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  1. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic lonely....   

    I struggle with the same thing. I have a hard time letting go of my friends that are no good for me. I hang on because it's all I have left and I'm afraid to just trust God with the whole thing. I'm terrified of being alone and really don't feel sure enough that somebody is going to be there when I do let go. Which I Guess means I'm not trusting God fully. I know God is there, I have felt him come closer to me rather then farther away. I know He is there. I just need to let go and grab on to Him.
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  2. Tazcontrol added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    Please pray for pastor and his wife
    The pastor of the small church I go to had a heart attack, praise the Lord he is ok but please keep him in your prayers. And please pray for his wife who had to get an epideral shot this morning for her back pain. They are really sweet people and I love them to death. There is also a lot of people battling cancer within our church. Cancer is a horrible horrible disease if you could just lift these families up and ask God to comfort them. Thanks Taz
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  3. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic How do you pray?   

    When I pray I like to write it down. So I can remind myself of what I prayed for and look at the list as God answers each one. I can pray out loud but I get shy when I'm in front of people. I like to usually keep it between me and God. And I do enjoy praying with Dan when I get the chance.
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  4. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic Homosexuality, Romans 1, Idolatry, Loving People   

    Many people know my story. I've come a long way from where I was. And you are right, it is a hard sin to turn from. But finally God has stepped in and helped me with that. Now there is a man in my life that I just think the world of. He is my best friend. He is a widower who was very much in love with his wife. We work together very well, and I won't leave his side unless God disapproves. I would ask that you pray for Him and for God to soften his heart. The first time I hung out with him he read to me out of the bible. We are just friends, and if it's not in God's will I will understand. But I am very fond of him. And ask that you would just pray for the both of us.
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  5. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic Boko Haram Now Using Female Suicide Bombers   

    That breaks my heart. Their religion and all the psychology that goes behind it Fascinates me but only for the reason of I would want to know how to stop them. I know it would be difficult but I would give anything to stop these people for giving up their lives to kill others. I don't like it at all!!
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  6. Tazcontrol added a topic in Prayer Requests   

  7. Tazcontrol added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    Prayers for a mother and child
    Please pray for my friend Christi, She goes to trial tomorrow to try to get her son back from a church family that is convincing him he doesn't need to go home with her. Please pray strongly for this girl so she can be reunited with her son and for things to be they way they are supposed to be. The guy that was in her life that was destroying them is no longer in their life and that should be enough. My friend tells me that this church family is trying convince the child that it is safer to stay with them. I honestly don't believe they have any right to this child other than trying to take him away from his mother and abusive boyfriend. The boyfriend is gone. I just pray that God's will be done At that these people don't use the Church as their power to control people. That God will see to it that the boy is safe and with his mama!!!
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  8. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic I like gays   

    I totally understand that we are not to live in habitual sin. I gave a lot of my bad habits long ago. I don't mean to sound angry when I speak it's just a topic I really struggle with. My family believes that you can't change. That you are the way you are for a reason. They are non christians. I've had horrible non fulfilling relationships in my life and I struggle to even have a stable friendship with anybody. I am a big tomboy. I look like your typical lesbian. I just have a hard time believing after all these year and after even being saved and baptized and even having a mentor that God is really out there Preparing somebody for me. I don't think for me an actual physical relationship will fulfill me the way Jesus does himself. In fact I'm petrified of him leaving me and never coming back. Has a lot to do with my first marriage and thinking God would make it right again. But it never happened. My heart has been filled with doubt and some disbelief. There is times where I can feel and see Him at work and the other times is when I'm doubting. Thank you for your help and words of encouragement I need all the prayers I can get.
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  9. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic I like gays   

    We all sin so we all have guilt at some point. I don't want to hear how the gays pressure people into things. **Comment removed**. Just as much as Christians shove the religion and beliefs in people's faces. We have to learn to coexist. Hate gets us no where. It seems like it is usually one extreme or the other. God loves us all not just some of us.
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  10. Tazcontrol added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    For our police officers and fire fighters and other stuff
    I would just like to lift up our service members. Many fire fighters are fighting fires out west. And there have been a lot of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty lately. My heart is with them as they battle these wars in our hometowns. It just seems like everything has got out of control. Pray for the safety of our citizens all over. Pray for the corruption to stop. I know it won't be that easy and may be impossible but God hears our prayers. We can't at least hope that He has HIs hand on all this. People need to understand the reasoning for gun control. Not "everybody" needs to handle a gun. We need a real leader to put this country back in order. Pray for that. Pray that God would prepare for us a future leader. Somebody who can meet the needs of all the people!!! For God to get rid of those who think they are doing the right think but are leading a cult and taking kids away from their parents and wrongfully accusing somebody of something he didn't do. Filling a child's head with lies telling him he can't go home. This kid is going to suffer more trauma the longer he is with this family. Just pray that God would protect this child and pray that the authority figures see what is truly going on. This child needs his mother!!
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  11. Tazcontrol added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    Letters to God
    Dear God, why did you make me bipolar? My system is so out of balance I have to rely on meds. I've done crazy things that have got me in trouble. Sometimes I question if I am really lovable. To be honest with you sometimes I can't feel, the world around me gets silent and I can't tell what is real. What is funny God is that When I am truly lost and out of my mind, Your word speaks the truth to me and being with you and close to makes me feel whole, it makes me feel fine. If I draw so close to you when I am weak Lord I pray that you make me strong. Some days I feel like giving up. That there is no love for me. But the open your arms and show me what is right here waiting for me. I wish I could take away the lies that get put into my head. Every night my thoughts go racing right before bed. God please tell me why I feel like I don't fit in at church? All I know is I want to be one of yours. Take away the mania and replace it with pure and holy thoughts. For I know Lord it is by your blood that I was bought. Let my mind rest easy Lord so that this bipolar is no longer a chore.
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  12. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic When broken is easily fixed   

    Thank you for testimony. It's amazing how God can bring us back after falling so far down. And what joy it brings us to know that God is the only one with that Power!!!
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  13. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic God as husband   

    I don't see any problem with a single woman referring to God as her protector. That is what He is right? The ultimate protector and the ultimate counselor. He wants us to rely more on him when we are single male or female. The goal is if she puts God first in her life and she marries, that her and her husband can put God in the center of their marriage. Some people don't feel called to be married. So what if they don't? Christ is the almighty God and Father, Who is better to follow than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
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  14. Tazcontrol added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    Prayers for Victims of house fires
    I feel the need to pray for the people in my community who have lost their homes to fires. It's been pretty bad lately and I just want to lift them up. That the Lord keeps them safe and provides them with what they need. It has been more then one family. There are several who have lost their homes to fire over the recent weeks. Please help me pray for these people.
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  15. Tazcontrol added a post in a topic Reason for fasting?   

    When I was growing up we used to fast during lent season. It was to cleanse  your body and repent of your sins so that you could be made clean when taking the communion offering.
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