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  1. I was just reading Zion's question about pleading the blood of Jesus. When this question came up in my mind about using a "point of contact" when praying. Is this a biblical practice and is there scripture to backup using or having to have a point of contact when praying?
  2. Yes there must be a baptism of repentance unto salvation first before an outward baptism of water. If any man be in Christ he is a "new creature" (born again) the old has passed away and behold all things made new.
  3. Baptized unto What?
  4. I agree
  5. I believe that no matter what the scenario may be as a Christian we would have to submit to the higher and the lower level of authorities even if they are in opposition to one another. As an individual Christian or just a citizen we each have a choice to do the right thing by showing forth our good behavior or choosing to engage in bad behavior. But as scripture says good behavior is no threat to any authority being the higher or lower authority. But it is choosing to engage in bad behavior or evil things that is the threat to the authorities that are in power. Being obedient "does not mean" we have to engage in ungodly behavior even if laws are made giving the citizens the right to do so.
  6. buzzzz
  7. That is true other one.
  8. The bible doesn't tell us what Jesus wrote in the sand on that day. Therefore I do not know nor will I ever know in this life time on earth what Jesus wrote in the sand. But I do know what the thoughts of Jesus were concerning the women in adultery and toward all of those that were present on that day along with her accusers. Jesus knew that all of them including the women was "guilty" before God of sin and they were all in need of a Savior. This is only my personal thoughts and speculations here while reflecting on these scriptures. Which being that the first time perhaps Jesus wrote "GUILTY" in the sand concerning the women in adultery as she stood and was guilty of sin before God. And certainly that was the very thoughts of Jesus toward the woman in adultery whether it was ever written in the sand or not. The second time perhaps Jesus wrote "GUILTY" once again in the sand regarding the woman's accusers and all of the onlookers. Being that all of them were guilty of sin before God and in need of a Savior. Not even one of her accusers or those in the crowd could pick up a stone and hurl it at the woman in adultery to stone her to death according to the law. This was in the mind of Jesus as well on that day whether it was ever written in the sand or not. But again just personal thoughts of mine as it is "NOT" recorded what Jesus wrote in the sand on that day. However we do know from this bible story what the thoughts of Jesus were on this specific day being that they all including the women were---all were "guilty" before God of sin and all were in need of a "Savior" as there was no law given that could save mankind. It took the once an for all sacrifice of God's only begotten Son to cleanse away the sins of man and not the continual offering up of bulls and goats which could never save or appease the wrath of God. o c
  9. No I do not believe that Caiaphas bore any personal responsibility for prophesying. Those that were plotting to kill Jesus through false accusations and such simply did not know what was happening they just didn't want the people to believe on Jesus. Caiaphas was stating a fact of what was happening as it was necessary (expedient) for Jesus to die so salvation would come to the world. Caiaphas even told those plotting to kill Jesus that they knew nothing at all concerning Jesus. If they had knew who Jesus really was then they wouldn't have plotted to catch him or crucify him. Caiaphas was only speaking forth what the Spirit of God revealed to him and what was written by the Old Testament prophets concerning Jesus. The Pharisees and the Sanhedrin's were not prophets nor was Caiaphas a prophet (if that is what you are suggesting they were and therefore they had to submit to one another). Perhaps you could clarify for us what you think it actually means for "the spirits of the prophets to be subject unto the prophets". I do not believe that Caiaphas was in on the plot to kill Jesus one bit but spoke forth (prophesied) the truth to them of Jesus being the Savior of the world being sent by God. The Spirit of God revealed this to Caiaphas during the things that were going on around him. Those plotting to kill Jesus so that the people wouldn't believe on him had no clue what the will of God was that was being fulfilled that the Old Testament prophets had written concerning Jesus. I do not believe at all that Caiaphas agreed (concurred. or went along with) the Sanhedrin's or the Pharisees plot to kill Jesus. Caiaphas counsel (prophecy) instead revealed who Jesus was to them the only begotten Son of God who would pay the ransom price for the sins of the world. Obviously they gave no heed to Caiaphas's words and went forward false accusing Jesus among the mob so they would crucify Him.
