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  1. God Bless you, Taz.

  2. Please pray for a girl Named Nicole, my old friends little sister passed away and I just ask that you lift this whole family up. She was young and I know they must be hurting. My heart hurts for my friend.

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    2. Eragon


      Of course, that is why we're all here. To serve.

    3. alien224


      Praying Taz. God bless you!

    4. Guest


      Glad to pray Taz.

  3. I am disappointed in society today. A man in NC killed 3 muslims. I do not agree with the muslim religion but I do know and believe that not all muslims are bad. It wasn't this man's place to do what he did. Please pray for the three men who lost their lives.

  4. Just feel like God is really working in my life and my prayers are being answard. I feel stronger than I have in a long time, and feel confident that God has a plan for me, it's just taken some work.

  5. I think I'm just supposed to trust God or something like that :P

  6. I need prayer for a 90 year old grandma who I believe is getting taking advantage of. The people who are taking care of her are taking money from her. It doesn't seem like a good situation and I don't think it's fair that they are going behind this lady's back to do it. Prayers that God will have His hand on this horrible situation.

  7. Please pray for me, I have been battleing with the spirtis a lot and it's making me irritable and angry. Please pray that this goes away and that I can find some peace.

    1. Tinky


      Praying that God will place a hedge of protection around you so that you might have peace.

    2. alien224
    3. alien224


      Praying tazzy. God bless you.

  8. Prayers for a young lady who might lose custody of her son. I know she must be feeling pretty down and really needs to be lifted up.

    1. turtletwo


      You have my prayers. What a difficult thing to be going through! My heart goes out to her.

    2. Eragon


      Praying.. Because I know some people who are going through the same thing,

    3. alien224
  9. I believe God just put up a boundary that I couldn't put up on my own. God says " I got this"!!!

  10. God is in Control, I don't see Him but I know He's there.

    1. Eragon
    2. turtletwo


      I rejoice for you being at that place in your walk with God. I know what you said to be true in my heart, but doubts in my mind arise when life becomes hairy and scary. All crazy stuff happening in a row. That is when the scripture pops into my head about walking by faith and not by sight. Wish I could get the knack of how to do that more often when trials bombard.

  11. lonely....

    I struggle with the same thing. I have a hard time letting go of my friends that are no good for me. I hang on because it's all I have left and I'm afraid to just trust God with the whole thing. I'm terrified of being alone and really don't feel sure enough that somebody is going to be there when I do let go. Which I Guess means I'm not trusting God fully. I know God is there, I have felt him come closer to me rather then farther away. I know He is there. I just need to let go and grab on to Him.
  12. The pastor of the small church I go to had a heart attack, praise the Lord he is ok but please keep him in your prayers. And please pray for his wife who had to get an epideral shot this morning for her back pain. They are really sweet people and I love them to death. There is also a lot of people battling cancer within our church. Cancer is a horrible horrible disease if you could just lift these families up and ask God to comfort them. Thanks Taz
  13. How do you pray?

    When I pray I like to write it down. So I can remind myself of what I prayed for and look at the list as God answers each one. I can pray out loud but I get shy when I'm in front of people. I like to usually keep it between me and God. And I do enjoy praying with Dan when I get the chance.
  14. If you would just be honest and tell somebody what is really going on maybe other things wouldn't be assumed.

  15. Feeling blessed today and well rested. The word is good and the word is God speaking to us. Thankful for for the eternal guidance He gives us.