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  1. Job himself answered why trouble came upon him. That which I fear most have come upon me. What does God say about fear and serving Him? Job feared losing all which God had blessed him with rather than trusting God.
  2. Why did Jesus have so many enemies?
  3. Saved from what exactly?

    Not your response... the person question is what I was responding to. Your response is spot on but they're not seeking truth is what I was responding to.
  4. What is your reason for believing in Christianity?

    They cannot give the truth because it will reveal the truth of God's word Jesus Christ which shows the falsehood of their statement. Notice not once did they mention believing in Jesus Christ.
  5. You need to keep reading to understanding persecution for the name of Jesus. He explained it and said its coming. You're feelings nor mine will change it. But do we believe Him? He is who He said He is.
  6. Saved from what exactly?

    Its just a tatic of satan... they don't ever answer about Jesus when questioning Him.
  7. What is your reason for believing in Christianity?

    What do think of Jesus Christ?
  8. An eternity in hell for being human?

    Do explain..
  9. OC - Outer Court

    Have you?
  10. Where have you applied God's word in your life? not to be rude but getting to the root of problem
  11. Saved from what exactly?

    Why did Jesus come?
  12. Yet you're here asking of those of faith?
  13. The blood of Jesus Christ. Its the only way.
  14. How exactly does God discipline us?

    Its all there. Men are called to this exact question. Families depend on it.. sadly men still seek a false answer.