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    Not well again. Can barely stand at times. Fatigue is really bad. Worried I may have cancer because my nana died of ovarian cancer and cancer is in family. They don’t do tests at my drs only in general blood tests and odd time X-ray or ultrasound...well for me anyway. But they won’t do that for me because I am never taken seriously. I am so worried. I’ve fallen from faith and been trying to reach God but nothing is working. I ask every day for God to speak to me, strengthen me, help me...but nothing is working. I am getting worse instead. He won’t help me with anything. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do. I’m so lost. Prayer isn’t working. I’m too weak to even read the bible much. It’s just words to me...it is getting worse. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Trying to work on forgiveness but too weak and hurt inside to progress much with it. I can’t get support anywhere from church and can’t afford Councelling and they are horrible to me anyway i have deep set pain and need Jesus’ help but there is no answer. I need Him but He won’t respond. I don’t know what to do. I pray and pray. I’m growing weaker instead.
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    Jesus, the divine Healer, place your hands upon JesusIsLord92 and make her whole. May Your pure and healthy blood circulate in her ailing organisms,and may Your pure and healthy body transform her weak unhealthy body, and may a healthy and vigorous life flow within her. Please heal her spiritual problems as well, since due to constant and excruciating pain, her faith in You is seems to waver. Oh Jesus, I know You understand what she is going through. Please embrace this person with your immeasurable divine Mercy and give her the relief she has prayed for so long. Amen.
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    Dear God, Please help this precious person to be healed of fatigue, pain, and ingestion. Please have mercy on this soul. Bring your forgiveness where it is needed here in this person. Help this creation of God to be healed and to know the breadth, length, and height and depth of your love. Strengthen this person and make this person cancer free. Please guide this person and give this person encouragement from your people each day, and from You. in Jesus name, amen.
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    Please pray that I'd be filled with more and more of God's love and grace and mercy and Jesus humility in my attitude towards the people in my life each day, week, month, etc. I appreciate your prayers, so thank you for praying with and for me.
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    Please pray for the intensification of Christian charity and goodness throughout the world. For a world that is filled with sufferings and calamities, we need to assure the sufferers that they are not alone. We need more generous people like the philantrophist Bill Gates, more heroes, more volunteers, and more people who give love, encouragement, and support to those who are in need of them. Please include this prayer in your daily prayers. Thank you.
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    I guess that says it all. How long I will stay this time well, we will see how it goes. My time away has given me time to think and I think I have a lot to say.
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    It's great to hear that you desire to experience more about God's love and grace in your life, and to be an imitator of His humility. I'm sure the Lord takes pleasure in this longing of your heart, and I pray that He will honor it as you get closer to Him each day. God bless you and strengthen you in the days ahead.
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    President and Vice President Addresses March for Life Participants and Pro-Life Leaders What a far cry from the last Potus that spoke from a Planned Parenthood stump in 2013 and said "Thank you, Planned Parenthood. god bless you.” God of course will never bless the murder of the innocent babies at any point during pregnancy.
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    please pray for me for this issue God knows about and He knows what i want and need. thanks
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    Strange question... I am not a pre-tribber but we can see today that Christians are going through persecutions right now...
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    Welcome June in January
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    That is what we should do too. "For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me." - John 6:38 Do not care for people's opinion, and just follow, and do what He said, with love. "As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world." - John 17:18 He sent us, He sent us... Do you know what it means?! "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" - Matthew 11:15
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    Hello and welcome.
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    Jesus is on the throne in my life.....
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    Rut-Ro, Welcome aboard
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    Welcome to Worthy, Rut-Ro.
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    Thanks for praying.
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    Hi MOLI, I hear your broken heart, and feel for you. I also agree with my bros, who have all given your great advice - flee. My concern is for you at the moment - broken heart, thinking you love him. May I say that you `love` what you think he is and it seems you are living together, so the physical intimacy is a very strong bond. To break that you need, I believe to repent and ask the Lord to break those soul ties. You are young and this young man is so selfish and controlling. This is not a life time contract of that behaviour you want to enter into. He will not change however much you cry, as he is all about himself. Ask the Lord to see him as he really is. Don`t make excuses for him - flee. praying, Marilyn.