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    • I don't think it is right to make this statement. Without any one making an express statement that Jesus is a Liar.  Jesus did say: that he Lost Judas, and he said that at his prayers in the Garden of Cedron, when all of the disciples were with him, but Judas.  They were in the Garden but Judas was in the Temple.  While Jesus was praying he received confirmation in the spirit that Judas had received the money from the priest and he was on his way, then he said to the Fathe, that Judas is on the way, everything is moving according to propheceis .  Judas did not change his mind on the way or later on.  The plan of Salvation is moving along.  "I lost Judas", it was a prediction of Judas future. That Judas will die.  That Judas will not be part of the grate commission.    Jesus was referring to " I lost one"' that Judas mission was completed, for this reason he was chosen, his earthly ministry had finished.  Like Jonh the Baptist, who must die before Jesus, so he can bring the good news to the captives and the prisoners of the Adamic inheritance that he had met the Deliverer the Christ, and that he soon is coming down there to take them out from that place and to the Promise Land, and this time the Heavenly one.  So it was with Judas, his ministry did not end with his death, he had to go down there first before Jesus, to declare to them and to Jonh the Baptist that Jesus was on the way to the Cross,  And his mission was to identify Jesus not only to the priest, but also to his people who were waiting for him in the Bossom of Abraham .    The scripture were fulfilled, Judas completed his chosen mission.  He won't take part in the great commission.  And unpredictable like Jonh the Baptist died at the appointed time set by the Heavenly Father.    Judas declare the coming of Jesus Christ to the Children of Abraham and Abraham himself. Judas was a friend of Jesus. 
    • Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. 
      (1Ti 2:11-14)
        Seems to me the prohibition here is the woman (married or single) is not to teach or have authority OVER a man. She doesn't have to keep silent, she can teach other women, children, sing, do missionary work etc. Paul's reason has nothing to do with them being married or single, but has to do with the Genesis account of the Fall...thus transcending cultural excuses.
    • Daniel 9:27 Another major, prophetic, linear narrative which should be foundational for anyone's eschatology is Daniel 9:26-27.  Looking only at the second verse for the moment is the one ‘seven’ which has yet to be fulfilled (despite some eschatological schools’ opinions to the contrary). 27  He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.'  In the middle of the 'seven' he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him." The word “confirm” comes to us from the King James, and translators for 400 years have stuck with an obsolete meaning; “confirm” has too much positive connotation to accurately portray how the Hebrew word, “gabar” is being used.  While as a verb, gabar simply means “to prevail,” but as stated, “forced” best fits the action.  The inflected verb is in the third person so it includes a pronoun and that reverts, according to Hebrew grammar, to the last person mentioned: in this case, the “ruler who will come.” Likewise, in the second sentence up to the prepositional phrase “…until the end…” the original Hebrew is extremely difficult reading literally: “on wing – abominations – desolation.”  The reader should understand that all the other words (thirteen in this case versus four in the Hebrew) are added in translation.  This difficult passage reminds me of another passage in Daniel where God writes: “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN.”  These simple words were undecipherable by the wisest of Belshazzar’s advisers.  Widely accepted as “abomination of desolation,” the word “kanap,” “wing,” has led to various interpretations.  The NIV here concludes it is in the Temple, but that blends the Olivet Discourse’s reference to the Holy Place with Paul’s 2nd Thessalonians’ chapter 2.  In an earlier edition, the NIV stated the abomination was placed in a “wing” of the Temple, but the Temple doesn’t have “wings” like the White House.  Both editions of the NIV lose the meaning of “wing.”  The King James uses the word figuratively, which is allowed in the picture language of Hebrew: “overshadowing.”  “Wings” have multiple figurative meanings, like “power” as well.  I prefer yet another figurative use for wing which matches another Daniel account about what I think is the same timeframe in Daniel 11:45-12:1 where the King of the North rushes out like a flood, i.e.: “quickly.” Blending in Daniel 11:45, which matches Luke 21:20 for a moment, the King of the North encamps around Jerusalem with his army.  This means that during a time of “peace,” he has invaded the Holy Land.  Rather than an overshadowing of abominations, this midpoint development happens rapidly when overwhelming force literally floods the land and brings the ruler who will come to the apex of his meteoric rise: being crowned as a god in the Temple and presented with a talking image of himself. The breakdown of Daniel 9:27 then centers around three actions covered within it: Covenant with many prevailed by the (Roman) ruler who will come. Midpoint Abomination End of one ‘seven’ with desolations poured out on the desolator. Now, between the Olivet Discourse and Daniel, the easy match, provided by Jesus and referencing Daniel, is the midpoint abomination.  Since the Great Tribulation is shortened, (literally, amputated in the Greek as in to “dock” an animal’s tail) it's fairly easy to see that the Sun/moon/star event comes well before the end, since lengthening the Great Tribulation to the rest of the one ‘seven’ begs the question as to how Christians could live without substance while being literally hunted down; and so, I'll sequence it that way. Covenant with many prevailed by the Roman ruler who will come. Midpoint Abomination Great Tribulation Sun/moon/star event. Sign of the Son of Man The Son of Man coming on the clouds Gathering Elect from the clouds End of one seven with desolations poured out on the Roman desolator. Let's include Luke's take in chapter 21. He has a slightly different sequence: Armies surround Jerusalem Great Tribulation Signs in the Sun, moon, and stars Stand up: Redemption Between the middle two events, we have some different descriptions. As the anti-Christ has to arrive at Jerusalem before being presented with the talking image of himself in the Temple, the armies surrounding Jerusalem is on the eve of the midpoint abomination. This would align the Ezekiel invasion of Israel to this movement of troops, i.e., the anti-Christ is the one who breaks the peace treaty he forced upon Israel. By dismantling her defenses (because she used a nuke?) he was finally able to conquer this thorn in his side...

