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  1. 7thseal

    What time is it?

    The seals are opened during the tribulation. The 2 witness start their testimony at the start of this time. Have we seen them? We are only seeing the birth pains. Its not going to be good at all when the trib starts. Who are those praising Him worthy of opening the seals?
  2. 7thseal

    How to believe in god again?

    Sorry, I think we're getting confused on quoting post... My mistake to begin with and glad you responded. :)
  3. 7thseal

    How to believe in god again?

    So why are you beating yourself up If you believe Jesus?
  4. 7thseal

    Being attacked and need prayer.

    I'm picking up 5gal jugs but experiencing less volts through back which is much less than before. I'm the carrier in the family which is, I'm an weightlifter in the past. I'm now experiencing pain in lower back still but family comes first so I carry and will as needed though painful is entering. All is going well after I lay flat on back for awhile.
  5. I've lost my lower back after a 5 gal. water haul which is not usual. And then got my thumb smashed in machinery while on job. I've never used insurance on job or workman's comp and don't plan too. I'm struggling but not as much as those before me. Please consider those before us when reveling truth?
  6. 7thseal

    How to believe in god again?

    Please post the Scriptures that drove you to this great anxiety?
  7. 7thseal

    Accepting Christ

    Jason please give an update..... I love fishing but you haven't giving a report of your catch? I want to know whats your biggest?
  8. 7thseal

    What if

    God has spoken through His people but not a response was expected was it? No follow up on this is expected.
  9. God said children are not to be kept from approaching Him through Jesus Christ. Scripture backs this and says they are innocent. I personally believe that during the thousand year period they're giving the choice and we are responsible (as parents) for taking them under our wings during this time. After all satan is released one last time and a great multitude comes against Him but choice is given.
  10. 7thseal

    What if

    What if you met Jesus Christ at the foot of the cross? What He did is often considered mentally unwell.... but was it? Now you have a choice.
  11. None of percentage matters... its what Jesus stated according to the Word... which He became? His voice is the only thing that sustains. It has been and will always remain the Truth.
  12. Newborns that didnt have a choice. That's what you're asking and Christ called them unto Him. He has a plan for them. My wife and I had a miscarriage and know what God has shown us. Blessings waiting for us.
  13. 7thseal

    Accepting Christ

    Amen, your shame is God's revealing upon your very being. Its not going to be about how but what do you believe? He's already called you here to the foot of the cross. Ask any questions you like?
  14. 7thseal

    Christian's going to hell

    Just went back on original post and see the difference. Believe but? that's the doubt there... many more coming no doubt.
  15. 7thseal

    Christian's going to hell

    It should stop there because doubt is is introduced