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  1. Something such as grace and truth are distinguishable and can be detected or observed (seen) especially as being separate or different from one another. Certainly grace is found in the truth but if you do not respond to the truth in faith you will not receive the gift of grace that comes through faith. God being gracious or kind to the godly and ungodly in this world is not the same gift of grace that is given at the time of salvation as God is good to everyone but the ungodly are still unsaved and have not the gift of grace we are saved by through faith. They are separate and can be separable and very much distinguishable.
  2. I have no idea where in the scripture you are coming up with this 3 year timeline to become born again. The scripture teaches that none of us have the promise of tomorrow let alone another 3 years to get born again. Having no promise of tomorrow means that now is the acceptable time to accept Christ as your Savior and Lord. There are so many things that can happen in between right now and tomorrow where one may never ever get the chance again to repent of there sins. One can die in there sleep, one could be killed in a car accident and so many other things that could happen to where they never have the chance to call on the name of the Lord. The scriptures teach the opposite of what you are telling people as right now is the acceptable time to be saved and not put it off thinking you have 3 years timeline to do it in that is bogus.
  3. Not really
  4. But you can have one without the other as I've said therefore they can be separable. Grace can be omitted by way of rejecting the truth for it is a gift from God separate from the truth.
  5. I tend to believe that grace and truth are two separate things. That they are not one and the same thing as you are claiming they are inseparable being one and the same thing but I see them as two separate things altogether. The truth can be preached but all that hear the truth will not receive the gift of grace through faith after hearing the truth. Some will still reject it and not respond to it by faith remaining in their sins unrepentant toward God. Grace is a gift from God given to only those who respond in faith to the gospel as they come to call on God repenting of their sins and believing Christ died on the cross, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day.
  6. If you have not called out to God, repented (confessed with your mouth) of your sins, accepted Christ into your heart as the sacrifice for your sins. And believe that Jesus died on the cross, that he was buried and arose again on the third day. Then you no longer are a child of disobedience but a child of obedience obeying the will of God. No longer predestined to hell but are now part of Christ's body. However if you have not called on the name of the Lord repenting of your sin then you still are a child of disobedience predestined to hell because you have not obeyed the will of God concerning salvation.
  7. The fear of the Lord is to shun (hate) evil.
  8. Yes the devil will use scripture against us he will twist it and add lies within the truth just as he did to Jesus in the wilderness and has done from the beginning. Satan is a liar and nobody will listen to a known liar in this world would they? It should be that way as believers when it comes to Satan He Is A Liar and when he comes to confuse us we shouldn't listen to him as he is the author of confusion. But it is Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith. Doing what is right or good according to scripture in this life being righteous. Doing what is wrong (sin, wickedness, evil bad deeds or works) in this life disobeying the scripture is being unrighteous in this world. If you sow good things then you will reap everlasting life. If you sow evil things and wrong doings in this world the you will reap eternal damnation (Galatians 6). Repentance comes in only with a godly sorrow working in our hearts. One can be sincerely sorry for something they have done wrong at a particular time. But then turn around the next day and do the very same thing all over again and again being truly sorry each time they do the wrong but they never come to true repentance. Being sorry isn't repentance. True repentance comes with having a godly sorrow for the wrong you have done in your life. It is having remorse before God and others for the wrong you did. Godly sorrow working in our hearts says I'm sorry for my sins (wrong doing) and does not do it again as there is remorse with repentance go and sin no more. Repentance spoken about in the scripture come with godly sorrow working in one's heart with remorse that turns them away from wrong doing. I'm sorry the devil has gotten you weary in this battle but scripture tells us that if we resist the devil he will flee from us. He will come back to fight against us again but having the armor of God on he will have a much harder time in the next battle.
  9. There can be no fellowship or communication if one doesn't open their hearts door and let Jesus in. "Here I Am" is a biblical term as some have already mentioned. Samuel kept hearing his name being called and he went to Eli every time and asked him what was it he wanted. Finally Eli realized that it was the Lord who was actually calling Sameul. Eli then instructed Samuel to go back to bed and if he heard the voice calling his name again the he was to answer and say "Here I Am Lord Send Me". Samuel heard the voice again and he did respond to the voice as Eli had instructed him and the Lord gave the prophet Samuel a word to give to Eli in how the Lord was going to bring judgment upon his household as Eli did not discipline his sons as he should have. As a result his sons serving as priest in the temple done wickedness while serving in the temple. Isaiah also heard the call of God and answered the Lord by saying "Here I Am Lord Send Me". Both Samuel and Isaiah were called to be prophets or mouth pieces for God. The Lord would give them message and send them out to whomever he would send them unto and deliver the "Thus saith the Lord" message from God. Many hear the call of God but will not answer it.
  10. It is not the will of God to divorce your current wife. Do you not think God can forgive a person who has had a divorce in their past and give them a new start in life. Do you actually think you will be more righteous to put your wife away for no reason other than her past marriage? You have admitted that both of you have repented and now are living for God does it not bring any reasoning to your current walk That God Hates Divorce? Will you then sin against her by putting her away without a cause?
  11. I wish more women would realize this. Doing what is right makes you virtuous in it's finest essence.
  12. What I get out of Proverbs 31 is that each Christian woman has virtues (values) of their own and they practice them to the good of others. Implementing and using one's personal values is very beneficial in her live her familes life and to the reputation of her husband life in the community. Implementing her values can also benefit the life of others. But not having any values (virtues) of her own she can't be a blessing to herself or any one else for that matter.
  13. That's is for sure pretty simple to understand.
  14. It is not a sin for a Christian to be a billionare. One has to understand the role of money in their life because having a lot of money one could suddenly have the ability to buy things through temptations of Satan they couldn't previously buy before causing them to sin things such as drugs, prostitutes and the such like things. Not using the money correctly in one's life can cause sin one wouldn't have normally been tempted by. One must keep their selves away from sin whether they have a lot or a little amount of money. It is the love of money itself that is the sin and the evil things it can buy that can cause one to sin. So having a proper understanding about the role of money is vital in keeping one self from falling into sin. Whether a Christian person is poor or rich in this world both of them are humbled when they give to God and sow to the Spirit.