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  1. TheAimes


    Just seeing this. Oh my precious sister in Christ, my prayers are with you and I stand with you agreeing that our Father will heal and restore. Cancer is a scary word but Jesus is more powerful!
  2. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Oh Jadey, *hugs*. Will post more to you in the appropriate thread but I’m praying for you.
  3. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    what's wrong wif Jadey??
  4. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    That made me LOL for real OO.
  5. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Check your pears - they look a little rotten .......... I missed you too, Jadey
  6. TheAimes

    Planning a chat trivia - July 21st

    Logs in - sees trivia talk - realizes she will once again miss it ..... I'm out of town and away from laptop that day. Pooey.
  7. TheAimes

    Things of insomnia

    We should start an insomniac's club here in Worthy.
  8. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    You sir are so wrong for both of those statements. I do want a nice big ole steak right now though, I could enjoy it whilst being LAST.
  9. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Finally someone is catching on, go ahead and close the thread after this post since I am THE LAST penguin
  10. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    I am an endangered species, do you see any other penguins floating around here? I'm Worthy's only penguin, therefore I deserve last. I don't think any penguin obit's were posted up yet... I do wonder how I would have died if one had made it up lol
  11. TheAimes

    Christians and drinking

    Oh man, someone who thinks like me... that could be great or scary LOL Be Blessed!
  12. TheAimes

    Christians and drinking

    My personal opinion - drinking in moderation isn't a sin but it's something that a believer should practice wisely, if they practice it at all. We're encouraged to not be a stumbling block to those around us, so if in the company of others (especially those I know have had an issue with alcohol, those who feel it's a sin, or those young in the faith) I typically will not drink. If I know the person well and know that they also feel a liberty to have a drink from time to time that's a different story. However, I can't even remember the last time I had a drink, it's not something I do often nor something I desire on a regular basis. I attend a church with a very strict view on drinking, that even a sip is a sin. I do think it can be a slippery slope and if one knows they have an addictive personality it's probably wise to just stay clear of any alcohol. Just my two cents, y'all be blessed.
  13. TheAimes

    Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Ignore the fluff?? nooooo the fluff is the most importante. Penguins are last, therefore last is suffering through this very hot summer wif me.
  14. TheAimes

    favorite missionary?

    Ohhh, my heart! I so wish I could visit your aquarium. It sounds so awesome.