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  1. So far, first let me answer your question by stating, no, you nor anyone else is the "4th Horseman." You find the reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse starting in Revelation 6:2. If you note, the first horse is a white horse and it's rider has a crown and bow but no arrows. This rider has a crown showing he has authority and the bow indicating he has power but does not have to fire a shot to be able to conquer. Each following horse and rider is the result of the previous one. From the one who conquers leads to the Red Horse and war. With the whole earth involved in war, people needed for farming and manufacturing things are wiped out and you have the Black Horse of famine. The final horse in the sequence is the Pale Horse, which is pictured as a putrid green color. The pale horse signifies death due to starvation and disease. These things are part of trying to stay alive during the Great Tribulation which is yet future. As a final note, your avatar isn't really an appropriate one. You might want to consider a change with future posts. I look forward to discussing this with you further.
  2. Good to see the youth making new roads! I may want to slip in with Nigel and see if we have enough brain cells to compete! By the way, a trivia question about the word "trivia." Where did that word originate and what is the meaning? I will be checking the answers to see how many copied and pasted the answer from a Google search .
  3. Wow Dan! Good job! I think I want to borrow it. There is one thing you might add which is an over used proverb that I "borrowed" from someone else. "Worry is the interest you pay on trouble before it comes." I don't see anything I would change. Thanks for posting it
  4. Welcome CD! Glad to have you check out the site. I was wondering if you are talking about debating or discussing. Unless you have some "really out there" beliefs, you may find yourself in a great discussion! Either way, both of those topics are quite common here. I am looking forward to meeting you in the chat room.
  5. I like that statement of faith! Welcome to Worthy!
  6. Silent, I was one of the chatters talking with you in chat a few days ago when you were talking about discovering what God wanted to do in your life. My goal at that time was to encourage you on your journey as my goal is now. But I am troubled as to why you would post a long and sincere post about what is going on in your life, what you are experiencing and how you feel, and not want anyone responding to your post to not do the same! quote: "Because I will be honest with you, if I get a response that i feel is meant in a way to tell me how I feel and what I am experiencing is wrong--then I am going to never come back here." I would hope that you were not merely seeking validation for your position! Instead of asking questions of other members of this site, I think you would benefit from searching what God's Word has to say on the subject. I for one would not and cannot tell you what you have experienced or felt because you were there when it happened, right? In the early days of the church, signs, wonders and mighty deeds were done to validate the message that chosen speakers were preaching. Once the Bible was completed, there was no longer a need to "perform" any kind of a sign because the completed Word was more than sufficient to guide and instruct the readers. 2Ti 3:16-17 All Scripture is God breathed, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfected, thoroughly furnished to every good work. God will not disagree with His written Word. Based on that fact, I would invite you to find any Biblical support or evidence for what you believe is of God. thanks and God bless watchman
  7. B13, good to see you in chat. Hope to see you as a regular and become part of the Worthy family.
  8. Jesus is referring to His death as a baptism. This is made more clear in Matthew: Mat 20:22 But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with? They say unto him, We are able. Mat 20:23 And he saith unto them, Ye shall drink indeed of my cup, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with: but to sit on my right hand, and on my left, is not mine to give, but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared of my Father. Mark relates this same incident in almost the same words. It is plain to see that Jesus spoke of His own death as a baptism. And he said to James and John, two of His disciples, that they would also have to suffer in like manner. Baptism means
  9. One, you would not be standing in judgment of those who go through their doors, but warning them of what they are getting involved with! Here are just a few of the "differences" courtesy of Timothy Oliver: SDA teachings most clearly contrary to the gospel and unorthodox in nature are its insistence on water baptism as an essential prerequisite to salvation, its teaching about the end time significance of Sabbath observance to identification of true believers, and its doctrine of the Investigative Judgement.
  10. I think everyone is still missing the question. Thysia and I were discussing this before she placed it on the boards for some added input. We know from Scripture that Eve was deceived first and then persuaded Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit as she did. Eve was deceived or "beguiled" by Satan; formerly Lucifer. Satan was the deceiver, so who or what was the deceiver in heaven that enticed or beguiled him? Or.........is it necessary to have a physical deceiver? Is it also possible that there was at least an even chance that Eve or Adam would have eaten of the forbidden fruit apart from Satan's influence? We are told in the Book of Revelation that during the Millennial reign, that Satan is "bound" for the thousand years and because of that, there is peace and harmony on the earth for that period of time. But when he is "loosed" then his evil influence once again tempts mankind to repeat the same mistakes of their parents. It was also mentioned in other posts that pride was Satan's downfall, and Scripture tells us that is exactly what did him in. So, is pride a part of the makeup of all created beings and if so, is there "good" pride and "evil" pride? One other thing.........Paul says that gods are really nothing. We know that darkness is really nothing but the absence of light. So is evil the result of when there is no good? When all this is taken into consideration, when or where did any or all of this have it's influence on Lucifer to plant the idea of even considering usurping God's authority? Well, it seems I have added nothing but questions instead of answers! I will be looking forward to anyone's input. in His grip, watchman
  11. Wow, everyone seems to be all over the map on this one! Different ones have looked at whether it has any effect on salvation (which it doesn
  12. I am really amazed! This ongoing topic of demons, demonic possession, demons behind every bush and under every rock seems to have taken on a life of it
  13. watchman

    Jehovahs Witness??

