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  1. Well, the Pope has also been approached on the matter of women becoming priests, and there is actually a group of female Catholic "priests" defying the RCC. http://arcwp.org/en/
  2. That was not the point. You seemed to think that Syria excluded Jews, and were shown to be incorrect. The Antichrist could come from Syria, or have his origins in Syria, and still be a renegade Jew, not a Muslim.
  3. Since there is nothing to study, the Pope would be better off dealing with all the corruption within the existing priesthood of the Catholic Church. Another attempt to deflect attention from the real issues. 1. The priesthood of the RCC is bogus, since all believers belong to a Royal Priesthood. 2. The Bible is crystal clear that pastor/elder/bishops are to be married men. 3. Women are excluded from preaching, teaching, or usurping authority within the local church.
  4. A"mummy's boy" (or a mama's boy) is a man who never grew up, and clings to his mother's apron strings. Very definitely a poor choice for a husband, since mama will always come first.
  5. None of those passages deal with soul sleep, so why are you trying to connect them with soul sleep? For example Peter speaks of his "decease" (death) and refers to his body as his "tabernacle" (tent). Which implies that the soul and spirit are resident in the body during life and leave the body after death. But they DO NOT SLEEP in the grave or anywhere else. Ever since the resurrection of Christ all the saints go directly to be with Christ in Heaven, which is very much alive.
  6. Does this mean we have to clap for Clapper? Let's not forget that it was Clapper who tried to foist the bogus scenario in the first place. He cannot be trust for anything.
  7. Yes, while the Church is already in Heaven. I guess you missed that part. Scripture does not equate the world with the Church.
  8. Babes in Christ do not become mature adults overnight. Unless they are properly discipled and taught how to study the Word, beginning with the milk and moving on to the meat, they will be easily deceived and side-tracked. Most churches today do not have a plan for systematically teaching Bible truth and Gospel truth. Much of the preaching is shallow, not Bible-based. Some preachers are even plagiarizing the sermons of others, rather than doing the hard work necessary to do a proper job. That is why you see so many weird ideas being promoted on Christian forums.
  9. As though that excludes renegade Jews coming out of Syria. There were large communities in Aleppo ("Halabi Jews", Aleppo is Halab in Arabic) and Damascus ("Shami Jews") for centuries, and a smaller community in Qamishli on the Turkish border near Nusaybin. (Wikipedia).
  10. Totally false, but self-serving. Pope Francis is working on behalf of the globalists, not even the Catholic Church. Conservative Catholics are fed up with his political activism.
  11. Sure. And the moon is made of green cheese. The Pope should shut up and mind his own business which is pedophilia in the RCC.
  12. Where does Scripture say that disaster is reserved for the saints? All the judgments are reserved for the unbelieving and the ungodly. When the Flood came upon the earth, Noah, his family, and all the animals in the Ark were safe and sound. And Enoch had already been translated to Heaven. That was the rapture of Enoch. The rapture is not a "theory" but a Bible doctrine. And if you mean the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, that too is a Bible doctrine.
  13. So unless the Bible says "the Antichrist must be a Jew" in so many words, "there is no proof"! Amazing how people always want explicit statements from the Bible, but anything that is implicit is rejected, ignored, or rendered suspect. The Lord Jesus Christ had actually made an implicit reference to the Antichrist BEING A JEW already, but since you cannot tolerate anything that is implicit, I won't even bother to quote it.
  14. Well for starters just ask yourself if Ezekiel is writing about a temple in Jerusalem ON EARTH, and how all the prophecies pertaining to future Israel (including those in Isaiah) tie into the prophecy of Ezekiel. Then ask yourself where the New Jerusalem is, and whether or not it is distinct from Jerusalem on earth (which is an earthly city in contrast to heavenly Jerusalem). The dimensions of the New Jerusalem are 1500 CUBIC MILES. Just the length and the breadth would be the size of a continent. So how can the New Jerusalem be on earth? It will be above the earth and take the place of the sun. Once that is settled, there is no question that there will be close and direct communication between the two Jerusalems, but we cannot possibly comprehend how, since we do not have the full picture. So the bottom line is that New Jerusalem is the eternal home of the Church, whereas restored Jerusalem on earth is the "capital city" of restored Israel on earth (and presumably of the entire earth mentioned as "the nations").
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