      The “stand up” / Redemption is the Gathering of the Elect. So putting the lists together brings: Covenant with many prevailed by the Roman ruler who will come Armies surround Jerusalem Midpoint Abomination Great Tribulation Sun/moon/star event Sign of the Son of Man The Son of Man coming on the clouds Redemption / Gathering Elect from the clouds End of one seven with desolations poured out on the Roman desolator Now to work up to Revelations' parallel accounts.
    • Well really, not even that. The owner of the property, pays property tax. The owner, passes that cost onto the renter. The advantage to the renter there, is not having to file and pay property tax installments, but they still make the payments in the long run. That being said, I would like to try to get the topic back on track, that of bucket lists.
    • Ah, no.  They don't regard him as a prophet because he was not in the land of Israel when he wrote down his visions and visitations. And I'm not going to entertain any Preterist notion of A.D. 70 being such a cataclysmic event that it makes the highlight reel of the seventy 'sevens'.  The only point about having the destruction of the city and the sanctuary in what Gabriel said, was to point to the source of the person who is the central actor in the one 'seven', the often-referred to anti-Christ, who plays such a pivotal role in bringing about the end-times.
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    • encouragedon'tjudge  »  woundeddog

      Wounded dog, Your postings have been a blessing to me. I'm requesting to follow you. God bless you today in all your endeavors.
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      Hi George! Can I get passwords for the Ladies Lounge and the Womens' Chat? Thank you and God bless.
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    • Milionea  »  fromeasttowest

      Well bro,
      it's like this, if one believes that he is truly saved and know in his heart that GOD and Jesus dwell in him, than he is no longer dead, but alive in Christ!
      You are called to witness;  the Way, the Truth and the Life and that's Jesus Christ... In general, the two witnesses is referring to Believers, You!(Jews & Christians)in YESHUA, CHRIST JESUS. The disciples(Jews)were told to wait in Jerusalem for the promise and to be witness"(Acts1:8).
      THEY ARE ONCE AGAIN TOGETHER AND IN HARMONY WITH THE TRUTH GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST... You are that temple, put together by God. "They will come from far away to help build the temple"  Zachariah 6:15.
      That why John said, "he did not see the temple in Jerusalem, because "GOD and JESUS are the TEMPLE."
      Revelation 21:22.
      I hope this help you on the Two witnesses.
      God bless
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