    Wow, what happened to the thread about JW doctrine? I want to address the original question about what the JW's believe and yet keep it brief. 1. Jehovah God is not a Trinity 2. The doctrine of the Trinity is inspired by Satan 3. Jesus Christ is a created being, who at one time did not exist (a.k.a.Michael the archangel) 4. The Holy Spirit is not a person but is "God's active force" i.e. gravity, electricity etc. 5. Heaven is only for select Jehovah's Witnesses 6. Heaven is limited only to 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses 7. Jehovah's Witnesses are the only true Christians 8. There is no eternal torment (Hell is just the grave) 9. There is no life after death (except for the 144,000) 10. Salvation is by good works not by Grace 11. You cannot be sure of salvation 12. Jesus is not to be worshiped or prayed to 13. Jesus did not rise from the dead bodily but as a spirit being 14. The second coming occurred in 1914 (only known to Jehovah's Witnesses) 15. The "first resurrection" occurred in 1918 16. All pastors are the "Antichrist" 17. All churches are of Satan 18. All governments are controlled by Satan 19. You cannot take a blood transfusion 20. You cannot support your country 21. You cannot salute the flag, stand for the national anthem, or own a flag 22. You cannot serve in the military 23. You cannot buy Girl Scout cookies 24. You must attend five meetings per week 25. You must go from door to door weekly to gain converts 25. You are discouraged from attending college 26. You cannot marry a non-Jehovah's Witness 27. If one does not follow the rules of the Watchtower they will be shunned 28. You cannot join any clubs or sports teams 29. You cannot be a cheerleader 30. You cannot celebrate any holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) 31. You cannot celebrate your birthday 32. You cannot vote in any political campaign 33. You cannot hold public office 34. You cannot serve on a jury 35. You are discouraged from giving to charity (except Watchtower causes) 36. You cannot speak to former members who are shunned (disfellowshipped) 37. You cannot accept Christmas gifts 38. You must read and study Watchtower literature regularly 39. Only Jehovah's Witnesses can understand the Bible 40. Angels direct the Watchtower organization 41. Jesus did not die on a cross but an upright pole 42. You cannot own or wear a cross 43. You must report your witnessing activity to the elders 45. You cannot have friends who are not Jehovah's Witnesses 46. You must refer to all Jehovah's Witnesses as "brother" or "sister" 47. Only approved sexual practices are allowed in marriage 48. You cannot understand the Bible without Watchtower literature to explain it 49. A child abuser is reported to Watchtower elders and not the police 50. You must forgo vacations to attend annual conventions 51. You are discouraged from buying a two door car 52. Men must wear short hair 53. Men cannot wear beards 54. Women cannot pray in the presence of men without a hat 55. You cannot have a tattoo 56. You cannot use tobacco products 57. If you see another Jehovah's Witness breaking the rules you must turn them in to the elders 58. You must appear before a Judicial committee if you are caught breaking Watchtower rules (Secret files are kept on all members which record these meetings (they are never destroyed) 59. You must not own wind-chimes (they are for chasing away spirits)* 60. You cannot read any anti-Jehovah's Witness material 61. You cannot use pet foods made with blood 62. You cannot read Christian literature from a Christian book store 63. You cannot wear jade jewelry* 64. You cannot purchase Christian products (plaques, pictures etc.) 65. You cannot wear any Christian jewelry 66. Jehovah's Witness meeting places have no windows 67. You cannot play chess* 68. Jesus could have sinned and failed in his mission 69. Jesus was not born the savior but became the savior at his baptism 70. The Watchtower organization is God's prophet on earth today 71. Women must submit to Watchtower elders 79. God is not omniscient "all knowing" 80. God is not omnipresent 81. God only speaks through the "Governing Body" in Brooklyn, New York 82. The Holy Spirit is only for select Jehovah's Witnesses 83. The Lord's supper is only to be eaten by select Jehovah's Witnesses (144,000 group) 84. The Lord's supper can only be offered once per year 85. 99.99% of Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden from taking the Lord's supper 86. Only faithful Jehovah's Witnesses will survive Armageddon 87. If you have a non-Witness spouse your first loyalty is to the elders over your spouse 88. Jesus was equal to Adam (just a man) 89. Judgment day is 1000 years long 90. If you leave Jehovah's Witnesses or are expelled from the organization you will not be resurrected 91. Only Jehovah's Witness prayers are heard by God 92. Man's salvation is secondary in God's plan; Jesus was sent to "vindicate Jehovah's name" 93. God will destroy all non-Jehovah's Witnesses at Armageddon 94. Your hope is to live on a paradise earth forever 95. You must never enter a church building 96. You must never attend a church service 97. You cannot be involved in martial arts, boxing or wrestling 98. You cannot participate in a school play 99. You cannot donate blood or your organs when you die 100. You can never question what is printed in Watchtower literature 10l. You are forbidden to attend a funeral of an ex-Jehovah's Witness There is more, but this should suffice for now. ........... uh, did I say "brief?"
  14. Somebody HELP!! I thought this "testimonial" had died a natural death months ago! George, if you read this, can you remove the above "watchman testimonial?" As far as I know, the person who used the handle of "watchman" has not posted another one since writing the one in question. AGAIN............ let me say that none of the things mentioned apply in any shape, form, or fashion to my testimony. I realize that some people have had a wonderful, radical salvation experience. That is not to say that mine was any less dramatic or less wonderful, but all the references to thoughts, fighting, bars and the things that go along with those activities, just do not apply to me. I don't even have a sister............lol Hopefully all the posts regarding this article will be read before someone else assumes that your "humble admin servant" was the author of it. in His grip, Timeline (the "real" watchman)
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