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  1. Meet Him at the cross. The only way is and will always be through Jesus. Why did He do what He did?
  2. Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. We'll respond to God's Word (Jesus Christ) whether its believing or not. Responding according to Him, requires faith, and Holy Spirit enters into us if faith is found. Works, is lead by Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit in response to our faith. Everything is done by Him and will be forever and ever.... Amen. Nothing without faith in Him will remain... forever and ever.
  3. Amen to that. How many leaders did God select in the past that had faults? All of them. And its to show that God is in control... not man or satan. How many followers called by God to be perfect after Jesus... none of them, its through Jesus that we're made perfect. Rest assure that we'll be held accountable for whatever the Lord has given us and by His power through Holy Spirit. Nothing will remain that was done by man. All will stand before Him.
  4. "Church" is the body of Christ, "regular members" are still the body of Christ, the same as the leaders. Christ is the head of it all, followers of Christ is just that. But... and that is a big one, we're still stuck in this sinful body until Christ return. Our souls have already been redeemed... just waiting on the body.
  5. You've received truth from Holy Spirit, Satan is hitting him with everything he has and a reminder of his past life is his powerful grip. He's going to have to ask what his past has to do with his present in Jesus Christ. Then will he realize what Jesus has done for him. Praying.
  6. Identity, for alot of people. The one world system will label people. And the majority of people will believe whatever is posted. Satan is crafty. Satan doesn't have power into the future but what he reveals at the present.
  7. Where is the temple built? Where is God's holy land?
  8. He has an addiction and he's going to do everything to protect it. Praying for deliverance from this source.
  9. All nations will turn against them. Jesus return is the only real peace for another thousand years. But guess what, He allows all to have a choice even after a thousand years. Then once satan is released for one final push after the thousand year rule... people choose. But according to Scripture once again they fall into the sweet sounding trap which satan offers. After that choice is made then we'll see God's justice first hand as the lost are judged. Some of us are going to be crying because of our lack of sharing truth with those receiving judgement. We're even judged before all of this starts. God's given Word is for a purpose.
  10. Not until Jerusalem is divided, then God's anger is revealed. Israel isn't divided until they agree to part God's land. Read old testament then you'll see what God says. The Temple always was built in Jerusalem because that is where God said to place it and He would dwell. Its going to be split soon, in an agreement for the Temple to be built alongside of the enemies temple (for world peace). This isn't what makes God mad... its simply them not believing His Son and following another. And that allows their walls to be overcome.
  11. Only then does His kingdom come. And His return leads it. Now people have to answer to their own beliefs.
  12. Does Trump lack the desire of women? That should put aside him as the antichrist looking to divide.
  13. God never asked of us to change the past but receive what He has done for the future? And then we're changed once we grab hold of the truth. It's all about Him and will be forever and ever.
  14. Not until Jerusalem is divided. Joel 3:2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land. That's why we're seeing a big stand against the US Embassy being moved to Jerusalem under Trump's presidency. Which was a goal mentioned during his campaign.
  15. Christians speaking the truth about Jesus Christ will reveal the falsehood of Islam? It takes faith in Christ but faith always prevails.