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  1. Only in the minds of the pre-trib crowd
  2. Is gator OOTS ????
  3. Correct Roy!! Many times I can't put my thoughts into words correctly. You seem to understand this old hillbilly.
  4. The question is will we recognize them, 2000 years ago, the most religious people on earth didn't recognize the Messiah.
  5. wingnut you have brought forth some really great points in this thread
  6. we probably shot it down
  7. Right on Joe
  8. You are correct again brother Joe
  9. Correct Roy, He is leaving Bozrah headed to Jerusalem
  10. Don't you think these people could be the great multitude in heaven that come with the Lord at his second coming
  11. iamlamad what happens to a Christian when they die?
  12. That is called bait, for leakers.
  13. I have common sense