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  • Posts

    • Creation and an Old Earth - One Possibility
      I think we should keep in mind that the Bible is not written as a science book and we shouldn't read it as one.   It was written in respect to the cosmology of the day of those people it was written to.     It's telling them who created everything not really how. Take everything written by scripture about creation from Genesis to Revelation and then describe the earth; you are going to get a round flat disk with a hard dome on it floating on water and the whole thing sitting on four big pillers for a foundation. I know people who believe this for they take the Bible literally and are very serious about it.....    just as serious as those of you who think the world was made in six 24 hour days.   Because the Bible says so literally.   I don't think you can take one without taking both literally.
    • Christinia Figures-UN Climate Chief: "WE ARE REMAKING THE WORLD ECONOMY"
      I wonder if there is something to the notion that capitalism, as we know it at least, will destroy itself. The world is an ever changing place and we are still using the same basic economic model from the 1700's.  Much has changed since those days.  I am no longer sure this version of an economic system can survive in a instant gratification society.  Corporations are no longer free to build for a strong future, instead they are judged quarter by quarter.  The idea of pain now for a stronger tomorrow will get a CEO banished and the company stocks will tumble.  As a result long term planning is no longer done, it is all about what can we show the investors now.  This is not a good way to do business. Could it be that unbridled greed coupled with "I want it now" will destroy capitalism as we know it? 
    • Creation and an Old Earth - One Possibility
      Gap theory, I know its not your theory, but you would have your own views on it for sure. I'm interested in original thought, I loath a man who has no mind of his own.  The dinos are a bit of a puzzle to some, I don't see their existence as separate to the rest of the beasts of the field. Have not their fossils been found laid down with recognized animals of today's species? So I agree.
    • Short Post
      The end time saints who are fed all the hidden manna are not from any particular church, but pockets of believers from all over the world.  They are individuals who don't know each other, but have the same doctrine.  Through all the years, the enemy has corrupted God's word by infiltrating the majority of believers, subtly mixing in with them and teaching them error.  He has taken them captive without them even realising.  His biggest con is to make them feel cosy and safe believing all their sins are forgiven no matter what.  This encourages the flock to get laid back, relaxed, off guard and ignorant of the depths of Satan. They feel untouchable.  The whole time whilst they are feeling safe, a sudden change will occur that will rock their foundations but because of mercy, and Christ's love, he will open the prison doors and make a way to escape.  Unfortunately when this time occurs, it will not be as they imagined, but a fiery trial to prove their love for Christ.
    • Daniel 8
      I understand how the trampling of the stars to the ground, refers to Satan and his ambitions on earth to destroy Zion, which can be applied to any person or power which does the same, including Antiochus. And I see the point of just Persia and Greece being named here. But I thought this was also the case in Daniel 2, where none of the following kingdoms since Babylon are named, except the Lord's kingdom. It's easy to see the parallels of the beasts in Daniel 7 with the image in Daniel 2, and apparently also the same parallels in Daniel 8?  Experimentally, from all three visions, we can safely name Babylon, because the Lord declared "thou art the head of gold" to King Nebuchadnezzar, then we have the ram with the two horns, like the bear with one raised shoulder, as the Medes followed by the Persians, then we have Greece, splitting into four provinces, like the four wings of the leopard. But then following that, it does not name Rome. Maybe we are supposed to fill in that gap by all the other clues about it. Rome is not mentioned in Daniel. But if we take the 11th chapter as more detail of the previous visions and on the same foundation of successive world movements, we find a lot of clues which describe the exact history of Rome. So although Rome is not named, the devil is in the detail. What is more the accumulative application of all the clues in all the visions of Daniel, clearly identifies the kingdoms in each vision. I recognize that some people disagree with that approach, but I did to see if it is true, and has worked so far.
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