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  1. Where do we draw the line with symbols ? And where do we just believe what the Bible says in plain English.
  2. So are you saying Jesus is going to marry a few billion people? At a 50% male- female ratio, that would be a couple billion males.
  3. Don't stop reading just yet, read on to Rev. 21:9 and see what the Bible plainly says.
  4. Marilyn, I think you need to read on down to Rev. 21:9 and see what John was shown to be the bride.
  5. Read the next couple chapters of Rev. and you will see the bride of Christ, the holy city, coming down out of heaven.
  6. The Bible says 2, the first resurrection and 1000 years later the other one. Rev. 20
  7. I look forward to the day when iamlamad says Wow!! I see what you all have been saying all this time. I remember the day I turned from the pre-trib doctrine to the truth of the Word of God. I must wait.
  8. Because that's what it means, that's a fact the per-trib crowd can't except.
  9. One thing I've learned over the years is the pre-trib crowd can "make it up as the go" and have no thought of the damage they do to the word of God.
  10. Paul didn't have the Bible like we do today. I don't think I would be comparing myself to Paul if I were you. I guess we can all assume if God decides to write a couple more chapters of the Revelation you are the man to do it.
  11. I stand by the moto, if the Bible is silent about a topic, we should be also.
  12. That can be said for a lot of what you try to teach on the forum
  13. In other words, you made it up, there is nothing in the Bible that says such a thing.
  14. Where do you both get the sealed book is the Title Deed to Earth from?
  15. Uriah I was with you until you said the 70 weeks are over, I do think 3 1/2 of the weeks are done. I think Jesus put a gap in the 70 weeks for the times of the Gentiles to come to a full. The book of Revelation speaks of 3 1/2 years remaining for sometime in the future to be fulfilled. But I do agree with a lot of what you say on here. I also agree with a lot of what Roy says, I guess I'm somewhere in between you two.
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