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  1. how would you interpret this?

    There is no sitting on the fence. One side or the other all will choose.
  2. Christian's going to hell

    Explain why they believed?
  3. Amen, first commandment above all?
  4. Why should I convert

    Time is out and choice is recorded. Everything is revealed both good and bad. Blood of Jesus is priceless now not later.
  5. Why should I convert

    For God so loved the world...
  6. What would you do?

    What if your family and your life rest upon your choice? That's what its going to come down to. Faith will be tested.
  7. Christian's going to hell

    I already knew. And thank you for the question mark as it triggered Holy Spirit.
  8. Christian's going to hell

    Amen. His blood shed for us... its the only way. Satan believes in Jesus but tried to stop Him from following the Father.
  9. Christian's going to hell

    Who believes in what Jesus did?
  10. OC - Outer Court

    He isn't going to respond after being called out. The Lord wants us to focus on those who seek Him. Amen.
  11. Why should I convert

  12. Why should I convert

    When did Jesus ask of us to convert?
  13. Will God hate me if I killed myself?

    Never feel ashamed for posting your thoughts. Someone, somewhere has been there and has advice in relation to Jesus with our on lives.
  14. Looking for direction

    Keep following Holy Spirit which has lead you here. Give us info as to what has tried to lead you in another direction?
  15. What if

    When did you ask for Salvation which He is offering?