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  1. Zemke

    The Olivet Discourse

    The concept comes from hyper dispensationalism. The Closed Brethren, who Darby was a leader of, said a number of books were not for the church including James. Matthew 24 is just a remnant of that theological twist. Most theology at its base has a point but we tend to take them to an illogical conclusion then fight blindly for them to be so.
  2. Zemke

    Rapture after The Resurrection movie?

    Paul also put it like this in 1 Timothy vs 3-5: As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus, when I went into Macedonia, that thou mayest charge some that they teach no other doctrine, neither giving heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith, so do. Now the end of the commandment (or charge) is charity (love) out of a pure heart and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:...…... The instructional epistles as many call them, I and 2 Timothy and Titus, start off with a command to, basically, tell others to stop teaching bad doctrine. The he proceeds to speak of the outcome or affect such things have on the sheep. Also Titus ch2 vs 1: "Speak the things fitting for sound doctrine." It's the sum of the word, not just some one line statement that seems to smooth things over with false and misleading teachers and prophets and in this case, bad emotionalized Hollywood money making productions. Jesus said to make disciples, feed His sheep. Movies manipulate emotion and so do many churches. Bad doctrine is bad doctrine and all my life I've heard nothing but excuses for it. If Hollywood films made by money making non believers is lifted up as our evangelistic means, what does that say about our understanding? God can and does use anything, Myself and many others I personally know came to the Lord from preaching by cults, we all found our paths out of them lead by the Holy Spirit but what a shame. It took a decade before I received half way decent discipleship, for some I know it took less time but some more time, but I say again, what a shame. It isn't about salvation as it is something in our hands, that's Gods department, we have the responsibility of discipleship, not adding to the church daily as such should be saved, God adds to the church daily as such should be saved, Acts ch2. Some plant some water but it is God who gives the increase. "Peter do you love me" "Yes Lord, you know I love you" "Feed My sheep" Jesus was emphatic, He repeated it three times, but we go after numbers, over and over and over...………….
  3. Zemke

    Do you like cats?

    There is a Brewery and Farm Works residing on an old dairy farm next door. Their cat population came from mostly strays. I see foot prints in the snow and find one now and then posting a hunt around my place. Love them for their hunting skills being used in the community but love it more that they aren't mine. Raised in a home with no cats and the dogs were Britney Spaniels, bird dogs, great hunters but they lived for the hunt and had a home all their own called a dog house. I have an outside dog now and he loves the creek and woods but unless it's 25 degrees or below he will not let anyone sleep. His whole goal is to get someone out the door with him. He was born across the road outside to parents who lived outside. The natural habitat for many breeds. But this is about cats so no, I don't love cats in my house, but ya, the work they do around my house with rodents I love.
  4. You seemed inquisitive yet though you brought up the Palestinians you then rejected that they had anything to do with the subject. So it's sad that instead of a questioning inquisitive discussion it would seem, as others seem to notice too, you want to slam on the Jew. That's what is sad, you seem or seemed inquisitive, sorry for the first sentence structure. This is not a good thing on your part and I will remove myself from the discussion as to not give you more opportunity to spread garbage.
  5. Sad really, you seem inquisitive. I believe the quote of Pharaoh was, "So it is written, so it is done." "Ten Commandments."
  6. There are a number of aspects and things going on but first off they are mostly a secular country and not a religious Jewish country. One can't expect them to follow something they have had a poor track record of following anyway, even when they were religious. There are reasons for the Jew being back in the land, one of which is God said he would do it in Ezekiel 36:22. He has acted not for their sakes but for His holy name. Another reason they are back would be for the second coming of Messiah. Just as Josephs brothers did not recognize Joseph the first time they saw him but the second time Joseph revealed himself to them and they wept, so too will the Messiah reveal himself, after the time of Jacobs trouble about to come,(Revelation) and they will look on Him who they have pierced and they will weep. Zechariah 12: 10 Actually read 12 -14 and it gives a good indication of why they are there. The Jews and the Arabs will reconcile but not until the Prince of Peace returns. As Jacob and Esau embraced so also will the two lines of offspring from the loins of Abraham at some point embrace. Being attached to the Old Testament should help you answer your questions. Problem is we allow the world and other theologies to fog up our understanding. We are all guilty of it but the sweetness of reading the word with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit is wonderful and always remember the truth is sweet in the mouth but bitter in the belly. The State of Israel would have no problem "embracing" those outside of their borders but many of those outside of their borders have vowed to kill the Jew and eradicate the nation Israel. It's like feeling one could show compassion and hug a lion and all would be good, but reality just doesn't work that way.
  7. Zemke

    AMERICA: NEW ROME & BABYLON THE GREAT ("Come out of her, My people...")

