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    • A visitor is apt to show up wearing anything.  I am speaking of members.  A church should have rules for how members come dressed to church.  They should expect people to come dressed decent and in clothing that pertains to their sex.  Men should look like men and women should look like women.  If there is an issue of someone being too poor to afford decent clothing because they made bad choices in what they chose to spend their money on in the first place, the church should try to help them out by purchasing something for them to wear to church.  This idea they can't afford something decent is a crock in most cases.  It doesn't cost more for a woman to buy a modest dress than to purchase something immodest or that makes her look like a man, and it doesn't cost more for a man to buy a nice pair of slacks and a shirt than to buy something inappropriate.  It is a matter of the choices they make.  Anyone can go down to the Good Will Store and purchase something very cheap that fits the bill.  I stand by everything I said, and you will find I cannot be shamed into changing my mind.  Again, I am not speaking of visitors.  I am not talking about unsaved people that show up at church.  If someone came to church dressed like a harlot, they should be treated nice, but the members should be an example.  Phfft. 
    • Hi Bluebird.  I think you have probably misunderstood the context of my comments.  I did not say it feels good to blast people.  I said that sometimes it feels right to blast people.  The context is that of which approach to take; a soft, gentle approach (which Jesus sometimes utilized) or a harder, more stern approach (which Jesus and his followers also sometimes utilized) when dealing with those who teach doctrines contrary to what Jesus taught.  I also finished off the thought by suggesting that the best way to know which approach to take is to listen to God. If you'd like more clarification on what I mean by "blast" let me know.
    • Yup, which is why I said the best way to know which approach to take is to be constantly asking God about it.  As for feelings, I think it can go both ways.  If someone asks you to do something which you believe to be immoral but which you can't quite explain, you could say, "it just feels wrong to do this".  Would you be satisfied if the other person said, "we can't go by feelings"?  The context in which I used the phrase was related more so to the conscience rather than an emotional outburst. I believe there are two issues here.  One is whether it is right to blast (implying that there are times when it is right, as demonstrated by Jesus on several occasions), and the other is what it means to blast (i.e. a godly rebuke vs emotional outbursts, self righteous indignation, ignornace etc).  When Jesus said to Peter, "get behind me Satan" Peter probably felt more than a little blasted.  When he said to a crowd of people (including his disciples), "O faithless and perverse generation how long must I suffer you" they probably felt a little blasted and when he likened the Syrophoenician woman to a dog, she may have felt a teensy bit blasted (though she persevered through it). When writing to the Corinthians Paul threatened to come with a rod (as opposed to peace and meekness) if they didn't shape up.  They probably felt a little blasted.  The context of my comments on blasting was in response to missmuffet commenting on how to respond to people teaching false doctrines.  I agreed with her that we should keep in mind the "kindness and grace" approach, but said that there are times when it feels right (i.e. believed to be appropriate or necessary or spirit led) to take a harder stance (i.e. blast).  So, when you respond with comments about how we can't argue people into the Kingdom and how we shouldn't overwhelm them with criticisms I'm hoping you will understand how I would interpret those comments as not being particularly relevant to the point I was actually making. Agreed and I believe you've spoken at least part of my mind with this paragraph.   Jesus said that people would come from the  East and West while the "children" of the kingdom will be cast out; the idea being that the people who thought they had it all figured out were the most wrong. It's interesting that these comments followed on from his interaction with a Roman soldier who was neither Jew nor Christian.  It seems Jesus was implying that there will be some big surprises when it comes time to judge the people of the Earth.    
    • Yeah, well I didn't want to get caught up in the subtleties of words, as soon as you do, it turns into a debate. That was why I went into detail, as to what I do, and how I approach it, the 1 Pet 3 think being a critical aspect. According to scripture (as I recall in the book of Acts) Paul debated. The notion of reasoning (1 Pet), apologia, is the same term used in Greek that was used in a court of law, a reasoned defense - and the instruction there is to be ready always, not to be surprised. To me, apologetics, is just a subspecies of evangelism, with it's center focused on the person of Jesus, not the age ot the earth, how many animals fit on the ark, or stupid questions like "can God create a stone so heavy, that He cannot lift it?" Know what I mean?  
    • 7:4And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. Children of Israel, meaning Children of Jacob, meaning JEWS, HEBREW, doesnt mention being a gentile anywhere. Oh, and they're virgins, and they're without guile. Why do people want to make stuff up, is Ellen G. White a member of this forum?
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