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  1. and because of this thread, I went and got a five guys cheeseburger and cajun fries for lunch today....
  2. They're actually really good if you like the sweet and salty combo - a friend and I split one a couple years ago (there was no way we could eat an entire one by ourselves without getting diabetes).
  3. I think it's already hit him a few dozen times....
  4. Hello and Welcome! God bless!
  5. Hi Steve, welcome to Worthy! Be Blessed!
  6. Oh, that’s terrible brother. Praying for y’all!
  7. Thanks to this thread I have the largest craving for a cheeseburger and fries.
  8. You must be blind. I've been here, being last, this entire time.
  9. Sadly penguins can’t fly... we can be last though as that’s clearly what I am
  10. Hey Sweety, my backs hurting, do you think you and your Hoover can come clean my apartment? Last and I would provide some snacks for ya....ya know since last is here with me.
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