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    • The question was an attempt to place Jesus as anti Caesar, but that is not my question.
    • My reply: RE: NEW WINE, ACTS 2:4 This is a reversal of the 'Tower of Babel.' This is God's version of the interfaith movement - except that it is based on the SAME FAITH, but DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. This speaks of UNITY rather than the interfaith movement. Sometimes, God turns things upside-down. What is more important, the faith or the languages? Technology can help us with the languages, but it is only the Spirit of God who can help us with the faith! The vocabulary of the interfaith movement includes peace, unity, and love. It is a counterfeit vocabulary. Thank you Lord. Thank you Maryam.   Maryam Ziadat September 24 at 2:35pm · Rapid City, SD, United States ·    If you are ready to leave the milk and eat the food that is for the mature I encourage you today to pray for the New Wine. The Lord showed me that the New Wine that he is pouring down in the New Wine skin is BOLDNESS AND DIVINE UNDERSTANDING. Where we shall come from a place of desiring to be into simply BEING. 'IT IS TIME FOR THE POURING OF THE NEW WINE (2016).
      New Word. Couple weeks ago the Lord told me that the New Wine that He is pouring into the New Wineskins in this season is Boldness and Understanding. According to what the Lord told me in the word below, the book of Acts will shed the light needed to know what to expect as activation of the new wine. I woke up this morning (Sat. 12.26.15) Looking at a white paper that had this written on it: “THE POURING OF THE NEW WINE” AND BENEATH IT DIRECTLY WRITTEN “26 YEARS” Pondering what I was reading on that paper I saw an angel pouring wine from heaven over the earth watching him I instantly heard the Lord saying: “ISSUE A DECREE THAT IT IS TIME FOR THE POURING OF THE NEW WINE THAT SHALL SUSTAIN MY PEOPLE FOR 26 YEARS. A NEW ANOINTING ON THE WORK OF MIRACLES AND A SPECIAL LIGHT ON THE BOOK OF Acts” Then I heard Acts 2:4
      Acts 2:4 Amplified Bible (AMP)
      4 And they were all filled [that is, diffused throughout their being] with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other [a]tongues (different languages), as the Spirit was giving them the ability to speak out [clearly and appropriately]. Word Activation
      According to the Word of the Lord and his command, I issue a decree that it is time for the pouring of the new wine that shall sustain God’s people for 26 years. A new anointing on the word of miracles and a special light on the book of acts in Jesus holy name. A word of encouragement according to this word of the Lord.
      To all of us who has been going through a lot in the last couple years, be encouraged for you have been strengthen and became toughest to hold within you the New Wine. For The Lord had to prepare you a new wine-skin to be able to hold his new wine. It worth it all. And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins." Mark 2:22 Here is an interpretation for this verse for more understanding to why it is so very important to have a new wineskin for the new wine I announce to you all right now that JOY is going to break forth to an extravagant overwhelming status in this new season as your SIGN of the pouring of the new wine into your new wine-skin. I am telling you, this is GLORIOUS! Praise and Glory to your holy name Lord God!
      The Ephraimites will become like warriors, and their hearts will be glad as with wine. Their children will see it and be joyful; their hearts will rejoice in the LORD. Zechariah 10:7'
    • Joy is a someone's perseption of edification. Do you think that God concentrates solely on Christian's? He moves the world and has hardened and softened the hearts of many people.
    • The context of rendering to Caesar is the payment of taxes (tribute). The Lord wants Christians to pay their fair share of taxes.  The question was "Is it lawful to pay tribute to Caesar?" and the Lord said "Yes, it is".  Please note (Romans 13:5-7). 5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. 6For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. 7Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour. Whether or not it was about materialism is questionable.
    • POSTED ON MARYAM ZIADAT'S WEBSITE I live in a cyclone-prone region. There is an element of humour in my reply, but spiritual winds can oppose God's people. I agree with Maryam's article.   Maryam Ziadat September 26 at 9:35am · Rapid City, SD, United States ·  Looking back at the month of September and the Word of the lord for that month, I saw how every single word the Lord spoke about the month came to pass but not the end of it yet. When I prayed for the month of September at the end of Aug. the Lord said that the month of Sep. is going to be a month of COUNTERFEIT and that things will look like the opposite of what we prayed and hoped for and so far it was BUT the month is not done yet and we still have the last week of It with the conclusion of the word that the Lord released for this month. The conclusion that I am standing on for me and my family and I am praying that so many are standing on for themselves and their families as well. “WITH A STRONG HAND THE ENEMY SHALL LET YOU GO AND WITH A STRONG HAND HE SHALL DRIVE YOU OUT OF HIS LAND. YOUR EYES SHALL SEE THE SALVATION OF YOUR GOD AND YOU SHALL SING A NEW SONG TO YOUR GOD WHO WILL REDEEM YOUR LIFE FROM THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY. SET YOUR FACE LIKE A FLINT AND KEEP WALKING IN THE SAME DIRECTION NO MATTER HOW STRONG AND INTENSE THE PUSH OF THE OPPOSITE WIND WAS AGAINST YOU TO GO BACK AND STOP PRESSING FORWARD. IT IS A COUNTERFEIT. DON’T GIVE EAR TO IT”. I can honestly say that this month was one of the hardest on me and I know on so many others but REJOICE the Lord is going to bring forth what He spoke and We Are To Sing A New Song In the Land of Our Freedom, Our Promised Land. I know that the Lord called me for a three days fast in this last week of september to get my breakthrough. Ask the Lord to see if this is something you are called to do as well for your breakthrough. Lord, on your word we cast the net. Praise YOu! Peter Gross OPPOSITE WIND. This is interesting because winds rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere, but winds rotate anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. I don't know if this applies to burps. Like · Reply · 1 · September 27 at 10:36pm
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