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  1. Horse it is
  2. GE What do you think about boundaries now that you have read the book? What advice or counsel was given by the author of the book that would not be found in the bible? For the bible sets boundaries for believers to follow concerning our body, soul and spirit. The bible gives the believers instructions or counsel in godly living. The world gives counsel but does not include the will of God it is worldly or earthly advice. It can be useful at times as we live in the world but are not of this world. But the natural mind does not understand the things of the spirit therefore we must as believers rely upon the Word of God. As man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
  3. I am very aware that one does not have to get tipsy from drinking alcohol. But I am just aware of those who do drink to get tipsy. But if you smoke a joint you are going to get high. What is moderation when it comes to pot 1/3, 1/4 or 1/2 a joint or perhaps just a toke and don't inhale?
  4. I'm wondering how many Christians smoke pot while praying or reading in their bibles while having their minds altered. The same for alcohol being tipsy while praying or studying the word of God. Or do these Christians not pray or read their bibles while using pot that alters their mind while high? Do those who get tipsy not pray and talk to God or read their bibles until sober again?
  5. Praise God for HIS Marvelous Love
  6. Personally I don't think Jesus would say anything about it. I think the Church however should be upset with comparing a mere mortal man with a "Resurrected Christ" whoever the person or politician maybe.
  7. I think the Christian voices should rise louder. It's one thing to minister repentance unto salvation to homosexuals and the transgenders among us. But it is quiet different to take up for them in public just to sell tickets for a concert and get the transgenders in a bathroom in which they do not belong.
  8. Hello wincam, What is the connection between Mary and a person becoming a eunuch? Are you trying to promote the Catholic doctrine of the "perpetual (everlasting) virginity of Mary"?
  9. I was just reading Zion's question about pleading the blood of Jesus. When this question came up in my mind about using a "point of contact" when praying. Is this a biblical practice and is there scripture to backup using or having to have a point of contact when praying?
  10. Yes there must be a baptism of repentance unto salvation first before an outward baptism of water. If any man be in Christ he is a "new creature" (born again) the old has passed away and behold all things made new.
  11. Baptized unto What?
  12. I agree
  13. I believe that no matter what the scenario may be as a Christian we would have to submit to the higher and the lower level of authorities even if they are in opposition to one another. As an individual Christian or just a citizen we each have a choice to do the right thing by showing forth our good behavior or choosing to engage in bad behavior. But as scripture says good behavior is no threat to any authority being the higher or lower authority. But it is choosing to engage in bad behavior or evil things that is the threat to the authorities that are in power. Being obedient "does not mean" we have to engage in ungodly behavior even if laws are made giving the citizens the right to do so.
  14. buzzzz
  15. That is true other one.