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  • Posts

    • 10 years sober this month
      Congratulations!  All praise, honor and glory be unto God for his work in you.  I am 13 years sober.  Former drunkard (and such were some of you but you are washed). Thanks for sharing the reading.  It is thought provoking.   "We" is only good when we 'is defined as' one In Christ.  I try to remember this always.  One mind, one Spirit, one Lord all baptized into the same body, unto Christ, the resurrected Lord of Lords and King of Kings. America's President wrote on the beam "We will remember, we will rebuild, we will come back stronger" is a set of unifying we statements made by a defiant Israel in Isaiah.  The Lord never did things like this. Babylonians spoke this way saying let US build a tower up unto heaven lest WE ne scattered upon the face of the whole earth.  God had decreed that they should spread out upon the face of the earth but they wanted the power and ease of that which 'we' can do. Jhn 17:9-10 I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine. And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them. Jesus calls us 'we' because he is glorified in us.   The world seeks protection 'From' God because they know not God but WE seek protection 'by' God for we know him, are in him and understand that THE SELF EXISTENT ONE IS SALVATION and our weapons of warefare are not carnal so no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Thank you again for sharing, you have inspired the meditation that broght forth the above! Peace be multiplied too my brethren.  
    • Is Jesus God?
      Jonh ch: one, in the epistles of Paul, and Jonh we learn that Jesus before he enter our world through his birth from Myriam was the one who Created everything that was created. And we know that the Lord God was the one before he became Emmanuel that was the one who said " I have created everything and I am the one who created man.    I did not say anything like that.  I said they did not here the voice of the Heavenly Father, for that's why we call him Heavenly FATHER because all the time he remain in the Heavens and Adam was created in the earth.  And Jesus said only the one who has come from the Father has seen him and know him and has heard his voice, talking about himself only, excluding anyone else. But now that the Heavens have open to man, we can see him when we go to Heaven, Jesus will introduce him to us for he is not only the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, but he is also our God. I did say that the Lord God was the one, Jesus in his former Glory as the Lord God who created them and the one who spoke to them. And Jesus teach the same thing that it was not the Heavenly Father who created them but it was him, before he empty him self and become like one of us, through conception.  Jesus said no one has seen God his Heavenly FATHER and no one has heard his voice, only him who came from Heaven.  You also must have something in your mind, to ask questions something that leads you to have some other view, perhaps you may share it with us, so we can have a discution to clear out things, perhaps you may edifie us with your input, cause this is a matter of importance and not one to be put on the ignore list, I mean not to turn your back on it.  Jesus did say that David said that the Glory of the  Christ is reserve for his Lord God and he was perhaps the only one to say that his Lord God has a Lord not Know to him that will exalt him as the Christ and sit him on his right. The same as the vision of Stephan, at the time of his death, who said not that he sees a triune God, but that God has exalted Jesus and have sited him on his right, that made him to have the Glory of the Christ. At the Mount of configuration both Jesus show to his three disciples that he was the Lord God of Moses and Elias, and they gave witness about him been their Lord God, which is not the same as the Heavenly FATHER, the Heavenly God. 
    • Warning: Absolutely positive thread ahead!
      He gives me a reason to get up everyday.  It's always a new adventure with Him!
    • Warning: Absolutely positive thread ahead!
      Don't you know the minute you tell someone not to touch something that is the first thing they will do.  Like putting out a "Wet Paint" sign.  Love it.
    • Who IS this Jesus?
      To me,  He is the Son of God.  He is God.  He chose to come to earth in the form of man so that I could live forever with Him when at 16 I decided to make Him the Lord of my life.  That day I put Him on the the throne.  He is alive and lives in me.  He died on that cross so that His blood could cover my sins.  He conquered the grave to that I might live with Him eternally.   His Holy Spirit dwells in me everyday and I have fellowship with Him.  He is the lover of my soul.  He is the one that heals by body and my broken heart.  He is all in all, there is  nothing else I need.  I trust Him with my life, and all that I have, because He is the one that gave me everything.   Praise His Holy Name! RustyAngeL
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