  10. We know what Caiaphas said about Jesus. What exactly does your scripture about "the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets" have to do with anything? How does it affect the meaning of what Caiaphas prophesied concerning Jesus. Your argument comes across as a straw man argument to me. More of a diversion if you will.
  11. What??? I never said or even suggested that Caiaphas was possessed. Where did that come from? It was the Spirit of God that revealed those things to Caiaphas concerning Jesus during the course of what was happening as they were plotting to kill Jesus. During what was going on Caiaphas prophesied the truth by the Spirit of God concerning the man Jesus as it was the will of God that he would lay down his life willingly paying the ransom price for the sins of the world.
  12. You should read...John 11:45-57 - especially vs. (49-53) Caiaphas was not advising any one as you say as he was not in on the plot with the Pharisees to kill Jesus. Instead Caiaphas who was the high priest that year told them that they didn't know any thing at all (vs. 49). Nor was they taking it into account that it was expedient (necessary) for Jesus to die for them so none would perish (vs. 50). Caiaphas was speaking concerning Jesus being our High Priest and was not speaking of his own self (vs. 51). Instead he prophesied of what was in the scriptures concerning Jesus having to die so that salvation would come to their nation and to those in other nations (vs. 51-52). This was the plan and will of God before the foundation of the earth was even laid. Before mankind was even created God's will was to send his only begotten Son into the world to die for the sins of man (Ephesians 1). Yes Caiaphas was a man but it was not his plan nor his will that Jesus would die on the cross for the atonement of sin, but he knowing the scriptures he knew it was necessary in order for the cleansing of sin to take place by accepting the sacrifice of Christ's body by faith that God gave to the world as we are saved through faith not of works lest any man should boast. John 1:13; John 3:16; I can't see how anyone could yell out to crucify Jesus especially knowing he was an innocent man. My conscience wouldn't allow me to condemn someone who had no sin nor guile was found in their mouth. Even knowing the will of God beforehand I couldn't condemn Jesus and yell out with the mob to Crucify Him.
  13. I would decline having an abortion whether you can convince your husband a second time or not to keep his child. Your husband laid down his own rules either you have an abortion or he will leave which is not the will of God. That shows no love toward you the mother of his children and it shows no love for his own children. Your answer is pretty plain to me as you don't believe in abortion as it opposes God's will. It is wrong to sin against God's will so there should be no more confusion on what you should do. You simply obey the will of God and do not have an abortion. Your husband is not showing any signs of the love of God in his life and is giving you the counsel of the ungodly to follow which brings no blessings if you follow it. It is just the opposite blessed is the person who standeth not in the counsel of the ungodly. Be a tree planted by the waters and don't be moved on this. You cannot commit a sin because someone tells you too even if that happens to be your husband. Stay true to God and trust him to work it all out were you cannot.
  14. First realize know and believe that God is indeed "there" even though you haven't heard from him yet. Second just keep right on praying in faith believing God will answer them. Seek and ye shall find keep seeking Him until you find him. Ye have not because ye ask not, keep on asking in faith if you stop asking then you can't expect to get anything. Sometimes our prayers can be amiss, check to see if you are praying the will of God. Ask forgiveness if there is any unconfessed sins in your life as confession will restore any broken fellowship there may be and bring confidence to approach God with our petitions. Knock and it shall be opened unto you, keep on knocking on heaven's door in faith believing and doors will be opened unto you. My advice is simply to keep on praying, believing in faith and looking for the answer sometimes the answers we seek don't always come in the way we expect them too. Be careful you don't overlook your answers. blessings oc
  15. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder then wiggle your fingers on both hands then squeeze yourself real tight. Sometimes we just got to give our own selves a butterfly hug and encourage ourselves in the Lord when there is no one else.