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  1. I bought the book Atlas Shrugged about a year ago or the year before that I can't remember. But the print was so small I had to watch the movies instead. I have to say they were very compelling and very serious stuff going on. At the end of the second movie my heart really grieved for America, but also for the things that will come about on the entire earth in the future end-time events. Socialism (communism) should be fought tooth and toenail and the government should never take captive "We the People".
  2. I totally agree with you MorningGlory.
  3. Very well said Willa
  4. You have to understand that Satan (the accuser of the brethren) had went to God accusing Job of only serving him because of the great wealth in which he had been given. God knew that wasn't true about Job as he loved God and served him with his whole heart and not because of his abundant wealth. Satan wanted to test Job to prove it to God but he couldn't because he had a hedge of protection around him to where Satan couldn't get to him. God gave Satan permission to test Job and took the hedge of protection away from him. Thus allowing Satan to test him and said he could do whatever he wanted but he could not take his life. Yes I do. It tells us in the book of James 1 to "Count it all joy when ye fall into divers (different types) temptations..Knowing this, that the trying (testing) of your faith works patience. It is Satan that comes to us with all kinds of temptations (testings) trying his best to get us to turn our faith from God. All through Jobs trials and all that Satan put him through trying to get him to curse God and die he stayed true to him because he loved him. Job knew as soon as those skin worms ate up his flesh he would see his Creator and Maker face to face. Job not because of any of his possession but in the place of brokeness chose to keep his faith in God as he said though God slay me yet will I trust him. First it would be beneficial for you to read James chapter one. As it tells us that every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights. It tells also that it is not God who tempts us or test us or puts us on trial to see if we will abandon the faith. It is Satan who does that. Yes God will allow Satan to test us it could be through the death of a loved one, it could be the devastation of divorce, it could be murder, through sicknesses and diseases and it could be through many of the vast sufferings that we all know and do go through in this life that happen in this world, as Satan wants us to give up our faith in God and serve him instead through out all the different sufferings and trials we all are faced with on a day to day basis. Satan was accusing Job of serving God only because of his wealth which was not true. God wanted to demonstrate (show) Satan first hand that his false accusation toward Job was nothing but a lie. God wanted to prove it without a doubt to Satan that Job was a righteous man and did not serve him only because of his wealth, so God allow Satan to test him. Satan could do anything he wanted to Job except take his life from him. In the end Satan was proved a liar as he has been from the beginning. Sitting with nothing after Satan took all he had from him was wrong about God's servant Job as he said though God slay me yet will I trust him. The whole time it was Satan putting him on trial for his faith in God all the sufferings he went through was to cause him to turn his back on God. But in the end of his sufferings God restored to Job double of all that he lost. It is no different with us today Satan still goes to God accusing the saints before God, and through our sufferings we go through what ever they may be in this life are designed for the soul purpose of getting us to turn from God. Some people succumb to the various sufferings or testings in life whenever being put on trial by Satan and give up the faith. Some have turned aside from God just for losing their job as they think it was God being mean to them. But those that endure to the end shall be saved. Apostle Paul said of his various trials and sufferings he was having to endure for the sake of the gospel that HIS grace is sufficient and the grace of God is sufficient for all that Satan is doing in our lives to destroy our faith. But we know that the trying of our faith worketh patience. The hardest thing for us sometimes is simply waiting on God to bring us through our suffering. But we have an advocate (lawyer) with the Father and he is proving all the false allegations he has brought against each of us false.
  5. The the two strangers that Lot was protecting were actually angels of God that had been sent to the city. It was better in the eyes of God that a natural relationship would take place between Lot's daughter's and the men, than for an unatural relationship to take place between the angels of God and the men. Remember Genesis 6. The men wanted to literally abuse the angels of God all that night but Lot protected them from that unholy union.
  6. Scripture is pretty clear about providing for our own household as someone has already mentioned and given the scripture reference. It matters not how much money one makes more than the other as long as your needs are being met and the bills are paid. Certainly nothing to be fighting over.
  7. And I didn't think you got my humor by saying "Prove It" as a serious response. Live and learn lol
  8. God knows the outcome (the end result) of the children of obedience (the saved) and the children of disobedience (the unsaved, the lost). Destiny is where one ends up at at the end of their life. When a person(s) life here on earth is over and the spiritual state they were in at their death will determine their destiny. This is the same for both the believers and unbelievers in this world. Ecclessiastes 12:13 Trust and obey
  9. But some things that are thought to be a "given" are not scriptural. I have a more sure word of prophecy I can go by that separates the false given lies from the divine truth found in the bible.
  10. Prove it...
  11. eeek...
  12. You seem to be full of assumption toward me. You seem to think you know all about me but you don't. I did read the article on hermeneutic that was posted in the OP knowing full well it was an article. I don't have to give the author of an article credit openly if I don't want to do that. But I did ask the one who posted the article in the OP what was the reason why they posted it in the doctrinal forum section? Because there was no doctrine or scripture in the article in which to discuss. Hermeneutics is not a biblical teaching found in the bible so again what was the purpose of the one who posted the article in the doctrinal forum which is to discuss biblical doctrine, and only the one who started this thread can answer these questions. I recommend you take your own advice. Why should I get mad at what you think I don't know, you are being absurd and very judgmental towards me for no reason.
  13. And just what are those attitudes of mine you are referring too.... especially in my first post in which you quoted. Do you disagree with the scripture I used in the post or something? For your personal knowledge I am very aware of what hermeneutics is all about and how it is suppose to work. Also I did and do know what it is the OP is talking about as I am not confused in the least. Hermeneutics is not a biblical doctrine taught in the word so I thought it strange it was posted in the doctrinal section forum for that reason. Are you accusing me of starting strife within this thread??? Or are you just trying to single me out for your own cause??? You don't know me and it is very obvious in the things you have said about me. However I do not believe interpreting the doctrines in the bible is a "science" nor is it an "art" that has slowly developed over the years. It is as Isaiah prophesied it would be in the last days. It takes the Holy Spirit our Teacher to lead and guide us into all truth. Hermeneutics without the Holy Spirit can lead to false interpretations. It isn't fullproof and those who use it can come to wrong conclusions and we must be careful what we hear and receive as 100% truth. I am also aware that hermeneutics itself comes from pagan origin and those theories of methodology have only been turned and applied to bible interpretation or biblical hermeneutics in our day. Some use the literal approach, some use the moral approach, some use the allegorical approach and some use the anagological approach as their method of interpreting the bible. And one wonders why so much false doctrines. Each method alone provides different interpretations so you tell me which one do you believe in as truth when every one is saying different things using what they call is proper hermeneutics.
  14. Get away fast from this person as you are being controlled by him. Do you think that a real Christian would carry on the way that he is doing? His actions say different don't they? Jesus is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother as he will never leave nor forsake you, as you can trust in him with everything good or bad that goes on in your life. If you haven't given your heart to the Lord yet then you can do so right now right there where you are. If you are genuinely sorrowful for your past sins you have done. Then just accept Christ as your Savior into your heart receiving the sacrifice of his body, that he gave on the cross for the sins of the world. Believe he died was buried and arose again on the third day and you shall be saved. Begin walking in newness of life a fresh new start, by putting your old lifestyle and past behind you. Turning from your old life God will give new friends ones that are real Christians by example. Get you a bible and begin reading it.