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  1. That's why I can only see 3.5 years spoken about in Rev. not 7 years.
  2. That's the way I see it also.
  3. Only 3 1/2 years are talked about in Revelations
  4. I've said it before some people make it up as they go.
  5. He's a pre-tribber he gets to make it up as he goes to make the pre-trib doctrine sound better.
  6. That's a great read Pup.
  7. The Bozrah battle is the first stop of the Lord.
  8. the last 3 pages have been 2 pre-tribbers going back and forth over which one is correct, the truth be told they are both wrong. No pre -trib rapture is coming .
  9. Nope they just say that is somebody else
  10. First forget about the pre-trib rapture, then take a guess who that multitude is.
  11. The foolish virgins are the per-trib believers, when the rapture doesn't happen pre-trib like they hope, they will run out of oil during the great tribulations. The virgins with enough oil to get to the end are the post-trib believers who expect to be here through the GT.
  12. Heaven in that verse means SKY, where do we meet the Lord at the rapture, in the air (the sky).
  13. Because Rev.20 is another fly in the ointment of the pre-trib doctrine
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