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  1. It seems logical to me that we should to be able to see the destruction
  2. I'm not trying to answer for Keras, but he is saying they're will not be a rapture to heaven, as most people believe heaven to be somewhere way up in the sky where God lives. The rapture will be to meet the Lord in the air at the first resurrection just as Rev.20 states. From there we go to Jerusalem.
  3. Our blessed hope is the resurrection
  4. Lamad are those saints that get overcome not going to be included in the church
  5. The people that want to do the attacking, the muslems
  6. Really!!! Do tell us all things so we can choose wisely
  7. Moses not Abraham struck the Rock
  8. Correct fixerupper !!!!!
  9. The pre-tribbers will stop at nothing short of saying the Bible is wrong and they know better than the ones that wrote it what they want to hear.
  10. Where is the faith of those in the pre-trib camp? Do you not think the Lord can protect you during the tribulation? Why does it even matter, if I die today, I go to be with the Lord, if I die during the tribulation I go to be with the Lord, if I live through the tribulation, I go to be with the Lord. What are you all so afraid of?!!!!!!
  11. islam is not a religion, it is a form of government, so it shouldn't be allowed in the USA.
  12. Correct again wingnut !!!!
  13. Only in the minds of the pre-trib crowd
  14. Is gator OOTS ????
  15. Correct Roy!! Many times I can't put my thoughts into words correctly. You seem to understand this old hillbilly.