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  1. God is love. Offering love leaves a choice.
  2. And what is the first side of believing in Jesus Christ?
  3. Satan can't and that's why this first question was brought up in the first place to stir up alternative. Believe Jesus no matter what!
  4. Did God encourage that? So who?
  5. Define a follower of Christ?
  6. Obedience. Get any Word from Him and what is required?
  7. Scripture shows that we'll be hated by all nations. Love your enemy is another verse, they only get one chance the same as us before we became believers. Do we love our own lives greater than Jesus? Huge rewards follow according to Jesus. Disbelievers will be faced with the same choice in the end. Sadly many choose themselves.
  8. You know Jesus, but where did He ask of this from any of us? Satan loves nothing more than convincing us that we have to earn our way. Because that means we didn't believe Jesus.
  9. Someone seeking punishment now because they don't believe in God's love now has a problem with love. He's already offered Love through Jesus Christ. Can I ask you what or who you would believe which offers a different love?
  10. No opinions or view, only truth. Prove it truth. Where is the Bible proven wrong? From the US... what does truth say about weapons? What does truth say about those?
  11. Why would you choose punishment based on love? What do you love?
  12. Do you hate God by killing yourself? He's offered every Word concerning every situation and Jesus has followed it. Have you read it?
  13. Meet Him at the cross. The only way is and will always be through Jesus. Why did He do what He did?
  14. Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. We'll respond to God's Word (Jesus Christ) whether its believing or not. Responding according to Him, requires faith, and Holy Spirit enters into us if faith is found. Works, is lead by Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit in response to our faith. Everything is done by Him and will be forever and ever.... Amen. Nothing without faith in Him will remain... forever and ever.
  15. Amen to that. How many leaders did God select in the past that had faults? All of them. And its to show that God is in control... not man or satan. How many followers called by God to be perfect after Jesus... none of them, its through Jesus that we're made perfect. Rest assure that we'll be held accountable for whatever the Lord has given us and by His power through Holy Spirit. Nothing will remain that was done by man. All will stand before Him.