    Over the last few years I've been trying to see the fullness or magnitude of events and keeping from thinking first of time line. It isn't easy because it's how we have been taught to approach prophecy. There is a time line but I believe it to be secondary to a more concurrent approach. These things have always gone on in some way. What has been will be and is. There is a time for the fullness of time to happen but what is more important is understanding the realities of our day and these things occurring but will occur. Jesus talked about the evil for today, or the trouble for today being sufficient. Don't be concerned about tomorrow. It's what's behind all these things that have been from the beginning. It's really been a big help in grasping a better perspective of a time line. And by extension taking a bit more time and patience with whoever may be next to me any given moment.
  8. Zemke

    AMERICA: NEW ROME & BABYLON THE GREAT ("Come out of her, My people...")

    The full title is "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Rev. 17:5 All false religions can be traced back to the original, the Tower of Babel. Once the languages were confused and people separated the original religion fragmented into many religious factions. Interesting that Nimrod settled in Assyria. Trouble is always worse from the north for the land. The most ancient of brutal enemies of the Jews. Assyrians. Isaiah 47 is a chapter that depicts the judgement on this whore. All false religions will be unified and are being unified. The ecumenical movement is heading to Babylon. The bimbo is in the food supply, Zechariah 5:5-11 The woman in the ephah with the led covering and two women with wings of a stork carrying the basket off to the land of Shinar to be set on a pedestal. Once again, those that have ears, the poison is in the food supply. It's why the apostles were consistent about sound doctrine and warning about false teachers and false prophets. If you are tangled up in ecumenical unity with other religions and large movements for peace and healing for the nations you need to pray for the ability to see the truth and come out of her. There will be no lasting and true peace or healing of the nations until the Prince of Peace returns and He will come the same way He left, Acts ch 1. The first thing Jesus said when He was asked about His return and the end of the age was, "See to it that no one misleads you." Matth: 24 He is the bread that came down from heaven, He is the Word manifest in the flesh. The Word of God is our spiritual food. Not the books of Rick Warren or Bill Hybles and the countless others being deceived and deceiving others. "Come out of her my people" It's a false religious system that will be destroyed.
  9. There are the writings of a dispensational brother Clarence Larkin from the early 20th century that fully cover the dispensational understanding of the time line of prophetic events according to that theology. His love for our King is obvious and his passion was exhorting for me as a young believer. He was a man of God but even though the theology kept him from seeing further connectivity of scripture he was honest in that he stated that the pre trib rapture of the church was not clearly stated in scripture but placed sometime before the seventieth week because he and others could not figure to put it anywhere else. Somehow over the last one hundred years dispensationalists with no further understanding of scripture or light than what Clarence had are pronouncing the pre trib rapture is clearly biblical without producing any clear scripture that says so. At least Clarence was honest.
  10. Zemke

    The chronological order of end time events

    Jesus told us trouble is sufficient for today. What is next is what has always been happening from Genesis till now and will continue to happen. Last Daze is right, the order of events prepares us unwittingly for nothing. What has and is happening and will be happening is an increase in "persecution" in the world soon coming to a location near you and "deception" gaining more and more ground. The "dragon" and the "serpent". We've all heard more believers have been martyred for their faith in the last century than in the last 2 thousand years. Also, increasingly, the wickedness of man, and humanity at some point thinking peace peace peace being oblivious to what is coming upon the earth, "Just as the days of Noah". Thirdly, the growing push towards political, economic and religious unity to solve the problems of the world. The deceived world has always been moving to rebuild the Tower of Babel. Figuratively speaking. Rick Warren and his followers view prophecy as a distraction and far to controversial so he may not realize he is preparing his followers for the coming of anti Christ not Jesus Christ. Ricks' three legged stool, "The private sector, the public sector and the faith sector coming together to feed the hungry and end aids". Tugs at our hearts but it's a deception. The serpent is subtle and tugs at the old nature to hope in this world. We are warned about deception more than anything else in the Olivet Discoarse, the apostles spoke of false teachers and false prophets and sound doctrine far more than time lines, but we pay attention to endless timelines which I'm starting to believe is a deception in and of itself.
  11. Zemke

    Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    Ya a bit brash, but sometimes I think he maintains that, not that it isn't a part of his personality, in order for people not to lift him up. He has said men that he had served with, men that he knew knew the truth and God blessed them and the ministry they were a part of are now teaching the same error they all agreed was error or have gotten caught up in some serious sin issue. I saw him walk away from an elderly lady cause she wouldn't stop telling him how wonderful he is. He kept saying praise God, do you have a question or concern? She would say, "No no I just think your ...... and he just walked away. There ain't nothin attractive about Jacob and I think he keeps it that way. He even tells someone who's cornering him on how rude or "brash" or unbecoming of a man of God, "Ya I'm a jerk okay we've established that, what about what I taught? is there something wrong with what I taught? otherwise talk to my wife, she knows I'm jerk also." Something like that anyway
  12. Zemke

    Did Jesus Die 'Spiritually' on the Cross

    We all know the Levitical sacrifices point to Jesus Christ. Heard a teaching a few years back by Jacob Prasch on the grain offering in Leviticus ch2. The grain was offered in three ways, on the stove top, in the pan and in the oven. We all can see what happens on the stove top, what the grain goes thru in the cooking and burning. we get that, we see that. What happened physically to Jesus we get we see, anyone who has suffered pain can have some idea anyway to some extent of that outer suffering and understand the pain, some more than others of coarse but we get that. Outer court, so to speak. In the pan we can't really see physically but have an idea of the inner suffering and anguish in ones soul. It's why reporters will ask that insane question to a mother or father who just lost a child, "How are you feeling right now?" It a crazy question, how do you answer something like that? We have an idea if we have children, we can relate if we have lost children but none of us can really know fully what's really going on the soul of that person at that moment. We see the effects on their character especially if we know them and know something is happening inside of them but we are still limited in our understanding. But God understands, God sees in the pan. In the oven, well no one knows what's going on in the oven. Only God knows and sees what goes on in the oven. We will never know the pain and understand the anguish of that moment between the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit this side of eternity and we may never really fully grasp it through all eternity. The Holy of Holies. Great teaching, walked into a church for a bible study and they had a guest speaker that night. I went in with a downed countenance and came out rejuvenated and excited to get home and read the scriptures. First time I had ever heard one of his teachings. But he would say "God is our teacher."
  13. Zemke

    the Church of the Left

    to quote a standard fellow on the boards, Pfff
  14. Zemke

    the Church of the Left

    What I get from this is "Our way or the highway cause we are the people doing it right and all else is nothing but excuses." Gator is making a point and you are dismissing it while trying to pin something on him that isn't his to wear. Something was wrong spiritually when R v W came about and the church fought in the flesh and still does. With all the mega churches and influential people like Rick Warren one would think our country would be influenced by Judeo Cristian values but the opposite has happened ever since. The stew was a mess before R v W and has become toxic over time. This kind of argumentation is why boards like this become meaningless. A point is never really made clearly because someone needs to simply win win win. It's actually repugnant. I hate the enemy that traps people in the ways of this world. We could rid the place of infidels and leftists and stone thous found aborting but then we would be doing the devils work and not Gods. People do not see the love of God when we fight the way the world does, they're always going to be better at it than the church, kind of like rock and roll. I saw a sign about ten years ago in Washington that read "Jesus, save us from your followers." I don't expect you would come to understand that may have some meaning for us to consider. Every Christian that I have heard trying to make a point like Gator has always been drowned out by the cries you have cried and people move on, but he is right. Something must change. And that change must be spiritual.
  15. Zemke

    Defense of the Pre Trib Rapture

    Paul was referring to the last trump when the last of the southern camp would then leave the camp. Revelation was not written then and the text of the apostles was the law and prophets. At this time it seems to me the trumpets in Revelation are a separate set of blasts at a specific set time. Unlike a silver trumpet that would be blown at anytime upon command. That's just how I'm looking at this at this time. I'm all for simple understandings of the text as a whole but I don't believe this is one of those times.