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  1. 7thseal

    Why Faith?

    Hoping he would respond but doesn't look like it. Rocky Midnight thank you for your response ahead of time. I completely took it apart and sonic cleaned all parts ahead of time. I replaced 4 nylon bushings with stainless bearings and I think my mistake is adding a custom washer behind the pin of the worm gear which may be too tight. Hope bumble_b_tuna responds with truth?
  2. 7thseal

    Why Faith?

    bumble_b_tuna... are you a fisherman? I'm curious and need pointers after completely disassembly and cleaning a spinning reel and reassembling but have a clicking noise on spool extending out. My worm gear too tight? I know you have answer and I need truth on what I've done wrong.
  3. 7thseal

    Why Faith?

    Lie and truth.... now we're getting down to the foundation of what we stand on. One will remain the same and one is always changing. Change is always offered through political means for some reason. Because the majority is not standing on truth. And that's a very bad situation for the future of or children and Satan is taking advantage of it quickly. But Scripture says that Satan is giving power over these kingdoms for a time.... and rest assure that's it running out and time speeds up. Its always been the same... man turns from God believe what Satan offers will please them now. Get ready for your change.
  4. 7thseal

    Why Faith?

    Again prove it, science is always changing proof but it takes faith to believe it in the end. Believing many things as possible should be tried first. Start with what you believe by faith then compare to the Word of God by faith.
  5. 7thseal

    How to believe in god again?

    Sorry, I think we're getting confused on quoting post... My mistake to begin with and glad you responded. :)
  6. 7thseal

    How to believe in god again?

    So why are you beating yourself up If you believe Jesus?
  7. 7thseal

    Why Faith?

    Prove it. Then prove the Word wrong?
  8. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    It's coming no doubt. I don't have much to say but seek the Lord with all your heart, Jesus is the upmost importance.
  9. 7thseal

    Being attacked and need prayer.

    I'm picking up 5gal jugs but experiencing less volts through back which is much less than before. I'm the carrier in the family which is, I'm an weightlifter in the past. I'm now experiencing pain in lower back still but family comes first so I carry and will as needed though painful is entering. All is going well after I lay flat on back for awhile.
  10. I've lost my lower back after a 5 gal. water haul which is not usual. And then got my thumb smashed in machinery while on job. I've never used insurance on job or workman's comp and don't plan too. I'm struggling but not as much as those before me. Please consider those before us when reveling truth?
  11. 7thseal

    Did you listen to Jesus first?

    What did He speak?
  12. 7thseal

    How to believe in god again?

    Please post the Scriptures that drove you to this great anxiety?
  13. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    Look at early September... 8-10 to be clear. Everything lines up for eternity and will change from here..... choice? Mark me off if appointed time is off and do not listen to me from here on out. God is coming. I will not post again from here as I'm fully aware that I would be a false prophet from here on out. Satan would love that but his time is up. Our time is up.
  14. 7thseal

    One God but different religions

    Please explain?
  15. 7thseal

    OC - Outer Court

    It's quite clear that not many are watching but God gives warning. Whatever our plans are forget them. It will fallback on Jesus Christ and do we belive?