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  1. It's probably hard for hims to think with his brain sitting out of his skull like that.
  2. how it feels when an Eagle has your back
  3. Your raccoon does not count as the public.... unless you mean public nuisance
  4. if he puts those nasty looking feet on me again I'll squish him in a heart beat.
  5. Well, I can't help that you have so many delusions but I can give you a big ole hug ((((((SWEETY))))))
  6. Penguishy is having a rough day but even the roughest of days with Jesus are better than the "best days" without Him, right buddy? I think you do need to realize that this is a competition and you aren't helping yourself win if you're always giving me last. But it is very sweet and nice to have you on my side. *hugs* Bring it on. I'm sure we'd have a blast. Kids usually like me, not sure why .... (see example A above) *winks at Pitn*
  7. *points to Noob* do you regret giving him a higher grade than me yet?
  8. I'm gonna have to report this one for permanently harming my retinas
  9. @enoob57 I can't even quote that last picture because I literally never want to see it again.....
  10. Well, we certainly do think you're high most of the time ... not altitude wise specifically but high nonetheless.
  11. Nothing massively complicated is my specialty. I've recently spent a lot of time thinking on this subject (literally just praying about it this morning in fact) and I feel like when we stand in those hours/days/weeks His Spirit will carry us and bear with us. We don't have to worry and I'm not sure it's something we can really prepare for other than being wise and knowing His Word so we can recognize the times. His hand will always be upon His children, and He will walk with us to the very end. Whatever that end may be.
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