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  1. You are correct again brother Joe
  2. Correct Roy, He is leaving Bozrah headed to Jerusalem
  3. Don't you think these people could be the great multitude in heaven that come with the Lord at his second coming
  4. iamlamad what happens to a Christian when they die?
  5. That is called bait, for leakers.
  6. I have common sense
  7. Because they knew he is a muslem
  8. they must be some big oysters out there somewhere
  9. every news outlet has said in one way or the other that no terrorists have been found to come from those 7 countries
  10. So this blows the fake news about no one from those 7 countries being terrorists out of the water
  11. I think the day of the Lord is the 1000 year reign
  12. The Lord fully intended to set up His kingdom when he came, but that was postponed until the next time he comes.
  13. correct n2