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  • Posts

    • Is it just me...
      By Logan · Posted
      No sir, no way I want to watch that movie! Thanks
    • Is it just me...
      By enoob57 · Posted
      just wanted to show my new born mind what a strange place this is I fit in so nicely
    • Result of divisions between Christians.
      By enoob57 · Posted
      I would like to add to this wonderful dissertation of truth:
      There was only one unpardonable sin in all of the Scripture - that of the Scribes and Pharisees in their
      claims of the power witnessed from The Christ of God as from the devil... and it cannot be repeated today!
      Search the Scriptures to see this is so... therefore this cannot be, as some suggest, loss of salvation!
      Love, Steven
    • Trans student seeks use of girls locker room
      By Littlelambseativy · Posted
      In the past parent power has changed Principals and administration bent to their will and power today Courts, money, and the homosexual agenda prevails. I truly hope that the parents hang in and demand protection for their daughters. Schools are not what they were 5, 10 years ago. Are we really surprised? Christians cannot have a student activity or pray at lunch...yet Muslims are given a room for their day time prayers. What is right is wrong and wrong is right and praised,
    • Result of divisions between Christians.
      By shiloh357 · Posted
      Here is the problem with how you are handling that. 1.  "Fallen from Grace"  in Galatians is not talking about losing salvation.   The phrase in Greek refers to losing one's understanding or mental grip.   Paul was saying that because they are trying to be justified by the law, they have forgotten/lost their original understanding of grace.    Those who teach we can lose our salvation usually view that in the context of living in sin.  They claim that you lose salvation if you live in sin.  But the Galatians were  not living in sin.  They were keeping God's laws and commandments.   The problem was they had been deceived by the Judaizing cult of that day that they had to keep the law to be saved; that belief in Christ alone was not enough.  2. Your reference to Peter and Simon fails to take into account that Peter was talking about physical death, not spiritual or eternal death.   Peter was not condemning Simon to hell.   In fact, Simon didn't die, but there is an indication that Simon repented.  Keep in mind that Simon was a new believer and had to be disciplined.   Simon didn't lose his salvation, and he didn't lose his life. 3.  The third passage you reference is found in Hebrews 6:1-6.   The word for fallen way is not the word for apostasy.  It is a word that refers to those who fall aside, like a runner who is sidelined in a race because he can't finish the race.     The writers of Hebrews actually begins the context in 5:11-15 and the same line of thought continues in 6:1-6.   If you study the context, the writers of Hebrews is not talking about losing salvation, but is referencing immaturity.   His complaint is not that they are living in and in danger of no longer being saved.  His complaint, if you read the whole thing, is that they are spiritually immature and complacent.   They are not growing up, but they keep rehashing basic doctrine and are not moving on to the deeper truth, the meat of Scripture.   His point is that we can't keep going back over the elementary principles of the faith.  We can't keep being babes in Christ.  We can't start over, otherwise Jesus would have to come back and be re-crucified so that we could be re-saved.   If the passage were talking about salvation, if the falling way had to do with losing salvation, then "impossible to renew them unto repentance"  would mean that if you lost salvation, you could never get saved again.   Yet even those who believe you can lose salvation believe that you can be re-saved.   But the passage doesn't have salvation in view, but spiritual growth.
    • Trans student seeks use of girls locker room
      By other one · Posted
      That I am not too sure about that Peep....    I do know a couple of Gay women that I'm not really sure has the mind of a female.  I don't know if it works both ways......    that is not to say that thier minds are not messed up though.
    • Why did God create evil?
      By enoob57 · Posted
        There is nothing in the hermeneutic of Genesis to allow this kind of thinking... you see I believe that when
      God had His Word written down it was for all mankind down through the ages... therefore in that reasoning
      there are strict laws of writing that must be adhered to-in order for you  to arrive at same meaning as written
      source. This is called hermeneutics and I believe it is the most important begin in understanding literary
      sense of what God's distinct meanings are in the whole of Scripture.... Your last statement of
      (") reason cannot be based solely on whats written in scripture (")
      I fear for your heart in this... your saying Scripture is not enough or you need outside source to complete the
      reasoning of things. God says this is incorrect by this verse
      2 Tim 3:15-17
      15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make
      thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 16 All scripture is given
      by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for
      instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly
      furnished unto all good works.
      this last portion of the writ 'thoroughly furnished unto all good works' may be understood  that the Scripture is
      all we need to maintain Godly understanding, thoughts, activities, works till we enter His presence... Scripture
      expressly states you are not to add one iota to anything that is written Rev 22:18. You  may of course do as
      you wish but I will stay with within the boundaries of what God has written for God in His Word has given me
      no place else for my feet to trod and remain in His path... 
      Ps 119:105
       Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
      I seriously suggest you study Ps 119 with all meditative diligence and pray God grant you repentance for the
      direction of your thoughts...      Love, Steven  
    • How to give a Donald Trump speech in 12 easy steps
      By other one · Posted
      I heard the same things said about Ronald Regan..... 
    • Five Chinese Navy Ships Are Operating in Bering Sea off Alaska
      By other one · Posted
      that's probably not a good thing....
    • Is it just me...
      By AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken · Posted
      Have a good day at class Logan.
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