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The GIFT Of Conversation...

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We Love to give them and get them,Some come in bright packages,

Tied with Brightly colored ribbon,some come in the mail in brown packages,Some come in the words of a song,some come in the words of a book...and then some come in Conversations.


Tonight I was Inspired to write this because of 2 conversation that i was blessed with....The first was The Wisdom * True Heart of a friend(Thanks so much HIPPIE!) and The Second A conversation with My Better half....


As I sat and thought on these things..it all made sence and brought tears to my eyes as i RAN TO THE LORD..I didn't walk I RAN!


The conversationBegan with my hubby commin to me and saying "you know, the more I see of people" and I finished his sentence( When you've been married for as long as we have, you do that...LOL)


my responce to his words was "The more you dislike them"....

As he continued complaining about this......

I looked at him and listened..then I spoke.....


and said this from out of nowhere...(meaning that i hadn't planned to say anything at all)...


Ya know, their broken as tears filled my eyes.....thats how you have to look at them....because that's how JESUS see's them..That's how HE see's us all....We're all broken.


He interupted......are you saying you shouldn't see the truth???


I said no .....I see their actions and i get just as upset as you do..There are people that I'd like to punch right in the mouth or at least tell off real good...BUT in these cases..i get real honest with OUR LORD...

I tell him what's happenin and how I feel as in "LORD I'm so mad right now i could spit tacks! Do you know what so and so did??said???


Then I ask....Please forgive me and give me YOU'RE EYES AND YOUR LOVE FOR SO AND SO, because on my own LORD I don't want to pray for them right now...as i pray this very honest prayer before OUR LORD...I'm blessed with HIS EYES and HIS LOVE FOR THEM.....


Knowing full well at that moment I DON'T have the right to mistreat anybody..Who am I..When did i become so self important that i act as tho The work of the Cross was only for others that don't have it together like i do....Leaves a bad taste in ones mouth...I'm nothing without OUR LORD.....Does HE Condemn ..no....He know's my heart..

AllI need is have my feet washed again...and HE knows The tears falling from my eyes are washing m y feet & Heart....


my conversation with my hubby continued...

I reminded him, JESUS didn't come to condemn us..HE came to save us all,....WE DON'T have the right to condemn anybody....

you see honey some seem to think That What JESUS Suffered on the cross didn't hurt....because HE WAS GOD on foot(As Mark Lowry puts it..LOL)

HE FELT IT ALL....HE WAS GOD AND MAN.....That was REAL BLOOD that HE shed.. it wasn't catsup....

and HE Endured it all with only one thought on HIS mind....US..Peroid

HE didn't have to Endure it....


At this point I'm going to tell you the same story that I told him.....


Many many years ago..2 very sweet women took me to Washington DC to see the play "Your Arms to short to box with GOD"....

AS we watched the crufixion part of the play i was near tears,,,then I heard Virginia say..Halleujah!...Now being a brand new babe in CHRIST...I couldn't understand how she could say that....


NOW many years later as an older Child OF GOD...I do understand!


This is how I view the lost, lonely, hurting souls that come to us looking that intangable something that their missing in their lives..

They don't know many times how to ask for what they are lacking...

because they don't what it is..or who.....For us to just say JESUS is what you're missing..we might as well tell them that what they need is a shoe shine kit....it has the same effect..Since they have no idea who this JESUS is....Or that HE LOVES THEM  SO MUCH THAT HE DIED FOR THEM....


how long did GOD have to wait for each and everyone of us???   HE was gentile and kind and kept watch over us until we were able to ask....


I guess the long and the short of what i'm saying is this....

What the lost. lonely,hurting needs is our genuine LOVE, time...

now somebody else tellin them that their a lost cause....some will act up like a child,just testing the waters to see, i9f they really will be accepted..or turned away yet again..


This is a challenge to us all....everydayy we stand before 2 doors and make a choice....to heal or to hurt.....





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Love is alive

Love is alive

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Amen Miss!! Words do hurt and we all have to think of how those words will impact the person inwhich we are speaking. We have to witness in love with kindness to be effective witnesses. At least that is how i see it anyway.

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  • Interests:EVERYTHING!!! and there peckin order is subject to change at a moments notice!!!

{{{{LOVE}}}} & Fresno Joe,


Thank You Both For your Responces!!





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