healed who was blind from birth and was questioned if he was even who he said he was, the people weren't sure and even his family took a step back and said, "ask him, he is of age." and as we read the text says, "and Jesus found him". The miracles in John have a salvation theme to them. Tozer is addressing that distinction, the separation from this world we experience when born again, that separation should be a joy and not something we should try to fix. James tells us "friendship with the world is enmity towards God". James was addressing worldliness getting into the church. Most of our time is spent with non-believers if we aren't in full-time ministries such as a pastor or we work with Christians in a Christian business etc., so a spiritual walk will be a lonely walk but a blessed walk. That's not to say we won't go thru a desert experience. A lack of good fellowship for a period of time, short or long. We all will to some degree. And I believe it's to grow closer to Him.
  8. Zemke

    Jesus (was/is) a Jew?

    When we think about it, the only place multi-culturalism can exist successfully is in Christ. When we meet someone with nothing in common, food, language, clothing, culture, but realize we are both in Jesus, all things fade away. The distinctions exist but unity in the Spirit binds us. And I've noticed a trend around the term Israel. Isn't Israel the natural branches not cut off and those that have been grafted back in? Aren't we heading toward the time of Jacobs trouble? Not Israel's trouble? I've struggled with terminology in this area and sometimes when Israel is spoken of I still question the way it's used in sentences. I understand the jest of the statements when it's used but wonder if our understanding is confounded because we use it improperly. Another topic I suppose but something that has caught my attention.
  9. What's always more important than any apparent physical meaning is the spiritual or theological meaning. God provided garments for Adam and Eve, they were naked. Doing a word study on nakedness and clothing, garments shows the importance of Gods provision, the garment of salvation, is to His people. The demoniac was naked but after a confrontation with our Lord he was sitting at Jesus' feet 'clothed' and in his right mind. Jude in his epistle speaks of hating the garment even spotted with the flesh, After Lazarus was raised from the dead Jesus told them to take off his dead man clothes, discipleship. And most concerning for our day is the fact that Laodicea was naked. Before Moses brought out the people to the mount of God they had to wash their garments, it was repeated in the instructions making it emphatic. I believe it was Isaiah and Micah that were ask at some point to prophecy naked, not sure if that was complete nakedness but the point or message to the Jews was they were no longer under Gods provision or covering. The nakedness of Adam and Eve goes way beyond a physical meaning. They knew about sin before the fall but they didn't know sin in the experiential sense. They didn't know sin the way no one should know what it is like being with someone elses marriage partner. When people commit adultery, especially the first time, is a taste of what they felt. Adam and Eve experienced sin for the first time in their life. We are born into it.
  10. The creation narrative is a theological text but it is also accurate in it's historical statement. Creationist trying to argue using the text as a scientific statement venture away from it's intent as do evolutionists trying to inject it into a theological format where it has no place at all. Darwinian evolution is foolishness and has no ability to be true on the basic levels of physics. It doesn't even stand up to the laws of physics let alone any theological consideration. It is argued it has no leanings on the gospel or salvation but getting caught up in debates and such can lead to a persons shipwreck in faith because they didn't adhere to the basic principles and sound doctrine. 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus are clear an these things.
  11. Zemke

    Amos 8:11-12

    Interesting statement, Everything the antichrist will do is already foreseen by God and written for our learning. We are told that a restrainer will be taken out of the way. There are a number of arguments associated with that scripture but it is biblical that something restrains. Taking a break, I'll think about your question more.
  12. Zemke

    Amos 8:11-12

    In some way, the man of lawlessness will recapitulate what Antiochus did and many other types in the scriptures and through history. He will be all things to all people like Herod kind of was. Judas is another biblical type being the only other person called the son of perdition as is the antichrist. No one knew who Judas really was, he had everyone fooled except Jesus. He faked caring for the poor to make favour with people but also to enrich himself. He was a great guy it seemed to everyone. The ultimate is him wanting to be worshipped as God by God's people. Standing in the holy place wanting worship as God. Conjecture is discussing how all these things will occur, but we really won't know until they actually do. What we have are types and past fulfilments that help us watch and stay ready. Discussing can be healthy to a point as long as we understand what is conjecture/possibility and the reality that it will be the ultimate in deception.
  13. Zemke

    Amos 8:11-12

    I hit a wrong button so my post was incomplete. I added more but much more could be said.
  14. Zemke

    Amos 8:11-12

    Well yes but prophecy is not just prediction and fulfilment, which it is, but a pattern. The Abomination spoke of by the prophet Daniel was fulfilled during the time of the greeks but Jesus spoke of it as future and was again fulfilled in 70ad, but there have been numerous abominations over the years but one could say ordaining homosexuals as clergy is an abomination in the temple of God today. But we await a future fulfilment with the son of perdition as the fullness and final fulfilment. The Abomination that makes desolate.
  15. Zemke

    Amos 8:11-12

    During the time of Elisha, one of the sons of the prophets found some wild gourds during a time of famine. He put them in the pot and when they started to eat they cried out, "There's death in the pot" Elisha said, "Pour in the grain." A type of the word of God. One way to look at this is when false doctrine or bad teaching gets into the church, and it's a good church, a good pot so to speak, we fix bad doctrine with good doctrine. One thing Amos is telling us is there is such a thing as a famine for the hearing of the word of the Lord. Jerimiah wore a brand new belt, buried it in the Euphrates, went back later to get it and wore it around again. It was a sign to the people that they have rendered the words of God useless. Not that the word of God is useless but the people have rendered it useless. When we recognize the amount of false teaching, deception in the church and how many church organizations don't study scripture or realize its importance in our discipleship and life as a believer we not only have rendered the word of God useless we have created a famine. And as the saying goes, "In a famine people will eat anything." And brother there is plenty of aged unclean road kill on the barbecue these days. I liken this scripture to the ten virgins, there comes a time when it is too late. The warnings have gone out, the signs have all been being fulfilled and the clock strikes midnight, The word of God doesn't disappear, it's being fulfilled but I believe if we render the word of the Lord useless in our lives there comes a time when God causes it to be useless in our lives. Gods' Spirit will not always strive with man. This is a warning and I believe it was fulfilled and is being fulfilled partially as a spiritual principle but also there will be a future fulfilment. It may have something to do with the delusion that Paul speaks of in 2Thess. but that's just conjecture.