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  1. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    Traced it down and back online. Deep earthquakes are quickly expanding greatly in size and in frequency is what I'm gathering now. And the usual response from the size of shallower earthquakes caused by them is greatly increased by the size of the deep earthquakes and they reach around the globe following the plates. Its ramping up quickly and this is most surely a fraction of the birth pains. Keep your eyes on Damascus more than ever.
  2. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    worthy news is being blocked from my attempts.... but after many tries I'm finally logged in after 8-10 tries. This is serious stuff.
  3. What do they believe it is? Explain?
  4. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    I'm being blocked from my own internet now. Truth will come across false. Who is truth? We've struck a nerve when they start to block us. Amen, what are they trying to hide? Demand service from those who you're paying.
  5. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    The troubles of Hawaii doesn't pass with this storm. Its the beginning of sorrows in the West. US West coast, change is coming soon that will catch the eyes of many around the world. The Lord God Jesus Christ is the only true foundation in which we can stand on firmly. I do not have a date, but without a doubt this is true.
  6. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    He's going to give them the earliest warning possible... that's it! But US homland is next if going from West to East. Hold steadfast to Jesus Christ.
  7. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    I've done more digging and Hawaii is actually the farthest land from Jerusalem. Keep a watch out on Hawaii in the coming days is my suggestion and continue to pray for Israel.
  8. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    From the time I woke up this morning at 2am and throughout the day I've been hearing constant. Change is coming from West to East and its just the beginning. Hawaii. I don't know what exactly it means but its true is all I know.
  9. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    News is full of headlines but not a single person has been brought to justice... because his system is ruling. Justice is coming through the Lord God Jesus Christ.
  10. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    Leaders are speaking against America more than ever now... governor of NY. Its not America that they're targeting but your freedom. They have no choice, its what their god demands. Its only the beginning, and East coast and West are pushing from both sides for the same goal.... and no doubt both will be hit. Lord God is the focus from the beginning of time and the end through Jesus Christ. Glory to the most High!
  11. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    Ezekiel war is at hand soon and Israel is not under the leadership of God. But, He's going to step in to show them that He is God and loves them during the first wave. China.. troops coming to Syria now.... kings of the sunrise... glory to God for His Word is made flesh.
  12. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    Who called the shots that Trump and Putin met before Syria gets Pope's name involved into Syria? And the results... showing it? Dig... have to dig, but you'll face a storm when you do. Satan is moving at full blast.
  13. 7thseal

    What time is it?

    The seals are opened during the tribulation. The 2 witness start their testimony at the start of this time. Have we seen them? We are only seeing the birth pains. Its not going to be good at all when the trib starts. Who are those praising Him worthy of opening the seals?
  14. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    Vatican... come out of her before its too late. I hope others are watching and who's calling the shots, its winding down. Who is our current President surrounded by and their ties? You be the judge! In the end its all according to the Lord God plan... amen.
  15. 7thseal

    Why Faith?

    Hoping he would respond but doesn't look like it. Rocky Midnight thank you for your response ahead of time. I completely took it apart and sonic cleaned all parts ahead of time. I replaced 4 nylon bushings with stainless bearings and I think my mistake is adding a custom washer behind the pin of the worm gear which may be too tight. Hope bumble_b_tuna responds with truth?