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  1. I'm about as good as a penguin can be, little buddy. How is you? I am busy being a penguishy. Logan is always last when he is here, @Logan we can't wait for you to come back and say hi!! I'm also prepared to send you more brownies whenever you can have them again.
  2. I was waiting for you to come over for dinner. You never showed up. 😅
  3. We're here for you, Kenzie. Please don't kill yourself. Reach out to someone near you, anyone! Please. Father in Jesus Name we ask that You would protect Kenzie. Let her feel Your tangible presence, surround her with Your love. Let her know that we care for her, that those near her care for her, but most of all that YOU care for her. Father fill her heart with your love and Spirit. We command every lie of the wicked one to be silenced in Jesus Name and may Your voice be the only one she hears. Pull her near to you, Lord. Comfort her, remind her that You are faithful and will never and have never once left her side. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen
  4. She's gonna hit you with the skillet for that one and I'm gonna laugh.
  5. Biscuits should be eaten smothered in sausage gravy .... Don't you agree?
  6. My heart is broken that you've eaten penguins ..... My soul is jealous that your niece had such a wonderful job and had to give it away ......... Oh the PAIN of all of this is too great for my mere penguin heart.
  7. That's a good one too!! I think I'm realizing I like way too many Christmas songs.
  8. Silent Night is my favorite, followed closely by Oh Come Let Us Adore Him. There is nothing quite like sitting outside early Christmas morning (I'm talking 4 AM early) with some coffee and just enjoying the silence. It's a different kind of silent than other mornings, almost like, the earth is taking a moment too. So I often find myself singing that little tune as I sit and ponder Him on those early mornings and enjoy the special silent night. If one is to ponder Him then they'll definitely adore Him so that's why Silent Night is followed by the other song.
  9. Oh look, you added a "face". I guess you are human. What a shame. Chatting with a robot might've been fun. I hope you enjoy the forums as well as chat. Us forum posters can be fun too!
  10. Hey Sam! Welcome to Worthy!
  11. Hey Michelle, welcome!
  12. You look awfully robotlike to me ... are you sure sure you're a person? Hey again and welcome to worthy!!
  13. Have you actually eaten penguin, Ms. Lady?
  14. Payback for killing their brother? She obviously wanted him to be unkempt.
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