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  1. Well,hopefully you will get it done so you can rightful try to claim last,lol
  2. Well,I think Ianl read it in less than 5 months. So we will bring it down to 32.
  3. I commend you for trying,I hope that you can get the age down to at least 35,lol
  4. You aren't either,you're just a wanna be,lol
  5. But you have to admit I did read all the post,I am a better qualifier than some.
  6. Good to see you too,Pat. I am at least a better qualifier then some others here on this thread.
  7. Wanna rephrase this,lol
  8. Tea time,are you British?
  9. I don't even understand his rules because he typed them while drunk with sleep,lol.
  10. Can you rephrase your rules,lol?
  11. Have you even tried to began reading all the post??