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Testimony of a former Satanist

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I know what can of worms I'm opening here, but if just one person engages in intercession over this, it's worth it.

I was shown this by a friend - a video of a former Satanist sharing her testimony, sharing what they do.

Go to YouTube and search "Former Satanists's Testimony" by clubsoda69

Missing children who will never be found . . .

Babies bred for sacrifice . . .

Infiltration in the governing authorities . . .

It's heart-breaking.

whats more heartbreaking is how many Christians don't/won't believe this kind of thing is going on, I'm a big fan of ex-FBI agent now deceased Ted Gunderson, I can't imagine what would happen if more Christians didn't infiltrate Government agencies like FBI, and CIA, Ted was a Christian, and he stood up against insurmountable odds to tell the truth
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This OP video is a resurgence of the 1980's "Satanic Panic" lore.
The woman in the video, note how her image is fractured so as to obscure her identity, is someone who had appeared on the old Sally Jesse Raphael show long years ago. In a wig and black shades she related the same story then as a much younger woman.

It's a lie. It was invented so as to assist in a resurgence to the church pews by evoking in the Christian religious the fear that Satanists are everywhere and they're out to get your children.

The tragedy here is the missing children that may never be found are victimized even while missing by lies like this. They're being said to be victims of raving Satanic maniacs who abducted them, used them in ritual sacrifices,murderee nhem and then got rid of the bodies either by means of the crematorium Satanists owned, or by being dismemebered and consumed in ritual, or being buried in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, what's rarely thought of when people promote this garbage is the parents of those children, unnamed in these stories and yet still misslng none the less so that their parents who may happen on stories like this, back in the 80's or now in a resurgence when the church is losing members left and right, have ontop of all they've imagined happening to their precious daughter or son, this myth. That their child may have been stolen by a local Satanic cult and used for sacrifice.

And that stands to make those family members look at their neighbors and friends wondering if there's something nefarious going on . If those people they don't know or may think they don't know well enough, are those evil Satanists they read about. And could then be the one's that took their child.

It's a tragedy compounding a tragedy.
Let the lie stop here. This legend should have died after it started in the 80's. That it's being revived now is the true sin.

I'm sorry you feel this way. I think it is sad that you believe it is just scare tactics to fill church pews. People here speak about their first hand encounters and you have just called them liars. Whether you believe the video is one thing, but you truly are lost if you don't think this kind of stuff and much worse is not happening and at a heightened level today.
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I've read Warnke's book, too. What he wrote seemed mild in comparison. I don't recall Warnke talking about the killing of children and babies for sacrifice.

Part two of the video also has an interview with the woman who led this one to Christ, also.

Warnke did write about and talk about sacrifices. He was also exposed as a fraud - he made up his stories. Too bad, I really like him!
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Wow, pulling up a thread from 2 years ago?

OK, panda, how do you know this is a lie?

I suspect Panda was right. This stuff was rampant in the 80s, I was a new Christian then, and got sucked into beleiving all of this. Now with youtube, it is even easier to get attention telling stories. I admit, I did not watch the video. But I think you are asking the wrong question neb, the correct question is, what is the evidence that this is true? I noticed that Gunderson was mentioned in a post in this thread as though he is a credible source. I guess if you are a fan of all the well known conspiracies, he is a credible source. if one does a youtube search on Ted Gunderson, you will find he pretty much endorced them all, he never met a conspiracy, he didn't like. Is this rational, or mental illness? People need to judge for themselves.

I should add that I disagree with Panda, that this is designed to fill pews.
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He giveth more grace

He giveth more grace

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    Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
I happened upon an occult bookstore back in the early 70's, and bought a deck of Taro cards and learned something about the Horoscope. I remember thinking to myself, Satan has power and I want it to help me live a happy life. I also wanted to join a Witches Coven, at the time I didn't know it was only for females.

In a home prayer meeting my female cousin told the group, "I see cards" (as in my Taro cards), short story, I came to their prayer meeting and was saved.
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