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Forgiveness is something that is given, not expected. It is something too that should always be sincere and straight from the heart. The pain may be hard to get over. Sticks and stones can do damage, sometimes people do not realize the power in which words too possess.

The Bible instructs to forgive...much as Christ forgave. This can be easier said than done. If it is something you may struggle with, pray for strength. Resentment leads to bitterness. The way of peace is through Christ alone.

Just some food for thought....
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"Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not." Romans 12:4

We should be good to people who are meanies to us... And not say bad things about them, even though they are big meanie heads.

**age appropriate post**
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Henry Ward Beecher once said, "The church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones."
The church is not a place for perfect people, it's a hospital for people who know they're ill. The church isn't perfect.
Charles Morrison wrote, "The Christian church is a society of sinners." In fact, he said, "It is the only society in the world membership in which is based upon the single qualification that the candidate shall be unworthy of membership." The church is full of problems because it's full of problem people because everybody in it is a sinner,saved by grace with unreedemed human flesh and battling with sin.1Thessalonians5:14-15And we urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the faint-hearted, help the weak, be patient with all men, see that no one repays another with evil for evil but always seek after that which is good for one another and for all men."
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should i be nice back, forgive them? (it wasnt really mean but she was making fun of me) now she's nice to me. im a confused girl who doesnt really know too much about stuff.

Hello Guest Girl :) I am glad you are seeking Godly wisdom to train your social interactions. (I wish I had at a young age.) I am going to assume that you are young, correct? Learning how to interact in a proactive (working toward a good end on your own side) yet positive way is very tricky; so many nuances (slight differences) in tone, body language, and purpose (what is the other person trying to get out of the whole thing) exist in human interaction, and between females you can times that number by 100. Here are some of the basics you need to get good at if you are to gain the respect of your girlfriends and other girls: Laugh at yourself; nothing opens up girls to find a good reason to make fun of someone more than someone who can't admit a fault and laugh a bit about it (truth). Next, if this girl's really making fun of you, she is being mean; so, don't put yourself down. Girls are mean for several reasons, but mostly they do it for one of two reasons--they feel your entry into the little group might take away attention from them and they want to be someone's number 1 friend, or they see something about you that is not perfect AND they have the same imperfection; looking at you is like looking in a mirror and they don't like what they see. God tells us to put others above ourselves as a servant, so in the first situation try to be sensitive to this girl's need to keep her number one friend. If you notice her being threatened by you talking to her friends, try and get her involved when talking and try making her feel you are not trying to take away her friends. God wants us to be peacemakers and giving. In the second situation, you need to be bold yet kind. Next time she makes fun of you just ask her very calmly why she is trying to hurt you. In other words, don't battle with her on your turf, throw the ball into her court and make her explain. After she answers, extend yourself in peace and walk right over to her mental turf. God said that metal sharpens metal, which means we must have scrapes sometimes, but that this will sharpen us for battles to come. But, we don't have to battle as Satan does with cuts and wounds, our battles consist of getting people to put down their weapons. So, whatever she says is her reason for being mean, just explain that you are okay with her imperfections too. Answer her insults with compliments about her saying what you like about her; this is called heaping coals on our enemies head. My last bit of advice has to do with making friends in general. The Bible tells us that in order to have friends we need to be a friend. In other words, don't wait for people to talk to you, invite you, call you, say something nice to you first. No one would have a friend if everyone was like that. And, being a woman myself, I have learned what girlfriends really like; they want other girlfriends who share their troubles with them--intimacy. They like other girls who tell them those secret problems to them and respond to their secret problems with kindness. Now, all that being said, if she persists (continues) in being mean to you, by no means do you need to stand by and take the mental whipping. God tells us to keep company of good people; we are to avoid those who are gossips, back-biters, schemers, and trouble makers. They will lead you down the same path they go. So, in this case if she won't accept you, just tell her you will talk to her when she decides to be nice to others and just walk away. No need to forgive either, as You are a child of God and have to part in the heart of evil accusations. You don't need to value her judgement of you. God judges you. So, smile and walk away, knowing that you are truly loved. Then, pray for her. Hope this helps:)
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It's been five years folks...
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