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    • Growing up with a staunch Catholic mum and a staunch Anglican dad, with equally staunch grandparents respectively. (The scandal in the 1920s of my dad getting my mum pregnant with my older sister resulted in eloping to another city and marriage there...no photos anywhere exists of my parents wedding) . I was raised Catholic. Altar boy who learnt the Latin mass by heart but had no idea what it meant. I have no specific memories of church, apart from one that stands out over everything else....... ....After leaving high school, and having no more direct connection to the church, I stopped attending until one Christmas Eve when I was about 19yo. My friends and I, who were all Catholic, at least nominally, were at a Christmas eve party, when at 10 to 12 decided to attend midnight mass. There were 8 of us. One of us, whose house it was where the party was, was a non-believer. No religion at all, never attended any church in his life. Until that night.  Enter 8 semi-intoxicated youths to local cathedral, very late, with very few seats remaining. We filter in making as little noise as is possible, in the middle of one of the more reverent and serious portions of the ritual. Spread out in various parts of the congregation, numbering maybe 1000 people, 6 of us finally made it to our seats. The remaining 2, Catholic with unbeliever following immediately behind still making steady progress forward until there was discovered two seats to accommodate them together. All is hush. 6 of us being as respectful and as reverent as one would expect in such surroundings. Final 2 friends approach pew when seats spied...Catholic genuflects friend crashes into him summersaulting on to the floor beyond.  Despite the ensuing melee and mixed reactions of indignation, horror, and poorly suppressed laughter from different quarters of the building, all 8 managed to eventually leave without being struck by lightning. Although our reputations from that night forward were permanently tarnished in the minds of many. It was the last time I entered that building. It sadly burnt down about 10 years later. Not our fault, I swear.
    • He was most likely following an outward obedience to the Commandments but Jesus went to the heart of his problem, covetousness  v21-22. 'Thou shall not covet' can only be kept inwardly, and if you turn the Command around, 'thou shall give freely, and desire the best for your neighbor, this was essentially what Jesus was telling him to do but the young ruler became another statistic on the 'for all have sinned heap', thus bringing him to the level  of a sinner in need of a Savior...the level that receives the answer to the question, "Good Sir, what must I do to be save?"  Believe on the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved.  
    • Many, if not all of us, have been hurt by others at some point in our lives. Know that you are not alone in this - the enemy loves to get us to think we're the only one going through that. You are not. Start with something simple. Ask the Lord to help you pray for them. Pray for them like you would want someone to pray for you, and ask for help do so - and mean it. Then ask Him to help you forgive them as He forgave you. It may take time, but you will begin to see changes in yourself and it will get easier with time. You can't hate someone you're praying for.
    •  How does one get to your you tube videos?
    • My folks attended a VERY pentecostal church when I was a child. My first memory of church was being petrified of the visiting minister laying hands on me to pray (I had some kidney issues back then due to being very premature and the church was believing for my healing) ... everyone he touched fell down and I certainly didn't want too fall down too (I distinctly remember thinking that). I was probably 3.5 - 4 years old. I will say that my parents eventually drug me up to be prayed for and I remember being so scared .... I was in my early 20's before I felt "ok" with having anyone pray over me in a similar way due to this encounter and others like it in my childhood .... but that's a whole other topic.  I also have very fond memories of hiding under the pews and coloring/drawing for hours ... those services were 2-3 hours long .... I had a LOT of time to master coloring. lol
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