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  • Posts

    • Israel rejects French peace initiative
      I don't blame them,,,,,,why should Israel make any concessions? Ridiculous,not fair & not trustworthy
    • Which Bible Version can you recommend (KJV, NIV, NKJV, etc)
      In the case of the epistle to the church of Laodicea, it does harmonize with other books Paul wrote.  Have you ever read it?  My position is that just because it can harmonize, that doesn't make it scripture.  You are allowing for books that would fit doctrinally to be added in your reply.  You are just saying that most don't harmonize so they would be rejected.  I could sit down and write an epistle and make sure it is in complete harmony with the Bible, and ask it to be added.  I could use exact quotes from epistles throughout the Bible, and make it fit, but that wouldn't make it the Word of God.  I could even call it the epistle of John to make it sound more authentic, and it would be true, given that is my first name.  What we must ask ourselves is, did the people that created our canon get it right the first time?  Was what was called scripture in the Geneva and later the 1611 KJV Bible correct?  If people are now going to say they messed up, as we have found verses that don't belong, and in the case of Psalm 145:13, a portion of text that needs to be added, then we are saying we have an open canon, and we can rightly come together to create Bibles that leave out entire established books or add more books.  I can actually see that happening in the future, but I oppose it, as I believe in a closed canon.  Still, if the modern translations are right to remove or add to the text, those people that have come in here in the past saying Paul is a false apostle and his books should be removed, or that James contradicts scripture so we should take it out, at least have the right to a fair hearing, given people are defending doing the exact same thing on a smaller scale. 
    • Iran touts Israel invasion to recruit teenage boys to fight in Syria
      WOW,,,,,,,UNCLE MUHAMMED WANTS YOU!    Such evil,this is their priority,killing innocent men,women & children who do not believe in their false gods,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the enemy is relentless & insidious sad     we MUST continue to pray for Israel
    • Which Bible Version can you recommend (KJV, NIV, NKJV, etc)
      I get that, so I understand that one translation might choose to use a different word in a definition from another.  As you said, in one language you might have 3 or 4 words that can only be translated to 1 English word, or on the other hand, you might have a definition with 5 possible words that a translator might choose to put into English.  I understand those challenges translators face, but they are going further than that.  They are actually adding words to the text and taking words out of the text that was supposed to already be established.  When you do that, you do have an open canon. There are other things they have done.  Lets take the word translated to effeminate in the KJV Bible.  The definition never says, "a man that has sex with a man."  You can't rightly translate that Greek word to all of those corresponding English words.  It is not the definition.  Likewise, you can't translate a word that means saved in the KJV to "being saved" in other translations and be correct.  These are serious changes.  Then there is the matter of constantly assaulting the original text by saying things like "the most reliable manuscripts don't include..."  What makes them more reliable?  As I have asked using sarcasm, did they always show up for work on time, being the first in and the last to leave?  Were they reliable, while the TR was coming in hung over and calling in sick all the time?  What makes the Alexandrian and Egyptian text more reliable, and if they are more reliable, why do some of the modern translations still include some verses not found in those texts while choosing to leave out others?  There is no logical sense to this.  In order to defend the translations, because they all say different things, the people defending them have to tell us all repeatedly that only the original manuscripts are perfect, casting doubt on the Bible as we have it, making the doctrine of inerrancy of no value.  What is it I spend likely half of my time defending?  Accusations of things mistranslated in the KJV in order to defend the inaccuracies of the modern versions.  They can't say their translations is perfect, so they have to show all are imperfect.  That is really doing a lot for causing people to believe in the Bible. 
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