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  1. Nothing's Changed Since Obama Took Charge

    Read other will find he has changed a lot there...hes shutting the place down /banned forced interrigations all sorts...I note ur using a british that case balance it out with the the BBC says for an accurate reflection and Reuters youuu will find the date of the order was Jan this year and that it will be fully closed by no later than a year after the order was signed(as it has been signed as reported by both american canadian and british press. but of course it will only make people like you happy if it happens within 24 hours.... remeber yod going of on one because ur president had not kept his promise to his girls about the puppy they were promised....oh wait...he did...he just didn't do it in yods time frame...!!!!!
  2. Spanking what age do you start?

    No he was not...either that or Jesus lied... No Peace 1. (Matthew 10:34) - "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35"For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36and a man
  3. What was revealed???

    Going by what the French prime minister said today about the G20 meeting...I wold put him in as a good option right there with Gorden brown!
  4. Am I condemn?

    Condemend! what you think having a hubbie will somehow make it better? all that extra ironing and cleaning ...having to think about him b4 yourself...not doing what you want when you me being married is like being condemned to utter drudgery. If you go around looking like you are condemned then your going to find no one...or are you simply just waiting and not doing anything active on your part...a man in your life is not just going to magically have to make half the effort.
  5. If you are being stalked you are not ina elationship with him. I suggest you file a police complaint and go to a church or whatever where he is not. I do not know about in the states but here in England stalking someone is a criminal offence.
  6. WALL-E

    I had it arrive on dvd last was hilarious!
  7. Pick One!

    What a wonderful refreshing post
  8. Petition for Obama's birth certificate

    It has been produced! good grief are you still on about this! go out and get a life yod..if I had slagged you of like this you would have taken me to court for slander!..BBC website yesterday had a story on it about him being to british to be president...his birth cert was shown...and guess what...he was born in hawaii!!! check the news channels out (after all that is where your getting your 'fact' from so I'll do you the same) Here is your proof yod Obama too British' case rejected Barack Obama Mr Obama's father was born in Kenya An appeal claiming Barack Obama is too British to become president of the United States has been rejected by the US Supreme Court. The lawsuit claimed he should be disqualified because, it claimed, he acquired the same British citizenship that his father had when he was born. This meant he was not a "natural-born" US citizen, as the US constitution requires, it alleged. Mr Obama's birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii. The issue was addressed by Mr Obama's aides during his presidential campaign, when they posted online his birth certificate - which was verified by Hawaiian officials.
  9. Need a bit of advice asked...can you swallow the truth...going by your response to one poster ...I doubt it. First of all how dare you presume to teach any parent about parenting when you are not one Second it sounds more like you have control issues not her mother...her mother is not falling all over you and you cannot seem to understand why not...this is why not... you have a bad attitude when things do not go the way you have made that more than clear with your snide comments about her monther...yes they are snide...they show absolutly no respect for someone who might one day be her son in is for you to show respect to her first not the other way around. There is nothing wrong with her not paying for her daughters education if her daughter marries head of the house it would then fall to you to pay for it...its called taking responsiblity for your actioins...its a consiquence something her mom is trying to install...which btw is very very good parenting!!! not to mention very very good christian parenting. Saras mother does not have issues getting irritated and acting ungodly at all...that is just yoru view of an adult saying no to you or cautioning you or trying to show that you have to take responsiblity for your actions...and you dont like being told that...that has come across loud and clear. as for..The ultimate goal is to illuminate their way, and show them the big picture, and then panultimately, show Sara's mother that her actions are not godly illuminate their way? from someone whose been a christian for 5 months...oh couldn't even work out that saras mom was showing you what consiquences of being head of household was! you have no hope of illuminating their way when yours isn't! as for showing saras mum her actions are not godly...look in the mirror sunshine! and as for marriage is more important than what she wants for her daughter. why? because you said so? I have a 17 year old daughter and based on your message her alone I would not come close to allowing her to marry you....until you saw the big picture...and this is you are not in charge and when and if you become in charge then you have to take responsiblity for things...e.g pay for your wifes education! There are a lot more things more important than marriage! There are a lot more things more important than you....and saras mother knows this....due to your young and inexperianced don't. you say How should approach this...try meeting them in would be in for a shock...e-mailing someone and having to face them are 2 different things. am I doing the right thing...not by a long shot. You need to learn ALL the ins and outs about marriage...not just the palatable ones first...I suggest a long hard chat with your apology e-mail or two to your mothers for daring to presume to 'illuminate; them and one to saras mother for the insults! I would then strongly advise you to get to know saras father...who has probably kept out of this because he sees it for what it is...which has nothing to do with his spiritual maturity...its lot to do with being a parent! Perhaps when you can start showing respect for both sets of parents...that would be a good start...until then...don't bother.
  10. Sex Sells For The Church

    Well done him...I think the idea is hilarious as a marketing tool to get peoples attention about having the right attitude to sex. Lets face it...not much else works in this day and age os he had to resort to he to be cirtised for this or the people who are clueless about approriate sex?
  11. A dead cat on the line.

    I'm not sure what this has to do with dead cats...but I do know I would question your prophecy...and your friend is being just that a may have a had a prophecy about someone you dont know being your hubbie to be....but until you talk to that person its never going to does not happen by waving a wand ok. Your friend rubbed his shoulder and you were jelous ...that is all it sounds like...rubbing/tapping a shoulder to get someones attention if they are engrossed elsewhere is normal. As for this dentist thing...why the deal about it? if he likes you and want to court you...then why not....they only sure why I believe a prophecy if the person having one has been 100% right 100% of the time before. Stop waiting round for hubbie to be to fall out the sky....speak to this person about your prophecy...see what they say.
  12. Would you be willing?

    The point is mute as it is not something God would do. If your getting'instructions' saying to do this...they're not from God.
  13. The warnings before judgment

    Quick question...after salvation when are we next judged? Biblical answers only...oh wait...we are next judged for the works we do at the wedding feast...wait...that means the links are 1 anti biblical 2 hyteria 3 forget there are other countries on this planet and usa is not the center of them ooppss...there I go again putting reason and Biblical scriptures to things... silly about we just get all hysterical and create a moral panic... forget what the Bible doesn't fit with the links(yes I'm being facitious!)